Chapter 2 - Strange Awakenings

Masquerades 101 by Emily

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I didn’t sleep well, I tossed and turned because I was anxious about the first day of classes.  This particular anxiety was a tradition for me each semester.  At our school, if you’re not present for the first day of class, you get unenrolled from that class.  Therefore I was worried I was going to oversleep.  It didn’t help of course, that I still had my fight with Tyler still on my mind. My first class was at 9 AM, and I set my alarm for 7:30 AM.  That should give me ample time to shower, get dressed, collect my stuff, and walk across campus to my first class.

I rolled over to my left and opened my eyes to check the time.  I was staring at a wall.  I thought I picked the bed with the wall to my right.  This wasn’t even my wall.  Wait a second, where am I?

I sat up in bed startled and looked around.  Where the hell am I?  How did I get here?  This was not my bedroom.  It looked like a guys room with college humor posters, video game posters and sports team paraphernalia.  I recognize that video game from the one Tyler always plays.

I got out of bed and was slightly disoriented.  The ceiling was closer.  The ground was farther.  Am I taller?  My first instinct was “I had to get out of here so I’m not late to class.”  I found a cell phone that wasn’t mine on a table next to the bed.  6:42 AM. 

I still have time to get out of here and get to class.

Suddenly I felt cold.  I looked down to see what I was wearing and was surprised to see a bare hairy chest.

I stepped back confused as I held up my arm for me to see.  I was appalled to see hairy arms and stubby fingers.

I was stunned.  This has to be a dream.  I pinched my forearm only for it to hurt.

I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t catch my breath.  I’m going to have another anxiety attack and Tyler isn’t here to calm me down.

This has to be a dream.  I ran out of the room, and into what appeared to be a living room.  A small apartment.  This is totally a guy's apartment. Dishes in the sink, an open pizza box with 2 dried slices sitting in it, and clothes thrown everywhere.  

This is a dream isn’t it?  Did some guy do this to me?  Was I abducted in the middle of the night and brought here?  Was I drugged?  This doesn’t make any sense.

I was still cold.  Looking down again I realized I was wearing nothing but men’s boxer shorts.  And a single sock.  Where’s the other sock?

I ran back into the room and found a pair of jeans on the floor.  I pulled those on.  Then I found a t-shirt balled up on top of a hamper.  I opened the t-shirt up to look at it.  It was a college t-shirt from my school.  That must mean I’m still nearby.  I put that on quickly.  I then found a pair of men’s flip flops in the corner.  I discarded that single sock and I slid the flip-flips on.

I ran through the apartment and out the front door to see where I was.  I scanned the area, but it didn’t look familiar.  I’m not on campus.  I’m surrounded by more apartments.  I saw a sign.  “Frederick Apartments”.  I know where that is.  I’m two blocks from campus.

I was hyperventilating.  This can’t be real.  I must be in a dream.

Ok Nicole focus.  God, I wish Tyler was here.

My freak-out was interrupted by the fact I had to pee.

I turned back around into the apartment where I woke up and found the bathroom.  As I passed the mirror I saw myself.  I’m a dude.  I put my hand to my face and felt my face.  It felt like sandpaper.  Tyler was always clean shaven, so this felt like the way my father’s or grandfather’s face felt.  Why do I look like a guy?  What did someone do to me?

I pulled down the jeans and boxer shorts and sat down on the toilet and peed.  The toilet was farther down than I thought it was and my butt crashed down on the seat.  I didn’t look, but I was already aware of an appendage between my legs nestled between my thighs.  I bit my lip and closed my eyes, as I made sure it was pointing down as I peed.  This is so gross.  This is so wrong.

When nothing more was coming out, I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped… the appendage.  Ew.  I pulled back up the boxer shorts and then then jeans.  I was a little more calm now that my bladder was empty.

