Chapter 34 - Intruder

Masquerades 101 by Emily

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Synopsis: Nicole is in trouble and Vicky rushes to her rescue.


Content Warning: Chapter has Sexually Explicit Content.

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Content Warning: Attempted Rape, Violence


When I opened the door, I was surprised as the door was flung back at me, throwing me to the floor. I instantly recognized Brandon standing at the threshold. I quickly went to get up when Brandon grabbed my leg. I looked up at him and kicked his face with my free foot until he let go.

I’m pissed this douche got the jump on me twice. I managed to stand back up and get into a fighting position. Not this time, asshole.

Brandon threw a punch and I blocked it. The next punch, I dodged and slammed my fist into his face. 

Brandon stumped backwards, caught in a daze. I quickly grabbed my cell phone from the counter. I knew he wasn't going to stop and I was in trouble. I checked my pockets for Damon’s number. I didn’t find it. Shit. I opened up the first contact on my phone - which unfortunately was Vicky. I quickly texted “help”, hit send just as Brandon slapped the phone away from me.

I went to resume my assault on Brandon when he bum-rushed me and knocked me to the floor. I yelled as loud as I could.

“Nobody can hear you.” Brandon said out of breath. “Everyone’s at the game.”

I saw my phone on the floor right next to me. Brandon must’ve realized I was looking at it as he picked it up and threw it down the hall towards my room.

That left me no other choice. I was going to have to take care of Brandon myself.

* * *


This sucks. I want to hate Nicole for the rest of the evening. I’m in emotional pain because of her. I stared at her “help” message for a moment. I couldn’t bring myself to ignore it. No matter how much I’m mad at her. It also occurred to me that she’d never ask me for help unless she really meant it. She was legitimately in trouble.

I put my phone down, put my sneakers on and dashed out the door. I ran down all two flights of stairs and found Lexi and Mads standing outside the building.

Whatever they were saying, they stopped and looked at me. They were likely talking about me. I didn’t have time to dwell on that right now.

“There’s no time.” I said, out of breath. “Nicole’s in trouble. It might be Brandon.”

“Wait, Vic” Lexi said, grabbing my arm before I could run. ‘What’s your plan?”

“I don’t have one.” I said. “Maybe... We need to give him what he wants. The genie.”

“Are you going to Tyler’s?” Madison asked.

“I… I can’t” I confessed. “If Nicole’s in trouble, I need to go to her first.”

“Giving Brandon the genie is an awful idea,” Madison said. “We can’t bring Tyler into this. He and the genie need to stay far away from Brandon.”

“Yeah.” Lexi agreed. “Vic, you go to Nicole. Me and Mads will call the cops.”

We all nodded and I ran in the direction of my former apartment.

* * *


Brandon and I continued our struggle. I kept punching and kicking him. He kept punching and kicking me. A few times he jabbed me in the places I was bruised from Halloween. I knew I was bleeding. The adrenaline allowed me to not feel it.

I heard my cell phone ring from my bedroom. That was enough to distract me momentarily as Brandon slammed his fist into my nose.

I was disoriented as he kicked my chest and I dropped to the floor.

“What do we have here?” he asked.

My eyes were full of tears from the nose shot and couldn’t see what he was talking about. I heard something rustle on the counter and the rattle of pills. Oh no.

“Expired Codeine?” he said. “Were you trying to get high on this shit?”

I have to get up

“Well let me help you,” he said. 

I heard the water faucet. I propped myself up on my forearms only to be slammed back down onto the floor.

“Open wide bitch.” he said. He turned me onto my back and grabbed my jaw. I wanted to bite down on his finger, but instead he punched my gut.

I gagged as I felt him pour the pills into my mouth. I tried to spit them out as he poured water into my mouth and clenched my jaw shut. I tried to claw at him with my hands, but I could feel the pills and water go down my throat. I choked on a few of them, and my reflexes eventually allowed me to swallow them.

