Chapter 16

Cate Fox and the Case of the Fading Magic by Emily

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Content Warning: Chapter has Sexually Explicit Content.

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Content Warning: Human Trafficking. Sexual Assault.

I was slow to wake up. The grogginess weighed me down like a fog. But I could tell through the haze, I was in a hotel room. Not the shitty motel I was staying in the past two nights, but a nicer one from the brief moments my eyes would flutter open.

I heard voices. Someone was here. Or rather two people. One male. One female.

As I slowly regained consciousness I remembered the last moments I was awake. I was attempting to flee from Jacob. The coffee shop meetup was a bust. I didn’t get information about Emma and I was ready to leave. Then the fucker roofied me and I passed out.

There were images in my memory of being dragged out of a car. Into a hotel. Two men. In those moments I pretended to be unconscious as a form of self-defense. I also thought that was all a dream. Apparently not. I don’t recall them actually doing anything else to me, so that’s a small win.

When I was finally able to hold my eyes open, I took in my surroundings. I was lying above the covers on a queen-size bed in a hotel suite. I wasn’t tied up. So that’s good. It felt like I was, though. My arms and legs felt heavy. I had a fucking headache.

The curtains were closed, yet no light emanated from them at all. Was it nighttime already?

In the corner of the room was set up a backdrop and a camera on a tripod. What the fuck-

“Emma,” Jacob said, noticing I was awake. “We were getting worried about you.”

“What is this?” I managed to say.

“A hotel room. The modeling agent I talked about is coming to meet you both.”

“Both?” I slowly sat up. My head was still spinning.

“Emma, this is Chloe.”

“Hi, Emma, nice to meet you,” a girl no older than me nervously said from the other bed. What surprised me was that she was dressed in black lingerie. She was much too young to be wearing that.

“When you ghosted me for two weeks I got worried,” Jacob explained. “So, I found Chloe here. I pulled some strings and got you both an audience with a talent agent. Isn’t that great?”

“You drugged me,” I slurred.

“You looked nervous and hesitant,” he replied. “I lowered your inhibitions. This isn't the first time we’ve had a girl get cold feet. This was for your own good. You didn’t come all this way just to turn around at the last minute, right? Besides, I doubted you wanted to go home to those parents of yours.”

I considered fleeing, but my limbs were still slow to react.

Jacob turned his attention to the other girl. “Chloe, are you ready?” 

“I- I am,” she said, timidly.

“Can you stand over here?” He pointed at the backdrop.

She did as she was told.

“OK, now give me some sexy poses.”

Chloe awkwardly posed.

Holy shit. Get me out of here. I knew immediately that this wasn’t right. I could flee, but I knew I needed to get Chloe out of there too.

Jacob gave her a whole bunch of encouraging comments as he snapped pictures. She seemed to hang on each word of praise.

I was finally able to sit up.  I think I’m going to vomit.  I must hold it together.

“Emma, when you’re ready, I got you an outfit to wear. You can come over and join Chloe.”

Lying beside me on the bed was some red lingerie. I picked it up, and was surprised at the complete lack of fabric in my hand. More pieces were falling into place, and the picture was looking bleak. My assumptions about who this Jacob was looking to be accurate. “Hey, I’m going to decline. This isn’t really my style.”

Jacob’s smile faded. “Emma, you need to do this. I promised the talent agent the both of you. I put myself on the line for this.”

“No, seriously. I think I’m good. I decided I wanted to stay in school and get a degree in… something.”

“Emma, if you leave, I’ll have to cancel.” Then he turned to Chloe. “Both of you.”

Chloe’s expression turned to one of disappointment, then she turned to me and pleaded. “Please, Emma. It’ll be fun.”

“I had to put a down payment on this visit,” Jacob sternly said. “If I cancel, they will have my ass!”

This is really how they get you. They offer you something you desperately wanted. Then guilt you into being a slave to them when you change their mind. The situation would often lead to drugs, trafficking, and prostitution. This would put you into a debt that you can never climb out of. I knew this game. I’ve heard stories from girls I’ve found. I’ve never actually witnessed this played out in front of me though.

I told myself that since I knew his game, I had the upper hand. But I also felt an obligation to get Chloe out of this mess, seeing as my interference in Emma’s life led to her being here. Although, if I didn’t interfere, Emma would’ve been here two weeks ago. And who knows how that would’ve gone.

“Yeah, no. I’m good, Jake. I’m more of a hoodie and jeans kinda girl. You know, I’d be a better model for North Face. Besides, I highly doubt Victoria’s Secret uses 14-year-old models.”

