Interlude 6 - Julia’s Story

Cate Fox and the Case of the Fading Magic by Emily

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Content Warning: Identity Death

Julia was in post-coital bliss this morning. The sun shone brightly through the windows as she was spooning with Allister, the love of her life.

She couldn’t imagine a better life. She lived with her boyfriend, in a large luxurious house. She didn’t need anything. Allister would dote on her with clothes and gifts.

There was a knock at the front door. 

Both Julia and Allister groaned at being disturbed. 

Another knock.

Then the door exploded off the hinges. “Police!” a male voice yelled.

The couple sprung up. Allister got out of the bed, looking for his clothes. Julia covered herself with the comforter.

The intruders burst into the room and Julia screamed.

“Allister Rowlings, you’re under arrest,” the first officer barked.

Allister looked at the intruders and noticed their uniforms looked nothing like the local police department. “Who are you? You aren’t the police. What jurisdiction are you?”

None of them responded.

“What am I under arrest for?” He demanded to know.

“Practicing magic without a license and Identity Murder,” one officer responded.

“It wasn't me, I swear.”

“We know this girl wasn’t originally a girl.”

“What’s going on Allister?” Julia pleaded, her eyes tearing up.

“It’s nothing, sweetheart.” He turned to the police. “It’s not my fault! I swear. Someone else did it!”

“Miss, how old are you?” another officer asked.

“14,” Julia timidly replied, covering more of herself up with the bedding.

That officer turned to Allister with a sneer. “Add sex with a minor to the list of charges.”

“No! I finally found a girl who isn’t a fucking judgmental prick! Don’t take her away from me!”

“What’s your name, miss?” another officer asked.


“Do you know what you’re doing here?”

“Yeah. Allister is my boyfriend. We live together. I don’t understand what’s going on.”

“Do you remember anything about your past life?”

“Don’t answer that!” Allister screamed.

“My what?” Julia asked, not understanding the question.

“Where do you go to school?” the officer continued.

“I…” she stammered. It was a simple question. Of course she went to school. But which one? When was the last time she was there? It was like trying to remember a dream. “I don’t know.”

A cop threw Allister against the wall and handcuffed him.

“I love you, Julia!” he exclaimed. “I swear I’ll make this right.”

“Yeah, sure,” one of the cops scoffed. “Identity Murder will get you life.”

“Miss, please get dressed,” a female officer instructed. She motioned everyone else to leave the room.

“I don't understand what’s happening,” she cried.

All of the male officers dragged Allister out of the room. He kept screaming about the women in the city not knowing about decent men. That left just the female officer there. She closed the door behind them.

When Julia was dressed, the female officer sat on the bed and reached out to hold her hand. “I’m Officer Carter,” she introduced herself. “You can call me Christine. I’m here to help you, sweety.”

Julia nodded.

“How long have you been living with Mr. Rowlings?”

“Um, about a month. I think.”

“And before that?”

“I- I don’t know.” Julia was panicking now. Why couldn’t she remember? “No. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m confused.” Now she was crying and scared. She wanted Allister back. “I want to see Allister. Let me see Allister!” 

“Do you know anything about your life before you met Mr. Rowlings?”

“Of course! I… uh…I….”

“Where did you live before here?”

“I don't know.”

“Do you have any parents?”

“Of course! They’re… they’re….” Julia was crying now. She had to have had parents, right? Why can’t she remember them?

“How did you meet Mr. Rowlings?”

“I- I don’t know. I- He took me in.”

* * * 

Two Months Ago

George and Allister were best friends. They met in high school and quickly developed a companionship because they were interested in the same things. Usually video games, Pokémon, Dungeons and Dragons, and the shared experience of being ostracized from the popular crowd.

George had a problem with his vision and acne, which branded him a geek or a nerd. Allister however, could’ve been attractive, but instead focused on being counter-culture and antagonizing everyone else for being sheep or posers. He didn’t want to associate with any cliques because that would be too mainstream. So he hung out with George because George was another outsider and he would listen to Allister’s rants.

As they got older, Allister got angrier and angrier, blaming everyone else for his problems. If it wasn’t the popular cliques, it was the teachers. Then after they graduated, it was the government or the media.

George just enjoyed having a friend to talk to and hang out with - even if that means Allister did most of the talking.

When they were in their early 20s Allister’s parents kicked him out. George, being the loyal friend he was, offered to leave his own parent’s house and room with him so they could save on rent.

