Chapter 36 - Dreams

Masquerades 101 by Emily

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Synopsis: Should Tyler have stayed at the hospital? They contemplate what's on their mind.

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I couldn’t stay there. I knew I should’ve stayed at the hospital. I should’ve been there for both Nicole and Vicky. I couldn’t do it. Every time I looked at Nicole, I saw Vicky. Only 24 hours ago she was my fiancée. I’m so confused. I needed to talk to someone. The only people I could really talk to were the ones who know about the wishes and the genie. So I opted to text my unlikely ally in all of this - Madison.

She texted back that her door is open and I’m welcome to chat after lunch.

After grabbing a quick lunch, I headed to Madison’s apartment. I’ve known Madison longer than any of my other circle of friends. We just had an unspoken understanding that we both loved the same girl. I wonder what her opinion has been of the past 3 months. When I arrived at her place, it was her and Lexi.

“Hey Tyler,” Madison said. “I invited Lexi over too. I figured we all have different perspectives and different pieces of the puzzle.”

I nodded. I trust Lexi as well, but I never really talked to her about LBGTQ issues before.

“So tell us about this genie.” Lexi said.

“Apparently the genie was under my nose the entire time.” I said. “But it wants to stay hidden for obvious reasons.”

“It was taken advantage of by TK, right?” Madison asked.

“Yeah.” I replied. “Apparently it convinced Victor to break the original lamp, getting Brandon kicked out of TK. Shortly after, it… followed me I guess.”

“You had the genie for 3 years and your first wish was only 3 months ago?” Lexi said.

“I think I only had the lamp for 3 months,” I said.

They both nodded.

“I want to talk about Victor - or Vicky” I said.

“Victor,” Lexi replied. “I asked Vicky weeks ago if she was trans. She said she wasn’t, but wanted to be referred to as Vicky while in Nicole’s body. I assume her wish would be that once she returned to her original body she’d like to return to being called Victor.”

“OK.” I acknowledged. “Who is Victor? What kind of person is he? Who is this stranger I proposed to?”

Lexi and Mads glanced at each other.

“You take this one.” Madison said to Lexi. “He’s been your roommate for 3 months.”

“Well, we never knew Victor when he was Victor. Me and Nicole were the first people to meet him after the swap. Victor back then was a loner. He very much wanted to hide and stay away from people. He didn't trust any of us. He was burned by friendships and relationships in the past.”

“That’s right.” Madison said, shaking her head. “That was Victor that evening. I can’t believe that I didn't see it. Nicole was acting so weird. So yeah, Victor was in one of my classes a few semesters back. He was quiet and we never interacted. From my time with Vicky, however, she was a very upbeat and positive person. But I think that had more to do with her relationship with you than anything else.”

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes you.” Lexi said. “The moment Victor started dating you, his outlook completely changed. While Nicole spiraled into dysphoria, Victor fell in love. If you’re asking about the person you dated for 3 months. Victor is a good and decent person.”

“If Victor is so good then why would he deceive me?” I asked. “I feel like I’ve just been catfished. I feel like a fool.”

“You weren’t catfished.” she responded. “It wasn’t their intention to deceive you. That was Nicole’s idea to maintain the lie. I told them both that this was a bad idea. But that first date... Victor was skeptical about going on a date with you - but he came home after that evening- he was so over the moon. He was smitten.” Lexi then giggled.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing.” she said, composing herself. “I was just remembering that night when we both got home.”

“But - if that’s the same night I’m thinking- he ran away when I kissed him.”

“Sounds like Victor had the same thoughts you’re having right now.” Madison said. “Welcome to the party.”

“Do you think he really loved me?”

“Absolutely. You were all he could talk about for a long time.” Lexi said.

“Did you fall in love with him?” Madison asked.

“I didn't know he was a he. But yes. I fell in love with that version of Nicole.”

“Sounds like someone is questioning their sexuality.” Lexi said.

“Stop.” Madison whispered to Lexi. She turned to me. “Ty. This is big. If you love Victor, then that’s important. Hold onto that.”

“What am I doing?” I sighed. “My fiancée - Victor - is sitting in a hospital in a coma right now. I should be there. But I don't know if I can handle my fiancée being a guy. I’m barely handling my fiancée not being Nicole. Hell, I don’t know if he can handle being a guy and dating me. This makes me sound like a hypocrite. I was angry at Nicole for refusing to accept that I wasn’t masculine. Here I am doing the same thing to Victor. Am I making sense?”

