Chapter 23 - The Girl Who Is Prom Queen

The Boy Who Would Be Prom Queen by Emily

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Synopsis: The Penultimate Chapter

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“...Simone Biggs,” the principal announced.

The crowd cheered and Viola was stunned. This was a dream right? She scanned the people around here who were clapping. She saw Olivia who was smiling and clapping as well.

Olivia hugged her. “Congratulations, Viola,” she said. “You earned this. Now get up on that stage, girl.”

When Olivia released her from the hug, Viola nervously walked on stage where a teacher put a sash with the Queen of Spades on it over her head. The spotlights were blinding her, but the crowd’s cheering gave her more confidence as she pushed forward. The principal said something encouraging, but she couldn’t hear over the crowd. She stopped in the middle of the stage and turned to face everyone.

She looked at the people below her and searched for familiar faces, but the spotlights blinded her view of the audience. She did make out people right up against the stage. Zoey, Mack, and Peggy were all in the front row cheering. She then heard Simone’s voice rise above the crowd, “That’s my sister!”

Viola tried her hardest not to cry. She was a boy for the past 17 years. She tried out for boys sports and failed. She was taught to man up and be masculine. All she wanted was to be her sister. 

Principal Silver came from behind her and placed a tiara on her head. He then handed her a foam scepter. 

Her emotions were bubbling near the surface. She never thought this moment would happen to her, but here she was. She was the Prom Queen.

“Congratulations to the 1999 Prom Queen!” the principal said into the microphone.

The cafeteria erupted again with cheers as she tried unsuccessfully not to cry.

“And now for the King and Queen’s dance,” the principal concluded and walked off the stage.

Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” started playing and she glanced over at the Prom King, Andrew.

Andrew walked over to Viola. He wore a matching King of Spades sash and a foam sword which he put down. He then held out his hand and Viola took it, dropping the scepter to the stage floor next to Andrew’s sword. “Congratulations,” he said as he started awkwardly swaying and flash photography glittered from the crowd.

“You too,” she replied.

“I’m sorry, I’m a little nervous.” 

“Why are you nervous?”

“This is the first time I’ve danced with a… umm…”

“You don't have to say it,” Viola saved him.

“No, I mean, it’s cool. I think you’re one of the coolest people at school. I voted for you. This place was boring before you showed up.”

“Thanks, I guess,” Viola chuckled. “But if anyone asks, I’m a girl. There’s a few people that have it in for me.”

“Well, let me know if anyone gives you trouble. I’ll kick their ass. I have to protect my queen after all.”

“How chivalrous,” Viola laughed. 

“Um, I think Zoey Sellers is staring daggers at me,” Andrew said, glancing down below. 

Zoey was standing in front of the stage with her arms crossed looking very impatient.

“That’s um… my girlfriend,” Viola chuckled.

“I figured. Do you want to dance with her?”

“I do. She’s kinda the reason I’m here. Can we finish this later?”

Andew nodded.

“Thanks.” Viola walked to the edge of the stage where she knelt down, then sat with her legs dangling. Zoey offered her hand as Viola hopped down. As she landed on the floor, she wobbled slightly on her heels, but Zoey helped her keep her balance.

“Congratulations, Princess!” Zoey said with a big smile. She took Viola’s hand and placed it on her waist.

“It’s Queen now,” Viola giggled.

“Queen,” Zoey smiled.

“Are you OK with this?” Viola asked. “With being seen with me?”

“Yes, I am,” Zoey affirmed, and kissed her right there with students watching.

Neither paid any attention to the reactions of the students around them and instead held each other and swayed to the song.

“I think you were just jealous of Andrew,” Viola chuckled.

“Who’s Andrew?” Zoey asked, looking around.

“The Prom King. I was dancing with him.”

“Oh, right. He was dancing with my girlfriend.”

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

“Wait, no. That’s my line.”

Viola stuck her tongue out at Zoey. “Unless of course this is the moment you reveal to me that you’ve been the psycho serial killer all along.”

