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Second Chances by Emily

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Author's Note:  Late night on July 29, 2020 I became a TG Author and posted my first chapter ever.  I finished Second Chances just over two months later, but I still get emails about how readers loved the story and wished they could spend more time with Christina and her friends.  When I thought of doing something for the 1 year anniversary, I didn’t know what to do.  I felt I said everything I wanted to in the story.  I did a quick and dirty poll on Discord on what I should write, and there was no real consensus other than people wanted to read more of the story, whatever it was.  Well, in honor of my 1 Year Anniversary as an author, I give you the Second Chances Bonus Chapter!  No real plot, but just a few vignettes of Christina’s first day of school after the events of the story.

Monday, October 6, 1997

I didn’t sleep last night. All of the anticipation about returning to school had my mind racing.  How is Monday going to be different from Friday?  Well for starters I’m no longer pretending to be Christina.  I AM Christina.  Then there’s post-Homecoming talk!  I can’t wait to reminisce about the Powder Puff game and the dance with my new peers.  Oh then there’s the whole “I saved Amber’s life on Saturday night” thing.

I feel like today is really the first day of my new life, and I’m eager to get it started.

I don’t remember much about today in the original timeline.  I do remember people talking about homecoming.  Showing pictures.  I remember getting into a fight with my homecoming date the day prior because she spent more time with her friends than me.  I remember her calling me a loser.  She stopped talking to me on AIM, and I spent Monday trying to get back in her good graces.  Then it was later in the day when word about Amber had spread across school.  Most of the cheerleaders, Cindy included, decided not to come to school out of grief.  I personally remember feeling like shit at my misplaced priorities.  While I was concerned about getting ignored at a high school dance, the school was grieving over a girl's death.

But all of that is an alternate timeline now.

My alarm went off and I bounced out of bed.  

I made my way to the kitchen where my dad was already drinking his coffee.  I grabbed a bowl of cereal and opened the newspaper to the weather.   A high of 87?  In October?  Well I guess I’m wearing a skirt today.  

“How have college searches come along?” Dad asked.  He took a sip of coffee.

“Um..”  I said.  I hadn’t thought about it.  I hadn’t thought about college since I graduated in… what year would that have been.  The memory is gone.  Let’s assume I graduate in 4 years.  2002.  Yes.  I hadn’t thought about college since 2002.  Which was.  2018 minus 2002.  Sixteen years ago.

He was waiting for an answer while I was doing math in my head.

“I guess I’ll get started on it.”  I said.  Damn.  I don't even remember what colleges I applied to originally.  Damn, I need to write those essays again. Damn Damn! The SATs!  Did I do that already?  I don’t remember.

“College applications are due soon.” he added.  “I need to apply for parent loans.  You need to apply for scholarships.  You have to take this seriously.  Don’t procrastinate.”

I nodded.  I believe this was the same conversation he had with Tony.

I returned my focus back to my cereal and scanned the newspaper.  I picked the sports section to see what they were saying about the Giants’ win yesterday.  Then I saw the headline story of the Business section was about “runaway technology.”  People in the article were complaining that computers were advancing too fast and Windows 95 was already getting old.  I tried thinking about what operating system my computer had back in 2018, but the blank memory only reminded me I lost 20 years of knowledge.  Or it was blocked.  Or whatever.  Either way it was a huge bummer.  There were things I wanted to do with that future knowledge.  But I can’t remember what it was.

I finished my breakfast and headed back to my room.  I laid out today’s clothes.  I have a new cute skirt I really want to wear.  A baby blue tank top I got for my birthday.  A new bra and panty set I got last week when I was shopping with Julie.  And a flannel shirt I can tie around my waist.  Not that I needed it since it’s going to be hot today.

I showered, shaved my legs and got dressed.  When I was looking at myself in the mirror, all I saw was myself and I was happy.  In some ways it's surreal.  In some ways it’s natural.  I get giddy when I think about it too much.