“Yes.” Madison said. “This happens all of the time when a person in a relationship comes out as trans. It forces the other partner to reassess their sexuality. You are not alone in this. I have an acquaintance in PRIDE that said she was dating a girl - who came out as a trans man. As much as the two of them loved each other, they couldn’t make it work.”

“So this won’t work?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that.” she said. “It was only one example. Another guy I know is still dating a trans woman after she came out. This is a very personal thing between the couple. If you and Victor want to make it work. Then try. Don’t let anyone else tell you that you can’t.”

“You don't have to have all of the answers, Tyler.” Lexi said. “Be patient with him. When he wakes up of course.”

“I... umm,” Madison said. “Have another example. I started dating Nicole last week. Nicole in Victor’s body.” She looked at me uneasily. She just admitted she was dating my girlfriend. I think she was looking for my blessing. 

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about that. I nodded for her to continue.

“I’m a lesbian. Nicole is a woman. Sure she was in a man’s body. But I was willing to date a trans woman because I love her.”

This was the first time I had heard Madison admit out loud she loved my girlfriend. I had all but assumed that at this point. But what about me? Could I date a woman in a man’s body? “I spent a long time telling people I wasn’t gay. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.”

“Listen, Ty” Madison said. “You don’t have to have all of the answers right now. Both you and Victor have been through a lot. Victor is still in a coma. And most certainly hadn’t even come to terms with being back in his original body before the Brandon incident. Take time for yourself. And give him time as well.”

* * *


I must not let Brandon get up. Must hold on. 

My eyes are heavy.

Must remain awake.

Must open eyes.


* * *

Headache. I looked around. 

There were people. They were talking. They seem to be sad. 

Tired. Eyes heavy. Sleep.

* * *

“Dad, I don't want to go into business?” I said. “I want to be an artist.”

Dad turned to me. “I’m sorry Vicky, I’m just trying to get you to make the right decisions to affect the rest of your life.”

“Did Dad just call me Vicky? I’m Vicky right? No, I'm Victor.”

* * *

I was standing in front of a mirror in a cute dress I bought. I admired my makeup and did a twirl.

My reflection didn’t do the same. She said, “Vicky I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” I asked my reflection. My throat hurts. It was hard to talk.

“I’m not going anywhere.” she responded.

Why would my reflection leave? “Where would you go?” I couldn’t hear myself. Was I even talking?

She didn’t respond and instead followed my movements again.

* * *

It was move-in day. I’m glad to put high school behind me. My roommate’s name is Brandon. I walked up the room and knocked on the door. A cute girl answered. “Hi, you must be my new roommate.”

“Hi” I greeted her. “I’m Vicky.”

“I’m Alexis.” she said. “I thought my roommate was Nicole. Who are you?”

“I’m not sure.” I tried to answer but I can’t talk again. Who am I?

“Well Vicky, It’s nice to finally meet you.” she said. “I thought I’d have to room with a creepy boy.”

Something wasn’t right. This was my dorm room. This wasn’t my roommate. I looked at the lamp on the dresser. This isn’t real. This is a dream.

“Break it Vic.” Lexi’s voice echoed.

Brandon appeared from nowhere. “Break it and I’ll kill you.”

Lexi wasn’t around anymore. Brandon was large and imposing. Where was Nicole?

This wasn’t real. I picked up the lamp and smashed it. I then ran down the hall like I did in the past.

* * *

I entered into a pair of double doors.

Where was I now?

“We love you,” Nana said to me. 

My sister was standing in front of me wearing a light blue bridesmaid dress. She walked around me and adjusted something in my hair.

“I love you too.” I told her. My throat didn’t hurt anymore. But I still couldn’t hear myself. Did she hear me? I wanted to tell her I loved her.

“We are all proud of you.” Dad said. Dad was wearing a tuxedo.

I couldn’t help but smile back. He offered me his arm and I looped my arm around his.

In front of us was an aisle. Was this a wedding? Was I getting married? That’s right. I’m engaged. There was a figure at the end of the aisle. I couldn’t make them out.

* * *

Beep. Beep.

My alarm kept going off. I need to turn it off. I can’t reach it.

Beep. Beep.

It’s not a school day. Please stop.

I opened my eyes. I need to turn the alarm off.

Wait. Where am I? 

My eyesight was blurry. Was the room spinning?

