Chapter 15 - What I Did Over The Weekend

Second Chances by Emily

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Synopsis: Christina enjoys her weekend away from school drama.


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When I got home. I was exhausted. Driving home with a hangover - with the sun blazing down on the windshield - made me really sleepy. All I wanted to do was fall asleep on the couch watching cheesy movies. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, and took a large sip. 

Maybe my parents have a frozen pizza in the freezer or something equally unhealthy and greasy. I wonder what's on HBO in 1997. Mom used to keep the TV Guide right on the coffee table.  Hell - she still does in 2018, but nobody reads it.  

Of course, instead of crashing on the couch, flipping through the TV Guide, and microwaving a pizza, Mom and Cindy cornered me before I got to do any of it.

"Are you going to homecoming?" Cindy asked.

"No." I replied. "I don't have a date. Nobody has asked me. I haven't asked anyone."

"Are you going to ask someone?" Cindy asked with raised eyebrows and a slight smile.

Did she mean Chase? He doesn't go to our school. Me ask a guy to a dance? Seems like such a big step that I’m not ready for. Of course there's always Jess. Not sure how'd she'd react to that though.

"I dunno." I said. "It's already a week away. Why the sudden interest?"

"We're going dress shopping." Mom said.

"Oh."  A homecoming dress.  This was something I hadn’t even considered until this moment.

"You should come with us." Mom added.

"But it would be a waste of time and money if I don't get asked... or ask someone."

"You can always go by yourself." Mom added. "It's not prom. It's just homecoming. It's the 90's. You don't need a date."

"I'm still hung over. I just want to nap." I said.

"Christina Rose Demarco" Mom said. "You're coming dress shopping with us."

I was taken back by Mom’s sudden demand.  I simply nodded.  And that was that. Mom put her foot down. Since my parents let me off easy with the "no drinking at parties" thing, I really had no position to argue. I was going dress shopping. I took another chug of my water.  Rose - So that’s what the R of my middle initial stood for.

* * *

At the mall we stopped in the formal dress shop. My sister immediately was a kid in a candy store. I was completely out of my element.  I kept wanting to run away to the tuxedo section.  Say what you want about Tony - he did look good in a nice suit or a tux.

I took another sip out of my water bottle. I need to just focus.

I closed my eyes. I channeled my inner Christina. I tried to visualize myself at homecoming with a date. At first my image was of Tony. Tony was wearing a suit. What was Tony's date wearing? No no. That's not right. What am I wearing? What is Christina wearing? I pictured me dancing on the dance floor. Floor length dress swaying with me. Holding onto my partner tightly. Who is my partner?  No - focus on me.  I saw a bright color. All of the other girls would be wearing little black dresses. Black is too easy. Black is the color suit Tony would have worn. Christina would go brighter.

I opened my eyes and started walking up and down the shop looking at the different dresses. I came across a simple satin lilac v-neck dress with spaghetti straps. This. This is it.

"Well that's more of a prom dress" Mom said, noticing me looking at it.

"This is the dress I'm wearing on Saturday." I stated. I guess that means I'm going.

"Well let's try it on." Mom said.

I took it to the dressing room and removed my t-shirt and jean shorts. I tried it on the dress. Then realized I needed to remove my bra too as the dress had its own support - plus the bra would've been totally visible. Hey I'm learning. I think. I needed my mom's help to zip the back up. The dress needed its length hemmed. But one look in the mirror confirmed that this was indeed the dress I saw in my imagination. 

Now that I had a dress, I needed a date. Or go by myself. But I had a date in this vision of mine. Of course, I was keenly aware that I had more pressing issues than my homecoming date.

Cindy got herself a floor length black dress with a square neckline. She tried to get one with a sweat-heart neckline but Mom stepped in, reminding her that she was only 14 and a freshman. I tried to back up my sister by saying she's more mature than some seniors, after all to me Cindy is a 34 year old PhD student. But Mom overruled me.

Despite that brief argument over Cindy’s dressI could tell Mom was really enjoying herself. She was just so ecstatic that she was going dress shopping with her two daughters.

We stopped in some other stores. I used that time to look at some other cute outfits that I can get another time.  Wait?  Was I really thinking about buying more clothes?

* * *

When I got home for the second time today. I decided it was about time to call Ron. I grabbed the cordless phone and laid down on the couch. I dialed Ron's number.

"What's up?" Ron answered.

"Hey" I said. "I'm so so sorry what I did to you." I said.

"Did you have fun?" he asked.

"I did until I didn't." I replied. "You were right about everything. I'm sorry. I own you one."

"You owe me more than one!" he said.

"You're right.  I am in your debt."

