Chapter 21 - Whiplash

Second Chances by Emily

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Synopsis: Double Date Night. Christina and Chase go out with Ron and Julie.


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As I went downstairs into the family room, I found Chase sitting on the couch talking to both my parents.

"I'm so sorry I'm late." I said.

Chase stood up when he saw me. My parents were still seated. So I guess they weren't done. I walked over to Chase and we both sat back down.

"I know you guys have to get going" Dad said. "But I invited Chase over for family dinner on Sunday. Chase, do you like a nice Italian dinner?"

"Yes I do, sir" he said.

"What are you both doing tonight?" Mom asked.

I spoke up. "We're going to eat some dinner and shoot some pool. We're going to pick up Ron and Julie first."

"OK, kids." Dad said. "Don't be out too late. It's a school night."

"We won't." I said.

"Chase, it was nice to meet you." Mom said. "See you on Sunday."

Chase shook Dad's hand and we both went outside.

I went around to the passenger side of my car and opened the door for him.

"What's this?" he asked.

"This time, I asked you out." I said. "It's my turn to be chivalrous."

He laughed. "Well, thank you" He got into my car, and I shut the door.

I went around and got into the drivers side.

"You look very pretty." he said.

"Thank you." I replied, starting the car and pulling out of my driveway. "I'm the driver. You can be the DJ."

He shuffled through my CDs and picked up "Live." "Nice. Throwing Copper is a great album." He placed the disk into the discman and started playing the music.

"What did my parents say?" I asked, curious to what I missed.

"Your dad denied being involved with the mafia." he replied.

"Yeah, Dad jokes about that a lot."

"Wait.. so he IS in the mafia?"

"You know what I mean." I replied. We both laughed.

We pulled into Ron's driveway and he got into the back. "Hey man, sup." he greeted chase. "You're in my seat."

Chase laughed. "How goes it? Haven't seen you in a week."

"It's all good." he said. "I've been practicing the solo you guys gave me. I'm ready for our next gig."

"Sweet" Chase responded. "Next Tuesday night."

Bummer. I won't be around for that. Or will I?

I pulled Julie's address from my purse and looked at the address. Shit. I don't know where that street is. I don't have a cell phone to navigate there. Just then Ron handed me a folded up printout. I opened it. It was a MapQuest printout of the directions to Julie's house. "Thanks. I forgot to print it out myself."

"I printed it out yesterday before I knew you were coming." he said.

About fifteen minutes later of driving and Ron and Chase talking about their band, we arrived at Julie's house. She got into the passenger seat next to Ron.

"Hi everyone." she said. She then leaned forwards toward the front and looked at Chase. "Hi. We met briefly on Friday. I'm Julie. You must be Chase, the guy Christina has been talking about non-stop since last night!"

"Julie!" I yelled and turned bright red.

Chase laughed. He looked at me, reached over and squeezed my right hand and smiled. "Hi Julie" he responded.

"Hey everyone," Julie said. "Do you think we have time to stop at the mall?"

"I see no problem with that." I replied. "Gentlemen?"

They shrugged.

* * *

When we got into the mall, Julie pulled us to the nearest shoe store.

"What do we need in here?" I asked.

She grabbed my hand and we stopped in front of sports shoes.

"You need cleats for tomorrow." she said.

"I do?"

"Yes you do. You're not going to run your first track meet in your beat up gym sneakers are you?"

"Chrissy made the track team Monday." Ron said to Chase "Her first meet ever is tomorrow"

"Chrissy, You didn't tell me that." Chase said. "When and where is it? I can stop by before my gig."

"Oh, it's at another school." I said. I don't need to see Chase every day this week. Or else this may get way too serious way too fast.

"It's at Central. 3PM." Julie said smiling. She turned her attention back to me. "Demarco, what size shoe are you?"

"Umm. 11." I said forgetting that I don't actually know Christina's shoe size.

"11?" Julie said. "For someone who's 5'5?"

"5'6" At least that's what it says on my licence. I grinned and pulled off my shoe and looked inside it. "9 apparently."

"OK." Julie said, scanning the shelves. "Women's 9." She found and handed me a box. "Try these on."

I pulled out of the box a pair of white and orange cleats. I tried them on. "They fit just OK." I said standing up seeing how they felt.

"If they feel a little big, it's OK. You'll have socks on."

"True." I said. "Then I think they'll fit just fine."

