Chapter 21 - The Prom

The Boy Who Would Be Prom Queen by Emily

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Synopsis: Prom is here, but where is Lance?

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3 PM
Three Hours Until Prom

Zoey pulled her car into the Departures Ramp for Terminal A and found a spot between two other cars where families were saying goodbye to each other. 

As she left the car running and ran into the ticketing terminal, a bellhop complained, “Hey! This is a no-parking zone!”

Zoey ignored the bellhop and just kept running. She wished she had asked Tyler which terminal he dropped Lance off at. She knew Tyler’s lazy tendencies and took an educated guess that it would be the first one.

She ran through the terminal. She didn’t know which airline Lance would have gone to. When she got to the end she turned back around and ran the other way, trying to spot any sign of Lance. 

Having had no luck, she then decided to try the next terminal. She hopped back into her car and drove to the next, repeating her frantic searching.

When she got back to where she came in, she was out of breath. Maybe Lance did get on a flight? Did she lose her forever? She noticed her eyes were watery as she brushed them with the back of her hand.

How did this all happen? Six weeks ago she had a predictable life. A boyfriend. A college plan. Two good friends. Now everything in her life was complete chaos. Worst of all, she may have put the first person she may have truly loved in danger. “Fuck!” she loudly cursed.

“Zoey?” a voice called out from behind her.

She turned around and saw Lance sitting on a bench near the entrance. “Lance!” She then ran to her.

Lance stood up from her bench and they embraced in a hug. “Don’t get on that flight,” Zoey pleaded. “Let me take you home, instead. Everything will be alright.”

“I never booked a flight,” Lance smirked. 

Zoey smiled, and cried tears of joy. “Oh, thank God. I’m so sorry,” she apologized. “I shouldn’t have forced you into any of this.”

“It’s OK,” Lance replied. “I was a willing participant. I wanted it so bad. But… I hurt everyone in the process.”

“I’m sorry I led you on. I fell for you. Not boy you. Girl you. That’s why I’ve been so wishy-washy. I-I’m a lesbian, Lance. But, I was in denial. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

Lance looked at her and smiled. “Then is it a good thing I’m transgender?”

Zoey smiled back. “Well, I may be a little biased, but yeah. You know, maybe after this whole prom thing, we could go on a date? If you’re not already taken, that is.”

“Olivia and I are just friends…I think. But I’d like that.  So, Zoey Sellers, Most Popular Girl in School wants to date… me?”

Zoey was overfilled with joy that she finally was able to tell Lance the truth, and she wasn’t too late. “Umm. why not? You are the future prom queen.”

Lance chuckled, then his expression turned to one of worry.  “What about prom? Won’t that be starting soon?”

“Yes, we should get going if we want to make it.”

“Will we get home in time?”

“Depending on traffic, we’ll likely be a little late,” Zoey explained. 

“And I’m starving. I need something to eat.”

“That too. But don’t worry - we got someone to stand in for you.”


* * *

There was a knock at the door, and Mr. Biggs got up from the couch to answer it. He opened the door to find a pretty girl his kids’ age, dressed in a flowing prom dress. “Umm,” he said, confused. “Hello?”

“Hi, Mr. Biggs,” she announced. “I’m Olivia. I’m Simone’s prom date.”

“Wait, you’re, umm, Bob’s daughter,” he said, recognizing her from the carnival. “Hold on, Simone? Has a date to… prom? Here?”

Before Olivia could answer, Simone came around the corner wearing an elaborate lavender dress. Her hair was pinned up and braided, and she was wearing a classy necklace that drew Olivia’s eyes down to her cleavage. “Simone,” Olivia gleefully said, stepping into the house.

“Olivia,” Simone responded with a warm smile. She looked Olivia over and was stunned. This was the first time Simone saw Olivia in the light. Her long blond wavy locks came down and laid lightly upon her bare shoulders. Her pale blue dress glistened when she stood at the door. Her body language was one of familiarity and Simone had to remind herself that this gorgeous woman was here for her brother, not her.

Dad was confused. “Simone, I didn’t know you were going to prom here?” He looked again at Olivia. He wanted to ask the obvious question. His daughter was bringing an attractive young lady to prom. His boss’s daughter, in fact. Should he call Bob? But he decided to be the hip dad and not question it. Instead he asked the other question on his mind. “Where’s Lance? When did he come home? I thought he was going to go to prom too.”

“Lance is already with his prom date.” Simone said evasively. “Love ya, Dad. We’ll be home before midnight.”

