Chapter 6 - Malbec Monday

Masquerades 101 by Emily

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Synopsis: Nicole and Victor spend their evenings apart and find themselves in unfamiliar territory.


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Get into your PJs? But I don’t have any PJs. So when Alexis and I walked to the bedrooms to change, I pulled her aside. “What was that?”

“It’s simple Vic.” she said. “I asked you both to tell the truth. Consider this punishment for both of you.” 

“But what do I wear?” I asked. “Nicole was supposed to do this for me.”

“Vic, honey. It’s time you learned to get dressed without Nicole. Put on a cami and some pajama bottoms.”

“What’s a cami?”

“A thin tank top. Stop being such a guy.”

I was frustrated at this turn of events.

“You know, Vic.” she said. “That pout on you right now, looks exactly like Nicole. Are you sure you’re not turning into her?”

“What!” I exclaimed. I hadn’t considered that. Will we both become each other? I don’t want to be Nicole. “No. That’s not it at all. You don’t think I’m changing into her do you?”

“Calm down, it was just a joke. That was the first time I’ve seen you flustered all day, though.”

“I’m usually better at hiding it. I’m more of a go-with-the-flow kinda guy. But today - the flow is taking me places I never expected to go.”

She gave me a sympathetic smile. “You’re gonna have a new appreciation for women when this is all done with. Now go get dressed. Lets drink some wine and relax. Don’t worry about the swap or Nicole, or what you’re wearing tomorrow. You’re one of the girls tonight.”

I forced a smile and walked to Nicole’s room and closed the door. It’s easy for her to say. She’s not the one who’s crossdressing.

I started opening Nicole’s drawers. The clothes were disheveled from earlier when Nicole was frantically searching for a magic totem. I found a drawer of shirts. I pulled out what I think a cami is. A thin yellow tank top with spaghetti straps. Similar to what I woke up in. I also found a drawer of flannel pajama bottoms. Pink, purple, ducks, sheep. I looked at my options, sighed and took out the aqua duck-print pajama bottoms. For someone who dresses to impress, I was surprised her pajama bottoms were more whimsical.

I took off the shirt and skirt I’ve been wearing all day, and put the cami and bottoms on over my underwear.

I returned to the living room to find Madison pouring 3 glasses of wine. When she was done pouring, she handed me and Alexis our glasses.

“To our senior year!” Alexis said holding her glass up. We clicked our wine glasses and took a sip.

Madison put her glass on the coffee table and made a trust fall onto the couch. She sat up and put her hand to her back, then with a quick motion with her other hand, pulled her bra out of her pajama tops. “That’s better!” She threw her bra into the corner of the room. She looked at me. “So Nic. Dish. Tell us about Victor. How did you end up with him tagging along with you.”

“Yes!” Alexis exclaimed, sitting down on the couch next to Madison. “I can’t wait to hear this.” She smiled and winked at me.

I sat down too. I took another gulp of wine.

* * *


I was angry when I left my apartment. My friends were having Malbec Monday without me. And worse - Victor was taking my place!

I started walking across campus towards Victor's apartment. It was dark out and I didn't feel safe walking despite many people still walking around. I heard a Safe-Ride golf cart behind me. I turned around and waved at them for them to stop and give me a ride.

They saw me, but kept on going.

That never happened to me before. Usually, when they see a girl walking alone…

Oh. Right.

Now I’m even more upset.

When I finally got to Victor’s apartment, I opened the door to darkness. I fumbled around on the wall looking for a light switch. I finally found it and the kitchen light came on.

I stood there in the silent apartment for a moment trying to calm down my emotions. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted Tyler to come and tell me everything was going to be OK. I wanted Lexi and Mads to tell me everything was going to be OK as well, but they’re currently having a girls night without me. I stopped and pouted, but nobody was here to see it.

I need to switch back. ASAP. The totem. That’s right.

I started digging through Victor’s apartment for this magical artifact that may or may not exist. I dug through his kitchen, his living room, his bedroom. I found plenty of art supplies. I found paints and drawings. 

I grabbed a stack of papers. I saw a pencil sketch and I pulled it out. Just then an exacto knife rolled out of the stack and hit the floor, I jumped to make sure it didn’t stab my foot, and wound up dropping the whole stack of papers everywhere.

I crawled onto the floor and retrieved the papers. The exacto knife rolled under the desk. I’ll get that later. I looked at the drawing that got my attention. I was a sketch of a girl. Was this his ex girlfriend from high school? It didn’t have a name, but she was smiling in the drawing. It was beautiful. And I didn’t like art. I can tell Victor really loved her by the details in this drawing. This was a lucky girl to have someone who loved her this much. In some ways I was jealous. Tyler never drew me. Well, he did make me costumes back in the day I suppose.

