Chapter 9 - Cakewalk

The Boy Who Would Be Prom Queen by Emily

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Synopsis: Lance gets to know Olivia better. 'Simone' gets a visitor at lunch time.

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Lance heard his Dad leave and his car pull away. He looked at the clock and realized he had an hour before Zoey arrived.

Since Lance showered last night, he didn’t feel the need to take another. But he remembered Mack’s instructions to shave, wash his face, and apply moisturizer.

When he was done with that, he returned to his bedroom and pulled out both boy and girl clothes from his closet. He slid on a pair of boxers and then put the empty duffel bag on the bed and laid out the clothes Zoey bought him. He had to pick an outfit for today.

He looked at the panty hose from yesterday. He didn’t feel like putting those back on. He then remembered he shaved his legs. He casually rubbed his hand over his cleanly shaven thigh and got a tingling sensation. Should he dare wear a skirt today?

He glossed over the dresses, skirts, and tops. This was overwhelming for him. He knew he at least needed underwear so he tossed a matching bra and panties into the bag along with the breast forms.

He looked at his computer. It was still on. Mack’s CD was still in the drive. He pulled up some of the fashion pictures. He looked at the pictures that appealed to him the most. Then he turned back to the clothes on his bed and picked out.

A plain black skirt.

A pink low cut T-shirt top.

The brand new sneakers and socks.

He carefully folded everything neatly into the duffel bag, including all of his accessories and a hand mirror, and hid the rest of his girl clothes in the back of his closet.

He then got dressed in his boy clothes. The denim fabric against his freshly shaven legs was unpleasant. When he was dressed, he left his room, grabbed some breakfast, and stood outside waiting for his ride.

* * *

Zoey pulled around to the back of the school near the landscaper’s shed. As Lance got out of the car with his bag she turned to him and said, “Good luck. I’ll see you at Chemistry.”

Lance nodded and disappeared into the shed to begin his transformation.

He took off his boxers and put on a pair of his new panties. His. Panties. He got a weird feeling referring to these clothes as “his.”

Stepping into the skirt, he slid it up and let it rest above his hips. He walked around the shed feeling the skirt’s material rub against his legs. It was thrilling. 

Next up, he put one of the new bras on just like he was shown. He pulled up his chest skin, and dropped in the breast forms. Looking in the mirror he adjusted his “breasts.”

He then put on the plain pink T-shirt. It was low cut, and between the breast forms and the bra, it looked like he had a bit of cleavage. His dick twinged just thinking about it.

Then he put on, and laced up his brand new sneakers. They were a pair of pink and black Sketchers. The felt much more comfortable than his worn out Converses.

He pulled out the hand mirror and attempted to prop it up on a workbench unsuccessfully. Eventually he found a vice and clamped the mirror to it. Then Lance got out the cosmetics and started applying his makeup like Mack had taught him.

When he was done he stood up and looked at his reflection in that little hand mirror. He was taken aback at his transformation. He was ugly yesterday and people confused him for possibly being a guy in a dress. Not anymore. Not today. His makeup successfully feminized his face. He looked much more like his twin sister than he had at any point this week.

He stashed the duffle bag under the workbench, left the shed, and walked back around towards the front of the school, humming to himself to get his voice ready to be Simone. As he walked by other students he saw more smiles and fewer awkward looks. This built his confidence up. He walked more upright and smiled back. He walked into the school and to his homeroom with increasing confidence with every step. Even his teacher didn’t give him a weird look today.

Until he sat down, of course.

“Simone,” the teacher called to him. “Principal Silver would like to see you.”

A wave of dread washed over Lance. “He wants to see me?”

“Preferably before first period,” he added, then continued doing something else.

Lance got up out of his seat, headed out of the classroom, and to the office.

* * *

Lance entered the office again for the third day in a row. The receptionist recognized him from yesterday. “Miss Biggs, Principal Silver is ready for you.” She motioned for him to follow her.

Lance followed her to the principal’s office and left his side when Principal Silver saw them.

“Miss Biggs,” he said with a smile. “Welcome to Bullfrog Country!”

