Chapter 24 - It's Friday I'm in Love

Second Chances by Emily

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Synopsis: Day 11 - Christina's life has gotten better. Is this the calm before the storm?


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Friday, October 3, 1997

I was in the middle of dreaming about me and Chase making out on the beach - "From Here to Eternity" style - when my alarm clock woke me up.  Drat. It was getting good too.

I got out of bed and looked in the mirror.  "Good Morning, Chrissy." I said to my reflection.

Today was Friday again.  Spirit Day.  I was to wear my track suit.  So no cute outfits today.  I pulled the track suit out, a marching band t-shirt and got out the new underwear I bought Wednesday night.  Then I got out my marching band garment bag.  I noticed Julie's little black dress hanging up in a dry cleaners' bag.  I took the dress on the hanger and placed it neatly in the garment bag.  I laid it all on the bed.

I headed into the shower.  I stayed under the hot water for a few minutes longer day-dreaming about Chase. 

Now that I resolved my fight with Chase I can focus back on this event I'm supposed to fix.  If I don't succeed at that, I can focus my effort on saving Chase and his girlfriend.... 

Wait a second.

I got a cold chill under the hot shower.  "But I'm his girlfriend." I whispered to myself.  Nah.  Chase's girlfriend in 2005 isn't me.  I was Tony in 2005.  I certainly can't be in two places at once.  But that does still worry me.  It means that Chase still keeps his bike despite being in a serious relationship.  What if I stay here and we keep dating?  Will it be me on that bike with him on that fateful day?  There's no possible way that Chase would suffer the same fate with a different girlfriend, is there?

In conclusion, I will need to think of other ways to save his life when the time comes. If the time comes.

I started daydreaming about being Chase's girlfriend at Ron's wedding.  I remember the wedding as Tony.  I had a blast, but I was single.  I bet it would be even better if I was Chrissy, Ron’s bridesmaid and Chase's girlfriend.

When I was done day dreaming I shaved my legs - just in case I'll be wearing a bathing suit later for Chase.  That reminds me.  I need to find wherever I keep my bathing suits.  A week ago when I first woke up a Christina, I had a fading bikini tan line - so I know I own at least one bikini somewhere.  Looking down at my naked body, I don’t even see those tan lines anymore.  

After I was done shaving, I also touched up my "landing strip" since I hadn't done anything with that since being Christina.  I trimmed it into a nice neat patch like it was a week ago.

After my shower I wrapped my towel around me and put my contacts in.  

I returned to my bedroom.  I dried my hair with the hair drier. I curled some strands of it to give it that added bounce I liked.  I put on my makeup.

Now I was ready to get dressed.  I pulled the tags off my brand new bra and panties.  I pulled the panties on and then put on the matching bra.  They both were a salmon color.  Because they were brand new the panties felt extra soft on my newly shaven skin.  I put on the track pants.  They were your standard red track pants.  I put on my red marching band t-shirt.  Then the track jacket.  Which was your standard 90's style two toned red and white jacket.   On the back of the jacket was "North" in  block letters.  I zipped the jacket up half way because I think my parents have the heat on.

I rummaged through my dresser drawers looking for bathing suits.  I found a few one-piece bathing suits and one two piece.  I held one up.  It wasn't flattering at all.  Nothing cute enough to wear for Chase.  I sighed.  I certainly don't have time to go to the mall before tonight.  But - I do have a sister who wasn't a tomboy this summer.

I went out into the hallway.  I could tell that Cindy's light was on from under her door.  I knocked on the door.  "Cindy, It's Chris."  I whispered.

"Come in." I heard her say.

I walked into her room and closed the door behind me.  She was in the middle of getting dressed.  

"Do you have a- cute bathing suit I can borrow?"

She smiled, opening a drawer.  "This drawer right here.  I didn't know the marching band was going to perform in bikinis."

I laughed.  "Potential date night with Chase later."  I went through the drawer looking at the colorful bikinis.  I found a teal two piece.  I liked the color.  "We're the same size right?"

"More or less." she said.  "I've never had a problem fitting into your stuff.   The one you have in your hand has tie-on straps.  So you can re-tie it if you need to." She finished putting her cheer uniform.  "Ok. you better go.  I'm about to spray a ton of glitter everywhere."

"Thanks sis!" I said leaving her room.

I returned to my room and stuffed the bikini into my garment bag.

I went out to the kitchen.  Right in front of my seat on the kitchen table was the scholastic page of the sports section again.  Right in the center was the headline "Girls Track".  Under that I found our meet. "North vs. Central".  And the first line under that was me.  "100: Demarco (North) 12.70."  At the very bottom of the Girls' Track section was "Season Bests."  My line was listed again.  I had a very proud smile on my face.

My dad was smiling too.  "We're very proud of you.  Mom is going to frame that page later."