“Wait,” Dad implored, flustered. “Shouldn’t I be taking pictures or something? This is typically your mother’s thing.”

“Sure,” Simone said, digging a disposable camera out of her clutch - Lance’s clutch.

Simone and Olivia posed as Dad took a few pictures. Simone felt a hand creep down and grab her ass. She turned and whispered to her date. “Behave! There’s plenty of time for that later.”

Olivia giggled and made a pleasant yum sound.

Simone couldn’t help but crack a smile - before Dad said, “Say cheese.”  This was going to be an interesting night and she was excited to see where it went.

When the photos were taken, Dad handed back the camera and the two girls left the house leaving Dad even more confused than when Olivia arrived. “Did Lance even come home? Why is Simone going to prom at Lance’s school? She already went to her own prom last weekend. How did she get a date so fast? My daughter is going to prom with my boss’s daughter?”

As Simone and Olivia walked to her car, Oliva cooed, “I love how you said Lance is already with his prom date.” She then squeezed Simone’s hand tighter.

A confused Simone wondered if Olivia thought her and Lance were the same person. It was one of many questions she wanted answered tonight.

* * *

A short drive later, Olivia parked and the pair walked hand in hand inside the fancy restaurant.

“Reservation for Olivia Jones,” she told the hostess.

The two were escorted to a table that overlooked the bay.

“Wow, this is great,” Simone said, taking it all in. “Dinner on the water. I'll bet the sunsets look magnificent from here," Simone mused.

“They do. But the sun sets behind you.” She pointed towards the west. 

“Oh well, I’m sure it's beautiful anyway. This is a nice spot.”

“Wait until you try their food!” Olivia gushed. “My parents come here all the time. They park their boat right there and we come inside for lunch.”

“Wow, you have a boat?”

“Would you like to go out on it sometime? My dad has been teaching me how to drive it.”

“Hell, yeah!”

“So, Simone,” Olivia said, grabbing her hands across the table. “What convinced you to make that bet?”

Simone sighed. “I kinda don't want to talk about the bet. I’m here on a date with you. I want this to be about us. About prom.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“So, tell me about that gorgeous dress you’re wearing,” Simone said, changing the subject.

“Well, my mom has a friend who is a dressmaker, and she worked with me to get the look I wanted.”

“It certainly looks amazing on you.”

“Thanks, it took her a long time to get all the material. What about your dress?”

“Mack helped me pick it out,” Simone admitted. “She has a real flair for costumes and makeup.”

“Your makeup looks so professional,” Olivia gushed. “It’s so amazing. It’s hard to believe that under all of that is-”

“A girl,” Simone cut her off. “Just like you.”

“You’re right,” Oliva apologized, shaking her head. “I’m sorry for implying something. Your makeup is smok’n hot, though.”

Just then the server showed up to get their drink orders. After ordering Diet Cokes with a twist of lemon the girls resumed their conversation.

“So, what are you doing after graduation?” Olivia asked.

Inside, Simone was squirming. She didn’t know what Lance might have already told her, and didn’t want to say anything conflicting. “I’m really not sure anymore,” Simone confessed. “These last few weeks have been a real eye-opener for me. I’m seeing possibilities that I never really considered before.”

“Well, you certainly seemed to enjoy our time in Chem class,” Olivia said. “Maybe you could become a chemist at one of the big companies out here.”

Simone smiled.  Chemistry was her thing, not Lance’s. In fact she was already accepted to a California university for chemistry. She wondered if Lance mentioned college at all. “Maybe you’re right. I could design the next super-polymer. Or maybe a diet drink that tastes better than this,” Simone mused, holding up her glass.

At that, Olivia started giggling, and that caused Simone to join in. Both girls seemed to relax and just get into the moment.

“Maybe I can pull off pretending to be Lance pretending to be me,” thought Simone. “So what haven’t we talked about in Chem?”

“You don’t mention cheerleading at your old school too much.”

“We won regionals this past winter,” Simone beamed.

“Girl, why didn't you say anything? I could’ve gotten you on the squad for the spring. We could’ve been cheering together for the past six weeks.”

“It was so late in the season, I didn’t want to take a spot from someone who's been here all year.”

“I suppose that’s fair. I guess I just want to spend more time with you.” Then Olivia caught Simone totally off guard. "Hey, have you talked to Rory since the cake incident?" 

Simone was at a loss. No one had mentioned a ‘Rory’ or a cake. Did something funny happen? She tried to be as evasive as possible. 

"Um, no," she said truthfully. 