"Chrissy, you have to stop trying to be someone you're not. Be yourself."

"I know, I will." I said. "There's a few things I have to do, but when it's all over. I swear it, everything will be back to normal."  Truth is, I’m not even sure who I’m supposed to be.

"I'm just worried for you. So is your other friend."

"My other friend? Julie?"

"Yeah. Julie. She's a very interesting character. We talked a bit during your beer pong game." He seemed to have lightened up his mood. "...and a little bit before we dragged your drunk ass home". He chuckled.

I'm so glad he was laughing. "She is." I replied. "Are you - interested in her?"

"Oh" he said. "I couldn't"

"I might be able to hook you up!" I said. "Homecoming is this time next week."

"Nah" he said. "I'm good."

"OK. If you say so." I replied. "So how do I make it up to you?"

"Well, let's start with lunch on Monday. You treat." he said.

"Deal. Who drives on Monday?"

"It's your turn"

"Great. See you Monday!"


I hung up the phone. I'm trying to search my memories for who Ron took to homecoming originally. I think, like me, he asked a random person in Band that we knew. Maybe it was a clarinetist who's name I couldn't remember. I wonder if hooking Ron up with Julie would have an adverse effect on the future. Ron didn't meet his future wife until college. He spent high-school pining over girls who friend-zoned him. That made me pause for a moment. I'm essentially friend-zoning him too. I mean, he's my best-friend and I don't think he has feelings for me. I hope he doesn't. Although, I am slightly concerned that he hasn't asked out that random Clarinetist yet.

I settled into the couch flipping channels when Dad came by.

"Did you want to catch up on Voyager?" he asked.

"Did you record it?" I asked

"I did." he said. "I figured when you were busy that night you would've wanted to see it."

"Yeah Thanks!" I said. "Lets watch it!" Watching Star Trek with Dad was a Tony and Dad tradition since the later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's cool that Christina and Dad have the same tradition.

Dad walked to the entertainment center and picked up a VHS cassette and put it into the VCR. After about 20 seconds of rewinding he sat down in the recliner next to me.

It was the episode where Chakotay's shuttle was shot down and he was brainwashed into fighting in some alien of the week's war, and conditioned to hate their rival. I had seen this episode recently on Netflix. Dad fell asleep 10 minutes into the episode... probably because it didn't have Seven of Nine in it.

I started dozing off too. I had this crazy dream that I was on this alien planet and I was brainwashed into being a woman. And conditioned to hate Amber.

When I came to, Dad was snoring. I decided it was time to go to bed and recharge my body. I needed it.

Sunday, September 28, 1997

I woke up around 7 am. The house was still quiet. I decided to go for a run. I know I said that I didn't care about track and I would be gone in a week anyway, but I wondered that if I got into shape, the person I left behind in 1997 might be able to take advantage of that. I'm not even entirely sure how this would work once I go back to the future. Who takes my place? The original 17 year old Tony? Would he even know what changes I've made to his life?

I found a pair of athletic shorts and pulled a t-shirt out of my closet. It was one of those novelty "Coed Naked" t-shirts that were popular in the 90's. "Coed Naked Marching Band?" I said. I rolled my eyes at the sexual innuendos on the shirt. I was only going for a run, so I put it on. I grabbed my sneakers from my gym bag.

I walked outside. It was in the 50s today. It was chilly on my legs and arms. Perfect morning for a run. I started running around my neighborhood. I was peaceful and quiet. I jogged around my block once.

When I got to my house, I decided to pick up the pace and run quicker around the block. Before I got to the cross-street, I was getting winded. I stopped, turned around and sprinted full speed back home.

I got home and laid down on our front lawn catching my breath. "I'll get there." I told myself.

After 5 minutes of catching my breath. I could hear Julie’s voice in my head. "Don’t quit, Demarco." I could also see the guardian angel’s cold stare, judging me.  So I got up, and did it all again.

* * *

Early in the afternoon, it was my birthday party. My extended family came over. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I decided to wear a New York Giants T-shirt paired with a blue and white skirt I had. It was game day after all I also put on the other pantyhose I had. I wore flats. I wanted to look good for my birthday, while still supporting our team today.

Cindy was dressed in a Giants T-shirt and denim shorts. She commented that this might be the first time I'm dressed more feminine than she was. I told her it was my birthday party and I can dress how I want. I smiled and gave her a wink.

When I saw my grandparents I gave them a huge hug. They had been deceased for over 10 years. But here they are in the flesh. I told them I missed them. I told them I loved them. They told me how pretty I looked. I held back tears when I heard them say that.

Maybe I was being hard on the guardian angel. Going back 20 years into the past had its advantages. This is certainly one of them. Getting another opportunity to say hi and bye to loved ones.