He let go of me, laughing

I got up and tried to cough the pills out. I tried to vomit them out. I spat and I spat. Only spit and blood came out. I jammed my fingers down my throat hoping to trigger my gag reflexes.

“Now maybe you’ll be more cooperative,” he said. “The genie. Where is it?”

“Fuck you.” I said, still trying to vomit the pills out. “If you would have asked ten minutes ago, I maybe would’ve told you.”

Brandon laughed at my predicament. I used that against him as I punched him once more, catching him by surprise. I got up and quickly hobbled back to my bedroom to find my phone. I have to call 9-1-1.

As I grabbed my phone, Brandon tackled me. He pried the phone out of my hand and threw it against the wall. I could hear different pieces hit the floor. I tried to get back up, but Brandon kicked my face and I fell back to the floor.

* * *


I ran through the campus as fast as I could. As much as Nicole hurt me, I couldn’t bear the thought of Brandon hurting her. She was one of my closest friends these past 3 months. We’ve lived each other’s lives. We know intimate details of each other. I love her like a sister. 

I was never much of a fighter. I’m sure I’m even less of one in this body. But I have to try. I have to give Nicole a fighting chance.

I ran across the quiet street and through the parking lot. My former apartment was straight ahead. I could see the door was wide open.

Suddenly I got dizzy. I stopped and braced myself between two parked cars. It felt like the parking lot was spinning. Was I floating? I closed my eyes. I tried to hold on to one of the cars, but it felt like it vanished and I was falling.

* * *


With that last kick I couldn’t get back up. I tried, but I was so dazed and disoriented. I opened my eyes only to see my body lying on the floor in my bedroom and Brandon kicking it again. I didn’t feel that last kick. What was happening?

My vision went blurry and I felt a cool breeze as if I was dragged outside. 

The pain was gone.

I opened my eyes. I was standing right outside in the parking lot. How did I get here? I looked around and didn’t see anyone else. I was cold. I was outside without a jacket. Something else was different. I looked at my bare arms. Wait.. my arms… are my original arms. 

I saw my original feminine hands. My hands! I looked down. I saw the clothes Vicky was wearing earlier. I saw the shape of my breasts. My body!

I remembered the feeling when I first swapped 3 months ago. Except now the ground was closer. I felt smaller. I could feel the weight of my breasts changing my center of gravity. It was so familiar, I couldn’t help but smile.

The euphoria of being back in my body didn’t last as I realized if I was here, that means Vicky was back in her body getting her ass kicked by Brandon. If I’m standing here in the parking lot with no coat, that means she rushed to save me!

I ran towards my apartment. The door has been open the entire time. I ran through the door and down my hallway. I could see the body I had just vacated lying on the floor in the bedroom. He was trying to get up. Brandon was standing over him and didn’t notice me. I ran and I launched myself at him.

As I jumped onto his back and brought him to the ground I realized I was now lighter than I used to be.

Brandon shrugged me off and looked at me. “Victor. Nice of you to join us. I’ve missed our time together.”

“It’s Nicole.” I said triumphantly. “I’m back in my body” I kicked his nuts and threw a punch at his face. It was then I realized I wasn’t as strong as I was when I was in the other body.

“Lucky me then” he said, grabbing my arms and throwing them aside. My head hit the desk and I fell onto the floor. 

“Don’t you harm her,” Victor said, trying to pull himself up.

Brandon laughed at Victor. “You’re in no condition to intervene.” He pushed on Victor and he collapsed back onto the floor. I tried to get up, and instead he slammed me back to the floor with such force. 

My head was resting against Victor’s arm.

“We have the genie,” Victor said through labored breaths.

“What was that Victor?” Brandon said. “I didn't quite hear you.

“We have the genie.” he said again.

“No Vicky” I said. “Don’t give it to him.”

“Just don’t harm her.” Victor said.

“I make the rules,” Brandon said. He kicked Victor again and Victor let out a pained gasp. “Once I take what I want from both of you, I’ll go find the genie.”

I tried to struggle, but it was no use. Brandon straddled me and pinned my arms and legs down. He grabbed my shirt and ripped it to expose my bra. “Bastard,” I yelled.