"I can't believe I did it."  I said.  "I've been dreaming of doing that for a long time."

Dad got up and placed his hand on my shoulder.   "You can do anything you want.  You are growing into a strong capable woman."  He smiled and left the kitchen. 

I made myself breakfast and flipped through the newspaper.  Nothing interesting - except the scholastic section - which I read and reread no less than 10 times while eating my breakfast.

When Cindy came out she was fully dressed in her cheerleading uniform complete with sparkles and glitter.  Mom came into the kitchen and said "Before you girls go, I need to get a picture of you both in your school spirit outfits!"

We posed for a picture.  She put her arm on my shoulder and posed. 

"Careful with all of that glitter" I said laughing.   We both smiled for the picture.

Mom put down the camera and picked up the scholastic section on the kitchen table.  "I'm so proud of you honey."

"Thanks, Mom."  I said smiling, while cleaning up my breakfast. "Ready Cin?" I asked Cindy.

"I'm ready." she said, grabbing her backpack, and started walking down the steps towards the door.

"Hey Mom." I said.  "I'll be going out with Chase after the game tonight."  I grabbed my keys, backpack, and garment bag and started walking down the steps following Cindy.

"Oh?" she said.

"Yeah" I said.  "Don't worry.  I learned my lesson last Friday.  No parties.  No alcohol."  I exited the house before she could give me the sex talk again.

* * *

Cindy and I went out to the car.  We were picking up Ron today so Cindy sat in the back.

When we got to Ron's house, he got into the car and closed the door.  "Sup?"  How was yesterday"

"Where do I begin?"  I said, pulling out of the driveway.

"So I won my event in the track meet.   I ran the 100 in 12.7 seconds.  The best of the season."

"Her name is in the newspaper!" Cindy said from the backseat.

"Congrats!" he said.   "That's awesome!  I was going to ask about that yesterday but you hung up too quickly."

"Sorry about that."  I said. "I went to apologize to Chase."

"Oh? How did that go?"

"It went well.  I think we might be a couple now."

"Wow. You don't mess around.  You work fast."

"It all went so fast.  It's almost a blur."

"I told you he'd forgive you."  Ron smiled.

"You did."

"So what's on today's agenda?" Ron asked.

"Well. The Powder Puff game is at 3.  The Homecoming game  is at 7.  I wasn't planning on going home until after the game.  After the game Chase invited me to his house."

"Really?" Cindy said.  "Someone going to get some serious lip-smacking action."

"Cindy!"  I said.

Ron laughed.  "I'm really glad you guys hit it off.  I met his ex.  She was a piece of work.  I'm looking forward to the 3 of us hanging out more."  He picked up my CD case.  "How about a little Dave Matthews Band?  Put us into the Friday spirit?"

"Sure." I said.  "You're the DJ."

He put the disk in and we listened to Dave Matthews Band the rest of the way.

* * *

When we walked into school, there were red and white streamers everywhere.  Homecoming weekend was in full force.  Everyone in the school hallways were wearing red and white.  

Some cheerleaders were handing out spirit buttons and red and white mardi gras beads.  One cheerleader gave a basket of goodies to Cindy and asked her to help.  I got a button that said "Homecoming 1997".  I pinned it to my jacket.  Cindy handed me red and silver beads and I put those around my neck.

When I got to  my locker, a paper cutout of our school mascot was taped to my locker.  On it, written in marker, was "Christina Demarco 100 meter.  12.7 seconds."

"There she is." Julie said.  "The leading 1997 100 meter runner."

"Good morning to you too."  I said.

"So were you able to resolve your boy issues last night?"

"I was."  I said smiling.

"Ooo."  she said.  "Do tell."

"I went to his gig after the track meet.  I confronted him.  I apologized for being a doofus.  We made up.  We made out.  He started referring to me as his girlfriend."

"Wow." she said. "You have some serious determination when you're focused.  You went out and you got your man.  You gonna bring that focus this afternoon for Powder Puff?"

"You know it."  I said smiling. "The Juniors are going down!"

Mike the student council president stopped by.   He was holding a stack of red t-shirts.  

"Christina."  he said. "Sorry for interrupting.  These are your team's jerseys.  Senior class is getting red.  Junior class is getting white."

"Awesome."  I said, taking the stack of shirts.  "I'll give them to the girls after school."

"Thank you so much for organizing this."  Mike said.  "Have a good day.  See you after school!" He walked away.

I turned back to Julie.  "I have your dress right here."  I put down the stack of t-shirts and I unzipped my garment bag, pulling out her dress on the hanger.

"Thanks." she said, taking the hanger.  "We'll pass my locker on the way to my homeroom.  You do look better in this dress than me though."

"Thanks.  I thought I looked sexy too."  I said.  "I'll have to get one of my own one day."

