Chapter 5 - The Dance

A Suitable Crush by Emily

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Tristan regained his composure. He felt like the walls were closing in around him. But if he didn’t want to get crushed by his own lies and deceit and lose everything, he had work to do. Before he knew it, Lisa was sitting on her bed, wearing casual clothes and tying the straps on her new high heels. 

She spent the rest of the night making logistical plans for how tomorrow was going to actually work. All while practicing walking around the room in heels. 

Logistical problem, number one. Tristan had to be Ava’s date and Lisa had to be Ryan’s date. The two could never meet, and the time spent as each person had to be balanced.

And if that magic act wasn’t enough, there was logistical problem number two. Tristan was still expected to drive Ava, Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn’s date to the dance. That frustration made him wonder if Ava and Kaitlyn had conspired to use him for his car. Of course, this meant that while Tristan was chauffeuring that group around, Lisa was expected to be taking pictures with Ryan.

Since Ryan knew Lisa was really Tristan, he was the most flexible to plan around.

With that, Tristan determined it was best for Lisa to go home right after school, put on her dress, and head over to Ryan’s house for pictures. Then Lisa would change back into Tristan, and stash the Lisa suit and dress in his trunk. Tristan would go home to drive Ava, Kaitlyn, and her date to the country club, where he would change into Lisa to meet Ryan again.

Tristan thought it was a solid plan. Except for the part where he had to be at the same place and same time as two different people. Ryan, while a pawn in this, would surely want to dance with his date. As well as Ava. He just needed to find a private place at the club to change back and forth and hide the outfits.

* * *

Lisa spent the school day watching the clock. She didn’t have much time to make everything work, so the quicker she got home the better. It helped that the dance was the talk of the school. All of the girls were talking about their dresses and who they were taking.

By lunchtime Lisa was getting overwhelmed. She was getting DMs from Ava and Madeline about the dance. At the same time, Tristan was getting texts from Kaitlyn, Ryan and Ava. Lisa had to pause every time she responded to remember who she was pretending to be in that reply. It was making her head spin.

When the school bell rang, Lisa quickly ran to her car and went home. She wasted no time getting into her dress before Kaitlyn’s bus arrived. She noted how nice it was to not have to get out of the body suit. It made getting ready quicker and more convenient. She took a moment before leaving to stare at herself in the full-length mirror. Despite the anxiety, she was having fun getting dressed up. Then she looked at the clock. She took a deep breath. It was “game time.” She then held her heels and grabbed her clutch as she walked out of the house barefoot and to her car.

She saw the school bus in the distance and took a side street to avoid being spotted.

* * *

When Lisa arrived at Ryan’s, Ryan and his parents were already outside waiting for her - Mr. Moore armed with a large digital camera, and Mrs. Moore with a cell phone. Lisa wryly smiled to herself that they looked like tourists. Ryan was wearing his best suit. A midnight navy pinstripe suit with a red tie to compliment Lisa’s red dress.

She gracefully got out of the car, put on her heels, and slowly walked towards her date, taking care not to trip. Each step along the asphalt driveway, the heels made a click sound. After a few steps, Lisa got more confident and the clicks made her feel sexy.

Thankfully Ryan’s parents were too busy staring at their son’s date to notice that she had a suspiciously similar car to that of his best friend. 

Ryan’s mouth was agape, but his father noticed it and elbowed him.

Ryan quickly ran over to Lisa and held his arm out for her to hold onto. “L-Lisa, you look beautiful,” Ryan said, astounded.

“Thank you, Ryan,” Lisa said, blushing. The couple walked slowly up the rest of the driveway until they stood facing Ryan’s parents. Their cameras were already clicking away.

Ryan’s mom coughed at Ryan, but he was still too shocked to make the introductions. “You must be Lisa,” She said. “We’re Ryan’s parents. It’s so nice to meet you.” She opened her arms for a hug. “I love your dress.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Moore,” Lisa demurely replied. “It’s nice to meet you both as well.”

“I bought you this,” Ryan managed to say, taking a clear plastic box from his mom and holding it up so Lisa could see the corsage inside.

