Sea Breeze - A Short Story

by Emily

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Like last summer, I decided to organize another "summer themed" mix-tape back, and got together 5 other TG authors to collaborate on it. 

For my story, I decided to do a cruise-themed story.  A day-dream I had about accidently crossdressing.

My part is Track 3 titled "Sea Breeze". Here's the synopsis for it:

Chris is on a cruise ship with his family, but a seemingly lonely vacation is changed. One drink accident and unintentional crossdressing leads to a new friend. 

Tags: Mtf, Crossdressing, College-Age, Transgender. CW: Transphobia.

Here's where you can find "Vacation All That I Wanted-- A TG Mix Tape":

Be sure to read the works from the other amazing authors too!! Oh - and leave comments and reviews! We all appreciate the support from our readers.



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