I cleaned up the mess I made and continued looking for the totum. After a half hour I was even more exhausted.

I heard a knock at the door. Maybe it was my friends and Victor coming to apologize. I could totally use a glass of wine.

I opened the door to see a blonde girl standing there. “Hi Victor.” she said smiling.

This is the first person who has identified me as Victor all day. I suddenly got stage fright again like I did in class. What do I say to her? I don’t know who she is. Is she a friend? A girlfriend? “Hi.” is all I could manage to get out.

“Do you have an early class tomorrow?” she asked. “I have a nice cold case of beer at Dave’s apartment if you’re interested.”

“Yeah.” I replied. “Early class.”

“Are you sure?” she said. “You look kinda frazzled. I bet you could use a beer.”

“I could.” I agreed.

“Wanna talk about it?” she asked.

I did want to talk about it. But I really wanted to talk to Tyler about it. This girl in front of me is offering something I need.

“Yeah.” I simply said, nodding. Am I really going to take her up on this? I do need to vent.

“Then I’ll be right back.” she said walking away from the door to another apartment. She returned 30 seconds later holding two bottles of beer. I then realized Victor already had a case of beer in his fridge and I didn’t need to take this girl’s beer. She opened a beer and handed it to me then opened her own.

So how do I do this? Do I just invite her in? She’s not a vampire.

“Would you like to come in?” I nervously asked, moving out of the way of the door.

She smiled and walked through the door’s threshold and into the apartment.

* * *


Madison poured more wine into my glass. “So he really has no friends?” she asked.

“Yeah, he had a traumatic freshman year” I replied. It was getting easier to talk with each passing sip of wine. I wasn’t really a wine drinker, but this is certainly hitting the spot after the day I’ve had. “He had some friends who really hurt him. He’s a nice guy and they just took advantage of him.”

“Poor guy” Madison said, putting the bottle down. “So just because his roommate freshman year stole money from him, he became a hermit?”

“It wasn’t just that.” I said “There was also this girl that led him on. Got him to take her out on an expensive date in the city. Bitch got up and left mid meal and left him with the tab.”

“How soon after his best friend stole his girlfriend was this?” Alexis asked.

“One month” 

“Brutal.” Madison added. “So Victor has trust issues. And you took pity on him?”

I’m not sure how to answer that. “I suppose you can say that.” 

“So Vic needs friends.” Madison said. “Maybe we can introduce him to Tyler. From everything you’ve said, it sounds like they might have a lot in common.”

Alexis laughed. “I’m sure Victor and Tyler will meet soon enough.”

Madison looked at both of us and took a deep breath and sighed. “I love you ladies. I’ve missed you.”

“It was a long summer.” Alexis added.

I smiled. It’s true. I haven’t had friends in a long time. It was nice to sit here and relax with two people who treated me like their best friend. I longed for that kind of interaction. I missed the camaraderie I had with Alan. I thought I’d make new friends when I got to college. I didn’t expect I’d be taken advantage of when I got here. I know Alexis is putting on a show, and Madison thinks I’m Nicole, but I honestly feel very welcome and comfortable with these two right now.

“So” Madison said. “Let’s ask Nicole about Brandon.”

“Vic- I mean Nicole doesn’t want to hear about Brandon.” Alexis replied.

“Yeah I do” I said, smiling, swirling the wine in my glass. I could feel my face flush from the alcohol. I hope I don’t drink too much.

Alexis smiled at me and chuckled. “Ok, since you asked for it”

* * *


“And they’re back at my place drinking wine without me.” I said, finishing my story how my “roommate” and “best friend” were drinking without me. “Thankfully you showed up….” I looked at her, realizing I never got her name.

“Stephanie.” she said.

“Stephanie.” I repeated. “If you didn’t show up, I’d likely have an anxiety attack.” 

“Some friends you have there.” Stephanie said. “But you’re drinking a beer with me. So I’d say you made out in that deal. Cheers!” She raised her beer bottle.

I clicked her bottle with mine. “Cheers” I took another sip of beer. She took a larger chug.

She finished her beer and said, “I’m not dating him, if you were wondering.” 

“Who?” I asked. I certainly wasn’t wondering about two strangers dating.

“Dave. Your neighbor. He’s my roommate's boyfriend. She convinced me to tag along last night.”

Last night? “And what about tonight?” I asked.