After an extensive search, they found an estate sale. The house was fully furnished, but in disrepair. It was all they could afford on their meager salaries. George had a temp job, and Allister was working at a game store.

The house looked like it had been gorgeous back in the day. It was large, spacious, and had an early 20th century elegance. It just looked like it hadn’t been cared for in decades. George and Allister pooled their money and afforded a down payment for it. They just had no money to repair it. But that was fine. The two were excited about living the bachelor life.

There were two bedrooms. The master bedroom and a pink bedroom. They drew straws, and Allister was the one who won the master suite.

George stood in his new bedroom. He was taken aback on how bright it was. The walls were a light shade of pink, with all of the furniture being white. The curtains were another shade of pink with various gold and lavender accents. 

“It’s pink,” George observed, flatly. “It’s very… pink.” George wanted to paint it, but food and electricity were a higher priority at the time.

It was George who found the magic first. A trap door under an area rug. It led to a small crawl space full of old boxes and books. George showed Allister and they both inspected it. There it was - a book on magic. 

George laughed it off as a fake. “We can incorporate some of this crap into our D&D game!”

“Sure,” Allister said, curiously skimming through the book.

* * * 

Over the next week, George observed something different about Allister. He was a little more eager to go to work, and when he did come home, he kept to himself.

Until one day, Allister came home with a girl.

“George, this is Donna,” he announced to the attractive redhead standing at the door. She didn’t seem very emotive. She was staring off into space.

“Donna?” George asked. He remembered Allister complaining about a Donna from work that he didn’t get along with. “Nice to meet you.” He extended his hand. She ignored it.

“Nice to meet you George,” Donna flatly said without making eye contact.

“Watch this, George,” Allister said, holding onto something under his shirt.

“Donna, give me a kiss.”

Donna didn’t question the command. She turned to Allister and kissed him.

“Isn’t that great?” Allister beamed.

George looked at the two of them curiously. It’s almost as if Donna wasn’t even there.

“Hey, we’ll be upstairs,” Allister stated. “Let’s go Donna.” The pair walked to Allister’s room and shut the door.

After hours of loud sex, George finally got fed up and knocked on Allister’s door.

“Yo, Al, can you please keep it down?”

The door opened, and it was Donna standing there naked. “Come in George.”

George curiously followed her to the door and looked in. Allister was sitting on his bed naked. “George, you have to try this out.”

“What the hell, Al?” George asked.

“It’s this medallion. I can control her.”

“You can… what?”

“She was a stuck up bitch today, and I changed her tune.”

“That’s messed up,” George said.

“Donna, give George head.”

Naked Donna fell to her knees and grabbed at George’s pants.

“No wait, I’m fine,” George said, swatting her hands away.

“Don’t be a party pooper,” Allister chided. “This is the best thing to ever happen to us. The women in the city are all stuck up and prefer dating superficial guys. Not real guys like us. We can change that. We could have any girl in this city. And I do mean any girl!”

George defensively crossed his arms and took a step back towards the door. “I dunno, Al, I kinda prefer dating the old-fashioned way.”

“The old-fashioned way?” Allister questioned, sitting up. “Like begging and pleading on dating apps? Like having to pay for dinner when she's clearly not interested? Like trying to strike up a conversation at a bar only for her to run away to her friends? It’s hard to be a man in the 21st century with the media pushing the narrative that all men are awful. Not anymore. It’s time for us to take back the power.”

“Take back the power? Can you hear yourself?”

“When was the last time you got laid, George?”

“It doesn’t matter. I had a few dates last year.”

“How many lead to sex?”

“It didn't matter, they weren’t a match.”

“But this medallion changes that. We never have to worry about being a match again.” 

“This isn’t right, Allister.”

Allister’s expression changed to one of anger. One George was very familiar with when Allister didn’t get his way. “Are you going to rat me out?”

“What? Of course not. I’m your friend.”


George retreated to his room, and started searching the internet for repercussions of using magic. He found a lot of conspiracy sites. One such site mentioned a shadow organization designed to keep it covered up.

Meanwhile, Allister sent Donna home. He was worried about his friend ratting him out. Allister studied the magic book some more and found one page that might solve both of his problems. The spell required a lot of work. It would require 10 days of gradual reinforcement with the medallion. Allister stood in the hallway and watched his best friend lying down in his pink room, and a maniacal smile formed on his face. This would be perfect - and nobody will know!

* * *

Day 0 - Monday

George came from work exhausted. He hated temp work. He got a history degree hoping it would lead to some career. Not a temp job where he’s doing data entry for an insurance company.