I walked back into the room where this all started.  The room was a mess.  A guy certainly lives here.  I found a guy’s wallet and keys.  I opened the wallet and looked at the driver's licence. That face is certainly the face in the mirror.  “Victor Machado”

Who is Victor and why did I wake up as him?

I grabbed that cell phone I found.  It’s asking for a fingerprint.  I pressed my thumb to it and it unlocked.  I guess that confirms I have Victor’s fingerprints.  Standard background art, neatly arranged icons.  Whoever this Victor is, keeps his phone tidier than his room.

I opened up the text message app.  Who do I text?  Tyler?  No.  I’m not speaking with Tyler right now.  Alexis?  Yeah, Lexi will help.  Arg.  I don’t know her number.  Wait. I remember her giving it to a guy once.  It was cute and clever.  She bragged about it for weeks.  What was it? Sizzles.  SIZ-ZLES.  I started typing in the number.  Area Code, 749-9537.

“Lexi, it’s me, Nicole.  I was taken from our apartment last night.  I don’t know where I am and I'm freaking out.”  I hit send.

Seconds later I heard the phone ping.  Lexi responded.  “omg how can I help.  where r u?”

I started typing my response when I got another message back from Lexi. 

“who tf is this?”

I erased what I was about to say and responded “Nicole.”

“enough of the prank, you psycho.  nicole is here in her room sleeping.”

What?  I’m still in my room? “Lexi, you have to believe me.” I messaged back.  


I texted again.  “Lexi?”


Shit, she must’ve blocked me.

I grabbed the dude’s wallet and phone and stuffed them into the back of the jeans like I see so many guys do.   I grab the keys there next to the wallet.  I locked the door behind me with the apartment key.

* * *

It was past 7:00 by now and people were out and about heading to early class or to breakfast at the dining hall.  I sheepishly started walking.  I bet I looked awful.  Wrinkled clothes and all.  Do guys do the walk of shame?  If so. I'm sure that's what I looked like.. Are people staring at me?  Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing day old clothes. The walk back to my on campus apartment took about 10 minutes.

I walked up the two flights of steps and tried entering my apartment.  It was locked.  I knocked on the door.

The door opened and I could see my angry roommate staring back at me.  “Can I help you?” she asked.

“It’s me, Nicole.”  Oh wow my voice is deep.

“You fucking pyscho, you came to our apartment too.  I’m calling campus security.”

“No wait.” I said, putting my hand on the door preventing it from closing.  “I am Nicole and I can prove it.

“Stalker!” she yelled at me.  She was trying to close it, but apparently I was strong enough to keep the door ajar.

“No no.” I said.  “This is our first year as roommates.  We’ve known each other since freshman year orientation.  We both rushed a sorority together but we quit before we got in.  You hate pineapple.  I came home crying last night because I got into a fight with Tyler.  You were going to introduce me to a guy you just started dating.

She just stared at me for a drawn out pause.  “OK.” she said.  “If you are Nicole, Then who is that in your bedroom?”

“I want to know the same thing.”

“OK then” she opened the door wider.  “I’m serious.  If you do anything creepy, I will scream.  I have 911 ready to go on my phone.  I only need to tap this button.”  She let me in.

“Thanks Lexi”  I said, giving her a weak smile.

I walked into my apartment and we both slowly walked to my room.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  I opened my door and there on my bed, sleeping peacefully was… me.  The sleeping Nicole had her back to us.

“Should we wake her up?”  I said to Lexi.

She gave me a concerned look.  “That’s your body.”

“This is too weird.” I said as I was about to poke my doppelganger’s shoulder.

“Wait.” Lexi said.  “Don’t touch it.  I heard that matter cannot occupy the same place at the same time.  What if you destroy the universe?”

I furled my eyebrows at Lexi.  “You’ve been watching too many late night movies.”  Then I pulled an empty hanger out of the closet and poked my sleeping double with it.

The Nicole on the bed groaned and turned over to face us, her eyes still closed.