She cocked her head and smiled, not answering my question. This girl is weird. 

“Wanna come back to Dave’s with me?” she asked. “I think they’re playing some games. We can totally just hang out there.”

“Oh I don’t know, Stephanie.” I said. “It is getting kinda late.”

“Late?” she said. “It’s only like 9:30.”

“I mean - it’s a school night.”

“One more beer.” she said.

She drives a hard bargain. I do feel 10 times better than I did before she came over.

“OK.” I said. “But only 1”

We both walked out of Victor’s apartment, and I locked the door behind me. We walked down the sidewalk to the next apartment. Apparently Dave is Victor’s neighbor. Stephanie opened the door and we walked in together.

“Hi everyone.” she said. “This is Victor.”

“Hi Victor” I heard a number of voices.

A bigger guy came up to me. “Yo Victor.” he said. “I never expected you to actually leave your apartment” He put his hand up.

This must be Dave. I high-fived his hand much to his surprise. Weird. If he didnt want a high five, why did he put his hand up?

Stephanie grabbed my hand and led me to a couch that other people were sitting on and chatting. We sat down together, in close quarters. Our legs were touching each other. As she crossed her legs, I noticed she was wearing this cute pencil skirt. I got jealous. I wanted to cross my legs too.

Dave tossed us two cold beer bottles. I looked at the bottle. I didn’t have a bottle opener on me. I watched Stephanie twist the cap off with her hand. I tried to do the same expecting it to hurt, but Victor’s hand must’ve been used to it and the cap came right off.

We clinked our bottles again.

There were about 10 people stuff into this tiny apartment. 4 of them were huddled around the TV playing some race car video game.

Stephanie placed her hand on my leg. A stirring in my pants alerted me to something that - up until now - I was oblivious to. Wait. Has Stephanie been hitting on me all night? Me?

I squirmed a little, and attempted to cross my legs again to hide the unfortunate erection that was forming. There wasn’t enough space to cross my legs, so I just rested my beer and hands over the bulge.

* * *


Madison collected all of our wine glasses and put them on the counter.

“Hey I was drinking that” I said with a giddy smile.

We were just talking about this guy Brandon, Alexis was seeing. Apparently she met him online over the summer, and only really met in person last night. That was supposed to be where Alexis had her best friends and Tyler as backup in case the guy turned out to be a total creep. So it wound up being just this dude, Alexis and Madison. Way to go Nicole, you missed out on something important to Alexis. 

Long story short… Something, something, cute eyes and firm butt. This Brandon seemed kinda forward and is trying to rush intimacy. Since they shared some steamy chats over text, he’s eager to make those texts a reality. 

“So it’s way too soon to get intimate with him?” Alexis inquired.

“Yes.” I responded. “It’s way too soon.”

“But not every guy is as patient as Tyler” Madison countered.

I interjected. “But if he’s really a keeper, he’d show just a little more patience. I say, have him take you on a few dates so you can see what he’s really like in person.”

“I can’t argue with that.” Madison smiled.

Alexis seemed pleased with my advice. She winked at me and replied “Thank you Nicole.”

“Hey Nic,” Madison said. “Take off your bra and stay a while.”

I turned red. Yeah, I was wondering when they were going to say something. After all, I was the only one here wearing a bra. I was also the only guy. “After I pee.” I said, escaping off to the bathroom.

I quickly stripped off my shirt and bra - briefly caught a glimpse of Nicole topless in the mirror, and put the shirt back on. While here, I decided to pee too. Turns out needing to pee wasn’t a lie after all.

When I returned, Madison was pulling out her phone and started playing music. Drake’s “In my Feelings” came on and she started dancing right there in the living room. Alexis came over to me and grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“I can’t dance.” I pleaded.

“That’s never stopped you before” Madison laughed.

I tried mimicking their dance moves. Hopefully I didn't look like a fool. Ok. This wasn’t so bad. I think I had enough liquid courage to loosen up. I smiled at my two new friends.

Just then, Madison came up and started grinding up in front of me. I was surprised, but I played along holding onto her hips. I backed away and I smacked her ass and laughed.

A shocked Madison looked at me with an open mouth. “Oh Nikki, you’re naughty tonight!”

“I think I need more wine.” I giggled and walked to the counter.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Alexis said, pulling me back into the living room. “You are officially cut off.”

“Oh Lexi, don’t be such a party pooper” I said.

She pulled me in close so she could whisper in my ear. “Vic, Nicole is a lightweight. Easy there.”

“Well, Nicole needs to cut loose and have more fun!” I exclaimed unaware of how loud I was.