"If you ever want to go clothes shopping- I certainly don't need to be asked twice." she said.  "Just let me know."

"Sure, next time I think I'll bring Cindy with us.  She gave me hell for going to Victoria's Secret without her."

Julie laughed.  "I was the same way with my older sister, too."  

I closed my locker and Julie and I started walking to class.  During our walk, other members of the boys and girls track teams congratulated me.  It was good to be on top.

* * *

When I arrived at homeroom, I put my stuff down and Fay immediately turned around before I even sat down.  "So I heard someone did awesome at their first meet."

"This has just been an amazing week."  I said to Fay.  I sat down in my chair.  "I'm just trying to take it all in and process it."

"And it's not even over yet!" she replied.

"I know. I'm on the Powder Puff team too."

"Geez Chris.  Where do you find the time and energy?"

"I don't know.  All I know is that I may need to just crash when Sunday comes around."  Or in 2018 in a few days.

"Are you going to homecoming too?" Fay asked.

"Yes I am.  Are you?"

"I am.  You should totally save me a dance"  she said.  "I want to turn heads.  Maybe make some guys jealous that they didn't ask me out."

"I-”  I paused and smiled.  “I can make that happen."   Was it only a week ago I was trying to get Fay to be my homecoming date?

* * *

When I left English class, Jess pulled me aside in the hallway. 

"Hey" she said.  "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over tonight after the game."

With all of the Chase stuff that has been happening, I had completely forgotten about Jess.  Granted I think that we had very little in common except for... well... sex.

"I um-"  I said.  "I kinda started seeing someone, Jess."

"Oh." she said.  "Who is she?"

"He" I corrected.

She sighed.  "I knew it.  You're straight.  I'm such a fool."

"You're not a fool."  I said.  "I'm Bi.  Or at least I think I am.  I just started seeing this guy earlier this week and we have so much in common."

She frowned.  "You were the only one in school who..." Her voice trailed off.

"Hey" I said.  "Keep your chin up.  The right girl is out there."  I held her hand and squeezed it.

"Thanks, I guess." she said.

"Jess.  I know nobody else knows about you.  But I do.  And if you ever need to talk.  I'll be here for you." 

Thankfully that put a slight smile on her face.  We both parted ways and walked to our next classes.

It sucks.  Jess didn't expect to be friend-zoned by the only other non hetero-girl in school.  I honestly felt bad.  But then I remembered our casual conversations when we weren't having sex.  She kept making fun of my interests.  Yeah, it's better off this way.

* * *

During AP Computer Science we were working on some programming assignments.  I finished mine early of course.  As I have been for the past week, I walked around the room helping my classmates.

Val called me over.

"Christina, I showed my parents your prototype." Val said.  "They loved it.  They're working on logos and stuff and I will send it your way soon."

"Great!" I said. "I can look into getting you guys a domain and putting it online this weekend."

"There's no rush just yet" she said.  "We're still a ways away from opening.  Besides.  It's homecoming!  You going?"

"I am.  I can't wait."

"You know..." she said.  "We should really keep in touch after high school.  I think we could make a really good team with this whole business thing.  If you stick to computers and I stick to finance we would just need to get some business savvy person to join us."

"Yeah" I said.  "We should do that."  Our own business?  I could only dream.

Mr. Perry came up to me and handed me a paper.  

I read it.  "Congratulations, Christina Demarco.  You've been selected at Student of the Month for September 1997."  It was signed by the principal of the school.

"Really?"  I said looking up at him.

"Yeah really.  I was the one who nominated you."  he said.  "You have been my best student this year.  The way you're been mentoring your peers has certainly made my job easier, and will help you land a scholarship and be very helpful when you apply to colleges."

"Thank you Mr. Perry."  

Sweet.  I have something new to frame.  If I recall, Student of the Month gets their own parking spot too!

* * *

At lunch time, Ron stopped by my locker.  "Where do you want to go to lunch today?  I can't afford sushi again this Friday.  Burger King?"

I laughed.  "Sure."  Wait a second.  Didn't I have this same discussion with the guardian angel?  "No wait.  Let’s do Taco Bell instead."  

When we got to Taco Bell, we ordered and got a table.

"So last night went fine?" he asked.

"It did.  I like his jazz band."

"Did you consider trying out for the school's jazz band this winter?"

Yes.  Tony tried out and didn't get in.  "Yes.  I'd love to do that.  When are tryouts?"

"Later this month"  he said.  "The band's members will be announced in November.  Just in time for us to play Christmas events."

“I need to try out.” I said.  “I tried out last year.  I sucked at sight-reading.  We should try to work on that in the near future.”

"Sure." he said.

"So what do you think of Julie?"  I asked.  I was just checking to see if I didn't change Ron's future.