I focused on an object. A piece of medical machinery. Was I in a hospital?

What was the last thing I remember? 

I looked around. I saw myself sitting in a chair next to me. I appeared to be sleeping. 

Wait no. I swapped back. 

That’s not me anymore. That’s Nicole.

I tried to call her name but it hurt to talk. “Ni..” I swallowed but that hurt too. “Nic..”

She opened her eyes and looked at me. She instantly bolted up and grabbed my hand. “Vicky, you're awake.”

I tried opening my mouth to say something, but she interrupted me. “I’ll go get someone.”

Within minutes, doctors, nurses, my parents, Hanna and Nicole were around me. It felt like a blur. It felt like it was the end of a long night of drinking. I felt drunk. I had a raging hangover. I was confused. I could barely understand the words they were saying at first.

All I wanted to do was close my eyes and go back to sleep.

I slowly became more lucid. I could make out words. The people around me started talking to me.

I was quizzed on the last things I remembered. The fight with Brandon. That’s why I’m in the hospital. The more I answered, the easier it was to talk. It still felt like I had cotton in my mouth, though. 

Everything felt like a blur. I was in and out of consciousness. I was disconnected from machinery. Tubes were pulled out. Every part of my body felt like it was on fire. A nurse helped me go to the bathroom. I think. Or maybe I dreamt it.

The doctors said I needed to rest. I was getting tired. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

* * *

My headache didn’t go away. In fact, I felt pain everywhere. My face. My chest. My mouth. I was able to think clearly now. I can remember. I’m hurt because I got my ass kicked.

I opened my eyes. I was in a dimly lit room. It was different from the last. I must’ve moved to a different room. I looked around and only saw an empty hospital room. None of the beeping equipment was around. This room had a window. But it was dark outside. Light was coming in from the hallway.

I was alone.

I got out of the bed and slowly made my way to the bathroom.

In the bathroom was a mirror. I was not expecting what I saw. I knew I swapped back. I expected my face to be the same face I remembered. It wasn’t. My face was red and puffy. Bandages covered one eye. I had stitches under my other eye. I wanted to cry. But it hurt to make any facial expression.

I lifted up the hospital gown and saw gnarly black and blue ribs.

I returned to the bed and laid back down. It was too painful to remain standing.

I replayed the last events I remembered over in my head. Tyler- learning the truth. The swap back. The fight with Brandon. Awful memories.

Memories. What is a memory anyway? The genie altered my life. It erased memories from freshman year. It turned me into Vicky. I fell in love with Tyler. How much of that was real? Who was I really?

Just then, Nicole walked into a room holding a coffee. “Oh you’re awake.” she said, surprised to see me lucid. “Wait, what’s wrong?”

How’d she know I was upset?

“I know that look.” she said. “You were crying.”

Was she joking? Can she really see my emotions through these bandages and swelling? “Nicole.” I said. “Who am I?”

She took a deep breath and sat on the edge of the bed. She took a sip of her coffee.

“Am I Vicky or Victor?” I elaborated.

“OK.” she said. “That’s a question I can’t answer. But I can tell you what Tyler told me.”


“They wished for us to return back to our original bodies, like we were before the body swap.”

“That doesn’t help. I don't know what’s real and what isn’t.”

“You are the same person you were Saturday.” she said. “It appears you’re Victor again, on the outside at least. But I was going to keep an open mind in case you decided you were still Vicky. Been there, done that. I’m not going to tell you your gender.”

She was chipper. I wanted to tell her to stop talking as much. My head is throbbing.

I closed my eyes. Images from those dreams flashed in my head. “I enjoyed being Vicky. But I’m Victor. I always have been.”

“Then you’re Victor.” she said with a smile.

“But who is Vicky then?” I asked. “Was she made up?”

“Geez Vic, you’re asking the hard questions. When I was in your body. When I was going by Nick. I never stopped being Nicole. If the genie’s magic worked the same way on both of us, then I have to imagine that you never stopped being Victor.”

“And Vicky…”

“Is a part of you.” she said. “Maybe Vicky was always a part of you. Maybe the genie awoke something in you.”

“You’re suggesting I’m trans? Cause we’ve gone through this before…”

“No.” she said. “I’ve asked these same questions to myself for the past 3 months. And I made the mistake of forcing Tyler to be cis. And you inadvertently forced me to act like a guy. I now know better than to tell you what only you can answer. Just maybe… your gender is more complicated than you initially thought.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. I don’t think I’m thinking clearly enough to really let that sink in. 