“I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you,” she giggled.

Viola saw the perfect opportunity to push a few more of Zoey's buttons. "So, Zoey," she began, "about my Ferrari…"

“I… uh…”

“I’m teasing,” Viola calmed her. “I feel like I got something far more valuable than that out of this whole ordeal."

"What was that?"

"All of this,” she said, gazing around. She looked back at Zoey. “You," she said gazing into Zoey's eyes.

“Aww,” Zoey said, pulling Viola in for another kiss.

When the song was over, Viola and Zoey joined the rest of their friends. Viola got hugs from Simone, Mack, and Olivia.

“So,” Olivia said to Viola with a raised eyebrow. “It’s later.”

Viola took a deep breath and started her apology. “Olivia. I’m so sorry for pretending to be my sister. Then pretending to be me. Then for my sister pretending to be me, pretending to be her.”

“So who is the real Viola Biggs?” she asked.

“The girl you got to know. Maybe mixed with that boy you chatted with a few times. Even I’m not sure, because I was never allowed to just be myself.”

“And what about us?”

Viola’s face saddened and her eyes began to tear up. She was with Zoey. She wanted to continue to be with Zoey. But she had zero experience rejecting anyone. She didn’t want to hurt Olivia. But no words came to her.

Olivia saw Viola’s pained expression and replied, “It’s OK. I understand.” She half-smiled at Viola, then Zoey, turned around and walked through the crowd on the dance floor. 

 * * *

Olivia was nearing the cafeteria doors when someone grabbed her hand. It was Simone.

“Hey,” Simone said. “Where are you headed?”

“I was going to go home.”

“And leave your prom early?”

“Well, all of my friends are with their dates, and I’m by myself.”

“Olivia,” Simone said, holding both hands. “I had a wonderful time with you. Sure, you thought I was someone else, but… if you want to stay… we are each other’s dates.”

Olivia’s eyes looked dark and questioning. “I just want to hear one honest thing out of you or Viola. One truth.”

“One truth?” Simone walked up Olivia and whispered into her ear. “Last night was the first time I kissed a girl. In that moment I was insanely jealous of Lance. When they suggested I be your date tonight, I was so excited.”

Olivia looked at her and smiled. “And?”

“I've had an awesome night so far. I would kick myself if I let you walk out of this cafeteria tonight without at least a good-night kiss.”

Olivia was silent, looked away, and bit her lip.

“What? What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking if I give you a good night kiss, I may never leave.”

Simone raised her eyebrows in surprise at that answer. She then surprised herself when she replied seductively, “Then don’t leave.”

Oliva walked up to Simone, grabbed her tie, and pulled her close to her. She then embraced her tightly, and started making out with her right there. Before long, an elderly chaperone tapped Simone on the shoulder with a terse, “Ahem.” The girls broke apart, giggling. As soon as she walked away, they resumed making out.

 * * *

Zoey and Viola had just finished getting a drink when another song came on. This time a faster Ricky Martin song.

“Do you salsa?” Viola asked Zoey.

Zoey looked confused. “I prefer queso.”

Viola was taken aback. She thought Zoey was a dancer. “Dancing, silly.”

“Of course I know how to salsa,” she teased. “But do you?”

“Simone took lessons, and I was her partner when she practiced.”

“OK, then,” Zoey said as she took both of their drinks and put them on a nearby table. 

Viola took her hand and waist and began to salsa with her. 

“Who used to lead?” Zoey asked.

“Sometimes me. Sometimes Simone.”

“Can I lead?”


They switched positions, and Zoey started dancing while twirled Viola around. Viola was all smiles as she watched the hem of her dress flare up. She was dancing like a girl and it felt like heaven as she moved her hips. For the first time ever, she felt sexy.

Halfway through the song, however, Viola suddenly stopped dancing. 

“What’s wrong?” Zoey inquired, concern apparent on her face.

“I’m sorry,” Viola apologized. “I’m worried about how I left things with Olivia,” Viola confessed.