He walked through the door and Allister was in the kitchen. This time, there was no Donna, George was relieved that maybe he got through to him.

“Welcome home, George!” Allister greeted him cheerfully as George walked into the kitchen.

“Are you… making dinner?” George said, surprised. Typically Allister ordered out. 

 Allister put down what he was doing and gave George a hug. “I wanted to make a special dinner for a special friend and housemate.”

“Oh - ok, cool.” George felt awkward - for a moment. That was weird. Allister wasn’t really the touchy feely kind of guy. But that thought soon passed. Allister felt warm and inviting.

When the hug was over, Allister returned to cutting up some food. “George, I know you’re running low on cash, so I bought you some clothes.”

“You bought me clothes?” George asked. George considered that weird. Especially since Allister didn’t make much more than George did. And of course buying each other clothes wasn’t a thing guys did for each other. “We don’t really share the same style.”

“Yeah, check it out.” Allister wiped his hands on a dishrag and led George into George’s bedroom. On the bed were various shirts and jeans.

“Al, you shouldn’t have.” George held up a shirt. The shirt looked a little frilly and feminine. “This definitely isn’t my style.”

“I bet you’ll look gorgeous in that.” Allister responded with a smile. Did he have a hand in his pocket?

A warmth filled George. “Gorgeous?” George repeated. The word echoed in his head, taking his mind off Allister’s hidden hand. Gorgeous wasn’t really a goal of his - but the way Allister smiled, made him nod. George supposed he could look gorgeous if he had help.

Next up were fashionable ripped jeans. Then a package of multi-colored briefs. “Sorry, I’m a boxers guy.”

“Try them, you’ll be in love with them.”

The same feeling filled George. He nodded. “Um, OK.” He shook the fog out of head. “Maybe I’ll try them on later - or in the morning.”

* * *

Day 1 - Tuesday

When George got ready to work in the morning, he was tired and exhausted, and he went through his morning routine on auto-pilot. Except he automatically picked the new clothes Allister bought him. When he looked in his mirror, he realized what he had put on. They were certainly feminine. The shirt clung to his shape, and had a wide collar. The jeans were skinny jeans and were high-waisted and showed his ankles.

He went to show Allister that this outfit was too feminine when Allister spotted him and smiled. 

“You - look - amazing.”

George was certain Allister was holding something, but he felt that familiar warmth and blushed. “I do?”

“You do. Have a good day at work.” Allister hugged George goodbye.

George was starting to get used to these hugs. Allister was a good hugger. Wait - what was that? “Whoa, did you just grab my ass?”

“Guilty,” he smiled. “You have a nice ass, George.” He slapped it.

George blushed again. “I should be going.”

Later in the day, George stared at the mirror. He never realized he had such nice curves. Allister was right, the jeans looked great on him. And wow, he never noticed he had a nice bubble-butt. They made his hips look wide and his legs look long and sexy.

He also noticed his acne was clearing up. He ran a hand over his cheek and also realized it was smooth. Which was weird since he hadn’t shaved in a couple days.

* * *

Day 4 - Friday

Over the next three days, more outfits appeared similar to Tuesdays. George got used to the style and didn’t comment on it other than to thank Allister for his generosity.

On Friday, George opened his drawer to find that his briefs had been replaced with panties. “Where did those come from?” he asked himself

“Hey, Allister, I think there’s been some mistake?” he said.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Allister asked. Allister had been starting to give George terms of endearment. At first it was strange. There was something wrong that George couldn’t put a finger on. But those feelings of worry passed as dopamines filled his body. George started to like the attention, so he played along. He even started calling Allister “sweety.”

“These are panties,” George complained, holding up a striped pink and yellow pair.

“But that’s the underwear you specifically asked for,”

“I did?” George was confused. He didn’t ask Allister to buy anything. He only complimented how his new favorite briefs felt.

“Yes. The ones that don’t show through your clothes and make your ass look awesome.”

“Oh, right,” George agreed. The briefs did make his ass look good, but the line of the briefs could be seen through his new skinny jeans.

The friends hugged, and George felt his chest bump into Allister. His nipples had been sensitive all day, so he flinched.

“Is something wrong?” Allister asked, concern showing on his rugged face.

“It’s nothing, my chest hurts a little.” George replied

“Let me see.”

George hesitated a moment, but remembered they’re both guys, then pulled his top off to expose his chest. He felt vulnerable standing there topless. He also thought it weird that his pecs were a little puffy.