“I’ve been waiting 3 years for this, Nicole.” Brandon said with a hungry look. I remembered that look from freshman year. 3 years ago I was able to evade him. I’m not sure if I can be so lucky this time. “It’s ironic that the prudish pledge from back then is the only one standing between me and the genie.”

Brandon’s weight was pushing up against me as I tried struggling. I felt something foreign on my left finger. The engagement ring. I didn’t get a good look at it earlier but I knew it was a raised stone setting. I used my thumb to rotate it in position and wait for my opportunity. Hopefully this will hurt enough for him to get off me.

As Brandon predictably unzipped his pants, I jabbed his face with my left hand. The ring left a noticeable gash on his temple. He didn’t get up, but he looked pissed.

“Bitch,” he said, pinning my arm down again. I could feel more weight on my left hand now. I guess I won’t be using that trick again.

“Vicky,” I pleaded again. I looked up behind me. I could see Victor’s distant gaze out of one eye. The other one was swollen shut. For a moment his eye and mine met. I could see a confused look in his eye. He didn’t know he was drugged. I could also see regret. He came to save me and now was powerless. “Vicky, get up.” I repeated.

I noticed something metallic next to Victor under the desk. It was near my hand. My finger might be able to touch it. 

As Brandon released one of his hands to try to take my own jeans off, I reached for that metallic object. It was that exacto knife I dropped months ago. I managed to coax it into my hand. 

When I felt Brandon’s weight shift, I wiggled my right arm out of his grasp.

I slammed the knife into his neck.

I heard Brandon let out a yell as he fell back. I pushed him off me, and grabbed Victor’s arm and dragged him out of the room.

“Leave me” I heard Victor say.

“I can’t leave you here.” I said. “You came for me. I didn’t think I’d see you again after what I did.”

“I had to come.” he said. “That's what siblings do. We fight. We make up. We trust each other. We love each other.” 

Did Victor still consider me a sibling? After what I did today? I never had someone give me unconditional forgiveness. I could see him struggling to focus. 

“What’s wrong with me?” he asked. His lips were turning blue and I could see his inability for his eyes to focus on me.

“You were drugged.” I said. “We have to get you to a hospital.”

“No, we have to end this.” he said. “We have to work together.” I could see his good eyelid struggle to stay open. “Distract him”

Brandon charged out of my room holding his neck. He was covered with blood from the neck wound.

I stood up confidently and he stopped there in the hallway. We looked at each other. He must be wondering why I’m not running away. I’m wondering the same thing. Fight or flight. I guess “fight” it is. I could feel all of the anger in me well up. This is not how this ends. I’m in control. Breathe, Nicole. Focus on distracting him.

Brandon started walking over and nudged Victor’s body with his foot. Victor didn’t move.

I got into a fighting position. 

“You’re really going to try to fight me in that body?” he said. “You couldn’t beat me in his.”

I really didn’t want to have a conversation with the guy who tried to rape me twice. I glanced down at Victor whose eyes were open again and looking directly at me. Distract Brandon. I hope Victor has a plan. Maybe if I get Brandon to talk. “All of this just to get back into a fraternity?” I asked him. I was shaking. I just hoped he didn’t notice. I focused on my breathing and the large man walking towards me. “I talked to Damon. He thinks you’re a fucking screw up.”

“I don’t care about them anymore.” he said. “I dropped out of school. I don’t need them. I need the genie though. You ruined my life.”

“I think you did that yourself.” I said. “Do you think beating the shit out of us... by raping me is going to improve your life?”

“I plan on having a do over.” he said. “I have two wishes left.”

“You think everything is just going to magically change for you?”

“It will - when I redo the past 4 years.” he said.

“Is that what your next wish is going to be?” I asked. “To undo everything that has happened? To change the past?”

He was silent for a moment as he slowly walked towards me. “Joining that fraternity was a mistake.”