“I’ve never had to reject someone before. She seemed so sad.”

Zoey looked off in the distance and smiled. “I don’t think you need to worry about Olivia.”

“Why not?”

Zoey pointed to Simone and Olivia on the dance floor. “She’s having a good time with your sister.”

Viola could make out Olivia and Simone salsa dancing, accruing a crowd of cheering spectators. Watching her sister having fun with Olivia gave her a smile.

Just then Peggy came up to the couple. “Zo, I heard Dee got suspended and kicked out of prom.”

“Serves her right,” Zoey replied.

“You should go talk to her. She’s outside.”

Zoey frowned and nodded. She turned to Viola. “I guess I should talk to her.”

As Zoey walked to the exit, Peggy turned to Viola. “Can I cut in? Looks fun!”

“Sure,” Viola smiled as she resumed dancing with her new partner, this time taking the lead.

“So, I was told you have a new name.” Peggy said.

“Yes. I’m Viola now.”

“That’s such a cute name,” Peggy complimented. “I like it.”

“Thank you.”

“I kinda figured this would happen when I saw you at the beach.”

“Oh?” Viola smiled and shook her head. She was just now realizing so many others had seen the signs before she did.

“You were so at ease as a girl. And so happy.”

“Everyone else figured it out before I did.”

After the dance was over Peggy returned to her date, who had retreated to the punchbowl. That left Viola alone, so she started looking around at the rest of the students dancing. She spied Olivia walking off the dance floor by herself. Viola quickly caught up with Olivia. “Hey, Olivia, where’s Simone?”

“She went looking for you,” replied Olivia. “Oh, where are my manners? Congratulations again, Your Majesty, Queen Viola,” she said as she curtsied. 

“Thank you very much, Lady Olivia,” Viola responded with a curtsy of her own.

Just then a new song started. It was the popular Sixpence None the Richer song. 

“Can I get a dance with the queen?” Olivia asked.

“Certainly,” Viola smiled widely.

As the song played, Olivia smiled. “This song reminds me of our time in the funhouse.”

“My first kiss,” Viola reminisced.

“I see Zoey finally asked you out.”

“Finally,” Viola chuckled. This was slightly awkward for her. She could’ve been dating Olivia had things worked out differently. She could’ve been happy with Olivia. Or perhaps Olivia was too much for Viola.

“So, has your sister said anything about me?” Olivia slyly inquired.

“I haven’t even gotten a chance to ask her how her own prom went," Viola finally said. Olivia might be too much for her to handle, but not Simone. “But I like you two together. I think you’re good for her. She’s dated some real losers.”

“Well, we’ll see,” Oliva declared.

“Can I cut in?” Simone asked.

“Sure.” Viola said.

“Actually, I would like to dance with the Queen.”

“I’ll be at the punchbowl,” Olivia said, giving Simone a quick peck on the lips.

Viola raised her eyes at Olivia.

Simone blushed and started dancing with Viola.

“So,” Viola said.



“Olivia. I hope it’s OK. I know you both had a thing going on before I came here.”

“I liked Olivia. But I was always just waiting on Zoey. It wouldn’t have been fair to her. So you umm… like girls now?”

“I dunno. Olivia has treated me better these past 20 hours than any guy over the past year.”

“And she’s hot.”

“Yes. She is hot. So, how are you doing?”

“I’m… OK.” Viola said with a grin which immediately transformed into a smile. “No. I’m on cloud nine!”

“I’m so proud of you, Vi.” She stopped dancing and gave her twin sister a big hug.

* * *

Zoey found Deanna sitting alone on a bench outside of the cafeteria. She sat down next to her former best friend. “Hey.”

Deanna looked over at Zoey. “I got suspended,” she said quietly. “I might not be allowed to attend graduation.”

“I heard,” Zoey replied. “Listen Dee. I’m sorry it escalated like this.”

Dee was silent.

“I mean, our previous bets never ended up like this.”