Lance nervously smiled at his greeting. “Um, thank you sir.”

“Have a seat,” he said, motioning to a chair in front of him.

Lance walked over, smoothed out his skirt, and took a seat. He was so afraid of getting caught, he attempted to cross his legs, though it wasn’t comfortable at all.

“My apologies for not seeing you yesterday. I was busy with the school board trying to find funding for a new dishwasher. Did you hear about that?”

“Yes, sir, I did. Soap suds everywhere.”

“Well at least we don’t have to scrub the kitchen this semester, am I right?” he chuckled at his own joke. “So, I got your transcripts from your old school. It’s weird because they said you were still enrolled there. Don’t worry, we sorted out that mess.”

Lance’s dread increased. Surely they’re going to find out the truth now. And just how did they “sort out” that mess?

“You had excellent grades,” he complimented Lance. “Normally I keep an eye on transfer students to make sure they’ll adapt to a new school, but I think you’ll do fine.”

“Especially with less than eight weeks left,” Lance added, trying to force a smile.

“Have you made any friends yet?”

“Well, I met the welcome girl, Olivia, and the student body president, Zoey.”

“Olivia is the head cheerleader. She’s such a sweetheart. Zoey - now she’s a real bitch. Act more like Olivia and you’ll go far.”

Lance wanted to speak up for Zoey, but decided this wasn’t the time or place.

“Simone, you’re an attractive young lady,” he said. “May I call you Simone? I think you’ll fit in nicely. You certainly won't have any trouble making friends with the boys. Just don’t forget to keep your grades up. There’s a tendency for seniors to coast a bit towards the end of the school year.”

Lance had a harder time forcing the smile. His fear of getting caught turned into one of disgust. He was fooling the principal - but not the way that made him feel good.

“Thank you for the advice, sir. May I go now?” Lance timidly asked. “Class will be starting soon.”

“Yes, of course, go ahead,” he said, gesturing toward the office door.

As Lance backed out of the office, he noticed the principal eyeing him up and down and checking out his bare legs.

* * *

Zoey was eager to find out how Lance’s morning had gone, so she called him over as soon as he entered the chem lab.

“Good job picking today’s outfit. Your makeup looks really good, too. Nice and even.”

“Thanks,” Lance replied. “It was hard to do with a small mirror, in a filthy shed, with sharp objects dangling around me. But I practiced getting ready last night. Mack’s CD was a big help.”

“At least you'll be prepared for a zombie invasion. But yeah, we’ll have to find a better way for you to get ready in the morning. I’ve got a bigger mirror we can stash in the shed.”

“Oh - I saw the principal today.”

“Oh, no,” Zoey gulped. “Did he find out?”

“No. But he called you a bitch and I think he was checking me out.”

Zoey had a sigh of relief. “Yeah, well that guy is a total perv. He doesn’t like me because I called him out on it when I first got elected student body president, and had to meet with him.”

“What happened?”

“He was checking out my boobs and ass. I asked him rather loudly, ‘Are you checking me out?’ so that everyone in the office could hear. He turned red, denied it, and he hasn’t done that since.”

Zoey lowered her voice to a whisper. “Stay away from him, if he finds out the truth, it’s over for both of us.”

“I should go to my lab partner now.” 

“Remember the plan!” she reminded him as he walked away.

Lance sat down next to Olivia. By now smoothing out his clothing was second nature for him.

“Hey, partner,” Olivia said smiling.

“Hey,” Lance smiled back. 

Olivia returned her attention to a notebook she was doodling in. She looked preoccupied.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

“It’s nothing. I’ve got a stalker.”

Lance was totally out of his league here. What would Simone do? She would offer support, of course. “Oh my God, Olivia, what’s going on?”

“Well, there’s this guy named Tyler,” she explained. “He’s the quarterback on the football team, and he thinks we are dating. And going to prom together. The whole quarterback-head cheerleader stereotype. But he is so not my type. He just won’t take no for an answer.”

“Wait, you mean you two are not a couple?” Lance inquired. “I heard you two were practically engaged.”