“Thank you,” Lisa said, looking Ryan in the eyes. She suddenly felt guilty. She didn’t buy him anything. Nor did Tristan buy Ava anything. With the chaos that was last night and today, she had completely forgotten. Not that it mattered - she was also out of money.

“I’m sorry it doesn’t match your dress,” Ryan’s mom apologized. “Ryan here, waited until last night to tell me he had a date and needed to buy flowers. They were sold out of everything else.”

Ryan looked embarrassed and annoyed at his mother for ratting him out.

“Oh, it’s OK,” Lisa said, smiling. “It’s the thought that counts.”

Ryan opened the box for her. “It’s a wristlet.”

“Oh, cool, I’ve never worn a wristlet,” Lisa confessed. She was secretly relieved Ryan wouldn’t be pinning a corsage to her dress. She didn't want him accidentally poking holes in the suit. Especially there.

Ryan glared at Lisa with an expression that communicated she needed to stay in character.

“It’s beautiful,” she added. She then held her left arm out for Ryan, and he slid the corsage onto her wrist. Between the sexy dress and dainty flowers, she had indescribable feelings. Despite Lisa’s concern about her plan, she was beginning to enjoy this on some deeper level.

“Alright, let’s get some pictures so you kids can get to your dance!” Ryan’s dad announced.

Ryan’s parents made Lisa and Ryan do a number of poses. Standing next to each other, Ryan with his arms around Lisa. Them holding hands. Fortunately, none of the poses included kissing. Mr. and Mrs. Moore were gushing over each pose and photograph taken. Meanwhile Lisa and Ryan could barely hide their embarrassment.

“Alright!” Ryan’s mom announced. “We won’t keep you two any longer.”

“Have fun, kids!” Ryan’s dad added. “But not too much fun,” he whispered to Ryan.

“Bye Mom, Dad,” Ryan said, glaring at his father.

“It was nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Moore,” Lisa added.

As the parents retreated inside the house, Ryan and Lisa stood next to her car.

“We can take my car,” Ryan offered.

“Wait,” Lisa said with a frown. “I’ve been meaning to tell you something. Don’t be angry.”

“What is it?”

“I, uh, also agreed to go to the dance with Ava - as Tristan.”

“Are you… not going with me?” Ryan looked like he’d just been dumped.

“Oh, no, no - I’m going with you. But…Tristan is going with Ava, too.” She made a “please don’t be mad at me” grin.

Ryan was silent for a moment. He looked hurt. “How exactly is that going to work, Lisa?” The tone of his words were sharp with shock and frustration.

“I’m going to switch back and forth,” Lisa replied as if it was no big deal. “Think of it like Bruce Wayne and Batman. Or maybe Superman. Or Iron Man is a better analogy. I’ll have a change of clothes nearby. I just need to find a place to get changed.”

Ryan shook his head, the hurt very visible. “Tristan, how could you? You know this was important to me.”

“I’m sorry, Ry. She asked me right after I asked you. You know me, I can’t resist her.”

Ryan glared daggers at Lisa. “I just wanted a nice night with my beautiful date. A chance to go to a mixer with a girl. Dance away the evening. Make awesome memories I’ll remember for years to come. You’re making a mockery of this!”

“Look, I’m going to be Lisa for most of the time anyway. Ava only asked me because I was her only safe date. The guy who knows she's a lesbian. And the guy with a car.”

“Then why are you still going with her?”

“Because I love her. I had a lot of fun hanging out with her this week.”

“Tristan, listen to yourself. You didn’t hang out with her this week. Lisa did.”

Lisa didn’t want to fight. “Please, Ryan, can we just get through this? I really need your help. Can I use your bathroom to change back into Tristan? Then we can meet up later at the country club.

“Maybe I should just drop out here and now,” Ryan said angrily. “That would solve all your problems for the evening, wouldn’t it?”

“No, please Ryan. I know how much tonight means to you. You’re the one who really wanted to go to this. Not me. I will make this a special night for you. I promise,” Lisa begged.