Dee looked Zoey in the eyes. “Well, you didn’t backstab me in previous bets either.”

Zoey backed away at Dee’s accusation. “How did I backstab you? You were the one who interfered and ran for prom queen.”

“You started spending more time with Lance. Then you and Peggy dropped me like I was yesterday’s news.”

“Is that what this was about?” Zoey was trying to keep her cool. “But you started acting this way before the bet. I told you I hooked up with Olivia in confidence. And you went right ahead and told Tyler.”

“I was trying to help you,” Dee emphasized. “You should’ve dumped Tyler. I’ve seen you staring at girls. You could’ve been with any girl at this school. Like the head cheerleader. Or someone else… but instead you were with… that doofus.”

“That wasn’t for you to decide, Dee.” Zoey’s frustration was starting to show. “I needed to work through my stuff on my own. I told you that after I told you about homecoming.”

Dee continued on, ignoring Zoey. “Then when you and Tyler were finally broken up you ran into another guy. A bigger dork than Tyler. You could’ve done so much better. Why are you spending time with a boy dressed as a girl when you can just date a real girl?”

Zoey was trembling. “B-because I fell in love with her.”

Him.” Dee raised her voice. “So now you’re straight again?”

“No, Dee. Viola is a trans girl.”

“Now its name is Viola?” Dee hissed. “What the fuck does that even mean?”

Zoey sighed in exasperation. “Seriously, Dee, I came out here to apologize, but you’re making it difficult.”

“So, he’s just going to continue to use the girl’s restroom and shower in the girl's locker room?”

“What’s it matter to you? You don’t even shower at school.”

“Fine. But don't you think that’s kinda weird?”

“Maybe six weeks ago I would’ve thought that,” Zoey admitted. “My mind has been opened to all sorts of possibilities of gender and sexuality since then. And I don’t understand any of it. This is all new to me. Now, when I look at her, I no longer see that boy from the park bench. I see Viola. And, all I know is I love Viola. And it doesn’t matter how she dresses or what she wants to be called. If you want to continue to be my friend you will have to respect that. And If you ever take the time to get to know her, you’ll realize she’s not some boogeyman.”

Dee was silent as she contemplated Zoey’s words. “Did… Viola win?” Dee finally asked.

“She did.”

Dee swallowed hard. “Then you won the bet.” 

“I dunno. Since she turned out to be a trans girl, it may not have been a fair bet.”

“Nah, it was fair. We bet you could take a person of my choosing and get them elected prom queen. I didn’t know the homeless boy on the park bench would turn out to be a… ” She didn’t finish the sentence. She wanted to use a slur but saw how much Zoey cared for her. “...trans girl.”

“Dee, you hurt me.”

“You hurt me first.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t make time for you when I started to hang out with Viola.”

Dee sighed and forced out an apology. “I’m sorry I went jealous psycho bitch on you - but you deserved it.”

“Do you think we can still be friends?”

“Of course, Zo. But I don’t think I can be friends with your girlfriend. She took away my best friend. And she’s a total bitch! Her sister too.” Dee rubbed her face, still feeling the sting of Simone's slap.

“I think you’ll come around one day.”

“I doubt it.”

“Well, you’ve already started calling her ‘she’. So that’s a start.”

Dee got up and fished her car keys out of her purse. “I better get going. There’s no point in me sitting here for the rest of prom when I’m not allowed to go back in. And you have a girlfriend and other friends to attend to.

Zoey stood up and hugged Dee. “I’m sorry.”

Dee nodded. “Hey, I heard Bill Michaels is having an after-party. I might hit that up. You should show up too.”

“I think I just want some quiet time with Viola. It’s been a crazy six weeks.”

“OK,” Dee smirked and started walking off to her car.

“Are the terms of the bet still on?” Zoey asked.

Dee chuckled as she kept walking, “A bet’s a bet.”