“That’s just Tyler spreading rumors,” Olivia fumed. “We had one so-called date, and he wouldn’t keep his hands off of me. You should stay away from him, Simone, he would go crazy over a girl as pretty as you. And whatever you do, don’t say a word about Tyler and me to anyone. If he found out, there’s no telling what he would do.”

Lance was floored. First, Olivia and Tyler were not a couple after all. Zoey was all wrong about them. Second, the head cheerleader just called him pretty.

“Don’t worry, my lips are sealed about Tyler. And thank you for the compliment. I’ve always been sort of a tomboy. I’m trying to shed that image and reinvent myself here at the new school. I’ve got so much to learn.”

“Well, you’re doing a great job. I love that outfit you have on, and your makeup looks so fresh and natural,” Olivia was appraising Lance carefully. “Hey, would you like to go shopping sometime? We could find some hot summer outfits and get mani-pedis together. Besides, shopping will take my mind off that creep, Tyler, for a while.”

“Uh, sure,” replied Lance. He wasn’t at all sure what to do. Olivia was gorgeous, and obviously knew how to dress and apply makeup with style. He could learn a lot from her. But, in return he risked her learning his big secret. Plus, Zoey probably wouldn’t approve.

“How about you, Simone, I bet you dated plenty of guys at your old school?”

“A few,” he said. He then recalled what Simone said to him last night. “I swear, I’ve dated so many frogs. Just once I’d like to find a princess.”

Olivia looked at him with surprise on her face and smiled. “A princess? I like that. You totally should.”

Lance was speechless. He butchered what he was supposed to say, but Olivia’s smile made him giddy.

“You know what, a bunch of us are going to the carnival on Saturday. You should totally come with us.”

“I uh…yeah, sure. That sounds like fun,” Lance said. A girl just asked him to go to a carnival. Sure, she thought Lance was a girl too, but a warm feeling spread throughout Lance’s body. Hopefully, Olivia didn’t notice he was blushing.

Before either of them could say anything else, the teacher closed the door and started class.

* * *

Zoey stood outside the chem lab and watched as Lance and Olivia walked out of class together, giggling. Apparently she’d created a monster. As Olivia and Lance parted ways and Lance headed towards the cafeteria, Zoey caught up to him and stopped him.

“So what happened?” she asked.

“Good news,” he said. He looked like he was in a great mood. “Olivia wants nothing to do with Tyler. He’s all yours.”

“What? Really?” she exclaimed with a smile. “Wait - no - I don’t want him back. What happened with him and Olivia?

“Apparently, it was all rumors started by Tyler.”

“That asshole. So, he broke up with me in hopes Olivia would return his affections?”

Lance shrugged and smiled. “We’re going to the carnival this weekend.”

“Wait - you and Olivia?”

Lance nodded with a great big smile.

A rush of jealousy washed over Zoey. “Careful Lance, I don’t trust her,” Zoey lied. “She may just be looking to recruit you to cheerleading. Remember you told me you did not want to do cheerleading.”

“Oh, right.”

“Friends don't let friends join cheerleading,” Zoey chuckled.

Lance’s smile seemed to deflate a little.

Zoey felt kind of bad for dashing Lance’s hopes. It was for the best, though. Having Olivia around would only interfere with her plans. Not only that, but in the event a Simone and Olivia pairing went sideways, that could also interfere with Simone’s popularity. A bad breakup - by either party - could hopelessly sink Simone’s prom queen bid. She noticed a very defeated Lance. She needed to perk him up. “Hey, look at me. You look great. You’re doing great.”

“Thank you.”

“And - well, you still have me. I can always take you to the carnival if things don’t work out with Olivia,” Zoey said tenderly.

“Sure, I suppose,” he replied listlessly. His mind was on Olivia.

“I’m serious. I’d love to take you to the carnival. We’d have a great time.”

“Thanks, Zoey.” His focus was back on her.

Zoey’s smile came back as she looked over Lance. Then changed to comical anger as she noticed something…familiar. “And where did you get that purse? It looks just like one of my—Mack gave you my purse, didn’t she? Grrrr, that bratty sister of mine.”