I got in line to pay for the shoes when I turned to Julie. "There was something else I needed at the mall. I'm trying to remember what it was."

"Something at Macys? JCPenny? Sam Goody?" Julie said.

"Oh - it was Victoria's Secrets!" I announced. "Oh - but we can't go there with the guys."

"Says who?" Julie had a big smirk on her face.

I paid for the shoes using my parents credit card. I'm sure Mom and Dad wouldn't mind.

"Hey boys" Julie said "We need to make one more stop then we can head out to dinner." I think Julie must enjoy tormenting the guys.

We walked through the mall and stopped in front of Victoria's Secret. As a guy I only ever went inside to buy gift cards. And once or twice when my wife dragged me in. I can't believe I'm actually going in there to shop for myself. Surreal.

The guys' jaws dropped when they saw Julie go in and realized we were going into Victoria's Secret.

"You can't be serious." Ron said.

"Well, if I have to go in..." I said. "Then so do you guys." I grabbed Chase's hand and we followed Julie.

"That doesn't even make any sense." Ron complained as he reluctantly followed us.

I stopped at a selection of bras. I saw a teal and white polka-dot bra that caught my eye. "Julie this is cute." I can't believe those words just came out of my mouth.

I turned back to Chase and Ron who were just standing in an aisle looking awkward, trying not to stare at advertisements or mannequins. I laughed at them. Granted I've been there in their position too.

Chase spoke first. "How about we just meet you in Sam Goody next-door?" The best laid out malls know to put guy-friendly stores right next to women's clothing stores. I'm sure it was no coincidence there was a music store right here too.

"Sure." I said, letting them off the hook.

"You're right, these are cute, Chris." Julie said. "How about these over here. Matching bras and panties? Maybe something you can wear for Chase for homecoming?" She winked and smiled.

I turned bright red for a moment. "Yeah. Maybe. Sorry. I'm just not used to talking about bras and panties. I've been a guy so long. I mean.. guy-ish. Boy-ish. You probably noticed."

"I did notice." she said laughing. "That quiet invisible Christina from two weeks ago who never wore a skirt? You've turned in a butterfly over the past week."

I did a double take. Julie had called me a butterfly before. No wait. The guardian angel inside of Julie said that. This actually makes me wonder if any of my friends and family actually remember getting possessed by the guardian angel. I'll have to ask that next time.

15 minutes later, Julie and I left Victoria's secret. I bought 4 bras and panties of various styles. I feel like I passed another Christina milestone. We met up with the guys in the music store and let them know we were done with the mall.

* * *

We ate dinner at a local diner. We made casual conversation among ourselves. Ron and Julie asked Chase and me about last night. Julie asked how Ron and I met. It was in junior high band if you were wondering. We all talked about college. All of us except Chase were looking to get away first chance we got. Chase wanted to stick with the music scene. I had the benefit of future knowledge to know which colleges Ron and I wind up going. I'm not sure what happened to Julie after high school. And of course I thought about Chase's lack of future too. I tried my best to not think about it. But it nagged and gnawed at me. I hadn't attempted to fix that yet.

It was dark by the time we got to the billiards hall. Ron got us a table.

I started racking the balls. "What's the teams?" I asked.

"Homecoming dates vs Homecoming dates." Ron said to me. "Me and Julie verses you and Chase."

"Great." I said. "Who wants to break?"

"Rock Paper Scissors?" Ron suggested.

"Ready?" I said holding my fist out and palm out.

We both started chanting "One Two Three Shoot" We both threw rock. "One Two Three Shoot" I threw scissors and he threw rock again. Ron wins.

"Julie breaks" Ron announced.

"Way to put me on the spot" Julie said smiling. She grabbed a cue and hit the cue ball. The cluster of balls didn't break very much. "Well, that sucked. I can try again."

"Don't worry about it." I said chalking the tip of my own cue.

I hit the cue straight onto the cluster. It was a better break and I got in the 2 ball. My next shot, I scratched. It's been a while. I was a little rusty.

We all took turns. There were at least two instances where Ron announced that I had gotten better since the last time we played - which I found out was only two weeks ago. 20 years of experience in two weeks. Whoops. Maybe I should not have tried as hard to shake off that rust.

There was an instant when I was trying to shoot the ball cross table at a corner pocket. Chase was at that pocket watching me. I bent over low to take the shot and I noticed him turn away. I looked down and realized I was giving a clear view of my cleavage. I blushed and didn’t bend over so far. I guess Chase is a gentleman after all. I made that shot.