Just then my alarm clock went off.  7:30.  I reached over to turn it off.  As I brought my focus back to the other me, I saw her eyes were wide open staring at us.

* * *


I was getting some of the best sleep ever.  Then I felt a poke.  Who was poking me?  I live alone.  I must’ve been imagining it.  Then I heard an annoying buzzing sound.  I opened my eyes.

Standing there staring at me was a girl, and… me.  That’s weird.  I wasn’t in my apartment either.   This is a crazy dream. 

I sat up.  “What’s going on?”  I said to my spectators.  Were they watching me sleep? Is this what an alien abduction feels like?  Am I being replaced?   “Who are you?”  I said to the dude who looked just like me. My voice doesn't sound right. 

“I was just about to ask you the same thing” the other me said.

“I’m tired." I tried to clear my throat to fix my voice. "Let me go back to sleep.  Go abduct someone else.”  That didn't fix my voice. I laid back down.

The girl and the other me were whispering something I couldn’t make out.  It was then I realized this wasn’t a dream.  I sat back up.  Some hair fell into my face.  Weird.  Might need to get a haircut soon.  I brushed it away.

“What’s going on here?”  I tried to clear my voice again.

“You’re in my apartment.” the other me said.

“This isn’t your apartment”  I said back, still groggy.

“Oh my god, I let a psycho into our apartment.”  the girl said.  “You need to leave” she said to the other me.

“Where am I?”  I said.  

The girl and other “me” stopped arguing.

“What’s your name?” the other me asked.

“Victor.”  I responded.

“I’m Nicole.” my other self said.

“I’m Alexis.” the girl said.

“You don’t look like a “Nicole””. I said “You look like me.”

“Well you don’t look like a Victor.” my other self said.  “You’re in my body.  And I’m in yours.”

“Come again?”

“You’re in my body.” My other self, or rather… Nicole said, raising his... or her voice.

I looked down and saw cleavage framed by two white spaghetti straps draped over my shoulders.  I gasped.  “What the fuck!”  I said instinctively grabbing at these foreign objects.  “What did you do to me?”

“Stop grabbing those!” Nicole said.

“Sorry” I said, taking my hands off my chest.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

The other girl spoke up.  “So you both swapped bodies? Wonderful”  She rolled her eyes. “This is a creative prank. Where did you two meet to discuss this?”

“I don’t even know who this is.” I said. 

“I never met this Victor before either.” Nicole said.  

“Victor, do you go to school here?” Alexis asked.

“I guess.”  I said looking around.  “Unless you both dragged me to a different school.  I have class at 10.”

“Since I woke up in your apartment 10 minutes away we can assume you go to this school too.” Nicole added.  “I have class at 9.  So we better figure this out soon.  Oh God I forgot I have class at 9.  Grr.  I need to get ready.  I can’t go like this.  What am I going to do?” she turned to Alexis.  “Lexi I’m freaking out.”

Alexis turned to her and grabbed her shoulders.  “Geez. I already believe you.  You are Nicole.  You need to chill.”

“Um.”  I chimed in.  “What can I do? How do we swap back?”

“I don’t know how we swapped in the first place?” Nicole replied, crossing her arms.

“Me neither” I said.

“We don’t have time for this.” Nicole said.  “If I don’t get to class on the first day, they’ll drop me.”

“Well, if I don’t get to class I’ll be dropped too” I added

“Then go to class!” Alexis said.  “Both of you.  We can figure this out later.”

“I can’t go looking like this.”  Nicole replied.  “I know.” she pointed at me and then at herself.  “We can go to each other’s classes.  Yes.  That’s what we’ll do.”

“You want me to go to your class?”  I said.  “As you?”

Alexis was shaking her head.  “This is a stupid idea.  Tell the truth.”

“Nobody will believe us.” Nicole said.  She turned to me.  “We need to get you ready.”

This Nicole person is way too hyper to handle first thing in the morning.  “Ready?  For what?”

“Come on Victor, get out of bed.” Nicole said, grabbing my arm.