“I didn’t ask where it came from.”

Zoey looked at Lance standing there in that outfit with the purse slung over his shoulder and sighed. “Well, it looks cute with your outfit.”

Lance nodded at the compliment that he didn’t deserve credit for. “Hey, Zoey, can we do a bathroom run like yesterday?”

“Sure.” Then she thought about it. “On second thought, I’ll just go in with you. You aren’t always going to have me with you. It’s time you confidently walk in there as a girl.”

She led him into the restroom. As they walked through the door, he was worried there would be girls in there - doing whatever unspeakable things it was that girls did.

Indeed, there was a girl at the sink washing her hands. She paid no attention to Lance.

The girl did, however, notice Zoey walk in. “Hi, Zoey,” she cheerfully greeted the most popular girl in school.

“Oh, hi there,” Zoey replied as she walked by, entering an empty stall, and leaving Lance standing there wondering what he should do. 

Lance bit his lip and claimed the vacant stall next to Zoey.

When they were both done and standing at the sink, Zoey whispered, “See, that wasn’t so bad.”

“I suppose not,” Lance sheepishly agreed.

Another girl came out of a third stall. “Oh, hi, Zoey.” She smiled warmly.

Zoey smiled back. “Hi, how are you?”

“I’m fine. Hey, I like that outfit you’re wearing.”

“Thanks, yours looks really cute too.”

The girl approached a sink, washed her hands, noticed Lance through the mirror’s reflection, and smiled. She started applying lipstick.

Lance decided to put himself out there like Zoey did, and make small talk.

“I love that shade on you,” he said to the girl.

Zoey stood there impressed at Lance’s sudden forwardness.

The other girl smiled. “Thank you. I got it from the grocery store, of all places.”

“Cool,” Lance replied. “Well, umm, see you around.”

After Lance and Zoey exited the restroom, Zoey laughed. “Your small talk leaves a lot to be desired.”

“What was wrong with it?”

“Nothing. It’s just that you’re cute when you’re nervous and try to force conversation.”

“I am not cute!” Lance pouted.

Zoey simply smiled and watched as Lance turned to walk to the cafeteria, his butt looking good in that new skirt she bought him. “Yes, you are,” she called out to get the last word.

* * *

The sign at the cafeteria entrance listed today's special as "Croak Monsieur." Lance just groaned and entered the cafeteria where he found Mack and Francine standing near their table from yesterday.

“Hey Mack, here’s the money I owe you from yesterday,” Lance said, handing her some cash.

“That outfit is so cute,” Francine observed.

“Thank you,” Lance replied, looking down at his outfit. “I just got it.”

“Are you ready for some improv?” Mack asked with a smirk.

“I guess so?” Lance slowly replied. “What are you planning?”

“You’ll see. Let's go get some lunch.”

As the three of them entered the lunch line, Mack leaned over and whispered to Lance, “Say hi to the girls from yesterday, and don't worry if they don’t acknowledge you.”

Lance took a deep breath to steady himself, then turned to face the girls. “Hi,” Lance said, waving to the group of mean girls who were congregating at a nearby table. 

Same as yesterday, they all made scowling faces. One girl remarked, “Is that the freak from yesterday?” drawing snickers from her companions.

Lance quickly turned back to face Mack. “What was the point of that, Mack?” Lance looked at her quizzically, feeling the same hurt he felt yesterday.

“So they know you’re here.”

As they stood in line, Mack handed Lance back the money he gave her earlier. 

“But-” Lance resisted the money.

“Get a piece of cake. And take the wrap off of it.”

“But I don’t want-”

“It’s not for you.”

“OK,” a resigned Lance said, taking the money and getting a slice of vanilla cake. He was growing accustomed to the weirdness around here.

When they got their lunches they headed towards the table they occupied yesterday. Mack slyly signaled toward the doors off in the distance.

Suddenly they heard a guy's voice yell out, “Simone!”

Lance saw a tall, very athletic guy standing in the doorway looking distraught. He suddenly came into the cafeteria heading in his direction. He didn’t mean Lance did he? Lance looked around to see if he could have meant anyone else. Were there any other Simones in this school?