“I’m done asking,” he sternly said, looking at me with a cold evil in his eyes. “You’re going to put that on and join Chloe.”

I looked at the lingerie for a moment, then I looked him in the eyes and slowly enunciated, “No.”

That’s when he reached down on the floor and grabbed my backpack. Oh shit, he’s going to find my gun. He pulled out my wallet, then found my student ID inside. “Cate Fox, Puellae Aurora Academy?” He looks at me. “Fake ID, Emma?” Then my credit card. “A Visa card for Emma Kincade. So which is it? Emma or Cate?”

“Would you believe my name is actually Jack?”

He ignored that quip. Next was my cellphone which he quickly discarded. Then he found the Glock and slowly lifted it out of the bag. “Well, what do we have here?”

“Protection,” I replied. “Some girls keep mace in their bag. I keep a gun in mine.”

He then found the magazine, slid it in, and chambered a round. I wasn’t surprised when he pointed my own gun at me.

Oh, fuck. 

“Do I need to repeat myself? My ass is on the line, and I promised I would show both of you.”

I glanced over to Chloe who had a shocked expression that this dude just pulled a gun out at a photoshoot. I looked to my side, and picked up the lingerie he got for me. “Oh, did I say, ‘No’? I meant, ‘no problem’. Can I get changed in the bathroom?” 

“Go. And make it quick.”

Well, this answers the question of whether I would dress femininely if I had a gun pointed at my head.

I slid off the bed and finally noticed there was another guy sitting silently in a chair in front of the door of the hotel room.

“Don’t get any funny ideas, Emma,” Jacob warned.

I slowly walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.



I quickly looked at my surroundings. A typical hotel bathroom. Towels. Shampoo. Conditioner. No weapons. I could strangle him with the hairdryer’s power cord, but that would require time and getting in close quarters with him.

“You have one minute,” he yelled through the door.

I was going to have to improvise then. Catch him off-guard.

I quickly pulled off my clothes. My hoodie, T-shirt, jeans, socks, and shoes. I stood there in my underwear and looked at the lingerie. How does this even go on?

“Thirty seconds.”

Shit. I quickly took off my bra and panties and put on this small contraption of fabric. I looked in the mirror and felt awkward. I looked awkward. The sheer fabric and lace was virtually transparent.

“Five sec-”

I opened the door and he was standing right there.

Jacob looked me over from head to toe with a creepy-ass smirk. “Now that’s better.”

I picked up my clothes, exited the bathroom, and walked over to the makeshift photo studio. As I did so I looked around for potential weapons. He still had my Glock. He’d have to eventually put it down if he wanted to take pictures. Then we have hangers in the closet, various electronics, but those presented the same problem as the hair dryer.

He motioned me over in front of the backdrop with my gun.

I threw my clothes onto the bed and did as he commanded. I was cold in this skimpy get-up. It made me yearn for the LBD that my friends loaned me for Lunacy. Jesus, that seemed like a lifetime ago now. Despite being cold - inside I was fuming.

My only play at this moment was to do what he asked and catch him off-guard. Grab my Glock, fuck this guy up, then get his buddy to let us go.

He stuffed the gun into the back of his pants and got behind the camera. “Alright, Emma, let’s see what you got.”

I did a few awkward poses. I considered posing my middle finger, but decided that wouldn’t improve the situation.

“I need more,” he said. “Sexier. You did better poses for me over our video chat last month.”

You son of a bitch. I’m going to break you. I swallowed hard. Since this was a life or death scenario, I tried to do better. I was doing this to get out of here. To help Chloe get out of here. To prevent these fuckers from doing this to someone else.

“Chloe, join Emma,” he directed.

Chloe stood next to me and struck a pose.

“Now make out.”

“You can’t be serious,” I said.

He motioned behind him for the Glock.

“Fine,” I said.

I grabbed Chloe's hand and pulled her close to me. I could see in her eyes that she was scared shitless. I would be too. Who knows why she came. If her story was anything like Emma’s, Jacob lured her here with promises to make it big in modeling. Maybe Jacob even pretended to be boyfriend material. Chloe must now realize this whole thing was a ruse. The look of betrayal was apparent.

“Don’t be scared,” I told her. “Just follow my lead and we’ll get through this.” I pulled her in for a kiss. It was gentle at first. Kissing someone at gunpoint is like kissing that old-crazy-distant-relative goodbye. Not very intimate. We did our best.

“More intimacy,” he called out, almost reading my mind.