“Yeah, sure.” Ryan didn’t sound enthusiastic. “Go ahead, you know where the bathroom is.”

Lisa snuck into Ryan’s house without being seen by his parents, and came out as Tristan with the giant duffel bag and garment bag.

“Thanks man,” Tristan said to his best friend, holding out his hand in a gesture of friendship.

Ryan ignored the outstretched hand. “Go pick up your date, Tristan.”

“It’ll be OK,” Tristan tried to reassure him. Ryan gave him a doubtful look, and turned away.

They both got into their respective cars and left.

* * *

Tristan got home and dashed out of his car and into his house. Kaitlyn was already there dressed in a royal blue velvet dress. She looked more annoyed than usual.

“Wow!” he said, stopping in front of her. “Kaitlyn, that’s a very nice dress,” he said with sincere admiration, and…envy? “I like that color on you.”

She paused for a moment, caught off guard by the compliment. “Where have you been?” she asked with her hands on her hips. “Ava and William are going to be here any minute now.”

“I had to run over to Ryan’s real quick.”

“Ryan has his own date, Tristan. Are you jealous?”

“No, not at all,” he replied. “I couldn’t possibly be jealous of Lisa.” After all, he was Lisa.

She stood there for a moment confused at his answer. “I meant Ryan. Because he’s taking Lisa - and you’re not.”

“Right,” Tristan said with embarrassment. “I was confused. I’m not jealous of either of them. Who is William?”

“William Jackson, my date.”

“Isn’t he gay?”

“He isn’t gay, Tristan,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Come on, hurry up!” she urged, shooing him up the stairs.

Tristan ran up to his bedroom and pulled his go-to suit out of his closet. A classic fitted black suit with polished black shoes. It was the same suit he always used for various school formals, weddings, and funerals. Its last use was his mom and Steve’s wedding.

He quickly put on the white button down shirt, the suit, the shoes, and a green tie to attempt to match Ava’s emerald dress. When he was satisfied with his reflection, he ran back downstairs.

Awaiting him was Ava, who looked gorgeous in the same dress she modeled for Lisa yesterday. And William Jackson, who was in a very loud baby blue suit and pale yellow shirt.

Kaitlyn elbowed Tristan and whispered, “Tell her you like her dress, dope.”

Tristan almost forgot since this wasn’t the first time he saw her in this dress, but it was the first time Tristan was supposed to see it in person. "Ava, you look absolutely gorgeous! That dress is perfect for you. It looks even better in person." 

“Thank you,” she blushed.

“Flowers?” Kaitlyn nudged Tristan.

“Oh,” Tristan said, suddenly embarrassed again. “Sorry, Ava, I wasn’t able to get you a corsage. Apparently they were sold out of everything.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ava consoled him. “It’s my fault for waiting so long to decide to go to this.”

“Anyway, Dad and Melissa are going to want pictures,” Kaitlyn interrupted.

The four teens quickly paired off and took pictures of each other. Tristan kept watching the time. While they weren’t late for the dance yet, he didn’t want to keep Ryan waiting at the dance alone. That would only deepen Ryan’s mood, and wasn’t fair to him either.

While the couples were scrambling to find different poses, Kaitlyn took the opportunity to whisper to Tristan, “Nice suit, Tris.”

“Um, thanks,” was his quiet reply.

“Looks a lot like the one you wore to the wedding. I thought you went out to buy a new one last night.”

Tristan thought quickly. Lies were coming to him much faster these days. “I tried to buy one last night, but they all needed alterations and wouldn’t be ready in time.”

She eyed him with suspicion, but let it drop. She was afraid he’d embarrass her in front of his date and her friends.

When they were done with pictures, they piled into Tristan’s car and headed to the dance. Unlike the trip to the town center, Ava was up front with Tristan, which lightened his mood. He kept glancing her way. This was finally his chance to do something with her that was more than just two friends hanging out.

* * *

Tristan pulled into the country club and looked for a parking spot near the ballroom.

“Why don’t you use the valet service?” Kaitlyn needled him from the backseat. “It’s a dance after all. Be chivalrous.”