Chase and I won that game. I sunk most of the solids, but Chase had the winning shot.

"Next game?" Ron asked.

"Guys vs Girls" Julie said.

Everyone agreed. Chase and Julie played rock paper scissors. Julie won right off the bat by throwing paper. "Guys almost always throw rock. Since I suck at breaking, I'll give my break to Chrissy."

As Ron started racking the balls up, Julie suggested we look at the jukebox. We had to pick 3 songs. Julie picked "Return of the Mack." I decided to go oldies and picked Kansas's "Carry on Wayward Son." For our last song, we went back and forth on a classic song or a newer one. We eventually compromised on Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light."

I had a nice break. Sunk one one of each.

"Return of the Mack" came on, and we were dancing around with our pool cues.

That game Ron and Chase won because Ron had a nice 4 ball run.

"Another?" Ron asked.

"Sure." I said. "How about me and you versus our dates?"

"Cool." Ron said.

"Bring it on Demarco!" Julie smiled all hyped up for the next game.

I laughed.

"Carry on Wayward Song" came on. I pretended to play air guitar - or more accurately air Guitar Hero with my cue stick. Chase - who actually plays a guitar thought this was hilarious. He gave me pointers on how to properly play air guitar on a pool cue.

After that, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" came on. And what would you know, the guys actually joined in and sang with us. Each of us singing into our cue sticks. Chase looked so cute singing into his cue. We locked eyes, and I just melted. I'm sure the other patrons loved the crazy teenagers singing in the middle of a pool hall. It was fun to be a crazy teenager again.

After the game, I excused myself to the ladies room real quick. When I returned I saw Ron, Chase, and Julie smiling and laughing and having a good time. I was having a good time too. These are my friends. In the original timeline, mine and Ron's dates were bored out of their minds. If I had to choose right now to go home to 2018 or stay here in 1997. My choice would be obvious. I'd stay here.

* * *

After a few more games, we decided to head home. I dropped off Julie, then Ron, and then returned home with Chase.

I opened the car door for Chase. "Thank you for a wonderful date" Chase said smiling.

"You're very welcome." I said.

We held hands and I escorted him to his bike. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him passionately back.

We may have made out for a few minutes. I'm not entirely sure. I wanted this moment to last forever. But I kept having these recurring thoughts of Chase's death. When was I going to say something? Those thoughts kept taking me out of the moment.

We stopped kissing as we came up for air. We stared into each other's eyes.

If I stayed here, I would have years to save his life. If I go back to the future, I only have days left. The problem is- I'm falling for him. There's no doubt about it. Knowing that he dies in only 8 years is currently breaking my heart. I couldn't take it anymore, so against my better judgement I brought it up.

"Chase, you know I'm not a huge fan of this bike." I said.

"You told me." he replied.

"What if I asked you to get rid of it?" I suggested.

He laughed. "It's our second date and you're already trying to change me?" He smiled and laughed it off. Did he think I was joking? Maybe we're not ready for this conversation. I pushed ahead.

"I was serious, Chase." I said.

His smile went away. "Really? I thought you were joking."

"I wasn't." I said. It was then I realized - I didn't really think through this approach. I was acting with my heart and not my brain.

He pulled away from me. The look on his face changed. Oh no. I made a mistake.

"Chrissy." he said. "I dated many girls who kept trying to change who I was. They didn't like that I was into my music. Or like the way I dress or something else. I'm no longer dating those girls. I thought you were different."

"I am." I said.

"Then why are you asking me to change who I am?"

"I'm just saying- there are better modes of transportation." But even as the words came out of my mouth, I knew I had dug myself a hole I couldn't get out of.

"I like this. This is my hobby. I think it's fun. I realize it's dangerous. But this is who I am."

"I'm just trying to save your life." I said.

"Save my life?" he looked at me with disgust. "I don't need saving. I can't believe I thought you were different."

He got on his bike and put his helmet on.

"Chase, please. Let's talk about this." I felt like I had just been punched in the gut.

"I think you've said enough" the tone of his words cutting through me. He turned on his bike as the loud engine drowned out my pleas.

As he drove out of my driveway and down the street. I gasped and let out an audible cry. I fell down to my knees crying. Oh shit. What have I done?

I wasn't trying to change him. I was just trying to save him.

I can't believe I did this... again. A memory came flooding back to me.

I had just finished making dinner. I was lighting a pair of candles. My wife came into the kitchen.