I French kissed her and I could feel her shaking under my hands. I then moved to kiss her neck then nibble on her ear. As I did, I whispered. “I’m an undercover cop. You’re in trouble. I’m going to get you out of here.”

I felt her nod her head as we resumed kissing.

There was a knock at the door, but Jacob and his partner ignored it.

Another knock. “Housekeeping,” a voice said. A voice that sounded familiar. 

They ignored it again.

More knocks. “Housekeeping,” the voice sternly repeated. It had a pretentious snark to it. I recognized it. From a very different place and situation. Almost like… Kayla? No. Couldn’t be.

Jacob turned to the door guy. “Make her get lost.”

Since Jacob was distracted, Chloe and I stopped our forced makeout session and watched.

The doorman opened the door slightly and said, “We’re busy.”

The person on the other side of the door pushed it open far enough to let an orange cat rush into the room.

“What the fuck?” the doorman exclaimed.

“Oh, no, bad kitty!” the voice scolded. By now the door had swung open and I could see Kayla standing there in street clothes. We both made eye contact. I mouthed “help” while everyone was distracted by the cat.

The cat came over to my leg and rubbed against it as if it knew me. “Sam?” I whispered. I heard the cat purr.

“What the fuck kind of hotel is this?” Jacob burst out.

The cat hissed then darted back toward the door.

“We don’t want to be interrupted,” Jacob called out angrily to Kayla.

Kayla looked directly at Jacob and informed him, “You don’t want extra sheets or blankets?.”

Jacob’s partner shut the door.

“I can fluff your pillows,” she said from behind the closed door.

Jacob turned back towards Chloe and me, who had stopped to watch the chaos. “Let’s resume, shall we?”

Chloe and I resumed our kissing. I held her gently. In my mind, I grew more confident knowing that Sam and Kayla were here. They weren’t my usual backup, but I had no choice but to trust them.

“Enough with the sweet and sentimental stuff,” Jacob complained. “I want sexier. Someone grab some tits and ass.”

Just then the phone rang, and we both stopped. Chloe and I made eye contact. I could see the fear in her eyes. This isn’t what she signed up for. I pulled her in tight to keep her from breaking down. 

Jacob picked it up. “Hello? …What do you mean my card was declined? I just paid for it. …No, I don't want to come to the front desk. …Fine, I’ll send someone down. Hey, your goddamn housekeeping is intrusive and you have stray cats running around.” He hung up and turned to the doorman. “Darryl, go to the front desk, and work out whatever the fuck they want.”

Darryl left the room.

“Fuck with the interuptions,” he growled. He glared at us. “Fucking resume!”

We started making out again. But I suddenly became more confident. I nibbled on Chloe’s ear and whispered. “Help is on the way. Just a little longer.”

She subtly nodded.

“What are you whispering?” he asked.

“Sweet nothings,” I replied, looking at him. “I’m encouraging her. She’s doing great.”

“Fuck, this is so hot,” he said, grabbing his crotch through his pants.

I whispered to Chloe again, “We’re going to get through this.”

Jacob stood up and with a grin walked over to us. He grabbed our panty-clad bottoms. “Maybe I can get in on this hot lesbian action?”

“I’m going to break that hand if you don’t remove it.” I said.

With that he smacked my face. 

Fuck that stung! Now I really am going to break that hand.

“Enough mouthing off. I want you two to remove each other’s tops,” he directed.

I looked at him. I needed to stall for time. “What about the talent agent?”

“Oh, he’s coming. I want to make sure I get my cut first. He’ll come… after I come.”

Very, clever, you sick fuck. 

He caressed my bare arm, then Chloe’s. “Oh my client is going to love you both.”

“Client?” I asked. “I thought you said we were seeing a talent agent.”

“No. My clients pay good money for young girls like you. This one only needs one of you. But I’m sure I can find another buyer for the other.”

Tears were streaming down Chloe’s cheek now. I needed to stall for time.

“Hey, Jake, it’s cold in here,” I said, rubbing my arms. “This clothing doesn’t exactly hold in heat. How about turning up the temperature?”

Chloe quickly nodded her head in silent agreement.

“Fucking bitches,” Jake muttered as he walked over to the thermostat. He flicked the lever all the way over. Then he turned back to us. “Now, quit wasting time and get back to removing your clothing.” 

I knew I needed to keep stalling to slow this down, so I had to resist as much as I could. “Fuck, no. That’s called child porn, Jake.”

“What do you think we’re doing here?” he screamed. “Making romantic comedies?”