She looked at me. “Perhaps now is not the best time for a gender identity crisis. We can always revisit this later if you wish. I have a whole ton of reading material if you want.”

She’s right. My head hurts and this feels like information overload. But I did want to know what I missed while I was sleeping. “Nicole?”


“Can you fill me in? I have no idea what happened since the fight with Brandon.”

“Well” she said, taking another sip of coffee. “With your help, we were able to subdue Brandon. He got hauled away by the police. He was actually down the hall for a few hours getting treated for his wounds. But now he’s in jail awaiting his arraignment. You’ve been in a coma since then. It’s early Monday morning.”

“Monday morning?”


“What about your classes?”

“It’s only 3am. Besides, you are more important to me than Theater class. I called out of both of our internships.”

“Why are you being nice to me?”

She looked down at her coffee cup and frowned. “It was something you told me back at the apartment. Do you remember what that was?”

“Vaguely.” I replied. “I forgave you.”

“You called me your sister.” she said, choking up. Now she was crying. “Vic, I never had any siblings. You met my parents. I didn't really grow up in a loving and forgiving environment. I had no idea why you would forgive me after what I did to you.”

“I felt a bond with you,” I said. “For the first time in a long time I felt close to another individual that wasn’t a family member. But you did hurt me…”

“I know I did. I’m sorry. If I could take it back I would. I really do. I also wish I was happy as a guy. I just couldn’t do it. Vic… the umm... drugging didn't happen by accident.”

Drugs? I recalled something about being drugged. “I was drugged?”

“Yeah. After our fight at the tailgate,” she said. “I… found your codeine in your medicine cabinet.”

“My codeine?” Why would I have codeine? Then I remembered. “Oh yeah - the tooth abscess. Last year”

“I... thought about taking it… to make the pain go away.”

“Nicole, you didn’t...”

“No,” she said quickly. “I didn’t. I couldn’t go through with it. But I left them out on the counter. And Brandon saw them and force fed them to me. The doctors said it's mostly out of your system now. We were all worried for a while. Vic… I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.”

I grabbed onto Nicole’s hand. “It’s over now.”

Nicole smiled and wiped the tears from her face.

“What else happened?” I asked.

“I think Hanna adopted me,” she chuckled.

I chuckled too. But laughing hurts.

“I um...” she continued. “You should know I broke up with Tyler.”

I didn’t know how I felt about that. Part of me was excited that it meant Tyler was available for me. But on the other hand, I’m no longer Vicky. Plus it made me upset that all of that drama happened just for Nicole to break up with them. I already forgave her, so I wasn’t going to dwell on that point. “What about Madison? You seemed to be spending a lot of time with her.”

“We haven’t talked about it. I’ve been here with you since yesterday.”

I nodded. I looked at her face. Underneath the tears I noticed the bags under her eyes. “Have you gotten much sleep?”


“Go home Nicole. I think I’m fine now. It’s time for you to get some sleep.”

“Classic Victor” she chucked. “Concerned about my well-being while sitting in a hospital bed. I can see if I can get a ride with Lexi when she wakes up. Or even your parents when they come to visit later.”

I nodded. “I still have a splitting headache. I think I’m going to try to go back to sleep.”

“That’s fine.” she said. “I have my coffee and I’ve been playing on my phone.”

Nicole sat back down in a chair, brought her legs up and looked at her phone.

I looked at her. Despite all that happened, she was still a friend. She’s here and she stayed here. She does look more at ease despite the worry and lack of sleep. It’s clear to me how much in pain she looked when she was in my body and how much freer and confident she seemed now. Surely it wasn’t all bad right? “What’s one thing you’ll miss about being me?”

She looked at me and chuckled. “Your height. Your upper body strength. That was nice to not have to find taller and stronger people to help me do something.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, I’ll be happy to have those things back. But that’s just being an average male. What will you miss about being me?”

“Your family,” she said. “I adore them. Especially Hanna. How about you? What will you miss about being me?”

“Your friends.” I said. “Lexi and Mads are amazing. I never had friends like them. Even growing up. Lexi would destroy Alan in a friend-off.”

“How about being a girl in general?”

“Umm...” I said. “I don’t know. I’m embarrassed to say.”

“Come on Vic” she said. “You just got done telling me we’re like siblings now.”