Tristan considered it, but he remembered the Lisa suit and dress were in the trunk and he needed easy access to both of them. “I don’t have any money for the tip.”

“What happened to all of that money you got for Christmas?”

He had spent it all to become Lisa, but he certainly couldn’t tell her the truth. “I was in a hurry to get ready, and I forgot it,” he said sheepishly.

“It’s OK, Kate,” Ava said. “I like to walk.”

Tristan parked, and ran around to Ava’s side to help her out of the car.

William followed suit, and the couples headed for the entrance. Tristan began scoping out potential places to change as he walked.

He offered his arm to Ava and she took it. 

“Thank you, kind sir,” she said to him with a giggle.

As they walked through the parking lot to the ballroom, Tristan could hear the click and clack of Ava’s heels and he couldn’t help comparing it to the sound of Lisa’s heels. At that moment he had a very strong desire to change back into Lisa, so he could feel that sexy too. But that would mean leaving Ava’s side. He would have to wait a little longer.

Near the entrance, leaning up against the outside of the building, was Ryan. He and Tristan shared a knowing nod.

As they walked into the ballroom everyone admired the decorations. Except Tristan. Tristan was looking for someplace to stash his baggage and get changed in private.

They found an empty table. The girls put their clutches down, and began to search the crowd for their friends. Tristan felt now was the best time to make the switch.

“I’ll be right back,” he announced to the table. He then made his way to the exit. When he got outside he was met by Ryan. “I’m sorry, dude, I got held up. I can’t find a place to change.”

“There’s a currently unused smaller banquet room on the other side of the building,” Ryan said. “The door is open. Or rather - I paid the kitchen staff to open it.”

Tristan looked at Ryan. “Wow, Thank you. Hey - I’ve treated you like shit. I don't deserve a friend like you.”

“We can get all mushy later. Go get my date!” 

Tristan ran to the car, extracted the bags and ran to the other side of the building where Ryan was waiting and holding the door open.

Tristan walked into the building while Ryan stayed outside and stood guard.

He quickly laid out all of his things then took off all of his clothes. On went the body suit. 

After it was activated, she then got into her dress. She hung up Tristan’s suit on a nearby coat rack and hid the bags underneath. She adjusted the corsage on her wrist then exited the building to join Ryan.

Ryan’s grumpy mood changed the instant he saw Lisa. He smiled, stood up straight, and offered his arm to her.

Lisa gladly took it and was escorted back to the ballroom. As they walked, she savored the moment. The sashay of her hips, the feeling of her dress, the clicking and clacking of her heels. Oh, and the looks the other students gave her. The girls green with envy, and the guys drooling with desire. 

Lisa was everything Tristan wasn’t.

Ryan led Lisa into the ballroom and they chose a table not too far from Tristan’s table.

Before Lisa knew it, Ava, Kaitlyn, Isabella, and Abigail descended upon her.

“Lisa!” Ava gushed, giving her a big hug. 

Even Kaitlyn gave her a hug. “Wow, Lisa, that’s hot.” It was nice to not be treated like the “annoying” stepbrother for a change.

“Ryan,” Ava asked, “can we steal your date for a minute?”

“Yeah,” Kaitlyn added. “Tristan is around here somewhere. You two can get us drinks while we freshen up.”

Before Ryan could respond, Ava tugged Lisa away from the table and towards the women’s restroom.

When they were in the restroom, instead of using the toilets, the girls stood in front of the mirror primping.

“Thank you both so much for talking me into coming,” Ava said, applying lip gloss. “I’m already having so much fun.”

“You’re so welcome,” Kaitlyn said, adjusting her dress in the mirror. “I couldn’t let my best friend stay home alone. I know I’ll have more fun with you here.”

“How are you doing, Lisa?” Izzy asked. “You look overwhelmed.”

Lisa was just happy she didn’t sprain her ankles yet. “I am. I don’t know how to explain it. The dress. The heels, the way everyone is treating me…”

“You feel like a princess?” Abigail asked.

“Yes,” Lisa admitted. “Just like in the movies.”