"Well, I doubt he'll be showing his face around school anytime soon. You really taught him women are not objects to be cheated on." 

"Wow," Simone thought. "Lance has certainly been busy since he started school here. I can't wait to find out all the details of this story."

Simone wanted to ask Olivia some questions, but she had no idea what she and Lance had already discussed. So she tried to focus outside of school. "So, what do you like to do for fun? Do you go to the beach very often?" 

“I do. I love the beach.” Olivia responded with excitement.

“How are the waves here?”

“The waves? They’re OK, I guess.”

“Do you surf?”

“I tried it a few times but I always wiped out. I even lost my bikini top!” Olivia laughed.

Her laugh was infectious, so Simone joined in. “That must’ve been a sight! You have to wear a rash guard. Well, that’s settled then. I’ll have to teach you. Providing Jersey actually has… waves.”

* * *

6 PM

The Prom

Simone and Olivia walked into the school with their arms locked together. Almost immediately girls started coming up to Simone and complimenting her dress and hugging her. A few guys wanted a closer look at the beautiful girl in the stunning dress, and stopped by to say hi and brag that they voted for her.

Simone, of course, didn’t know anyone who approached her. Finally, she saw a familiar face in the crowd. Mack was there with her date. Simone tugged Olivia along as she headed over to Zoey’s sister. 

“Hey, girl!” Simone said to Mack, even though they had only just seen each other a few hours ago when Mack finished up her makeup.

“Hey, Simone. You look gorgeous!” she gushed, trying to avoid looking prideful at her work.

“Hi, um…you look…” Christopher said, eyeing Simone up and down unsure of himself. “You look like a real girl.”

Simone leaned in towards Christopher and whispered, “That’s because I am a real girl.”

“Christopher, we talked about this,” Mack lightly scolded him. “Trans girls are girls.” Mack then winked at Simone.

“It’s just confusing to me,” Christopher added. “She was a girl for six weeks, then she was a guy last night. Now she’s a girl again...”

“You’re doing great,” Simone smiled at Christopher with encouragement.

Christopher smiled back and decided that as long as Simone was happy he wouldn't worry about it.

Simone then pulled Mack aside and whispered, “Mack, I need your help. I don’t know any of these people, yet they all think they know me.”

“Here’s a quick primer,” she whispered back. “My date is Christopher. He went on one date with Simone until she told him she was into girls.”

“Well that explains why he’s kinda upset and confused.”

“The girl who you said hi to before me is Trudy. She’s with the school paper and she and Simone have hung out a few times to play video games.”

“Cool, but it’s kinda weird when you call my brother by my name.”

“I know. I really wanted Lance to give me a different name, but she was too much in denial and confusion to even think of one.”

“We’ll have to work on that with her then,” Simone promised. 

“This girl coming up to us is Peggy,“ Mack whispered. “She’s one of Zoey’s best friends. She knows the truth about Lance and the bet.”

“Oh my God, Simone!” Peggy said, leaving her date. “You look absolutely radiant!”

“Thank you, Peggy!” Simone replied, blushing again. “I love your dress.”

“Thank you.” Peggy glanced down at her dress. “My dad thought it was too revealing, but you know how dads are. I think it’s just right. I’m so glad you decided to come tonight after yesterday’s drama.”

“I decided it was important to me to face the school, and not let Dee ruin my prom.” 

“You are so brave,” Peggy praised Simone. “Is Zoey here with you?” She asked as she scanned the room.

“I think she’s showing up later.” 

“Great. Save me a dance!” Peggy giggled, pulling her own date towards the cafeteria and dance floor.

Simone and Mack returned to their dates.

“Simone,” Olivia asked, “would you like to get a picture with the professional photographer?”

“I’d love to,” Simone confirmed.

“Hey, Mack,” Simone called out. “We’re headed over to get our picture taken. Do you and Christopher want to join us?” She wasn’t comfortable yet being too far from the only person who knew the truth about her identity.

“Sure,” replied Mack, and they headed off.

As the four of them walked down the hall to get in line for the photographer, they passed a sullen Deanna. She stared daggers as the smiling and giggling Simone sauntered by. 

Deanna looked around and saw Mack, but didn’t see Zoey. She was surprised that Zoey wasn’t here to see if she would win her bet. Still, Deanna was angry that Lance was here. He was supposed to be too humiliated to show his face at prom. “I guess I’ll have to carry out the next part of the plan,” she mumbled to herself.

After the group passed Dee, Mack leaned in and whispered to Simone, “That was Dee back there. She looked surprised to see you here.”

