Interlude 4 - Brandon’s Story

Cate Fox and the Case of the Fading Magic by Emily

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Synopsis: Who is Brandon and Brandi?


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Brandon was 12 when they realized they were non-binary. Born a boy, they had a lot of expectations placed upon them. Their father dreamed of them playing sports. True, they liked playing sports with the boys, but they also liked talking about music and fashion with the girls. Yet, despite having a core group of accepting friends - both boys and girls, they were made fun of by other kids for being “gay” and acting effeminate. 

Brandon knew they weren’t gay, but couldn’t put into the right words what they were. Sometimes they felt like a boy. Sometimes they felt like a girl. They sometimes referred to themself as two personalities depending how they were feeling. Brandon and Brandi.

They had heard about kids who were able to become the other gender. Transgender. But Brandon was afraid that if they transitioned into a girl, then they’d still have the same problem when they suddenly felt like Brandon again.

One time they wore a dress to school, and were quickly sent home by the principal.

They hated that they couldn’t just be what they felt like.  A few labels on the internet interested them. Genderfluid. Bigender. They couldn’t pick one so they decided they didn’t want a label.

The summer before high school, there was a carnival in town and their friends wanted to go. Brandi was feeling extra feminine that night. Outside of school was the only time Brandi could express themself, so they wore a cute top and skirt, and went with their friends.

The carnival was amazing. It was a warm dry night. Flashing lights and lit-up rides. The sweet smell of hot dogs and funnel cakes. The live band playing an 80’s pop classic. 

A pair of girls their age walked past Brandi and their friends. The girls were wearing crop tops and short cut-off shorts. An outfit designed to show off a tanned midriff and long tan legs. Brandi wished they had the body to pull off such an outfit.

Despite all of that, Brandi had fun playing carnival games and going on rides with their friends.

While Brandi’s friends were on a ride that Brandi did not want to go on, they spotted a Mystic’s tent nearby. They had always been interested in the occult, so they curiously strolled over to check out whatever cool artifacts they had there.

Inside was the Mystic standing at a table as if she was waiting for Brandi. The Mystic was a tall, thin woman with long black hair. She wore a long black dress and a lot of jewelry. She looked at the lanky boy in the skirt and grinned. "What can I do for you, child?" she asked softly.

"I'm not sure," Brandi admitted. "I guess I'm just curious."

"Would you like your fortune read?" the mystic offered. 

“Really?” Brandi responded. They were intrigued. “Can you tell me anything about my future?”

“Sit. Give me your palms.”

Brandi did as they were commanded.

She closed her eyes and held Brandi’s palms. “You are not alone.” 

“I’m here with friends.”

“I do not mean them. You have two auras. One stronger than the other.”

Brandi was amazed at how the mystic could know that. “I think I’m bigender.”

The mystic ignored that, opened her eyes and looked at the lines on Brandi’s hands. "I have something for you. Something that will change your life."

Brandi was excited. "What is it?" they asked.

She stood up and went to the corner of the tent where she opened several drawers before she found what she was looking for. She returned to her seat across from Brandi.

The mystic held out her hand. In the dim light of the tent glowed a golden ring with a clear stone in the center. “This is a magical mood ring. It is said it brings order to chaos.”

“Like bipolar meds?” Brandi asked. “My parents already tried those.”

“This isn’t medicine. This will allow you to silence the other voice in your head.”

“Which one?”

“Depending on your mood. But it comes at a cost.”

“How much?”

“Not money, child. Magic like this is unpredictable and dangerous. Enchanted items such as this require a sacrifice to really work.”

“I don’t care. I feel like I need balance.”

The Mystic nodded then slid the ring across the table and said no more.

Brandi looked at it, then at the woman. “Thank you,” they called out as they took the ring then fled the tent.

While they wanted to try it on right there, they decided to wait until they were home.

* * *

Two days later, Brandi woke up feeling extra feminine. It was hot outside and they had a cute sundress they were dying to wear.

They slid the magic mood ring onto their finger and suddenly felt the cool magic flow through their body. They ran to a bathroom mirror.

What they saw in the mirror was appalling. Standing there was a muscular teenager. They were taller than before, with a square jaw and cropped hair.

“This can’t be right,” they said, as they tried to remove the ring. It wouldn’t slide off. Brandi was feeling feminine, not masculine. They wanted to wear that sundress and go for a walk in the park.

Brandi discarded the sundress they wanted to wear and instead put the largest T-shirt and shorts they could find. The clothing barely fit them.

They picked up their bike and rode to where the carnival was. But when they reached the fairgrounds, the carnival was gone. Just a vacant field full of trampled grass and trash blowing in the wind.

Brandi eventually returned home and confronted their parents. 

“Mom, Dad, something is wrong with me,” they said.

They looked at Brandi with amazement. Standing in front of them was a 14-year-old athlete, not the non-binary kid they were used to.

Mom was worried. Dad had visions of finally throwing around the football with his son.

Brandi hid in their room the rest of the day, mourning the loss of hair and not being able to fit any of their feminine clothes.

The next morning, Brandon laid in bed. They were feeling a little better. It felt like a masculine day. But something was wrong again. Running to the mirror, they saw a girl. Shorter than they usually were. Thin arms and legs, long straight hair and modest breasts. They then reached down between their legs and realized it was gone. They tried not to panic.

There was no doubt the girl in the mirror was very attractive, but just looking at her made them feel embarrassed.

This was the opposite of yesterday. But this was still wrong. They tried to put on a T-shirt and jeans. The jeans didn’t fit and their new breasts were obvious in the T-shirt. Their head felt hot beneath the long hair. They jumped back into bed and covered themself up, embarrassed at their new figure. They couldn't leave the house like this! Surely they’d be made fun of for having breasts!

This ring was working the opposite of their intention! And it still wouldn’t come off.

When Brandon’s parents saw their new form they realized they had a problem on their hands. There was no hiding this.

Each day, they’d change between Brandon and Brandi. Sometimes twice a day.

They eventually went back to school, hiding behind oversized hoodies and clothing that wouldn’t be affected by a sudden change in gender. But there was no hiding the change in their face and hair. As the year went on, male Brandi got taller.  Female Brandon’s breasts grew. It was getting harder to hide their ever-changing body.

One day at school, Brandi changed from feminine to masculine mid-class. That was all their classmates could talk about. Brandon was embarrassed and spent the rest of the day in the boys bathroom.

When Brandon got home, there was a business card taped to their door. It was for the Puellae Aurora Academy. 

On the back, was handwriting. “Magic is unpredictable and dangerous.”



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Poor Brandi/Brandon :(

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This has to be by-far the worst backstory of them all.

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