That’s not what I was expecting him to say. I thought he just wanted to get back into the fraternity. “If you don’t join the fraternity, you would never have had the genie. You can’t make your third wish.” I said, I made sure to stay in my fighting stance as he slowly approached. He could stop talking and snap at any moment.

“If I didn't join TK none of us would be here right now.” He looked remorseful. I’m not buying it though. 

I looked at him. At Victor lying on the floor. He was right that changing the past would erase our current predicament. But I can’t trust a guy like this to change the past for the better.

I was backing up to the wide open front door. Surely not everyone was at the football game right? Aren't there any passerbys? Brandon was following me, and seemed to have forgotten about Victor lying on the floor behind him. I stopped at the threshold of the door. Brandon stopped 6 feet away from me.

I saw Victor slowly stand up.

“You don’t need a genie to change in the present.” I said to Brandon.

“This is who they made me.” Brandon said, angrily.

He’s trying to get under my skin. To appeal to my empathy. This asshole picked the wrong day to do that. “You don’t get to play the victim card.” I said motioning to my ripped shirt and exposed bra. “Even if they made you do that stuff in the past, what’s your excuse now?”

He had no answer. Maybe he stopped feeling talkative. Maybe he realized I’m not as empathetic as I used to be.

I saw Victor brace himself against the wall. He made a motion to keep talking. Was his plan really to catch Brandon monologing? Geez maybe he’s seen too many movies. Well, it’s working so far, so I’ll give him partial credit.

“There’s one thing I don’t get” I said, hoping to keep this conversation going. “How did you know we had the genie?”

“I didn’t realize it at first,” he said. “But then your sorority stopped harassing you.”

“What does that have to do with anything? So what? They lost interest in shaming us for rejecting their stupid clique.”

“They didn’t lose interest. They forgot. All memories of you and your 2 girlfriends were erased from the sorority. I’ve only ever seen that kind of mass erasure when the genie was involved.”

Here I was thinking that those girls just lost interest in harassing us, but no, the genie strikes again. The genie erased Courtney's memories. Victor’s memories. And now the sororities.

“I needed to get close to one of you to confirm it.” he continued. “I couldn’t use you. You had that gay boyfriend. The lesbian would never let me near her. That left Lexi. Once I found her online, I knew I had my way in. She all but admitted you all had the genie. I’m done talking. Now where is it?”

“It’s at my place.” I lied.

“You’re going to take me there,” he said.

Just then, Victor jammed his thumb into Brandon’s neck where I had stabbed it with the exacto knife. Brandon screamed in agony and pushed Victor aside who collapsed.

I took this opportunity to get behind Brandon and put him in a sleeper hold I learned from my martial arts class.

He started struggling and grabbing at my arm. We both fell to the ground, but I still had him in a headlock. He was strong, I braced my arm with my other like I was taught, and started to squeeze his neck. 

I locked my arms together and poured all of my anger into subduing my attacker. All the anxiety. All of the dysphoria. All of the jealousy. All of the anger at what Brandon was and what he represented. For Courtney. For the unknown people who never had a chance.

His legs were flailing, and he was trying to grab at my head. He pushed us both against the wall. He was almost able to stand back up, but then Victor crawled over and held his legs down.

My martial arts instructor said this was supposed to work in around 10 seconds. But those 10 seconds are long when you’re in a life or death struggle. Brandon was clawing at my arm and I could feel his powerful body trying to wriggle out of both mine and Victor’s grasp.

As Brandon was flailing I thought about the first time I met him. He was confident. He took me up to one of the bedrooms in the TK house during rush week. Was he glamoring me at the time? Did it matter? I was smitten. But something broke his power over me. It was something he said. What was it? He called me “sweet pea”. An image of my father popped in my mind and I realized this complete stranger was feeling me up. It’s funny that my disdain for my father actually broke my trance and saved me. I told Brandon no. I told him to stop. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. He and his brothers had the impression that they were owed sex with college girls. He bought into this culture. So was Brandon a victim? Was he brainwashed by TK? Was he corrupted by TK culture? By the genie’s power? I wanted to feel sorry for Brandon. But I couldn’t make that mental leap. Not after what he did to me. To Victor. To Lexi. To the unknown countless other girls who weren't able to get away.

