Interlude 3 - Lulu’s Story

Cate Fox and the Case of the Fading Magic by Emily

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Synopsis: Who is Lulu?


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Two years ago, Louis was at a yard sale. Typically, he paid no attention to people putting junk out on their front lawn, but as he rode his bike past this one, something caught his eye. Something shiny. 

He got off his bike and made his way onto the lawn where other people were browsing tables of items for sale.

The item that caught his eye was a bracelet. Louis wasn’t into bracelets, so he was unsure what really prompted him to check this one out. The bracelet seemed like it was glowing and was calling to him. The price tag on it was $5. He had a sudden inspiration. This would be a cool gift for Mother’s Day, he realized.

He didn’t even try to haggle the price down. He just pulled a $5 bill from his wallet and bought the bracelet.

Louis put the bracelet into his shorts pocket, got back on his bike and continued home.

As soon as he was inside, he ran to his room to hide the gift somewhere his mother couldn't find it. 

Before putting the bracelet away, he sat down and studied it, turning it over in his hands. There was something about it that captivated him. The way it glowed. He slid it on and felt an instant rush and a tingling all over his body. He watched as the hairs on his arm near the bracelet started to recede as his arm slimmed out. This effect traveled up his arm and to his shoulders, down his torso and other arm. He felt like he was getting shorter as his shoulders shrank and his hips flared out. Then the hair on his head lengthened and covered his eyes. He quickly ran to the bathroom mirror, almost falling due to the way this new body moved.

When he saw his reflection he was amazed. Staring back at him was a girl. She looked like a sister he never had. He waved back at the reflection to verify that this was indeed a reflection. He then pushed the hair out of his eyes, ran his hands over his smooth skin, then groped his modest breasts. This was incredible!

Then he heard his mother calling him from another room. He frantically took off the bracelet and fortunately changed back into a boy, the tingling process going in reverse. He dashed back into his room and hid the bracelet in his closet.

At dinner that night, he felt both embarrassed and excited by the whole ordeal. As if a new world had opened up to him - a forbidden one.

For the next week, he would try on the bracelet before bed and dance around his room as his feminine self. Each time, he felt an emotional high like he had never experienced. The more he did it, the more it was on his mind when the bracelet was off.

He did not give it to his mother for Mother’s Day. This was his. He had become attached and enthralled with its power.

Before long, becoming a girl nightly in his room wasn’t good enough. He pushed his boundaries and snuck out of the house and walked around the quiet neighborhood as a girl. Even that eventually wasn’t good enough. Louis needed more. He wanted to try the bracelet on during the daytime. He was waiting for a reason to do so. 

One time, while riding his bike he passed a convenience store and decided he wanted to go in there as a girl. He hid his bike in the back of the store, put the bracelet on and walked into the store. He was so nervous as strangers looked at him. Did they know he was really a boy? Did they only see a teenage girl? He nervously bought a pack of gum and quickly rush out of the store. He did it! What a thrill to be a girl in public!

Another month went by with Louis testing the bracelet in stores and parks. He wanted to test it at school. He had this idea to meet up with his secret crush, Suzy, and try to befriend her. The plan was to gauge what kind of things Suzy liked so Louis could ask her out to a movie, or maybe spend a day at the theme park.

Louis nervously brought the bracelet into school, and put it on before homeroom. He struck up a conversation with Suzy, who did not appear to recognize the girl in front of him as the shy boy in her class. He introduced himself as a new student in school. When Suzy asked his name, he nervously responded with the first feminine name that came to mind, “Louise.”

When they went their separate ways to get to class, Louise realized she couldn't get the bracelet off. She ducked into a boys’ bathroom stall, where it took a few minutes before the bracelet would come off. She morphed back into Louis and quickly ran out of the bathroom and to class.

What a high! The thrill of being a girl and talking to Suzy combined with the risk of getting caught increased the psychological hold the bracelet had on him.

This continued for a few days, which each day resulting in the bracelet being harder to remove. However, Louis was so enthralled with the feelings he got as Louise, he barely noticed. Louis’s homeroom teacher was getting upset he would show up later and later each morning. But it was worth it as eventually Suzy asked Louise to join her at lunch time. Louis ducked into a vacant classroom, changed into Louise and would meet up with her new friend and her friends. 

Louise was amazed at how they quickly befriended her. She loved being treated like one of the girls. They were so warm and welcoming and talked about all sorts of things. It was so different from hanging out with the boys, who constantly berated each other.

The next week, Suzy and her friends invited Louise to go to the mall because they noticed Louise only wore boy clothes. Louis had his mother give him money and drop him off at the mall, where he ran to the bathroom to don his bracelet and become Louise. 

Louise and her new friends went from store to store shopping for girl’s clothes. Louise was having such a blast spending time with her new friends that she forgot the entire reason she befriended Suzy. After the other girls left, it took Louise nearly an hour to remove the bracelet before she could call her mom to pick Louis up.

These setbacks didn’t deter Louis. He was firmly a slave to that bracelet now. He couldn’t stop thinking about it or thinking about the next time he could be Louise.

Then it finally happened, Suzy invited Lousie to go to the local theme park. Just the two of them. Louis was aware of the risks. But the reward outweighed the risks. He never felt more alive than he did being Suzy’s friend. 

That Saturday morning, he was dropped off at the theme park. He put the bracelet on and transformed into Louise. She spent the entire day riding rides, sharing cotton candy, milkshakes, and holding hands for fireworks in the evening. She even earned a nickname from her new best friend - Lulu. 

Louis normally hated nicknames. He especially hated when people would call him “Lou,” but for some reason Louise couldn’t explain, “Lulu” just felt right. It felt fun. It felt feminine. It felt like her.

But then it was time to go home. However, the bracelet would not come off. Lulu knew this was a risk. But she didn’t expect it to not come off at all. Long after the theme park closed, Lulu sat there crying as she tugged at the bracelet, her wrist raw and throbbing, desperate to change back to Louis. Her parents came looking for Louis and found this girl sitting there. She had no choice but to come clean.

She told her parents everything. They tried removing the bracelet with soap and cooking oil. Then they tried cutting it off. Then the doctor's office. Nothing would remove the bracelet. 

After a few days, Lulu accepted it wasn’t coming off and that actually put her at ease. She didn’t understand the fuss the adults were making. She wasn’t sick. She wasn’t dying. She was just a girl. She had an idea she needed her parents to buy into. What if she would stay Louise? What if she went to school like this and accepted Louise full-time?

Her parents rejected that idea. 

Lulu pleaded to her parents. “There’s nothing wrong with me!” she cried.

They didn’t see it that way. They mourned for their son. They were scared of having a transgender child. They were scared of how the community would treat them. They didn’t know how to parent a teenage trans girl. 

So they instead enrolled her at PAA.



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Aw poor Lulu. I hope she can get a cupcake at least

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Maybe they need a magic jewelry repair shop on campus

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