I stood up.  I felt short.   My former body towered over me. “I’m short!”

“Close your eyes.” she said.

“Why?”  I asked. This whole thing is moving way too fast. I'm unable to cope with these changes. Normally I’m in control of the situation.. It's way too early for this kind of drama.

“I don’t want you to see my body naked.” Nicole said. 

Fair enough I suppose. I feel weird enough standing in front of a girl and my body wearing girls clothes. This is rather embarrassing.  I felt like a pervert.

“OK.” Alexis said. “This is where I leave to go find some sanity. Holler if you need me.”

“Wait, Lexi I need you.” Nicole said.  She turned back to me.  “I said close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes.  I felt her pull the shirt I was wearing off.  I felt the weird sensation of these breasts jiggle.

“Do you really want me here for this?” I heard Alexis chime in.

“Take off the shorts”

I did what she said and slid the shorts off my waist and let them drop to my feet.

I heard a drawer open up.  Then silence.  An awkward silence.  What’s going on?  I’m cold.  I can feel the cold air conditioner breeze on these breasts and on my exposed legs.  I crossed my arms over my chest to give myself some warmth.

“Nicole?” I said with my eyes still closed.

* * *


I pulled my night shirt off of my body which is currently being inhabited by this dude, Victor.  It's not every day you see yourself from this angle.  So I naturally scoped out my body.  Not bad.  I’m pretty attractive from this angle.  Except for that mole on my left breast.

I opened up my underwear drawer and pulled out a bra.  Just then I felt something stirring in my pants.  I froze.  I looked down and saw a swelling bulge in the jeans I was wearing.  I looked back at my body standing there topless, in nothing but panties.  Victor crossed my body’s arms.  I felt the dick in my pants twitch.

“Nicole?” he said with his eyes still closed.

“Oh my god.”  I said.  I handed the bra to Lexi. “Put this on her”  I said as I ran out of my bedroom, embarrassed.

“Nic.” Lexi pleaded.   As I was in the living room I heard her say “What do you want her to wear?”

“The white blouse and teal skirt draped on my chair”  I yelled back to my room.

“Don’t you think she should take a shower?” I heard Lexi yell back.

“Absolutely not!” I yelled.  I didn’t want this body snatcher to see my body naked.  My body was for Tyler’s eyes only.

OK.  Now how do I calm an erection?  Think Nicole.  How does Tyler do it?  He doesn't.  We just have sex.  Do I just think of unattractive things?  Cold shower?

I walked into the kitchen and pulled out an ice pack.  I put it up to the bulge in the jeans.

I turned back around to see Lexi standing there with her hands on her hips.  “What are you doing?”

“Nothing” I said with the ice pack to my groin.  “I pulled something.”

“Can I open my eyes yet?” The other Nicole, or rather Victor, called from my bedroom.  “Nicole?  Alexis?”

Lexi sighed.  “You owe me one Nicole.”  She turned around and stomped back to my room.  

I needed to have a plan.  How do I pull off getting this guy in my body to pretend to be me today?

* * *


I was standing there for what felt like a long minute in silence.

“OK, I’m back.”  Alexis said.  “Open your eyes.”

“I’m still naked.”  I said. 

“It’s fine.” she said. “I’m Nicole’s friend, I’ve seen her topless.”

“I meant…”  I replied.  “She didn’t want me to see-”

“Open your eyes Victor.” she interrupted. “I can’t help you get dressed with your eyes closed.”

I opened my eyes to see just Alexis staring back at me.  Her hands were on her hips.  She had a ”I’m not playing around attitude.”  Yet despite that, she seemed friendlier than that hyper crazy Nicole out there.

“Are you really not Nicole?” she asked  “Are you really Victor?  Are you both playing a prank on me?”

“No prank.” I responded.  “I’m Victor.”

“Ok Victor” she said. “Can I call you Vic?”