Allister gently caressed one of George’s nipples, causing a shockwave of pleasure to radiate through his body.

George closed his eyes and let out a soft moan, the cupped his mouth in embarrassment. Before he could apologize, Allister flashed a smile. 

“You’re so pretty,” Allister whispered in George’s ear, his hot breath fanning a fire deep inside him.

George blushed again. Never in the years they’ve been friends, has Allister been so… intimate. He wondered why Allister had a problem dating girls when he was so… tantalizing.

“Check your other dresser drawer, babe.”

George opened the drawer to find assorted training bras. “Bras?” Warning bells were going off in George’s head. Something was wrong.

Cute bras,” Allister clarified.

George suddenly lost his focus and repeated, “Yes. Cute bras.”

“They’ll help with the sensitivity.”

“Oh, OK.” George said. He wasn’t so confident about that, but if Allister said so, then it must be true. He looked down at his chest. He could’ve sworn this chest was puffier after Allister touched it. He should probably see a Doctor, but Allister seemed confident they didn’t need to.

When George was alone he stood in front of his mirror in the bra and panties. He had to admit - he did look cute. The underwear hugged and accentuated his thin waist and long legs. He was a bit concerned that “Little George” was too small to make a bulge in the panties. He wondered if it was worth alerting Allister about it.

He even looked thinner. He thought, “The great all-natural dinners Allister lately has been making for me must be helping me lose weight.”

He also noticed his hair was much lighter. It used to be black, now it was brown with blond highlights. Maybe it had something with the new shampoo and conditioner Allister got him. Could he be allergic?

* * *

Day 7 - Monday

It was Monday morning again, and George was at his job. 

He was in a funk and not feeling right. He couldn’t pinpoint it. Maybe it was the way his co-workers looked at him this morning. Was it his new wardrobe? When he wasn’t at home, there was also something in the back of his mind screaming that this was wrong. But that voice disappeared when he was home with Allister.

He went to the restroom at work, feeling awkward at the urinals where men gave him a weird look as if he didn’t belong. After sitting to pee, and washing his hands, he looked in the mirror.

His reflection in the mirror showed an androgynous person. The haze lifted from his brain.

“What am I wearing?” George finally said. It had seemed that George was under a spell where he was doing everything that Allister suggested. But thinking clearly now, George was horrified that he was wearing women’s clothes - which he had been voluntarily putting on for the past week!

It wasn’t just that. His hair was blond now, and had grown to be shoulder length. There was no doubting that his puffy chest was budding breasts, which were now nestled into a bra. His flared hips gave him an hourglass figure.

“He’s turning me into a girl,” he mumbled to himself. Not only that, as he realized Allister was buying him gifts and calling him terms of endearment. “He’s turning me into his girlfriend.” He stood at the mirror for a long moment before deciding he had to do something when he got home. “That magic medallion.” he finally realized. “Allister’s getting back at me for chastising him about Donna. I need to confront him about this.”

Before he left for work, he sent a casual email to one of those anonymous magic sites. The one with the shadow organization. The Order of… something. Hoax or not, this thing with Allister was starting to worry him.

When George got home, he walked up to his housemate like a man on a mission. “Allister, we need to talk.”

“What’s up hon?” Allister smiled.

George lost focus at Allister calling him that. “You’re doing… something.” He had come to confront Allister about… what was it? There was something Allister was doing wrong, but suddenly George couldn’t remember what it was.

Allister realized George’s discomfort. “How about I cheer you up by renting a new movie to stream.”

“A movie?”

“Yeah, a movie night.”

George slowly nodded. He was unsure. There was something he wanted to say but he forgot what it was. Something he was upset about. Allister smiled, and George dismissed it. “How could I be upset at that smile?” he thought.

“Why don’t you try on that new skirt I got you?” Allister suggested.

“Skirt?” George asked. Sure enough, he walked to his room and found a new skirt on the bed. He looked at it and was about to protest, but his head kept repeating to him that if Allister suggests it, it must be good. The words gorgeous and pretty were echoing in his head. The skirt was pretty and he wanted to look gorgeous for Allister. As he took off his jeans, all of his reservations started to fade and he pulled the skirt up over his hips. It fit perfectly as if George had the perfect hips.

When George went downstairs he made some popcorn for him and Allister. “Should I get us separate bowls?”

“Nah,” Allister declined. “We can share.”

George was OK with that and settled onto the couch next to Allister.

Allister put the bowl on his lap. George felt a little weird reaching over so close to Allister to grab a helping of popcorn, but it became no big deal.