“Well, I get the feeling there are going to be a lot of surprises tonight,” Simone giggled.

“Just watch your back,” Mack advised, “Dee is not someone to be trusted.”

* * *

Zoey drove as fast as traffic would allow, and filled Lance in on what had happened while she was at the airport. Lance was having a hard time accepting that her sister - the real Simone - was here in town.

“So my twin sister is going as me to prom?” Lance repeated, unable to believe it. “And she knows I've been crossdressing and pretending to be her?”


Worry and dread filled Lance. “I’m not sure I can go anymore,” she sighed. “I don’t think I can look her in the eye.”

“Simone is not angry, Lance,” Zoey comforted her. “In fact, she’s looking forward to seeing you there.”

“What about Dee?”

“Simone, Mack, and Christopher all know about Dee. They can handle her.”

“Then you still want me to go to prom?”

“Absolutely!” Zoey replied enthusiastically.

“So, what am I supposed to do? I don't have a…” Lance looked wistfully out the car window. “...a dress. I don’t have a date.” Lance hesitated. “Well, I had a date with Olivia, but she’s probably still mad at me about the bet.”

“You have a date if you want,” Zoey smiled and reached for Lance’s hand and squeezed it.

Although excited at the prospect of attending prom with Zoey, Lance thought that was a lukewarm proposal. She wanted Zoey to be more assertive and formal. This would be her only prom. “Would you mind…can you ask me officially?” Lance inquired.

Zoey glanced at her quickly then returned her eyes to the road. She cleared her throat. “Lance Biggs, would you do me the honor of being my date for the prom tonight?”

“I’ll have to think about it,” Lance replied flatly. Then a moment later she smiled, “Nah, I’m just teasing, of course I accept,” Lance smiled. Internally she was gleeful she got asked twice to the same prom. “So now what do I wear?”

“Since your sister is wearing your prom dress, do you have another dress you can wear?”

“None that are prom-worthy.”


“What if I wore a suit? I can go as ‘Lance’ since Simone is already going as… ‘Simone.’ I have a suit that I wore to my Aunt's wedding a few years ago. It might still fit.”

“That could work. It’d get us in.”

“Are you OK going to prom with Lance instead of Simone?”

“Of course,” Zoey immediately answered.

Lance was OK with Zoey’s response, but internally she wondered if Zoey was OK going with ‘Lance’ so she could avoid being seen with a girl as a date tonight.

Olivia is going with Simone. I’m going with you.”

“Wait, you mean Simone still went with Olivia? I thought Olivia was still mad at me.”

Zoey remembered the scene from last night with Olivia and Simone. “Umm. I think she forgave you. But since Simone’s pretending to be you pretending to be her-”

“But she is Simone!”

Zoey shrugged.

“What’s Olivia going to say when she realizes Simone is not me? I’m not sure who to be concerned about. Olivia or Simone,” Lance wondered out loud.

Zoey changed the subject. “We’re gonna have to stop at my house, on the way to yours, so you can change,” Zoey stated. Your dad is home, and you’re wearing a sundress - a very cute one, I might add.”

“We don’t have time,” Lance said, before taking a large breath. “Let me just face the music.”

“Are you sure?” Zoey asked. “Your dad might not be ready to see you in that. You might not be ready.”

“I’m sure. I’m ripping the bandage off.”

“OK...” Zoey said, giving in. She parked in front of Lance’s house and ran around the car to get her prom dress and bag of accessories from the back.

They walked into his house and past Lance’s confused father, who put his newspaper down to watch the two teens walk through the living room.

“Hi, Dad,” Lance announced, still in girl mode, complete with wig and dress.

Dad watched them go by. “That looked like Simone,” he thought, “but that was Lance’s voice. And Zoey was with him. “Lance?” he called out.

“We don’t have time to talk right now,” she said dismissively, as she started down the hall to her bedroom.

Was his son wearing a wig and a short dress? Dad wanted to ask Lance about his appearance, but instead he remarked, “I thought you both were at prom.”

“We’re running late,” Lance shouted from her room before shutting the door. She turned to Zoey, “I need to take a quick shower. I was in that airport all night and all day. I think I can still smell it on myself..” 

“I can get all of our clothes ready,” Zoey suggested.

Lance grabbed a towel and left the bedroom to head to the shower. Lance quickly showered, shaved her legs, chest, and face, and returned to her bedroom with a towel wrapped around her waist. While Lance was gone Zoey had laid Lance’s suit out for her.