“Your clothes.” I said.

She raised her eyes. “Oh?”

“I actually enjoyed it. In case you didn't know it- you’re very attractive and I enjoyed being very attractive. I actually looked forward to getting dressed in the mornings and going through your closet. Experimenting with makeup. I would spend so much time in front of the mirror. Lexi made fun of me several times for saying I was worse than you.”

Nicole laughed. “See. Vicky is a part of you.”

I chuckled. “I dunno.”

“Listen, Vic.” she said with a serious expression. “I know I said we’d talk about this at a later date, but I want to reiterate that if you ever decide that you’re trans. I’ll support you. Hanna will support you. So will our friends.”

I nodded. I knew they would. I didn’t want to think about it right now though.

“Besides. You already have a head start. Mads and I went shopping on Friday. You have a small selection of women’s clothing in your size. And you’re hairless from the neck down, now.”

I chuckled. “I hadn’t gotten a chance to notice yet.”

“Hairless.” she repeated moving her eyes down to my groin and giggling. 

I shook my head. “So you’ve been busy.” I looked down at my fingers and at the remnants of a dark green nail polish that looked to be starting to chip away.

“A girl’s gotta redecorate sometimes.” she said laughing. “OK. So continuing with the questions. You already know I hated almost everything else about being a guy. What won’t you miss about being me?”

“This one is obvious.” I chuckled. “That time of the month.”

She laughed. “Yeah, I suppose that was the obvious answer.”

“I’m going to miss this.” I said.

“What are you going to miss?”

“Our banter.” I replied. “When things go back to normal, and you guys forget me...”

“Stop it.” she said. “We are not forgetting you Vic. Get that thought out of your head right now. You’re one of the girls… even if you’re not a girl.”

“OK,” I said. In my head I thought “We’ll see.” I added, “I should get some rest.”

“OK.” she said and returned to her phone.

I closed my eyes and let sleep take me again.

* * *

My hospital room was now decorated with get well cards and balloons. I decided to read them while I was alone. There were cards from my family - Mom, Dad and Hanna. Aunts and Uncles I haven’t seen in forever. Cards from my friends, Nicole, Lexi, and Madison. My neighbor, Dave, sent a care package of snacks. Nicole’s ex, Stephanie, sent flowers. There was one from Kayla who may or may not know we swapped back. There was a card and balloon from… I'm guessing Nicole’s coworkers at my dad’s company since I didn’t recognize their names. There was even a card from Tyler’s roommate Josh. He wrote a long letter and was more apologetic than he needed to be. I was a little concerned that there was nothing from Tyler themself.

I spent most of the morning with my parents. They told me Hanna wanted to come but they insisted she go to school instead but she’d be by later. My parents also interrogated me about the whole Brandon situation. Asking me if I was being bullied. 

I tried to be truthful without bringing up the body swap. I confessed that Brandon did bully me when we were roommates. I told them I thought I was done with him until he started dating a friend.

Dad was already on the phone with lawyers making sure Brandon never saw the light of day again. I didn't want Dad to overreact, but then I thought about how Brandon could still retaliate against Nicole or Lexi. That’s when I decided to agree with Dad and let him call who he needed to.

The doctors were in and out. They were tending to my wounds. They also were monitoring all of my vitals to make sure I didn't have any side effects from the overdose. It sounded like they were ready to let me go home tonight.

Around lunch time, they left and I was alone again with my thoughts. And doctors. They made me get up and walk the halls.

I was getting antsy. I was ready to go home. But what did “home” mean anymore? 

Sometime in the afternoon, that’s when everyone showed up. First it was Hanna. She tried to cheer me up by talking about her friends, the guy she’s seeing, and the colleges she’s looking at. After that she stepped out so that Nicole, Lexi and Madison could visit. 

The 3 of them came into my room holding balloons.

“Vic!” Lexi said. “We’ve missed you.”

“Hi everyone” I said, sitting up right in the bed. My ribs were a little uncomfortable, but I was getting tired of reclining in the bed anyway.

Lexi came and gave me a hug.

“You gave us a scare.” Madison said, giving me the next hug.

“Anything new?” Nicole asked.

“The doctors are discharging me tonight.” I replied.

“That’s wonderful.” Lexi said.

“I’m just not sure where I’m going,” I said.

Nicole and Lexi glanced at each other. Lexi then looked at me. “We talked it over and if you need a place to stay, you can stay with us.”