They both originally died of natural causes. Cancer and Heart Disease. I know there was no way I could even attempt to prevent it. Even if they did live a little longer, would they still be alive in 2018? They'd both be in their 90's when I return home. I put that thought out of my head and vowed to enjoy this moment.

It was a good day. Just like old times before everyone moved away. We all gathered in the family room and watched the Giants play the New Orleans Saints. It was our Sunday ritual. Well, it kinda still is in 2018, except I Skype with my parents before and after the game to talk about it.

I purposely sat between my grandparents. I may have talked their ears off. About the game. About school. I asked about their youth. They asked if there were any boys I was interested in. I told them my plans for college - even though I hadn't even applied to anything as of yet. They told me how proud they were of me. Yup. Still holding back those tears.

I don't remember who won this game originally, but I do remember who wins the Super Bowl this year- and next. This did give me an idea. I excused myself as I went to the computer desk in the den. I pulled out printer paper and started writing "Next 20 Super Bowl Winners". When I was done, I folded it in an envelope and stashed it in my yearbook.

Hey now don't judge me. You would've done it too. Actually I'm a huge fan of the Back to the Future trilogy. I realize this very idea ends poorly for Marty, but I don't see Biff around, so I think I'm good.

I returned to my family to finish watching the game. The Giants won.

I got some gifts for my birthday. Some CDs. A dress. Some outfits - the same outfits I was eyeing yesterday after dress shopping . That Mom was sneaky. I don't know how she tipped my family off to what I wanted yesterday. They sang Happy Birthday to me and we had cake. I looked around at my family and let the scene soak in. I was trying to hold onto this memory and live in this moment as long as possible.

When my grandparents left. I hugged them tightly. OK - I couldn't hold back the tears this time. I knew it was likely the last time I would see them. They of course told me it's fine. Grandma wiped my tears and said they'd see me in a couple weeks. I told them I loved them.

* * *

It was nice having a day of no drama. My life's been a non-stop stream of crazy since I came here on Tuesday. Now that I'm feeling recharged, I decided I was going to refocus my efforts on the task at hand.

After dinner, I sat down at my computer and created a spreadsheet. My goal was to give myself a high level view of who may or may not need my assistance. The guardian angel said I will be put in a position to change an event. So I have to assume this event has to do with someone I currently know or just met over the past 5 days.

Across the top of the spreadsheet I put "Name", "Status in 2018," "How can I help."

I started listing off the people who have been a part of my life over the past week. I started typing on the next row.

"Cindy" "Happily married living near me. 1 kid." She's almost done with her PhD. She doesn't need my help. So I typed, "Better relationship with her brother?" That would be nice.

"Ron." "He's happily married living in Virginia. They have a 1 year old son together. I still keep in contact with him a few times a year." How can I help? "I don't know." I don't see anything wrong with Ron's life.

"Fay." According to my last Facebook stalk, she was "married with two kids. Still living in Jersey." How can I help? Well I just tried to date her and that didn't work. So I'm not sure what more I can do for her. "Unsure."

"Amber." Status in 2018: "Unknown." How can I help? Well I can help by "putting my fist into her face again." Never mind. I deleted that. "I don't know." Amber has a wall up between us. I don’t know who the real Amber is. I'd ask Cindy but it seems like the wall is up for the entire cheer squad as well.

"Chase." Status in 2018: "Deceased." This one is obvious. I know how he dies. I kinda know the year. But it's out of my reach from 1997. I wonder if I start to drop hints that he should give up his bike. Will it change the future? I typed "Prevent his death 8 years away?"

"Jessica." Status "Unknown." I didn't even know she existed until yesterday. So I don't know how I can help just yet. "Unsure"

Valerie, Brittany, other random classmates I've met? Maybe I just know very little about them.

I thought about something and added a row above Ron.

"Tony" Status: "Divorced. Unfulfilled potential" How can I help. "Make sure I don't give up on my dreams. Don't push people away"

A thought entered my head. What If I don't succeed? I went back to the cell where I typed "Tony" and changed it to read "Tony/Christina."

If I don't succeed at this mission I must rely on Christina to realize Tony's dreams.

I sat back in my chair. Well this really hasn't gotten me closer to figuring what I'm supposed to do. But it does give me focus. Last week I met a lot of new people and they got to know me. Now I'm going to need to get closer to these people.

"It's movie time!" Mom called from the family room.

On Sunday nights my family has a tradition of going to Blockbuster and renting a new release and having family movie night. Mom and Cindy went to Blockbuster after dinner this evening and came back with Jerry Maguire. I powered off my PC humming to myself. "Now I'm free! Free Falling!"



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