* * *

Viola casually wandered the cafeteria as random prom-goers congratulated ‘the queen.’ She hadn’t seen much of the prom decorations and setup since she ran out early yesterday, and got here late this evening. The dance floor was in the middle. Around the edges, tables to sit at. And in the corners were casino-type games that were using poker chips that represented fake money. The blackjack table is where she found Tyler.

Tyler noticed Viola standing next to him. He turned to her and reached into his suit jacket pocket and pulled out a real twenty. "Here you go, Simone."

Viola looked at Tyler quizzically. “What’s this for?”

"Gas and White Castle. I thought if I could get you to give me all your money you wouldn't be able to buy a plane ticket."

Viola stared at Tyler for a moment before breaking out in laughter. "Tyler, I didn’t have enough money before the gas and White Castle. But thank you for attempting to save me from myself.”

“It’s the least I could do after Peggy’s party.” He motioned at his cards on the table. “What do you think, Simone? Hit or stand?”

Viola looked at the cards in front of him. Then the cards in front of the dealer.

“Hit. It’s Viola now, though.”

“What is?”

“My name, Tyler,” Viola explained. “I’m going by Viola from now on.”

The dealer put a card down to give Tyler’s hand 21. He motioned to stand. “Oh, cool. I don't think I can keep up with you. Hey, who was that girl I saw with you? In the suit. She looks like your twin.”

“She is my twin.”

“That’s awesome. She’s a girl right? I wasn’t sure with that suit..”

“Yes, she’s a girl.”

The dealer pushed a stack of poker chips Tyler’s way.

Tyler raised an eyebrow. “Is she single?”

Viola looked back at Simone who was still dancing with Olivia. “Um, I don't think so.” 

Tyler looked in the same direction as Viola, and saw Simone and Olivia kissing each other. “Son of a-”

“I think you’ll have better luck with blackjack.” Viola laughed.

“I think so.” Tyler agreed.

Zoey came up behind Viola. “Hey, I’m back. Oh, hi, Tyler.”

“Zoey,” Tyler acknowledged with a nod.

“How’d it go with Dee?” Viola asked her girlfriend.

“It was rough. It’ll take a while, but it’s a start.”

“Ready to get back to dancing?”

“Absolutely!” Zoey exclaimed, while taking Viola’s hand.

Before they got to the dance floor, they were stopped by Trudy. “Simone, Zoey! Hey - could I get an exclusive interview with the prom queen?” 

Viola grinned. “Not tonight, Trudy.” She then winked.

“Right,” Zoey added. “She wants to spend the rest of prom with her girlfriend.” 

“Wait-” Trudy said with a confused expression. “Are you two…”

“Yes, we are,” Zoey interrupted, pulling Viola away, giggling.

A few dances later, Viola had to use the restroom and left Zoey to try her hand at blackjack. When she stepped inside, Amanda was at the mirror touching up her makeup. “Oh, hi, Simone,” Amanda said, “Congratulations.”

“Oh, thank you Amanda. It feels like I’m dreaming.”

“Nope, it’s all real,” Amanda assured her. “Including that gorgeous tiara.”

“Thank you. My girlfriend was the head of the prom committee. I wonder if she had anything to do with it.”

Amanda smiled. “Maybe.”

“Hey, how is your sister doing?”

“Good, thank you. We’ve done a lot of talking since you gave me that advice. I’ve even arranged a sister’s spa day with her.”

“Oh, she’s gonna love it!” Viola beamed. “I’m jealous. I should plan a spa day with my sister too.”

“You should. Well, see you on the dance floor,” Amanda said as she headed out the door.

As Viola was making her way back to the cafeteria, the principal stopped her in the hallway. "Um, Miss Biggs, I need to ask you a question."

Viola sighed and rolled her eyes. She'd had enough of all the questioning tonight. "What is it, Mr. Silver?"

"Well, um, do you know if your dress is flammable?" he carefully asked. 

"I have no idea, Mr. Silver," Viola said, annoyed he was asking such a strange question.

"We had an incident a few years ago. It’s what led us to stop having a prom court."