“That was the only suit in your closet,” Zoey said as she was pulling a red sequined dress out of her garment bag.

“That’s it,” Lance replied, pulling a pair of boxers on while still wearing the towel. They both turned around as Lance discarded the towel.

They started out facing away from each other out of modesty, but Lance’s curiosity got the best of her and she turned around to see Zoey standing there in just a bra and panties. Zoey caught her peeking, causing Lance to turn red and quickly go back to what she was doing.

Suddenly, Lance felt hands grab her waist. 

“Turn around,” Zoey commanded.

Lance slowly complied.

Zoey looked at Lance’s face, but this time she was able to see the girl beneath the masculine exterior. “I should’ve done this a long time ago,” Zoey said with determination in her voice. She tilted her head and slowly pulled Lance in for a kiss.

Lance closed her eyes as their lips met. She had never tasted anything as sweet and wonderful and sensual in her life. She could have skipped prom to spend all night locked in this romantic embrace. Zoey seemed to feel the same way.

They passionately kissed each other until Lance felt her erection graze Zoey’s thigh. They both pulled away, turning red, and resumed getting dressed.

Lance was wearing a navy suit with a white shirt. She found a red tie that would match Zoey’s red dress. “It feels kinda weird to be getting dressed up in guy’s clothes again.”

Zoey walked up to Lance and straightened her tie. “Suit or dress, my girlfriend looks fabulous.”

“Girlfriend?” Lance asked. “Are we exclusive now?”

It was Zoey’s turn to blush again. “Sorry. I was getting ahead of myself. I’m way out of my comfort zone here.”

Lance smiled, but something Tyler said was worrying her. “Um, Zoey,” she began, “I heard you cheated on Tyler.”

Zoey sighed and looked Lance in the eyes. “No more lies. Yes, I did. At homecoming I hooked up with Olivia. I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just…did.”

“Olivia?” she asked. That wasn’t the explanation she was expecting.

“Yeah. She made me realize I am… a lesbian, too.”

“Wow,” Lance said. She was unable to process all of that. “This whole time I thought you were mortal enemies or something.”

“Listen, Lance. It was wrong of me to cheat on Tyler. It was my mistake. But dating him was also my mistake. It was freshman year. We were young. We had mutual friends who insisted we pair off. But, I never really loved Tyler. I wasn’t even attracted to him. But, that doesn’t excuse me from cheating on him. I really should’ve dumped him a long time ago.”

“Did you want to date Olivia?”

“Maybe. I don’t know. I know she wanted to date me. Maybe if I wasn’t in denial I would’ve. But now… I don't want to date Olivia. I want to date you.” 

Lance’s face lit up with glee.

“Shall we?” Zoey asked.

The teens locked arms and reappeared in the living room where Lance’s dad stood up. 

He scanned his son. Lance was wearing a suit now and his shaggy wavy hair was combed back. However, he still had earrings in his ears and was wearing nail polish. “You look sharp, son,” he said. “Listen. About that talk we’re supposed to have-”

“After prom, Dad,” Lance promised.

“Um, do you want pictures taken before you leave?” A thoroughly flustered Dad managed to ask.

“Sure,” Lance said. He felt around his suit jacket and turned to Zoey. “I left it in the clutch I was planning on bringing.”

“I think Simone already has it,” Dad added.

Lance realized she called the clutch, ‘hers’.  The conversation with Dad is going to happen sooner rather than later, Lance worried.

Both Lance and Dad were embarrassed and looked away from each other, avoiding eye contact.

“I have one,” Zoey replied to break up the awkwardness, as she fished her camera out of her bag and handed it over.

Dad repeated the earlier ritual of prom photos, then handed the camera back to Zoey.

“Bye, Dad, I’ll be home later,” Lance said as her and Zoey headed for the door.

“Midnight,” Dad corrected as he watched Lance and Zoey leave the house. He slowly walked to the phone and dialed his old phone number. When his wife answered he said, “Hi Honey, we need to talk about Lance.”

* * *

“Hey, Simone,” Dee called out, interrupting Simone and Olivia chatting with some cheerleaders. “You think I humiliated you yesterday? Well, apparently you didn’t learn your lesson. So tonight expect an even worse reveal - this time in front of the whole school.”

Simone looked Dee up and down. This is Deanna? “Get a life, bitch. What are you going to do? Dump a bucket of pig’s blood on me?”

Deanna was silent for a moment. The thought of that made her wonder for a moment if she escalated this too far. “Maybe. But if you leave now at least you won’t be publicly shamed.”

