by Emily

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Genre: Sci-Fi Gender Transformation
Tags: bleedingheart 1, tgstory 1, horror 1, tg 1, tgtransformation 1, thriller 1
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This short story is written for Cabbitgurl's Bleeding Heart Contest. See her works here: https://www.scribblehub.com/profile/29004/cabbitgurl/ *** Ryan is a 41 year old single guy who gets a chance to test out a new simulation that recreates the real world so he can live another person’s life. Ryan chooses to live as 29 year old Ashley, but he quickly realizes the simulation isn’t all it’s advertised to be.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1, 3 comments (1931 words)
Chapter 2, 1 comments (1917 words)
Chapter 3, 1 comments (2008 words)
Chapter 4, 9 comments (2050 words)


Hi, I'm Emily and I'm writing Gender Transformation Fiction! This site is a place for me to keep all of my stories in one place. I'm also a software developer in the daytime, so this site will also be a proving ground of cool new features that pop into my head. Feel free to message me on Twitter or at my Discord Server! You can also find me on TGStorytime.com and FictionMania.tv.

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