He then pulled the Glock out of his pants and pointed it at me. “You, sit down.” Then he pointed it at Chloe. “You, on your knees.”

Chloe knelt down. We were running out of time.

“It’s time you paid me for my troubles,” Jacob announced.

“Don’t do it, Chloe,” I said. Come on Sam. Kayla. Make your move.

Jacob looked at me. “Maybe you want to go first?”

Then I heard the door unlock and the doorman came back into the room.

Me and the doorman made eye contact. He had orange eyes. Sam.

I turned to Jacob. “Maybe I’d be more grateful if you didn’t have a gun pointed at me.”

“Down on your knees!” He demanded, gesturing with my gun.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” I said.

“Piss yourself.”

“I’m on the rag, asshole.”

He then got up close and pressed the gun to my temple. “You’re a fucking cunt, you know that. I’m going to enjoy taking my cut from you.” He then pushed me towards the bathroom. “Watch her!” he said to the doorman.

I walked to the bathroom and looked at the doorman. As I walked in, he followed me and shut the door. 

I leaned against the sink, my heart beating thousands of beats per minute. “Fucking hell,” I whispered.

He shifted into Sam, still in Darryl’s clothes. “Now what?” she whispered.

“Oh, I’m so glad to see you,” I whispered back. “I take back any snarky comment I ever said about you shifting into a cat.”

Sam smirked.

“We’re gonna have to take him together,” I explained.

“You’re the cop. The rest of us don’t really have a plan. We thought you were here with a boyfriend. Who's the girl?”

“She’s another victim. We have to get her out of here too. Where’s the real Darryl?”

“He’s unconscious in a maintenance closet. Brett has him tied up.”

“Brett? Were Brett?”

“Yeah, him.”

“Of all people, you brought Brett and Kayla with you? Where’s everyone else?”

“In case you forgot, you didn’t leave campus with many friends.”

Right, I thought. “OK. We outnumber him, but he has my gun. We have to get that from him before he either purposely or accidentally shoots anyone.”

Sam nodded.

“Hurry up!” Jacob yelled from the room.

“I’ll go back out there,” I said. “I’ll pretend I'm getting with his program. You sneak up behind him, and take his gun.”

“Cate, I don’t know about this. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Sam, you’ll do fine.”

Sam then morphed. Her pink shoulder-length hair turned brunette and got longer. Her height decreased a few inches. Then her face softened a little until she was… me. It was surreal to see an almost-identical likeness of Emma standing in front of me. Even with Sam’s orange eyes, of course. I was momentarily stunned. But I bottled my feelings up because we had a job to do.

I nodded and opened the bathroom door. I slowly walked back into the room. 

Chloe was still in the corner of the room scared shitless, and Jacob was standing in the same place I left him, pointing my gun at me.

“Are you done?” Jacob asked. “No more interruptions.”

“I’m done,” I replied. “No more interruptions.”

“Come to daddy and get on your knees.”

I walked to the backdrop so that I forced Jacob’s back to be positioned to the bathroom door, and ideally Sam. I knelt down and prayed to God Jacob would put the gun down.

He unzipped his pants and placed the gun out of reach on the dresser. He saw me eye the gun. “Don’t get any smart ideas.”

Meanwhile, Sam quietly crept into the room and behind Jacob.

Jacob must’ve seen the shocked expression on Chloe’s face because he turned around and saw my twin standing there in Darryl’s clothes. “What the fuck?” He went to retrieve his gun.

Before he was able to get it, I jumped on his back and locked my arms around his neck. Fuck, this was easier when I weighed more.

We both fell down as he struggled to release my chokehold, while Sam grabbed the Glock.

As I held on, he headbutted me and I momentarily lost my grip on his neck. Long enough for him to lunge at Sam.

Sam dropped the gun and it went tumbling towards the door. She was able to crawl back to the gun which was next to the door. She picked the gun up and opened the door at the same time.

Jacob climbed on Sam and put her in a chokehold as the door burst open. Sam wasn’t able to hold onto the gun.

Sam then shifted into a cat and was able to wriggle out of the chokehold.

“What the-” Jacob was left sitting there stunned, holding a pile of Darryl’s clothes.

I stood up and shook off the daze from the headbutt.

Jacob looked up at the open door to find Kayla standing there. 

“Housekeeping,” she smiled.

The gun was between them.

They both lunged for it, but Kayla was quicker. 

She snatched up the gun and held it away from Jacob. “I am here to clean your room. Look at this mess. Leaving your things on the floor. Tsk, tsk.”