"Smells good Tony" she said smiling.

I put down the lighter in my hand and put my hand around her waist. "Only the best for my wife" I brought her in for a kiss.

After a few seconds, we broke off the kiss. "What's the occasion?" she said peering into the pan on the stove.

"I thought maybe that after a romantic dinner maybe we could maybe.. try for a baby?"

She stopped smiling. "Tony. You know that I don't want kids anymore. Why do you keep bringing this up."

"Because I love you. I want us to raise a kid together. You said when we were dating that you were open to having kids."

"I said I was open to it. I never said I actually wanted them. I changed my mind" she said. "I'm allowed to change my mind."

"It's not fair." I said. I can tell I started tearing up. I've been wanting to be a father all my life. I've been trying to convince her to let's start a family for almost a year now. I can’t believe my dream is ending right here. "Maybe If we talk about it more you might be able to change-"

"Stop trying to change who I am." she said cutting me off. I could tell she was tearing up too "I can't take this anymore Anthony."

"Listen." I said trying to fix things. "I can give you more time."

"More time Tony?" she said. "I made up my mind. It's not your job to try to change it. Or try to change me to be your ideal wife. I decided I didn't want this."

I was crying in front of my wife. Be a man Tony. This isn't some bully. This is your wife. You're losing her. "But-"

"Stop." she interrupted me. "You're right. I am still on the fence about kids. What I'm not on the fence about is having kids with you. Do you really think kids will save this marriage?"

I was stunned. I never felt as much venom come from her as I did right then and there. I was speechless. What do I say?

"I want a divorce" she said leaving the kitchen.

I turned off the burner and sat down on the floor in the kitchen crying.

I sat in my driveway, tears running down my face. Oh God. I didn't remember that conversation. Did I repress that? I can't believe how much of a dick I was. I was trying to change my wife? I was trying to change Chase. Oh shit. I can't lose Chase the same way I lost my wife.

I looked up at the night sky. "Guardian Angel? Where are you? I need to talk to you! I just fucked up. I need a do over."

Panicked, I ran into my house. I poked my head into Cindy's room. She was doing homework and looked at me. "Chris are you OK?"

I poked my head into Mom's room. She was watching TV. "Honey, have you been crying? What's wrong?"

I ran downstairs to the den. My dad was on the computer. "Chris, what's wrong?"

No. That damn angel has to be here somewhere! This isn't right. I ran back to my room and buried my head into my pillow.

How do I fix this? Should I tell him the truth?

How does this work in my favorite time travel movies? "Chase, I'm from the future. I'm trying to get back to the year 2018." No, that never works without proof. OK Proof. How do I prove I'm from the future? I don't have proof. I'm by myself in the past with no artifacts from the future. Well, I do know future events. I can predict the outcomes of some football games. But I don't know any scores. I know the score of the Giants' next Super Bowl win. But that's not until 2008, and Chase will already be dead by then.

I heard my bedroom door open. Mom came in. Is it the guardian angel? "Christina honey, do you want to talk about it?" No. It's just Mom.

I sat up wiping tears from my eyes. "I said something stupid and Chase just left. I think we're over. I think I screwed it up. It's my fault, Mom"

"What happened?"

"I told him to ditch his bike"

"Oh honey, Why would you do that? You've only known him for a few days?"

"I dunno Mom, I thought it would be safer if he didn't ride that thing."

"Well if he's a reckless guy, then maybe he's not the one for you"

"He's not reckless. He's a wonderful gentleman. I just don't approve of his mode of transportation. And as of twenty minutes ago I was falling for him, Mom. He stormed off angry that I was trying to change him."

"We all make mistakes. Maybe he'll be willing to overlook this one when you both cool down."

"Maybe" I said, wiping the tears out of my eyes.

"If he's as great a guy as you say he is, and if he's as into you, as much you are into him, he'll come around."

"I hope so." I said. "Thanks, Mom."

Mom hugged me then left my room. Cindy came in. She said no words, sat down and hugged me. Then handed me the cordless phone. "Good luck" she said and left.

I dialed Chase. Answering Machine. I left a message. "Hey Chase, It's Christina. I was wrong. Please call me back."

I need to figure out how to win Chase back. I needed to figure out how to save his life. I also need to figure out what's up with my memories. But I couldn't think clearly right now. After cleaning up and getting ready for bed, I sat on my bed clutching the phone. I eventually fell asleep. The phone never rang.



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