I returned to the kitchen, packed my school bag, and put in some homecoming photos I stole from Mom. 

Cindy joined me.  “So last night” she said.  “You went to bed early.  But I was talking with Jill and you left out some details about the dance.”

“Oh?” I said.  I knew what she was asking, but I was playing coy.

“You drove Amber home?”

“Yeah, I did.  She was drunk.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about that?”

“Because she was embarrassed.  It was the right thing to do, and despite Amber spreading rumors about me, I wasn’t going to spread rumors about her.”

“But I’m your sister.  You have to tell me that kind juicy gossip.”

“Cin, sometimes you just have to be the better man.. er.. woman.”

She sighed.  “You’re right. I would’ve ruined her, though. Chris, you are a better person than me.”

I chuckled.  “No you wouldn’t have.”  I winked and smiled. “You’re a kind and caring person.  You would’ve made the same decisions I made.” I decided to not share that I returned to Amber’s house yesterday morning.  I don’t want to undo all of the good will I’ve acquired with Amber by telling people her secrets.

We both went out to my car.  I ejected the cassette adapter to let the radio play - at least until Ron gets in the car.  Eric Clapton’s “Change the World” was playing.  That gave me a good chuckle.  The radio gods were winking at me.

We picked up Ron, and true to form, he brought a new CD with him.

“Check it out.” he said.  I saw the CD case.  Tonic’s Lemon Parade.  I had that CD.  Oh nice.  I got a memory back.  He pressed play and skipped a track.  “I like this song… wait for it.”

“Casual Affair” started playing and Ron was nodding his head with a smile.  I heard him singing to himself.  “It’s a casual affair- when everybody loves you…”

* * *

At school, much like the previous timeline, the talk of the school was homecoming.  I opened my locker and got out my books for my morning classes.  I paused to tape up the new homecoming pictures to my locker door.  I smiled at the picture of Captain Picard.  “Good morning, Captain.  I have some friends for you.”  I said to the photo.  Below him, I taped a photo of me and Chase before the dance.  A photo of me and Cindy.  And a group shot of me, Chase, Ron and Julie sitting at our table.  I stood back smiling.  This might be the most decorated my locker has ever been.

“Chrissy!” I heard from behind me as I felt Julie give me a bear hug.  “Check out my pictures.”

I flipped through her pictures.  “Wow”  I said looking at a great picture of me dancing with Fay.  Then there was a picture of me locking lips with Chase. “Hmm.  I might want to keep this one.”  I giggled.

“Not a chance!” Julie said.  “I’m sure you can take it to the computer lab and scan it if you want.  So how was last night?  Chase was supposed to meet the parents right?”

“It went great.  I think he was shy around them.”

“He was just being respectful.”

The five minute warning bell went off.  We needed to get to class.

I shut my locker, and before we could head to class, a very tall guy walked up to us.  Wait a sec.  I recognize him.  He’s the quarterback of our football team.

“You’re Christina Demarco right?” he asked.

“Yeah”  I said.  “That’s me.”

“I watched the Powder Puff game on Friday.  That was an awesome pass to win the game.”

“Thanks” I said.  

“Are you interested in football?  We can hang out sometime if you want.”

Wait what?

“She’s got a boyfriend, dude”  Julie chimed in, grabbed me and walked me down the hall.  “That’s so awesome,” she said.  “You got asked out by the star quarterback”

“Why didn’t you let me answer him?” I asked.

“Because you were drooling.”

“Was not.”

“Were too.  And Chase is WAY cooler than that guy.”

“True,”  I said.  I couldn't argue with that, but I would’ve liked to have had the pleasure of turning down the star QB myself.

“Girlfriends stick together.  I’d expect you to do the same for me if I am making a bad decision” Julie explained.  

* * *

At homeroom, before I was able to put my backpack down, Fay turned around and asked “What happened after the dance?  I heard there was a fight?”

“Oh no”  I said.  “There was no fight.”