As Jacob lunged at Kayla, I yelled, “Robinson, pass.”

Kayla tracked me and flung my gun through Jacob’s outstretched arms and into my waiting hands, just like we were doing at lacrosse tryouts. 

I gripped it. I made the decision to remove the gun from the equation. He was bigger and stronger than us individually. Last thing we needed was for him to take it back from us. The three of us can take him as long as a gun isn't involved. I quickly ejected the magazine and the loaded round and tossed them on the floor. I held onto the gun.

Jacob and I made eye contact. He was furious. He then hopped over the bed and lunged at me.

I managed to swing the unloaded gun and connect the butt with his forehead. I heard a sweet cracking sound.

Fuck, that felt good.

He then jumped on top of me and slammed my head into the wall. 

Fuck, that hurt.

That’s when Kayla and a very naked Sam pulled him off of me.

Jacob was struggling to get free. I walked over and pistol-whipped him again.

Then I remembered what he was about to do to me and Chloe. So I hit him again.

And again.

Now tears were flowing. Fucking emotions.

“You fucking asshole,” I loudly sobbed.

I dropped the gun and started pummeling him with both fists.



“Cate, stop,” Sam said, pulling a blanket off the bed to cover herself. “It’s over. He’s unconscious.”

I looked at Sam and then hit Jacob one last time, for Chloe. He folded over in a bloody mess. 

My fists were also a bloody mess. My face stung from his strike earlier.

I stood up, wiped the tears off my cheeks, collected my thoughts, and tried to regain control of myself.

Just then Brett came into the room. “Holy shit, what happened here?” He saw me. “My God, Cate, what happened?”

We all looked at each other. Me. Kayla. Brett. Sam with the blanket draped over her. And Chloe who was cowering and crying in the corner.

“Sex trafficker,” I said. “We need to turn this fucker in.”

“I have his partner tied up down the hall,” Brett informed us.

Sam walked over to comfort Chloe while Kayla pulled another blanket off the bed to cover up her lingerie-clad body. “It’s going to be OK now,” Sam said softly. “It’s all over.”

Chloe looked at Sam with a confused expression. “You were a cat.”

Sam didn’t acknowledge that.

I picked up the hotel phone, looked at the room number, and called 911. 

“Fox,” Kalya said. “We can’t stay here. We can’t bring attention to TGs or PAA.”

I nodded in agreement. The operator answered and I quickly explained that I was just kidnapped by sex traffickers. I told them my name was Chloe and quickly hung up.

Kayla was examining the camera. “Hey, you better look at this.”

I announced to everyone in the room, “No fingerprints.” I took my shirt from the bed, wiped off the camera where Kayla touched it, and scrolled through the pictures. First were the pictures of Chloe and me Jacob had just taken. Pictures of me unconscious on the bed. But then I saw other girls in more compromised positions. And younger. I felt disgusted and angry. That nausea came back.

“Do you want to destroy that?” Kayla asked.

I stood there a moment and thought of the rational decision. “I uh... I want to,” I then looked at Chloe, “but this is evidence.”

We left the camera alone and grabbed a cord from the back of the TV to tie up Jacob's wrists and ankles. Then I sent Chloe into the bathroom to get dressed. When she came out, it was Sam’s turn. Brett had brought Sam’s neatly folded clothes with him, so Sam went in and got dressed next.

Kayla and Brett came back into the room dragging a tied-up Darryl, who was stripped down to his underwear and moaning through a gag of a pillowcase, and threw him onto the floor next to Jacob. Both were tied up, but I was taking no chances. Unlike the movies, knocked-out people don’t stay unconscious for long, so I expected Jacob to come to very shortly. And he will be pissed. We piled the hotel room furniture on top of them so they wouldn’t be able to move.

We heard sirens in the distance.  Sam came out of the bathroom wearing her weekend clothes.

“Who are you people?” Chloe asked.

Now for the hard part. We all had to get out of here before the police arrived. That meant I had to calm down a confused and shocked Chloe so she could watch over the perps until the police arrived. 

“Chloe,” I said, holding her by the shoulders. “Listen to me. You never saw us. You were able to subdue both of these assholes yourself.”

“I was? How?”

“You don’t remember,” Kayla suggested. “It was all a blur.”

I sat Chloe down on the bed next to me, held her hands, and looked her in the eye. "Chloe," I said softly, "it's all right now. It's over. He's not going to hurt you. We need to leave. I need you to be brave and keep an eye on them until the police arrive. It won’t take long. Can you do that?"