In the middle of the movie, Allister put his arm around George and ever so slowly pulled him closer.

Again George thought it was a little weird, but like his hugs, being in Allister’s arms made him feel better about everything.

Slowly George leaned more and more into Allister. George found that he was getting turned on by Allister’s cologne. He hoped Allister wouldn’t notice the bulge tenting his skirt. That would be super embarrassing. George reminded himself that he wasn’t gay, but Allister certainly had an effect on him. Did Allister change something? If so George liked this new Allister.

Allister moved the empty bowl away and placed his free hand on George’s thigh.

George wanted to protest, “I’m not gay.” But the words didn’t come out because George felt safe with this new Allister. “Allister wouldn’t do anything inappropriate,” George reminded himself.

That’s when Allister’s hand drifted further up George’s bare thigh. 

George could’ve moved Allister’s hand away, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. He didn’t want to. Instead his small member got more and more engorged. George kept reminding himself he wasn’t gay, but instead of protesting or resisting, he secretly wanted Allister to keep going.

Allister’s hand reached under George’s skirt and to his crotch and slowly rubbed George’s shrunken member through his panties. George hoped Allister wouldn’t judge him on the size of his member.

Allister’s scent was intoxicating as George leaned into him and buried his head into Allister’s neck. A voice in the back of his mind tried to remind him that he wasn’t gay.

Before long, George’s hips were slowly bucking against Allister’s hand. George felt a building orgasm. All protests of George’s sexuality evaporated at the moment of release as he ejaculated into his panties.

George asked to be excused. He was giddy after the orgasm. He cleaned up, put on a new pair of panties, and returned to the couch to cuddle next to Allister. Before long, George fell asleep in Allister’s strong embrace.

* * *

Day 10

George’s temp job came to an end and he had nothing else lined up. He came home and disappeared into his room, crying that he couldn’t find a job. Allister came into the room and sat with him, petting George’s back. George had never cried in front of another guy before, but Allister encouraged him to be open about his feelings. He found it easy to confide in Allister. And thus easier to cry.

Allister comforted him. “George, everything will be OK.”

“But how will I pay our mortgage?” he asked, wiping a tear from his cheek. 

“Mortgage? Babe, you're too young to have a mortgage.”

“Oh,” George replied. That didn’t make any sense, but he believed it because Allister said it. “Are you going to kick me out?”

“I’m not going to kick you out, honey.”

“You’re not?”

“No, of course not.”

“You’re too good to me, Allister.”

“Listen, George,” Allister instructed as he grabbed the shot glass he brought into the room earlier. The final step in the transformation. “Drink this.”

George picked up the shot and looked at it. It didn’t look like any alcohol he’d ever seen. It was clear with a swirling pink glow to it. George couldn’t keep his eyes off the glittery drink.

“To your future,” Allister said, toasting with his own shot of plain rum.

The clinked glasses and both downed their respective liquids.

“Now,” Allister said, grabbing the golden medallion around his neck. “Look at this medallion.”

“So pretty,” George thought. He recognized it. But he couldn’t remember from where.

“Now repeat after me.”


“Everything will be OK.” His voice was very comforting.

“Everything will be OK.”

“Allister will protect me.” His voice was like hot steam soaking into George’s skin.

“Allister will protect me.”

“I like all of the pretty things Allister has bought me.”

George giggled, “I like all of the pretty things Allister has bought me.”

“I like being a beautiful girl.”

“I like being a beautiful…” George thought that was weird and blinked.

“Girl,” Allister repeated, a little more forcefully.

“Girl.” George started to feel warm and tingly. He started to feel sleepy too. What was in that shot?

“I like being a beautiful girl.”

“I like being a beautiful girl,” George repeated with ease, his mind starting to drift. 

“Focus only on Allister’s voice.”

“Focus only on Allister’s voice.” It was getting hard to focus on anything but Allister’s voice.

“Allister will take care of me.”

“Allister will take care of me.” George was getting tired. He felt his arms and shoulders go limp by his side.

“Because he is my boyfriend.”

“Because he is my boyfriend.” George looked at him and smiled. “Really?”

“Really.” Allister smiled. He jingled the medallion in front of him so George would refocus on it. “I don’t need a job because Allister will take care of me.”

“I don’t need a job because Allister will take care of me.” George was having a hard time keeping his eyelids open. He felt so warm. So safe. Allister’s presence was like a warm blanket that George wanted to wrap himself up in.