“Sure, I suppose”

“Nic and Vic.  Cute.  So, listen up.  It’s just us for the moment. Just me and you. Nicole is... indisposed at the moment. When she’s not around, I don’t play along with her drama.”  She closed the door to reveal a full length mirror.  She grabbed my wrist and positioned me in front of the door mirror.

Staring back at me was a cute topless girl.  Nice breasts.  Hourglass figure.  Peach colored panties.  “Wow.  That’s me?  She’s cute.”  I may have to save this image in my head to masturbate with later.

“I don’t care who you were yesterday.  You’re a woman today.”  She then abruptly pulled me away from the mirror.  “OK, now that that’s out of the way.  She tossed me a white bra.  Put this on.

“Umm.” I said nervously looking at the lacy bra in my hand.

Alexis sighed and shook her head.  Under her breath I could hear her say  “I should’ve shared a room with Madison this semester.  But, no, I had to room with crazy-ass Nicole and all of her drama.”  She took the bra from my hand and hung it out by the straps.  “Arm.”  

I put my arm through one strap.

“Other arm.”

I put the other through the other strap.

She turned me around and latched the bra.  She turned me back around to face her.  She adjusted the boobs on my chest.  “You both owe me.”  She then put her hand inside a bra cup and adjusted the breast inside the cup.  Then the other. This was the weirdest feeling having this girl in front of me adjust my… boobs.

“I didn’t expect to get to 2nd base today.”  I smiled and chuckled.

Alexis gave me an angry look. She wasn’t laughing. “Seriously, Vic?”

“Sorry.”  I said.  “I tend to find humor when I’m completely in over my head.”

“You’re clearly not Nicole then.”  She said.  She turned to the chair in the corner and handed me a teal skirt.  “This isn’t a bra, I bet you can figure how you can put this on yourself.”

I grabbed the skirt and put these skinny legs through it and pulled it up to my waist.  The bottom of the skirt came down to the mid-thigh.

“Um, Alexis.”  I said.  “This is kinda short.”

“No.”  she said, looking me over.  “It’s right.  You’re just not used to showing some leg.”

She then handed me a white shirt.  “Put this on.”

I put the shirt on and buttoned it up.  The buttons were on the wrong side of the shirt.

“Done.”  I said.

“Alright, Let’s go”  She handed me a pair of girls’ shoes and opened the door.

I put on the shoes and we both left the bedroom.  This is the first time I’ve gotten a look at the rest of the apartment.  I recognize this style as an on-campus apartment,  I lived in one of these my 2nd year.

“Nicole,”  she said.  “She’s ready.”

It feels weird every time they refer to me as “she”.  Should I correct them? Clearly they know I’m a dude.  Getting called “she” makes me feel submissive.  That alone with the fact I’m not in control of this situation at all is making me uneasy.

“He.” I whispered to Alexis.  I didn’t want this to be a big deal.

“What?” Alexis said turning to me.

“He. You called me she.”

“You’re right.  I’m sorry Vic.  I shouldn’t have assumed.”

Nicole, in my body came back down the hallway.  “Let’s do your hair and makeup.”

“Makeup?”  I said.  “Come on, you already have me in a bra, panties and a skirt.”

“That’s my body you have.” Nicole said.  “When I go out to class, I wear makeup.”

“Wait.” I said.  “I think I have to take a piss.”

Alexis laughed.  “This is great.  I’ve never heard that word come out of that mouth before.”

“Stop talking like a guy while in my body.” Nicole said.  “I have a reputation to uphold.”

I shrugged.  “But I am a guy!”

“Just go already.” Nicole said.  “I already took a tinkle in your body earlier.” 

Alexis laughed harder. “Did you just seriously say tinkle?”

Nicole grabbed my arm and shoved me into the bathroom.  Then she pulled me close and looked at me in the eyes.  “No funny business in there.”  She stepped out of the bathroom.

“Yeah sure.” I said, rubbing my wrists.  The way she was able to force me in here.  I felt weak.