“That’s not necessary.” I replied.

“It might be safer,” Madison added.

“Brandon’s still behind bars.” I said. “I’ll be fine.”

“We’re not talking about Brandon.” Nicole said. “We’re still worried about you. You shouldn't have to be alone. And you shouldn't have to go back to that apartment with all of those awful memories.”

“I’ll be fine.” I replied. “Oh God, it must be a mess.”

“Nah, we cleaned it up.” Lexi said.

“Who is we?” Madison said to her with a raised eyebrow.

“Never mind” Lexi said with a chuckle.

The next half hour went by with the girls talking about their day and weekend. I mostly sat there listening. I’m not entirely convinced they still want to be my friends. They’re just being nice to me because of my injuries.

* * *


I walked into the hospital and to the waiting room. I made my way to the receptionist. “Hi, I’m here to see Victor… um... I don’t know his last name.”

She gave me a stern look. “Mr. Machado is currently at his visitor capacity. You’ll have to wait until someone leaves.”

“OK,” I said. I turned around and took a seat.

A girl who looked to be only in high school or maybe a college freshman came and sat right next to me. “Yeah I’m waiting too.”

Was she waiting for Victor? I typically don’t get random girls coming up to me and chatting with me.

“You must be Tyler,” she said unprompted. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“I umm.” I said. “Don’t believe we’ve met.”

“We haven't,” she said. “But I wanted to meet the cutie who proposed to my brother.”

“Your brother?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m your future sister-in-law. Hanna.”

“Oh. Then you know that things have changed since…”

“Yeah, Tyler. I’ve been briefed on the body swap, the genie, the douchenozzle frat guy, your epic romantic proposal, that stupid argument at the parking lot, and the swap back.”

“OK,” I said. “Then you know the engagement is likely off?”

“Oh really?” she said. “And have you talked to Victor about that yet?” 

“Umm. No.”

“Is that why you’re here, Tyler? To break up with him?” She looked at me with a look of disgust.

“No.” I said. I was getting flustered. This girl asks too many questions. “I just want to make sure he’s OK.”

“Why?” she said. “Because you love him?”

“Yes.” I said without thinking about it. I then covered my mouth. Did I just admit to loving another guy to her?

Hanna giggled as if I was a puppet and she was the one pulling the strings. “Good. I can get you in, but you have to promise me to treat my brother right.”

“I’ll do my best.” I said. “I’m not even sure what he thinks of me now that...” I let my voice trail off.

“I know what he thought of you on Friday. And let me tell you Ty, he was head over heels for you.”

I nodded. “I hope he thinks of me the same way he did on Friday.”

“There’s only one way to find out.” she said. “Let's go,” She got up from her seat. 

“But don’t we have to wait for…”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat and towards the main hospital corridor. She waved at the receptionist. “Hi Wanda!”

“Hey girl” the receptionist said waving at Hanna as we both walked through without being stopped.

* * *


Madison was in the middle of telling me about the drama in the art department when there was a knock on the door. The 3 girls looked at the visitor in silence.

It was Tyler.

“Can I come in?” Tyler asked.

Everyone looked at me for the answer. I nodded my head.

“We should step out.” Madison said, pulling Lexi and Nicole out the door with her.

I could hear Nicole whisper “good luck” to Tyler as she left the room.

Then it was just me and Tyler in the room. Victor and Tyler. For the first time ever, Tyler is now seeing the real me.

“Hey.” Tyler said.

“Hey.” I said back. God, this is awkward. “I’m not sure I wanted you to see me like this.”

“Like how?”

“Like… this.”

“As Victor or in tons of bandages?”

I shrugged.

“I mean.” Tyler said. “You do look like shit.”

I chuckled. “I do.”

“Oh right. How rude of me.” they said. “Hi. I’m Tyler.”

I looked at them curiously. What are they doing? “Hi.. Tyler. I’m Victor.”

“It’s nice to finally meet you Victor. I figured I should introduce myself to the person I proposed to.” they said matter of factly.

“I’m sorry for lying.” I said. “I'm going to stop blaming Nicole and take full responsibility for my own actions.”

“It’s OK.” they said. “I kinda get why you tried to keep it under wraps. It is a fantastic story. Genies and body swaps? Hell, I’m the one who made the wish with the genie, and I still can’t believe it.”

“But I should’ve told you the truth when…” I looked at them. Tyler still had those amazing eyes. I’ve spent countless hours staring into them. I could feel something flutter inside of me. “I fell in love with you.”