I saw Jess smile and wink at me. 

“Just a misunderstanding and a bunch of friends looking out for each other” I continued.

That was enough to satisfy Fay’s curiosity.  “The dance was so much fun.  Thank you again!”

“Any time Fay.”  I said.

“So Christina.” she said.

“So Fay.” I replied curious at what she was about to ask.

“Who is…  the guy you took to homecoming?” 

“That is Chase”  I said, smiling and remembering Saturday’s perfect evening with him.  “My… boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” she said, surprised.  “But I thought-  Chrissy, you are full of surprises.  Where did you meet him?”

I smiled.  “He’s in Ron’s band.  In fact he was at the dance I took you to.  He was-”

“Oh my god - the lead singer!” she said. “I thought I recognized him. Are you going to take him dancing?”

“I may.”  I said.  I hadn't even considered more dates.  Part of me was still expecting to go back to 2018, but now that I have a whole new future ahead of me, I can start making plans.

* * *

At lunch time, I stuffed my backpack into my locker and waited for Ron.  That’s when Linda McIntyre showed up holding a brown bag in her hand.

“Christina.” she said.  “A bet’s a bet.”

I took the brown bag and saw a giant wrapped sub inside.  “Oh wow.”  I said.  I totally forgot about this.  “Thank you.”

“No thank *you*” she smiled.  “That was fun.  Do keep me in mind for more events you need help organizing.”

“Will do”  I said as she continued on her way.

Ron finally showed up at his locker.  “Where do you want to go today?” he asked.

“Well, I have this sub”  I said  “I’m not going to be able to eat it all.  We can chill in the band room and split it.”

“Cool beans.”  he said.  “Does it have mayo on it?”

“I have no clue”  I said, chuckling.

* * * 

When I was in the locker room, getting changed for gym class, I was surprised that mid-getting-changed, Amber and Brittany came into my locker aisle.

“Hi Chrissy.” Amber said.  Whoa, stop the presses.  Amber greeted me before Brittany!

“Hi Amber.”  I said.  I’m still not used to being friendly with her.  My body is tense and on full red alert.  Sure, I saw her yesterday morning.  But 24 hours is enough time for her to change her mind about opening up to me.

Amber started getting changed.  “That’s a cute bra.” she said.  “Victoria’s secret?”

“Yeah”  I replied.  “I bought it last week.”

She smiled.  Maybe she wasn’t lying about being friends.

“So what sport do you think we’re playing this week?” Brittany said, opening a locker.

“I hope it’s softball again”  I chuckled.  I realized that without the additional 20 years of experience, I’m back to being an awkward 17 year old again.  I sucked at sports when I was 17.  At least I can remember some of the softball strategies I used last week.

“I hope it’s field hockey.”  Amber added.

“I heard we’re doing something inside.” Brittany said.

When class started the gym teacher announced that she originally planned on doing basketball this week, but since it’s nice out, they were going to send us out to the track instead.  I was fine with that.

As I was jogging merrily with Julie, Amber sped past us.  

“What’s up Demarco?” she said, turning around.  “I thought you were a track champion?”

Oh, it’s on now!  I picked up speed and started sprinting after her.  I caught up to her easily enough.

“Where are we going?”  I yelled.  “There is no finish line?”

“The bleachers.” she yelled back.

So we both sprinted around the track and to the home bleachers.  I was a good six feet ahead of her when we reached the bleachers.  We both collapsed out of breath.

“Thank you.” Amber said.  “I needed that.”

Julie and Brittany caught up to us and stood over our heaving bodies.

“Are both of you done measuring your dicks yet?” Brittany said.

Brittany helped me up and Julie helped Amber up.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself.” Julie said.  “We have track practice afterschool”

“It was worth it.”  I said, smiling at Amber.

The 4 of us started walking along the track.  Julie started jogging again and Brittany followed her, leaving me with Amber.