The tears were flowing down her cheeks, but she gave me a determined look and nodded yes.

I got up and quickly grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom. I washed the dried blood from my hands. I looked in the mirror and saw blood streaked across my face. I tried to wash that off, but I couldn’t get all of it. I flung off the lingerie and glanced at the shower. I wanted to clean the filth of this place off of me, but I knew we had to get going. I put my clothes back on. And as I was zipping up my jeans I heard Sam yell, “Chloe, no!”

I rushed out of the bathroom to find a sobbing Chloe pointing my Glock at the now-conscious, but still tied-up, Jacob. She must’ve reloaded it herself. Shit, I was careless to leave it on the bed unattended.

“Chloe, please put the gun down,” I said slowly, “You don’t want to do this.”

“Go ahead, pull the trigger, cunt,” he spat. “You don’t have the guts,” he further taunted.

“He tricked us,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks. “He lied to us.”

“Yes, he did,” I calmly agreed.

“He tried to rape us. He deserves to die.”

“Maybe,” I replied. “But it’s not up to us. This isn’t how it's done.”

“I…I had sex with him last night. He stole my virginity.”

Jacob laughed. “You’re a dirty slut now.”

I placed myself between shit-for-brains and Chloe. “Ignore him.” I sighed. I felt for her. In fact, I wanted to exact vengeance on him too, but I knew from experience that it wouldn’t solve a damn thing. “Chloe. Please put the gun down.”

“I want to kill him. He deserves to die,” she repeated, her shock giving way to anger.

“Yes, he has done horrible things,” I agreed. “To you. To me. To countless other girls.” I glanced at Sam and Kayla. “But nobody is judge, jury, and executioner.”

“He would have raped us.”

“Chloe, listen to me. I was once in your position. Years ago. My partner and I and another guy were in the wrong place at the wrong time. He got spooked and opened fire on me and my partner. My partner was hit. I didn’t hesitate. I fired back and killed the gunman. But why us? Why him? Why then? Why did he have to shoot at us? It took me a long time to get over that. His face still haunts my dreams. I took a life. I can never take back that shot."

“What will happen to them?”

“They will get put away for a long time.”

Chloe was shaking, but slowly handed me the gun.

I took the gun apart yet again, then stuffed the pieces into my backpack.

Chloe walked over and kicked Jacob in the balls as hard as she could. 

He moaned in agony.

“Asshole!” she screamed. She then turned to me. “Sorry.” 

I just shrugged and smiled. "You can’t kill him, Chloe. But, anything short of that is fair game."

“I’m going to fucking kill you,” Jacob yelled, trying to get free.

I grabbed the alarm clock off the nightstand and smashed it over his head. “Snooze, asshole.” This time his head fell back and he was silent.

The sirens were heard outside the hotel window.

“Good luck, Chloe,” I said with a comforting smile.

“Thank you, Emma. You’re like a guardian angel,” she said to me.

I paused at the door and turned to her. “My friends call me Cate.”

Sam, Brett, Kayla, and I quickly fled the room and ran out the rear exit.



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So glad they were able to get to her in time
Edited on

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Same! This chapter was even rough to write. I know I for one am ready to get back to the main plot.

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Very realistic and tragic chapter.  I can picture the whole scene unfolding.  And things could have easily gone very badly for the kids if Kayla hadn't gotten to the gun first.  Or if they hadn't arrived in the nick of time.  Or...(insert any number of possibilities here).

And I think if I had been in Sam's place I would have shifted into Thor (not "Fat Thor") in the bathroom, snuck up behind Jacob, and done a Gallagher on his head with Mjölnir.  Problem solved.  Permanently.

(For any millennials reading this, Gallagher was an entertainer whose stage act consisted of smashing things like watermelons with a giant sledgehammer.)

I hope Cate is able to check on Chloe, perhaps through Max.  They are like kindred spirits now due to the trauma they experienced together.  Maybe even meet again someday.  Might give them both some closure.

Finally, I think Jacob and Darryl are going to learn a whole new definition of 'sex trafficking' where they are headed.

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I am glad that this wasn't stretched out longer.  It was entirely too close to reality for my comfort. I was debating whether I was even going to continue reading when I saw where this was heading.

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That was my fear when I decided this is how Cates trip would go. I made sure to not drag it out beyond this chapter.

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I agree with FayeBliss. I too had trouble getting passed the start. I hope we will find out what happens to Chloe and the rest of the gang! keep up the great work..

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