“Cut the crap, Dee,” Olivia demanded. “You’re just jealous because Simone is more popular than you.”

“Haven’t you done enough already? How many friends do you have to lose?” Simone asked.

At that Dee started towards Simone. Olivia knew it would get physical and jumped in front of Simone to protect her.

“You bitch, you won’t always have some skank to protect you,” Dee warned, before stomping off.

“Wow!” Simone exclaimed to Oliva. “I'm both super popular and have a mortal enemy.”

“I thought you were on cheerleading.”

“I am. But that kind of popularity is reserved for the head cheerleader. Girls want to be her and guys want to be with her.”

“Well, at this school I don't want the guys,” Olivia said coyly.

“Oh, that’s right - you’re the head cheer-” Simone paused as she processed what Olivia had just said, and how she had said it.

“But, I’ve made a few enemies,” Olivia admitted. “You haven’t made any - except for Dee. But then, she’s become a real bitch since you showed up. I’m not her issue, nor what what Zoey sees in her-”

Just then, an NSYNC song came on that Simone recognized. “My dance team choreographed a routine to this song!”

“Do you remember it?” Olivia inquired.

“Hell, yeah!” Simone pulled Olivia out onto the dance floor. “OK, watch,” she said as she started performing choreographed moves.

Before she knew it, a crowd had gathered and a number of students had joined in too.

When the song was over, other dancers cheered and thanked Simone. Simone was having so much fun. She regretted not joining Lance in this adventure. She was ready for a breather, but Olivia had other ideas.

Olivia enticed Simone to remain on the dance floor. “Just the two of us this time.”

Simone smiled as the two of them danced. “So, about that kiss last night,” Simone reminisced.

“Oh?” Olivia said with a sly smile. “I felt it was unfinished business from the carnival. Did I cut it too short?”

“Oh, I dunno,” Simone said whimsically.

“Should we pick up where we left off?”

Simone’s heart started beating fast. “I… think I’d like that.”

Olivia pulled Simone in closer and they started making out on the dance floor. Occasionally their eyes would open to make sure they didn’t trigger a visit from any of the chaperones.

Olivia nibbled on Simones jaw and worked her way to her ears where she said something curious. “I notice you have different earrings,” Olivia pointed out. “I thought you just got your ears pierced.”

“Oh,” Simone said, searching for the proper excuse. “Mack assured me it was OK.” 

Olivia smiled as she came from behind Simone and they started grinding up on each other.

Both girls were in a state of bliss. Simone realized this prom was so much better than the one she went to last week. Olivia was glad she no longer had to hide her attraction to women.

Olivia’s hands slowly went up Simone's waist and froze at Simone's chest. Olivia stopped dancing.

“What’s wrong?” Simone asked. “Don't tease a girl like that.”

“You have breasts. Real ones,” Oliva accused Simone. “Unless those are state of the art breast forms.”

Simone sighed and looked at the floor.

“What’s going on here, Simone?”

“Maybe we should step outside,” Simone implored Olivia.

“No, I just want to hear the truth.”

“Lance and I are twins.”

“Twins? I thought Lance was your male personna.”

“No. Lance is a real person. My brother.”

“I thought Lance was pretending to be a girl.”

“He... was. He was pretending to be me. I just got here last night.  I’m his sister Simone from California.”

“He was pretending to be his own sister? Why would he do that? Was that Zoey’s bet?”

“Listen, Olivia,” Simone said, grabbing her hands and looking her in the eye. “Lance pretended to be me because she’s transgender. Not because of some stupid bet.”

* * *

Deanna found Principal Silver in the corner chatting with another chaperone. “Mr. Silver,” she interrupted.

“Yes, Miss Scott?” he asked with a look of annoyance.

“I have proof that Simone Biggs is a boy,” she asserted.

The principal sighed. “What is it now?”

She held up a name tag. “I found his duffle bag. It has a boy's name on it.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Wait. He admitted it yesterday. There were at least 20 witnesses.”

Principal Silver sighed. “Fine. Let’s talk to her.”

He and Dee walked through the throng of dancing students where they found Simone and Olivia in the middle of conversation. “Excuse me, Miss Biggs. Miss Jones. I’d like to speak with Miss Biggs out in the hallway.”

Olivia had a stunned look on her face as she watched Simone leave with the principal.

“Olivia, don't leave me alone with them,” Simone turned back and pleaded.

Olivia stood there frozen.  She’d been fooled twice by the twins. She was torn on whether to go to Simone’s aid.

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