Mack whispered to Lance, “He cheated on you. Break up with him. Make a scene.” 

“But I can’t-”

“You did fine roleplaying the other day. You’re not Miriel, cleric of Pelor. Now you’re Simone, angry girlfriend about to dump his ass.”


Then she left Lance alone and walked to her table.

“Oh, boy,” Lance gulped, standing there with his tray.

“Is that Rory Wilson?” a nearby girl asked her friends.

Rory stopped in front of Lance. Rory towered over Lance forcing him to tilt his head to look up at him. “Simone, you haven’t been answering my calls.”

“I don’t have anything to say to you,” Lance stated coldly. It was ironically the truth. Lance had no idea what he was doing.

“Please, just talk to me, Simi.” Rory implored, acting loud and distraught.

“Why should I?” Lance replied bitterly, trying to sound like a jilted girlfriend. “You, you know what you did.” Lance chuckled to himself. It was a solid cliché of telling a significant other that they should know what they did wrong.

“I’m sorry, babe. It, it won’t happen again. I swear!”

Lance needed to think fast on his feet. “You cheated on me, Rory Wilson, with five other girls! Five!” he loudly accused him. “You can’t just walk in here and say ‘I’m sorry’ like it’s no big deal!”

Rory’s eyes got wide at the accusation. Everyone had stopped eating and talking while they turned to look at the couple arguing in front of them.

Lance thought for a moment that maybe he had overdone it. He tried to remember what Simone had said when she broke up with her boyfriend. “You betrayed my trust, you dirtbag. You lied to me. You cheated on me. And to think I believed you when you said you loved me. Well, now you can have all the girls you want - except me.” Lance turned as if he was going to walk away, hoping this was good enough of a scene.

“But, I don’t want other girls.” Rory made a broad gesture to the students in the cafeteria. “The rest of the girls at this school are skanks. I only want you!”

Lance saw the angry expressions on the faces of the girls he had just said hi to - and many other girls around the room. He realized this whole staged scene was intended for them to accept Simone. He knew what he had to do, and turned sharply to face Rory again. He pointed his finger right in Rory’s face; and then loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, Lance shouted, “Don’t you dare call them skanks! They are all great girls. And they can all do better than a lying, cheating snake like you!” 

There was a lot of murmuring, and even a few voices of support from the girls nearby. ”Tell him, Simone,” and “You go, girl!”

Rory looked around at their audience, then reached out and put his hands on Lance’s shoulders. He was pleading now, “Babe, please-”

Lance shook him off. “Don’t touch me. You blew it. You don’t get to kiss me. And you don’t get to touch these anymore.” Lance took a free hand and squeezed one of his breast forms. He heard gasps from some of the students, who were watching the drama unfold with rapt attention. He started to smile at the control he was exerting over the crowd.

“Babe, I’m sor-”

“Stop calling me babe!” Lance loudly interrupted. “I am not your babe. I’m not Simi. My name is Simone, and don’t you ever forget it.”

Rory glanced down at Lance's tray. At the cake.

Lance silently acknowledged with a nod. “You know what? We are through!” Lance took his free hand, picked up the cake, and smashed it onto Rory’s face.

The crowd of students around them made a gasping sound as pieces of cake fell from Rory’s face. Rory just stood there silently as Lance walked away from him, a scowl on his face, and shaking his head. Someone started clapping, and then others joined in. Rory looked around, then ran out of the cafeteria to a chorus of boos.

Sitting at the jock’s table was Tyler, taking in the whole scene as it unfolded. He turned to one of his buddies. “I didn’t know Rory was dating anyone.” 

His buddy shrugged, “Dunno, dude. I’ve never seen her before. Nice rack, though.”

Tyler started to get curious. Who was this Simone? He would have to find out more about this mystery girl. 

Lance continued over to Mack’s table, blushing at the attention, and sat down with his tray. He was starting to shake from the adrenaline rush.

“Bravo!” Francine cheered.