“I’m feeling sleepy. But I am safe with Allister.”

“I’m feeling sleepy. But I am safe with Allister.” At that moment George’s heavy eyelids closed.

“My name is Julia.”

“My name is Julia.” George’s voice trailed off. There was something George wanted to say. Something he wanted to correct. But he couldn’t remember what that was. It was there, and then it wasn’t.

“George doesn’t exist.”

“George doesn’t exist.”

“It hurts if I think of George.”

“It hurts if I think of George.” He suddenly got the chills thinking of-

“I don’t need a job because I’m only 14.”

“I don’t need a job because I’m only 14.”

“Allister supports me.”

“Allister supports me.”

“Allister is my everything.”

“Allister is my everything.”

“Julia, wake up.”

George slowly opened his eyes. Something wasn't right. He felt different. He felt small. He had a hard time focusing on what he was doing or where he was. He started to panic. He couldn’t remember anything. Why was he crying earlier? What was his name?

“I want you to tell me who you are and why you’ll be OK,” Allister gently commanded.

George took a deep breath and smiled. He knew exactly who he was. “I’m Julia,” she said. Suddenly she started to feel better. “I’m a beautiful girl.” She started to breathe normally. “Everything will be OK because I’m with my boyfriend, Allister. I don’t need a job because I’m with you.” She gasped as all of the worries and concerns of the day left her mind. Along with… with. There was something else there. Or was it someone?

“Julia, do you feel better?”

“I feel great, Allister,” she said with a smile. She crossed her legs - a motion that seemed new yet comfortable and leaned towards her boyfriend. “Thank you so much for taking me in.”

“I love you Julia.”

“I love you too, Allister.”

Allister grabbed Julia by the back of her neck and pulled her into a kiss. 

Julia closed her eyes as she leaned in. Something, or someone, was screaming in the back of her head, but that too slowly faded as they touched lips.

That night, while getting undressed, Julia stood in front of the mirror naked. She was gorgeous. She had blond hair and a nice petite figure. Other girls her age would be jealous. It took her by surprise for a moment, but she wasn't sure why. Almost as if… as if. That thought drifted away too as she put on her new pajamas. The silky material felt heavenly on her hairless skin.

“Julia,” Allister called from the doorway.

“Yes, sweetie?” she responded.

“How about you quit sleeping in the guest room and start sleeping in my room with me. Would you like that?”

She smiled. “Oh, yes. I would love to.”

He held out his hand and she gingerly gave it to him. She had the perfect life.

* * *

Two Months Later

Julia sat on the cot rocking back and forth. Her whole life had been turned upside down. Strangers kept telling her that her boyfriend ‘made’ her. How crazy is that? That she used to be a guy. No way! Julia was always a girl. All of her 14 years. Or was it two months?

Her head hurt. She didn’t believe any of them. She knows who she is.

She’s Julia. She’s a beautiful girl. Everything will be OK. Allister will be back to pick her up.

After the police took Allister away, she found herself at some cold state institution. Since she was 14 and had no guardians, this is where the state placed her.

An older woman stopped by her room. “Julia,” she softly called out.

“Yeah?” she looked up. “I want to see my boyfriend!” she cried out.

“That’s not going to happen, dear. Can you tell me who you are?”

“I’m Julia,” she recited. “I’m 14 years old. I’m a beautiful girl. Everything will be OK because I’m with my boyfriend Allister. I don’t need a job because I’m with him. I love Allister and he loves me.”

“He brainwashed you.”

“I want Allister!” she screamed.

The lady sat on the cot next to Julia. “My name is Ms. Hathaway. I’m the headmistress for a special school.”

“I don’t want to go to school. I want Allister!” she pouted.

“Allister was put away. For a very long time. You’re 14, with no parents or guardians. I’m offering you a home.”

“When can I see Allister?”

“You can’t.”

“I don’t believe any of this!”

“That’s irrelevant my dear. You need a place to stay. I’m offering a life much better than this.” She pointed to the empty cold white room. “We can give you help.”

“I have a good life. With Allister.”

Ms. Hathway took Julia’s hand. “My dear. That’s not a life you can go back to. I’m offering a better life than you being bounced around random foster homes with parents who don’t understand you and other kids who want to take advantage of you.

“Will you force me to be this… guy everyone tells me I am?”

“No,” the headmistress replied. “At my academy, we will begin the healing process.”



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So Hathaway can show compassion sometimes

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Sometimes. She believes she's on the side of the good guys in this story.

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