I felt Brandon’s hand go limp and fall by his side. Was he pretending? Has it been 10 seconds? I didn’t let go. 

I looked over to Victor. “Vicky, I think we did it.” I said.

Victor didn’t respond and remained lifeless on top of Brandon’s legs.


No response.

Just then Lexi and Mads came through my door, followed by cops.

“Oh my god, Vicky. Nicole” Lexi said.

“I’m Nicole again” I said. “We swapped back.”

“Miss, you can let go.” a cop said to me. I was still holding onto Brandon’s neck. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t pretending.

A simple word like “miss” was enough to remind me that I was back in my own body. It was over. The nightmare was over. Why wasn’t I elated? Victor’s lifeless body remained on top of Brandon. I felt Ill. 

“Vicky” I said. No answer.

I let go of Brandon and crawled away to lean against the nearest wall. I brought my legs up to my chest and watched as cops and paramedics filled my apartment.

Blood was everywhere. On the floor. On Brandon. On Victor. On me.

There was a lot of conversation. I was in and out of paying attention though. I was asked various questions. I gave one word answers. Lexi, Mads and various paramedics tried to wake Victor up but he was unresponsive. I explained about the codeine overdose. 

Paramedics were doing CPR on Victor. I kept calling her name.

I saw them cart Victor away. 

“Is she OK?” I asked. Nobody answered me. “Vicky”

This isn’t how I imagine this moment in my head. We were supposed to celebrate being back. Reminiscing over the crazy times we had pretending to be each other. Not this.

A paramedic looked me over because I was drenched in blood. Brandon’s blood. Brandon was handcuffed and hauled away as well. He was still alive. I wanted to get up and hurt him again. As I was trying to stand up, I was held back down by someone trying to give me medical attention.

I was escorted to an ambulance as well. Before I could make it there, I vomited. Figures. I needed to vomit in the other body. Not this one. I don’t even know what Vicky had for breakfast. I was given a blanket and a few moments before I was assisted into the ambulance. As the ambulance door closed on me, I could start to feel my adrenaline crash and my eyelids close.



Hi, I'm Emily and I'm writing Gender Transformation Fiction! This site is a place for me to keep all of my stories in one place. I'm also a software developer in the daytime, so this site will also be a proving ground of cool new features that pop into my head. Feel free to message me on Twitter or at my Discord Server! You can also find me on and

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Wow! What a chapter to come back to after the break.

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I hope it was worth the wait!

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Wow, I'm feeling my own adrenaline crash after reading this chapter. It was everything I expected - and everything I didn't expect. I knew they would swap back because of Tyler's latest hasty wish, but I thought Josh would hold off, at least until bedtime. And unlike Tyler's first wish, this time Tyler knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Did they not learn anything about rushing into wishes? ... I knew Brandon was at the door, but I didn't think he would be alone. I knew Vicky/Victor would try to help, but I didn't know how, or when. I assumed TK was behind the attack, I didn't think Brandon wanted them out of the picture. I assumed all this time that at the door would be a group from TK, there to abduct Nicole and hold them hostage to exchange for the lamp. ... I was so glad to see Nicole stand up to Brandon - in each body, no less. Using the engagement ring as a weapon - brilliant! Maybe Nicole is learning to tame the Anxiety Beast? And who says you need years of practice to learn basic self-defense skills? Brandon is in no way a victim - especially attacking them the way he did. Poisoning one, attempting to rape the other (for the 2nd time). Brandon just gave up all rights as a human being, let alone a victim. ... I saw the fight scene play out in perfect detail, like I was right there in the room. Good thing the X-Acto Knife was still lying there when it was needed. And good thing Victor had the wherewithal to put his thumb on the exact point of the problem. (Couldn't resist.) Jeff Imada could not have coreographed a better fight scene. Only bummer was that Dave couldn't be there to help kick Brandon's ass. As luck would have it, the first stringer was out with a ruptured ACL, so Dave was finally starting his first game! He will just have to come up with a new pickup line. ... So now Nicole and Victor are back in their original bodies. Brandon is in custody, about as far away from the lamp as one could be. Victor is in the hands of medical professionals. But is it too late? And now other people have at least heard about a genie, which makes it much easier for word to get back to TK and the university. Oh, this story is far, far from over! And right now we have Victor hanging on for dear life, Nicole on a cliff because she knows about the genie, Tyler's on a cliff because he has the genie, and the Genie is on a cliff, well, for being a Genie. Anyone who doesn't see this chapter as a cliffhanger needs to read it again. ... Great job coming back from Winter Break Emily. You really hit the ground with your characters running full speed in all directions. I guess the challenge at this point is to keep everyone guessing what's going to happen next. ... And I didn't know where else to put this: the best line in the chapter is "“I had to come.” he said. “That's what siblings do. We fight. We make up. We trust each other. We love each other.”" So having Nicole and Victor think of each other as siblings shows there is hope. Hope that in the end cooler heads (and wishes?) can still prevail and the main characters will get a better life, even if they can't yet define what that better life is. ... Thank you.