“Have you thought of what you’ll say at your acceptance speech at the Academy?” Mack giggled.

“I’ve never done anything quite like that before.”

“Really?” Mack questioned with a surprised look on her face.

“I mean, I watch a lot of TV and movies. Sometimes I would pretend I was cool enough to actually have friends - or even a girlfriend.”

“I’ve only known you for two days,” praised Mack. “You’re much cooler than you give yourself credit for.”

“Simone, you were totally in your element,” Francine added. “It’s almost a shame that drama club is over for the year.”

Just then the mean girls came over to their table. One sat down next to Lance.

“So, Simone,” she said gratefully, “thank you for standing up for us back there.” There was guilt in her eyes from the way she had behaved earlier.

“We totally misjudged you,” another said, contritely.

Lance seized the opportunity to be the bigger person. “It’s no problem,” he grinned. “Really. Guys don't get to treat women like that.”

“You’re OK,” the first girl said with a smile, as she got up to leave with her friends. “See you around.”

“Success!” Mack proclaimed after the girls were gone.

* * *

After lunch was over, they said goodbye to Francine and Lance followed Mack to her locker. 

“Wow,” Lance said, shaking his head. “Thank you, that will help me with the bet, for sure!”

“Whoa, whoa,” Mack held up her hand to stop Lance. Then she whispered, “I didn’t do this for that stupid bet, Lance. I did this for you. I knew you needed those girls to lay off you, and I knew you needed a boost of confidence. Don’t think for one minute that I care about Zoey’s bet.”

Lance nodded as Mack continued on to class. As he passed the restrooms, Rory came out of the mens’ room with a clean face. 

“Simone, that was awesome!” he declared. “I had so much fun!”

“Um, sorry about your face.”

“Don’t be. I expected the cake. It was actually my idea. I should’ve told Mack I wanted chocolate though, that piece tasted like soap,” he laughed. “I didn’t expect the part where I cheated on you with… how many girls was it?”


“Five!” he chuckled. “You went for the jugular there! That was too cool. Mack said you’re playing D&D with the group now.”

“Well, I only did it once.”

“Well, if you play again, let me know, I’d love to role play with you again. It was nice meeting you. Good luck, Simone!”

“It was nice meeting you, too. Bye, Rory!

* * *

The next class Lance had was gym. Lance stood at his locker, too shy to get changed around the girls. He also kept his eyes to himself. Last thing he needed was unwanted attention that could expose his identity. 

Of course, attention found him anyway.

“Hi, Simone,” one girl greeted him.

“Hi,” he responded, unsure about how she knew him.

“Nice work with Rory, you can do better!” another commented.

He nodded and tried to stay away from any more attention. How does Zoey handle this?

When the locker room was almost empty, he took off his skirt and top, and changed into his gym clothes. Right away he was aware of how boys’ and girls' clothes were different. The shirt was tighter and had smaller sleeves. The shorts were barely there and came to just above mid-thigh. Making sure his panties were on tight and containing and concealing his member was of utmost importance.

Thankfully gym class had very little physical activity today. Just jogging around the track and then the class was free to exercise on their own. Lance worried what would happen if he was expected to do more.

The rest of the day went on without incident. When Lance left school he looked around to make sure no one was following him, then headed back to the landscaper's shed to retrieve his duffel bag. He then walked to the parking lot to find Zoey waiting for him.

“Great job today, Simone,” Zoey said with a smile and opened the car door for Lance.

“It was better than yesterday. Mack really came through with Rory.”

“I heard about that. I think we’re ready for phase two.”

“What’s phase two?” Lance cringed as he asked.

“Phase one was making sure everyone saw you as a girl. Phase two is focusing on your popularity. There are rumors of a house party in two weeks.” 

“I dunno.” Lance said.

“You’ve already done the hard part. Plus, I’ve seen how you interact with me. You’ve got this.”

“It feels a little easier when I’m playing a character.”

“Then just keep playing this character you’ve created.”

Lance nodded and they rode the rest of the way to his house in silence.

Zoey pulled into the driveway and let Lance out. “See you tomorrow morning, Simone.”