“How are you with Pre-calc?” Amber asked.

“I’m pretty good at it” I said.  “Or at least I remember being good at it.  It’s been a while.” Ain't that the truth.

“Maybe we can meet after our practices?” she asked.

“I have to take Cindy and Ron home.”  I said, remembering I just can’t stay at school longer because I carpool.

“I can come over to your house.” she suggested.

Amber?  At my house? Cindy is not going to be happy.

“Sure.”  I said.

* * * 

The rest of the day felt like a normal school day.  I did soak up the fact that it was indeed a normal school day as opposed to the previous timeline.

After band practice and after track practice, we were finally heading home.

Once I dropped off Ron, I turned to Cindy.  “Amber’s coming over tonight.”

“What?” she said.  “Amber?  To our house?  Why?”

“She asked for a tutor.” I said.

“Chris, do you have some sort of ulterior motive here?”

We pulled into the driveway, and Amber’s car was already there and she was standing there waiting for us.  We got out of my car.

She nodded to us.  “Demarco.  Demarco.”

I grabbed my stuff out of the car as Cindy headed to the house.

“Cindy?” Amber spoke up.

Cindy turned around to face Amber.

“I’m sorry.” she said.  “I’ve been unnecessarily harsh on you.  I shouldn’t have been.”

CIndy was caught by surprise.  “Thank you Amber.  I’m sorry too.  I’ve been difficult.”

They both smiled and the 3 of us continued into the house.

“Let’s go to the computer room” I told Amber as I led her downstairs.  “We can spread out in there.”

I sat my bag down, and Amber did the same.  I sat at the computer desk, and checked the messages on the home voice mail on speakerphone.

The only message was from Chase.  “Hi, this message is for Chrissy.  Hi Chrissy, I just wanted to say I had a great time with you this weekend.  I can’t wait to talk to you again tonight.”

“Someone is smitten” Amber said.

“I think I'm smitten too.”  I admitted.

I saw Amber going through my CDs.  “For the record,” she said.  “I love Green Day.”  She opened the CD and placed it into my CD player.  

“Hey.” I chuckled.  “You’re touching my radio”

“It’s only fair since you touched mine.” she retorted.  She skipped a few tracks and “When I come around” started to play.   “This takes me back to freshman year.” she said.

“Same.” I said.

Amber grabbed a second chair and rolled it next to mine as she sorted through her books.

You know what?  Today was a good day.  As Amber turned to the chapter she was having a problem with, I smiled.  I had a good feeling about this new timeline.

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Hi, I'm Emily and I'm writing Gender Transformation Fiction! This site is a place for my to keep all of my stories in one place. I'm also a software developer in the daytime, so this site will also be a proving ground of cool new features that pop into my head. Feel free to message me on Twitter or at my Discord Server! You can also find me on TGStorytime.com and FictionMania.tv.

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This was great! Thank you for revisiting these characters.

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Thank you! It was fun the get inside their heads again and write for them.

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Emily, It was great to read another chapter about Chrissy's new life. After the prom was a perfect place for another chapter. Chrissy's first day of school as the new permanent Chrissy, as well as seeing the new Amber really filled in some holes in the new timeline. You could have easily written about the entire week after prom, or about Chrissy and Chase; but I think one last bite, like the last morsel of a warm gooey brownie, was perfect. Again, I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading your stories. Your creativity and imagination, coupled with your impressive writing skills have made a lifelong fan out of me. I can't wait to read your next story. Best wishes, Elron.

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Thank you! I wasn't sure how much of Chrissy's next week I could write before it got too.. normal and redundant... like real high school. I was tempted to write an alternate timeline, or maybe Chrissy in college, but I figured the Monday after homecoming would allow me to revisit most of the main characters. I always enjoyed reading your reviews! Thank you again for reading!

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This was excellent... Loved every bit of it. Hopefully we get more of this story on occasion.

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Maybe next year. I'll have to find some plot ideas before then.

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