Viola was relieved that it wasn't about gender. "But, I promise to stay away from all fires in the cafeteria, if it makes you happy."

"Yes, Miss Biggs, it would," the principal seemed relieved to be done with the conversation. "That will be all."

Viola headed back to the prom shaking her head. "This school is crazy," she thought to herself.

When she returned to the cafeteria, she found Mack at the roulette table. “Mack,” she said, “I wanted to thank you for everything.”

“I’m so happy for you, Viola. I’m happy you found yourself.”

“I couldn't have done it without you.”

“I was worried I was pushing you too hard, too fast.”

“I think it was just right.”

“Just keep in touch after graduation. Even if you and Zoey do break up.”

“I will, Mack.” They hugged, and Mack turned back to the table as the croupier spun the roulette wheel. “C’mon 20!”

* * *

When the prom let out, the crew casually strolled out of the cafeteria and into the chilly spring night. 

They all made plans to meet back at Viola and Simone’s house and parted to find their respective rides.

As Viola and Zoey walked to Zoey’s car, Viola noticed something familiar sitting on a familiar bench. She walked up to it and saw her duffel bag. The tag reading “Lance Biggs” was visible, under the school’s exterior lighting.

She opened it up and checked to see if all her stuff was in there.

“Is that your bag?” Zoey asked.

“It is.” While it was never confirmed, Viola had a pretty good guess on who took the bag. And who brought it back. Was this a peace offering? Does this mean she’s over it?

“Is everything still in there?”

Viola saw her boy jeans. Her favorite T-shirt. A pair of sneakers, socks and boxers. She smiled and realized while she was glad to get her stuff back, she wasn’t in any hurry to put her boy clothes back on. Except maybe her favorite T-shirt.

* * *

They all walked into the Biggs residence. Mr. Biggs stood and looked at his teenage kids. Viola, lost in the excitement of the evening, forgot she was standing there in her living room wearing a prom dress and tiara.

“Simone, Lance…” Mr. Biggs began.

“Hey, why don't you all head to the basement,” Simone advised, pulling her wig off and handing it to Mack. “We’ll catch up.”

Mack, Christopher, Zoey, and Olivia headed out of the room, leaving the Biggs family to have their talk.

“Sorry, we invited our friends over,” Viola explained, hoping to sidestep the bigger conversation. “Games, snacks, music.”

“That’s not what we were going to talk about,” Dad reminded her.

Viola froze. She was avoiding this for so long. Maybe she could continue to avoid it. Maybe save it for after graduation?

Simone grabbed Viola’s hand. “I’m here for you,” she whispered to her sister.

Viola took a deep breath. She wanted to run, but she had to do this. At least this time, her sister was by her side. “Dad,” she began, “I’m uh… “ she had a hard time getting the words out. She looked at her father’s expression. He didn’t seem angry. Just concerned. “I’m transgender.” She clenched her teeth and awaited her father’s inevitable negative reaction.

Mr. Biggs sat down on the couch and motioned for his kids to do the same. “What does that mean?” he asked in a way that seemed like he just wanted to hear it from Viola’s point of view.

“It means my gender doesn’t match my-”

“Lance, I know what the definition is. I want to hear what it means to you.”

That surprised Viola. She assumed Dad was ignorant of such things.

“I’m a girl, Dad. I feel like I’ve always been a girl. I should’ve been born a girl. Being a boy for these past 17 years has felt…wrong.” 

Dad took a deep breath as he took his time finding the right words. “I’ve been preparing myself for a long time for a conversation like this. But it doesn’t make this any easier.” He exhaled again. “I called your mother while you both were at prom. She helped me try to find the words I wanted to say. Those words are this. Both of you,” he stressed, looking at each teen. “Your mother and I love you. We’re proud of you. None of that will ever change. If we’ve been hard on you for expressing… alternate lifestyles… in the past it's because we were trying to protect you. The world can be a cruel and unforgiving place for people who are different. I always want what’s best for you kids. I don’t want any additional hardships added to your life.”