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Aaaaaaaaaaargh! I tried putting ellipses and carriage returns in between paragraphs for breaks. The AI that runs the editor STILL managed to take out the breaks. And good thing I wrote this review offline and pasted it - the login engine kicked me out whilst I was composing and it would have been lost otherwise. Some of us need a littttttle bit more time to find the right words to express our feelings about the new chapter.

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601 words? I'm really slacking. Must have been the long layover in the cornfield. Sorry.

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Excellent analysis. Some of your expectations would've made for a good chapter as well. I'm glad you appreciated the siblings line. This really what I think the story is about. Sure.. body swaps, TG, genies. But I think the story is really about sisters.

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Definitely feel like there should have been more than 2 sentences about what it feels like to be back in your own body after 3 fucking months of being swapped but whatever..

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That's next chapter

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Well, there was also that distraction of Brandon trying to kill and/or rape them going on at the same time. I'd cut them both some slack until the shock of the attack wears off. Then they will be able to let the un-swapping sink in.

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Assuming Victor survives the drug overdose, that is. Now that would be quite a plot twist, if Victor wound up in a coma or even dead. Fortunately, there is a Genie in a Bottle who can help clean up the mess - if the Genie doesn't wind up in the wrong hands first.

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Emily, you really managed to create a very believable and credible chasm the size of the Grand Canyon in the way Nicole and Victor handled the swap. They each started out completely overwhelmed and bewildered over the swap, standing back-to-back. Over time they managed to make it to opposite ends of the spectrum. Staring at each other across the rim. Victor would like nothing more than to spend the rest of his life in Nicole's body, becoming Tyler's wife and mom to their children. Nicole, on the other hand, couldn't stand to be in Victor's body one second longer. I thought that having Madison as her girlfriend might take enough of the sting out of the swap for Nicole that she would start to accept it. Maybe someday come to appreciate the opportunities that came with it. The "life hands you lemons" attitude. But now that trip to the other side is over and the task at hand is recovery - both from the attack and the swap. So, I just wanted to expand on my earlier comments about the way you built up the tension between Nicole and Victor. Like both of them pulling on opposite ends of a giant rubber band. Fueled by desire, lies, betrayal, pride, and of course - love. Would the rubber band snap back, or would it break? Well, looks like we know the short answer to that question. That only leaves a few dozen more chapters to explore where they each go from here. "Siblings" can mean a lot of things, from "Brotherly Love" to "sibling rivalry". Both of them fighting for the right to be with Tyler. But what will he feel towards each of them? Towards both of them? Nice job weaving such a rich tapestry of drama, and suspense, Emily.

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OK, another 298 words. Review is starting to come together.

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Can a review have chapters?

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And so it continues with a bang Thanks for the chapter and I hope you had a great break

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