“You’re damn right, Nicole!” Madison yelled over the music.

Alexis chuckled. I wondered if she was starting to regret this “punishment.”

I walked over to Madison and started flirting back with her and serenading the music to her. I pushed our two bodies together as we danced and started to get low. Our breasts were touching each other. This was fun. Madison had a huge smile on her face. I’m glad she was enjoying this. I certainly was.

“Lexi this was a great idea!” Madison yelled over the music “I’m glad you suggested tonight. I needed this and I bet you all did too.”

I looked at Alexis and she gave me an innocent smile. This is all Alexis’s doing?

I made my way to my other new bestie and started dancing with Alexis. She was laughing at me. 

“So this is your doing?” I whispered.

“I was angry, Vic” she replied. “I don’t like the deception. You and Nicole are pulling me into your web of lies.”

“I’m sorry for pulling you into this.”

She smiled at me. “You’re a good guy, Vic. It sounds like you’ve had it rough the past few years. I’m glad you’re finally able to have a little fun.” she said. 

“I’m not having fun.” I said, chuckling.

“Liar” she said, giggling. “You know, this whole charade will need to stop eventually?”

“Yeah I know.” I said, smiling and laughing, trying not to think about tomorrow. “But not tonight” I smiled and dipped Alexis and she laughed. I wonder what Nicole’s doing.

* * *


One beer turned into three. Stephanie was talking about her classes. Then she started talking about a class she had with Victor. A lot of smiles and nods. I did my best to pretend to know what she was talking about. This must be how Victor felt while talking with Mads. Stephanie complimented me on a project Victor did back in the spring. I get the feeling she and Victor had never spoken because she asked me details about Victor’s life that I figured she would know about. But seeing as I’ve been Victor for a day I managed to have some of those answers. I told her the classes I had today. I told her that I was an art major, I told her I didn’t go home over the summer.

I asked her the question that was burning in my mind since she walked into Victor’s apartment. “Where’d you get that top? It’s so cute.”

She blushed. “The thrift shop down the road. It’s totally retro isn’t it?”

“It is. I love it.” I said. I was about to say I needed to go visit there, but I stopped myself remembering I’m in Victor’s body.

“Be right back.” she said, getting up from the couch and walking towards the bathroom. I watched her as she walked. I checked out her outfit. She was dressed way more casual that I prefer. But I did like that top. And she did look good in that pencil skirt.

At the moment I checked out how her ass filled that skirt, I felt another twitch in my pants. This body is clearly straight and is letting me know it. My head wanted to know where she got her cute top, but my body wants to play “hide the sausage.” Ugh. So frustrating.

I took a deep breath. I was feeling good after all of these beers. Just then another girl came and sat down right where Stephanie was sitting.

“Hi” I said to my new couch-mate.

“So are you going to ask her out?” she asked.

“Um.” I said. What would Victor say? He could certainly use a friend. Or a date. Maybe if I get Victor a date, that will count as a selfless act. I’ve never asked anyone out before in my life. I’ve only been on the receiving end of getting asked out. “Should I? What if she says no?” 

“Dude.” she said. “Steph’s totally into you.”

I blushed at the compliment. Wait. Is she into me, Nicole or into Victor’s body? She has been hanging onto every word I’ve said. My dry wit is all Nicole. 

Stephanie came out of the bathroom and the girl I was just talking with got up and left. As Stephanie sat down, I made the decision. I needed to do this selfless thing for Victor to swap back. I’m going to get him a date with Stephanie.

“Stephanie,” I said confidently. “Would you like to um.. you know.. go out sometime?”

“Yes.” she said, smiling at me.

Wow. I’m a pro at this. “Great.” I said. “Friday?”

“Sounds like a date.” she said smiling. Her face was a little flushed. Her hand returned to my thigh and squeezed it.

“Great.” I said. “I um.” I stood up, quitting while I’m ahead. “I really have to call it a night.”

“OK” she said standing up with me.

This is where we hug right? I went in for a hug and she hugged me back.

“Have a good night, Victor.” she said.

I smiled, and left Dave’s apartment.

“Alright” I said out-loud as I walked back to Victor’s door. “Vic’s got a date! Time to swap back!”



Hi, I'm Emily and I'm writing Gender Transformation Fiction! This site is a place for me to keep all of my stories in one place. I'm also a software developer in the daytime, so this site will also be a proving ground of cool new features that pop into my head. Feel free to message me on Twitter or at my Discord Server! You can also find me on and

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Hehe. She totally things this is a one day body-swap.

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Great story so far. Very interesting characters.

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