Tyler took a deep breath and sat down on the bed with me. “I fell in love with you too.”

“But you thought I was Nicole...”

“I knew you were different.” they said. “I knew something changed about Nicole right around the time you swapped. I fell in love with that girl.”

“But I’m not a girl, Tyler.” I replied.

“And we’re both straight.” Tyler said, looking down.

Are we really? “Yeah.” I said. I looked Tyler over. I don’t have a physical attraction to them anymore. I have an emotional attraction to them though. If only that was enough.

“I talked to Madison yesterday.” Tyler said. “She says she was trying to make it work with Nicole when she was in your body.”

“I know.” I said. “Nicole tried to hide it, but it was obvious.”

“But Mads is a lesbian. And if she was able to make it work with trans Nicole…”

Where are they going with this? “Wait…” I said. “Are you telling me you want to try to make this work?”

“Yeah.” they said with a glimmer of hope on their face. “It'll be hard at first…”

“Tyler.” I said. “Nicole at the time was trans. I’m not. At least - not in that way.”

“But I love you.” they said. 

“And I love you too.” I replied. I blurted it out, but It was true. My feelings for them hadn’t faded. I thought they would. I bit my lip and looked away. I was trying not to cry. “I’m not Nicole.” I said.

“I know that.” they said. “Victor.” They placed their hands in mine like they had done many times in the past 3 months.

I looked back at Tyler.

“Victor, I still love you.”

I looked into their eyes again. “I still love you too.”

Tyler moved closer and started to lean in. They were going for a kiss. I closed my eyes and our lips met. This felt familiar. For a moment I was able to convince myself I was Vicky again. Our tongues touched and it was as if it was Friday all over again and this weekend never happened. But it was only for a moment.

When our kiss ended, I was Victor again. The illusion shattered. “This isn’t fair,” I blurted out.

“I have one more wish left,” Tyler said. “We can make this work.”

“No!” I said forcefully. “Absolutely not, Tyler. No more wishes.”


“I adored being Vicky. But that’s not who I am. I envy you that you can be both Tyler and Taylor. But that’s not me. I can’t just flip a switch like that.”

Tyler looked down.

“Ty- I will never forget what we had. It was immensely special to me.”

Tyler nodded. They got up from the bed. “I should go then.” They walked to the door and turned back towards me. “Were you really ready to marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?”

“I was.” I said. “I was so excited.”

“I guess in another life...” Tyler said, leaving.

It was gut wrenching watching Tyler leave. Why was I disappointed? We could have never worked, right? I covered my face to hide the tears. I just let the best thing that ever happened to me walk out that door.

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Hi, I'm Emily and I'm writing Gender Transformation Fiction! This site is a place for me to keep all of my stories in one place. I'm also a software developer in the daytime, so this site will also be a proving ground of cool new features that pop into my head. Feel free to message me on Twitter or at my Discord Server! You can also find me on and

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This was a really good chapter. This story is really hitting close to home rn. I still feel like Victor/Vicky is going to want to embrace being Vicky at some point before the ending. I say that because Vic sounds exactly like a carbon copy of me when I was first accepting I was trans. “Sure I’d be completely happy living the rest of my life as a girl, but that wasn’t the hand I was dealt” etc etc. Like it really seems like they want to be a girl, just that they feel like they shouldn’t be. For tens of chapters I’ve been getting the vibe that the story is gonna end with Vicky and Nicky wishing to actually be like twin sisters or something. Still holding to that be a possibility.

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Yeah I hope they wish that too

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Even if Victor doesn't believe he's trans. He isn't really cis though right? Kinda parallel's Tyler's turmoil as well. They thought they were straight.

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I would say at this point the most believable and realistic part of the story is that a genie swapped two peoples’ bodies.

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Why would you say that?

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Damn, with most other stories I can kinda guess what’s gonna happen. I would say they are gonna wish for vic to be a girl again but with his refusal to use the wish makes me doubt that. Then I would say he would stay as a boy but his clear enjoyment as a girly stuff in general also makes me unsure. And he says he doesn’t feel like it would work with him crying at the end makes it seem like they will get back together which I think is the only thing I can count on in this story. You seem to never end with unhappy endings You have crafted a truely interesting plot

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I gotta keep everyone guessing! Not really. I know where the story ends. Charting a path there is the fun part.

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