“I’m fine, Dad,” Viola assured him. “I’m OK. But this isn’t a lifestyle. This isn’t a phase. It's part of who I am. Who I was meant to be. I’ve had this feeling for a long time, but never found the words to describe it. And the way you were pushing me to be something I’m not- ”

“I didn’t try to push you-”

“You’ve always been pushing me to be more masculine. You've been pushing me away. Making me think you don’t care. Making me think there was something wrong with me for not being like the other boys.”

“That’s the farthest from the truth. I love you. You’re my so- my kid.”

“But, I want to be your daughter. I want to be Simone’s twin sister. I just want you to treat me like you treat Simone. As your daughter. Can you do that? I just want to be accepted at home like I am at school.”

“At school?”

Viola looked down. She had to come clean. “I enrolled in school as a girl. These past six weeks, I've been going to school as a girl. The school has accepted me as a girl. Dad…I won Prom Queen tonight,” she smiled as she took her tiara off and handed it to her father.

Dad looked away as he wiped a tear from his cheek.

“I’m sorry, Dad. I’m sorry I disappointed-”

Dad turned back to face Viola with watery eyes. “No, Lance. You didn't disappoint me. The fact is, I’m more proud of you now than I ever have been. You stood up to your biggest bully tonight…” his voice wavered, “…me. And when you and your friends walked in the door a few minutes ago, I couldn't tell the difference between you and your sister. That’s because you both had the biggest smiles. I haven’t seen you smile in such a long time.”

“I haven't been this happy in a long time. But, I was always worried about what you and Mom would say.”

“If this makes you happy. If this allows you to be you. To be your best you. Then that’s what we both want.”

Viola started crying and Dad held his arms outstretched. She moved closer to him on the couch to give him a hug. “I’m sorry Dad. I’m sorry I put you through this.”

“Don’t apologize, Lance. It’s me who should be apologizing.”

“Viola,” she whispered.


“That’s what I want to be called.”

“Viola was my grandmother’s name,” he reminisced.

“I think that’s where I got it from.”

“I guess this means I was wrong about you. You’re not gay.”

“Actually,” Viola chuckled, “I am gay. I still like girls.”

"But..." The wheels in Dad's head were spinning. “This is going to take me time to get used to.” Dad chuckled and looked at Simone. “So what about you? Do you have any earth-shattering news, Miss ‘I went to prom in a dress and now I’m wearing a suit’?”

Simone blushed as she wondered where to start. “Well, I mean…” Simone paused and smiled. “I went to prom with a girl.” Her smile got bigger as she thought about Olivia, who was waiting patiently for her downstairs. “And I liked it.”

Dad smiled back. “She seemed nice. You know, she's my boss' daughter," he chuckled. “I wonder if this is against some HR policy? Does Bob know that Olivia went to prom with a girl? Ah, who cares! My family is all that matters. Bring it in, kids.” He opened his arms again and motioned for Simone to get in on the hug.

Simone joined in.

“I am so proud of my daughters,” he gushed. And your mom and I will stand right beside you both through anything.

After the hug, Viola nervously looked around. “Can we go downstairs to join our friends now? It is our prom night.”

“Go ahead. Remember. No booze. No drugs. And most of all, no-”

“We get it, Dad!” the sisters shut him down in unison and headed for the basement, laughing.

Dad just sat there shaking his head. Eventually a broad smile formed on his face as he realized both his children had turned out just fine.

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poor dad's brain is fried

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This was so sweet! I loved it.

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This has been absolutely amazing, i love it

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Wow this is exactly what I was talking about in the Discord about hitting emotional beats even when twists are predictable. I expected Viola to win, Simone x Olivia to happen, Dee not get killed off and Dad to accept his twin lesbian daughters but the execution during this finale has me in tears just the same.

Thank you for another fantastic story Emily. I have a feeling I am always going to adore what you write.
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Mnique S

Just what I ws hoping for, well written, Emily.

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