I could hear Alexis outside the door chide Nicole.  “Careful Nicole.  Don’t break him.”

I closed the bathroom door.  I looked down at the toilet.  I then felt my groin.  No dick.  I guess I’m sitting down.  Do I take off the skirt?  Well the skirt is short enough that I can just hike it up.  I rolled up the hem, held it in place with my arms as I pulled down the panties.  I sat down.  My heels barely touched the floor. I then released my muscles and peed.

I heard my voice from behind the door.  “Don’t forget to wipe.”

I sighed. This is crazy.  When I stopped peeing, I grabbed a wad of TP and wiped.  That felt weird.

I stood up and pulled the panties back up and flushed.  I decided since I had borrowed hands that I’d wash them too.  I stared at my reflection while washing my hands.  Nicole is very cute.  I run my hands over my face.  It’s so smooth.  I’ve never gotten my face this smooth when shaving it.  The face in the mirror has these cute freckles on her cheeks that stop right before the bridge of her nose.  Her nose is considerably smaller than my own.  She’s got the whole “girl next door” look going for her.  I have a hard time believing that the crazy person in my body is Nicole.  When I was done examining my face, I opened the door.

“Ok, where were we?”  Nicole asked, coming closer to me, smoothing the wrinkles off of the shirt and skirt I was wearing.  She then positioned me in front of the bathroom mirror.

“Wash your face and dry it.” she said.  “Typically I’d be doing my makeup after my shower, but we can’t do that today.”

I turned on the sink and washed my face with water.  Nicole handed me facial soap.  Man, this Nicole chick is serious about her face.  I pumped some soap into my hands and washed my face again.  Nicole handed me a towel to dry my face.  My face was so soft.  This towel was softer.  I guess it beats the crusty old towels I have in my apartment.

I turned to face her.  She ran her fingers through the hair on my head quickly styling it with her hands.  “This is good enough.” She said.  “Makeup.  First we’re going to do foundation.” She then proceeded to apply foundation to my face.

Alexis, who was now in a tanktop and jeans, walked by and saw us.  “That’s a lot of foundation, Nic.”

“Hey I’ve never done someone else’s makeup before.” she said.  “I’m doing the best I can.”  She sounded frustrated.  It was weird hearing that sort of frustration come from my own voice. I pride myself on being chill.

When Nicole was done applying makeup to this face I looked in the mirror.  The first time I saw this face in the mirror I thought she was cute and attractive.  Now she is stunning.  Although I’m not sure the difference was worth all of the extra effort. 

* * *


It was weird watching myself walk down the hallway with me.  Victor seemed so calm in my body.  Meanwhile I was still on edge, one loose thread of having a breakdown. We both stopped in the kitchen.

“OK” Victor said to me.  “So What’s the plan?”

Why am I the one that has to have a plan?  “Class at 9”  I said, handing him a paper with the class schedule on it.  “Here’s my school binder.”  I then picked up my purse and removed my phone and wallet from it and handed it to him.  “I have pens in my purse.”  I reached into the jeans I was wearing and pulled out Victor’s wallet and phone.  “Here’s your wallet and your phone.”

“Wait, don’t I need your ID?”  He said, taking his wallet and phone and dropping the phone into the purse.  “Why don’t we just swap IDs?”

I turned to Lexi who was watching this scene and shaking her head.  She said, “You both are making this way more complicated than it needs to be.”

“Fine”  I said, “Let’s swap wallets then.”

“No.”  He said, abruptly clutching his wallet close to him.

I was caught by surprise and stepped back.  Geez.  This guy is possessive of his wallet.

“Sorry.  I’m protective of my money”  he said.

“Fine, Victor.”  I said.  “Let’s just swap student IDs and leave it at that.”

We swapped those, and he put his wallet into the purse.  I took his ID and slid it into my clutch.

Lexi looked at me holding the clutch and laughed.  I ignored it.