"She's cool and all.  Fun to hang out with.  Not my type, though."

"Understandable" I said.  I guess Ron's still on track to meet his wife in college.

* * *

I was in the girls locker room changing into my gym clothes with Julie when Brittany came over to me, Amber was in tow looking as annoyed as ever.  

"Christina!"  Brittany said.  "I heard about yesterday's track meet!  That's so awesome.  Congrats!"

"Thanks." I said.

I could see Amber rolling her eyes.

"Are you ladies ready for the game today?" Julie asked.

"Absolutely"  Brittany said cheerfully.

"I'm expecting everyone to bring their best."  Amber chimed in in her serious tone.  Seriously Amber, everyone else is excited and cheerful and you have to be the one to rain on our parade.

"I know I'm excited."  I added trying to bring the cheerfulness back.  I smiled at Amber.

Amber didn't say anything.  Aren’t cheerleaders supposed to be always happy and... you know… cheerful?

"Come on, Chris."  Julie said.  "We have a week to train for the next meet!  I want us to run Relay together before the season is out!"

“See you out there!” Brittany said.

We left the locker room and Julie and I ran a few laps around the soccer field.  When the class assembled on the field, Tim approached me.

"Christina!"  Tim said  "I'm having an after-party on Saturday after the homecoming dance.  You wanna come?  My brothers want to play you in beer pong again."

"No thanks."  I said.  "It's way too soon for me."

"Right"  he laughed.  "Everyone who had my shots got fucked up the next day. So cool."  He laughed again.

"Yeah"  I said, cringing on his guys laugh.  "I wouldn't call praying to the porcelain gods on a Saturday morning cool."

"If only I knew that my stuff would make girls black-out drunk.." he chuckled and had an evil grin.

Wait, what?  "No.  Tim, Finish that sentence"  I said.

"I just joking that I could maybe take adv-"

I grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and pulled him towards me so I could look this twerp in the eyes.  "If I ever hear that you're drugging girls I will personally hunt you down and kick your ass.  Do you understand me?"

"Chill."  he said, trying to release his shirt from my grip.  "I said I was only joking."  

I let him go and he walked away.  Ron was right.  This guy is a total creep.

When we were divided into teams I was on Amber's team this time and Julie was on the other team.  Bummer.

Despite being on the same soccer team, Amber still treated me like a rival.  She had the ball and was driving towards a well defended goal.  I was open.  Did she pass it to me?  Absolutely not.  Then the ball was stolen by the defense.

“Yo Amber”  I called.  “We’re on the same team today!”

“You can’t always be the hero, Demarco.” she said.

“Jealous much?”  I said under my breath.

This wouldn’t have bothered me much, but I realized I had to deal with Amber after school too.  I can easily see our gym class rivalry bleeding onto the football field later.

The rest of the school day flew by.  I think I was really focused in the up and coming powder puff game.  I was a little nervous.  I never played in an organized football game before.

When Band class was over, I grabbed my gym bag and the stack of powder puff t-shirts and headed to the locker room

* * *

In the locker room I walked around poking my head in each aisle and saying.  "Powder puff girls, Junior and Seniors.  I have your shirts.  Come see me before you get changed."

I set up shop at my normal gym locker.  I changed out of my track suit and put my sports bra back on.  When I was putting my shorts back on, Amber walked by.

She picked up her shirt.  "We need to make some alterations."  she said holding a pair of fabric scissors.  She made an incision on the sleeve and tore the sleeve off.  Then she did the next sleeve.  Then she cut the t-shirt's collar off and then cut the bottom off to expose the midriff.  She put the altered jersey on and looked in the mirror.  "Perfect."   she said.  She handed me the scissors.

I guess she means business.  I have to admit, she certainly looked intimidating.  Amber when she’s in a competitive zone is a different person when she’s playing the part of a jealous classmate.  

I did the same to my t-shirt and handed the scissors to the next girl.  I looked in the mirror.  Intimidating.  Yet cute.  The sleeveless t-shirt made my arms look scrawny.  I think this is the first shirt I've worn that exposed my navel.  But it still worked.

I saw Brittany and Amber were doing all of the senior’s makeup.  They were giving everyone war paint makeup.  I got in line.  When it was my turn it was Amber who was available.  I let the girl behind me go and I decided I'd wait for Brittany.  The last thing I wanted was Amber drawing anything on my face.

After I was done, I inspected Brittany’s work in the mirror.  I had red and black lines under my eyes.  I had "1998" on one cheek and "Bulls" on the other cheek.

Another girl handed out red ribbons for us to tie our hair back.  I got Julie to help me tie my hair with the ribbon.

I looked at the clock on the wall  “We have Twenty minutes to game time everyone!” I yelled.  “We need to head out.”

We all filed out of the girls locker room ready to play some football.



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