“See ya,” Lance smiled.

Zoey returned his smile and noted that Lance didn’t snap back at being called Simone in private, like he had done yesterday.

As soon as Lance got inside, he quickly changed his clothes and washed the makeup off of his face.

He sat down on the couch to relax and realized his heart was racing. That was exhilarating.

For the first time in years, he was looking forward to going to school tomorrow. 

* * *

When Olivia left cheerleading practice, Tyler was waiting at the front of the school.

“Hey babe,” he called out.

“Tyler, please stop stalking me.”

“I’m not stalking you. I legit want to go out again.”

“I’m not interested.”

“Well, we should go on a few more dates before prom night. You know, there’s a party next weekend.”

“You and I are not going to prom together.”

“Who else are you going to go to prom with? Quarterback. Head Cheerleader. It’s only right.”

“I’d sooner go stag.”

“We both know the head cheerleader is not going to go to senior prom alone. Who else are you going to go with?”

Olivia thought about that for a moment. She had zero interest in any other guy taking her to prom. She was serious about going stag. 

“Tyler…” she started. She wanted to let him down gently, so she bluffed. “There’s someone else.”

“Who is he?”

“None of your business.”

“Fine,” he resigned himself. “When he doesn't work out, I’ll be waiting.”

And with that she turned and walked away.

Tyler stood there dumbfounded until he heard a voice from behind him. “You can totally do better than her.”

He turned to see Zoey’s friend Deanna standing there. “Who’s better than Olivia? No offense.”

“Well, there’s this new girl in school. Simone.”

“Simone. I heard about her. Yeah, she had a rather public breakup this afternoon with Rory Wilson.”

“So, she’s also besties with your ex.”


“What better way to get back at Zoey than to date her new BFF?”

“I thought you were her BFF.”

“I’ve been replaced. And I heard about the cafeteria incident too. Looks like someone is available.”

“I don't want to get back at Zoey.” He thought for a moment. “Though, she has been acting like more of a bitch the closer we get to graduation.”

“She’s been talking about you behind your back. She’s pissed that you dumped her.”

“I don’t know, Dee.”

“Just food for thought, Ty.” She turned to walk away. “Ta-ta.”

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“I mean, I watch a lot of TV and movies. Sometimes I would pretend I was cool enough to actually have friends - or even a girlfriend"
Aw that's so sad.  And relatable.

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Yeah it is. thankfully Lance as Simone has more friends than he's ever had.

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yeah, she's pretty good at playing the mad girlfriend.

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Just a question.I have why didn’t Lance just change into Simone at the house since the dad left

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I’m chapter 9

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You know what - you caught an error. Dad and Lance were supposed to leave at the same time. Dad leaving an hour earlier and Lance dressing at home was from an earlier draft.

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Sorry for the repeat of in chapter 9  the iPad I’m on glitch on this page

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i can delete the duplicates thursday morning when i'm in the database.

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Lance seems to be a quick study of women's makeup and fashion.
The principal is a real letch. Calling Lance attractive, staring at his legs. Yuk!
And stay away from Zoey - who knows what she will do to you, Lance!
And Zoey is definitely the jealous type, at least when it comes to Olivia.
“Friends don't let friends join cheerleading,” Zoey chuckled. Love that line.
Grocery store lipstick - tomato red, eggplant purple, green bean green, blueberry blue. LOL
And now Lance has a taste of the unspeakable things girls do in their restrooms. One of the great mysteries of the universe.
Today's lunch special, Croak [sic] Monsieur. Friday - frog legs. Croak! Croak!
"The rest of the girls at this school are skanks." That's one way to get them to remember you. And that was a brilliant scene with the cake.
And now Lance has the key to the ultimate girl's sanctuary - the Girl's Locker Room. If nothing else, after this is all over he will be the envy of all the guys at school - assuming he doesn't get arrested first.
And finally, Dee crawls out from under a rock to mess with Tyler's mind. One dark cloud on an otherwise gorgeous day.

Wonderful chapter, Emily. And so powerful. A single piece of cake really moved a bunch of students to Team Simone. Great job.

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