Cate Fox and the Case of the Fading Magic

by Emily

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Rated: Mature
Genre: Multiple Gender Transformations
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Welcome to Puellae Aurora Academy! PAA is an exclusive high school for students who have recently undergone gender transformation - commonly referred to as having been TG’d. At Puellae Aurora, we will take great care of your daughter, son, or nonbinary teenager. In addition to our excellent academic track record, your teen will learn what it means to be a TG, and how to best adapt to a less-tolerant outside world. Our students are given space and freedom to become productive, capable, and sociable young adults. Professional and nurturing faculty members, many of them PAA alumni, are on hand to guide your teen…

Enter Jack Baker. Jack is a seasoned detective with expertise in finding missing persons. That is, until an encounter with a Body Hopper. Now, stuck in the body of a 14-year-old teenage girl, Jack is enlisted by Puellae Aurora Academy to go undercover as a student to solve their missing person cases before all of the magic is gone.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 2, 0 comments (5787 words)
Interlude 1 - Sophia's Story, 0 comments (1531 words)
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Hi, I'm Emily and I'm writing Gender Transformation Fiction! This site is a place for my to keep all of my stories in one place. I'm also a software developer in the daytime, so this site will also be a proving ground of cool new features that pop into my head. Feel free to message me on Twitter or at my Discord Server! You can also find me on and

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