I turned back to Victor and grabbed my cell phone from the countertop. “Victor, what’s your phone number?” 

As he gave it to me I dialed it, and called it.  His phone buzzed inside the purse.  I hung up.  I added the number to my contacts as “Body snatcher”

Time to eat.  I walked over to the fridge and opened it.  Should I feed my guest?  Sure why not.  He’s in my body.  I pulled out two containers of yogurt and handed one to him. 

“What’s this?” he asked, looking at it, and reading the label. “Low fat strawberry & kale yogurt?”  

“It’s Breakfast” I said.  “It’s what I eat before class.”  He should be lucky I gave him anything.  I opened the silverware drawer and pulled out two spoons. “Catch” I said, tossing the spoon at him.  It sailed over his head and clanged against the wall and floor behind him.  “Sorry.” Wow.  I didn’t realize how strong my arm is.

He picked up the spoon and sat down on a barstool at the counter.  I pulled back the foil lid of my own yogurt, I sat down next to him.  He was staring at the pink yogurt on his spoon.  When he noticed me staring at him he ate that spoonful.

OK. Now that my classes are taken care of, I suppose I should worry about what I should be doing for him.

“So Victor, where’s your schedule at?  Back at your apartment?”

“I never printed one out,” he replied.  “I was planning on doing that this morning.”

Seriously?  How can he be so nonchalant about everything.  He’s so disorganized.  “Can you print it out now?”  I asked.  My laptop was further down the counter.  I grabbed it and slid it in front of him.

“Yeah, fine”  he said, opening the laptop. He glanced down at it. “Who is the guy?”

My computer background is Tyler and I at the spring festival last year. I huffed and grabbed the laptop from him and opened the browser up for him.  “That’s my boyfriend.”  I handed it back to him.  “Schedule.  Now.  We’re running out of time.”

“Great.” he said. “This just keeps getting better.”

“Uh Nicole, the printer isn’t hooked up yet.” Lexi said.

I growled in frustration.  “Ok.  Just write it down then.”  I pulled paper out of the binder that I gave Victor.

He grabbed a pen from my purse and wrote down today’s schedule on the paper and handed it to me.  

I looked at it.  It looked like I wrote it. “Huh. Victor, you have very pretty handwriting for a guy.”  

“I don’t know what happened.”  Victor replied.  “Usually my handwriting is illegible.”

I looked at the time on my phone.  “You better get going.”

He stood up and dropped the pen back into the purse.  “When should we meet back up?”

I looked at the schedule he wrote for me.  I then looked at the printout of my schedule in Victor's hand.

“We’re both not available until late afternoon.” I said.  “Meet back here, 3 PM?”

“Sure.”  He said walking toward the door.  He tossed the spoon into the sink and the half-empty yogurt container into the trash. He missed. He bent down and grabbed the cup and placed it into the trash.

“Have a good day in class... Nicole”  I said, smiling at my body.  Wow.  I didn’t realize how nice of butt I had.  I need to thank Madison for suggesting that pilates classes with her.

He paused for a moment.  “Right.  That’s my name today.  Yeah, um.  Same to you... Victor.” he said.

“You both are nuts”  Lexi chimed in.

I watched my body walk out of my apartment and the door shut behind him.   I sighed and looked at Lexi.  “I’m in over my head.  What am I going to do?”



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Good stuff. Did you use HTML make this website. We are using that for class but this website is on another level.

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It's all written in Java/Spring Framework. But yeah, there's most certainly HTML and CSS involved in the front end UI.

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I have always wanted to do something with coding, but I have don’t really have any ideas what I want want to do. For a bit it was game design but from what I have heard that is a real pain. I tried web design but it isn’t for me. I have wanted to learn Java for a bit but I’m a master at procrastinating. Without digging too deep, what do you actually do as a software developer?

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I work for a contracting company that build web applications for various customers. So yeah - I do this for a living, which is why I was able teo do it so quickly.

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