“Is this the first time you’ve been to a dance?” Kaitlyn asked.

“Yeah,” Lisa absentmindedly replied. She felt like she was dreaming.

“Well, stick with us, girlfriend,” Kaitlyn encouraged, walking over to adjust a wrinkle in Lisa’s dress. “We’ll make sure it’s unforgettable… Hey Lisa, that’s a cute necklace. My mom had one just like it.”

“Oh, this?” Lisa said, clutching the necklace she swiped last night. “I found it at home.”

“Lisa, your date is totally smitten with you,” Izzy gushed.

“Ryan?” Lisa asked. “Nah.”

“They way he looks at you. Like a lost puppy,” Abby added.

“We’re just friends.” Inside, she questioned the accuracy of that statement.

“You could be more if you wanted,” Kaitlyn added. “Unless of course, there’s someone else.”

“Well…there kinda is someone else,” Lisa shyly admitted.

“Whoa! Hold the phone!” Izzy cut in. “Lisa, who else is there? You just moved here.”

“Oh, my God,” Kaitlyn said, eyes wide. “Is it my stepbrother? I could totally put in a good word for you.”

Lisa raised an eyebrow at Kaitlyn. Who is this girl and what did she do with my evil stepsister? “It’s not Tristan.” Lisa and Ava shared a glance, then Ava looked down at the floor.

“Oh, well. I’ll keep trying to clean him up. He’ll get a girlfriend before he leaves for college,” she declared.

Lisa looked curiously at Kaitlyn. Is that what she’s been doing?

“Yeah,” Abby agreed. “Tristan is cute. Kate was trying to set us up, but he was oblivious and didn’t even notice me.”

Lisa stood there stunned. Kaitlyn was trying to set Tristan up with Abby? “You think Tristan is cute?”

“Yeah. He was on my top four list to ask to the dance. But, I was afraid he’d say ‘no’ since I’m Kate and Ava’s friend.”

Lisa continued to stand there, shocked that Abby thought that about Tristan.

“When did you get that dress, Ava?” Izzy asked. “You weren’t dress shopping during our last shopping trip.”

“Oh, Lisa and I went out last night,” Ava replied. “Did some dress shopping, ate dinner.”

“It was so much fun!” Lisa added.

“Didn’t you two also go hiking on Tuesday?” Abby asked.

“Yes, we did.” Ava smiled.

“I have the blisters on my feet to prove it,” Lisa chuckled. It was true, it was just that the blisters were under the suit.

“You’ve been spending a lot of time with each other,” Kaitlyn said cooly, looking suspiciously at Lisa.

There’s the evil stepsister, Lisa thought. That was more like it.

“Wait!” Izzy exclaimed. “Do you hear that song? Let’s go!”

The girls quickly filed out of the restroom and back to the ballroom. Lisa followed them as they started randomly dancing to a popular song.

Lisa looked around at the girls dancing. They were smiling and having fun. Even Kaitlyn. But she had stopped acknowledging Lisa’s presence. So, Lisa did what Tristan would have done, and simply ignored Kaitlyn. She then smiled and danced with the other girls, losing herself in the moment.

The girls returned to their seats, and Lisa was making her way back to Ryan when she saw Madeline.

“Lisa!” she gushed, and gave her a hug.

“Hi, Madeline.”

“You look amazing, girl.”

“Thank you,” Lisa said, striking a pose. “So do you.”

“I have to get back to my date,” she said. “But save me a dance!”

“Will do!”

Lisa sat back down with Ryan.

“You’re a popular girl,” he observed, put off by her absence.

“I don’t know why,” she said. “I’ve only been at the school for four days.”

“You’ve clearly made an impression. Shall we go get food? I’m starving.”

“Let’s,” Lisa replied as they got up and headed to the buffet line.

Lisa and Ryan got their food and sat back down at their table. 

“This is just like lunch time,” Lisa commented. “Don’t eat the green stuff.”

“I dunno,” Ryan disagreed. “This country club’s food looks nothing like our cafeteria. How is Lovelace’s food?”

“Same.” She noticed both of them were nervous. “We sit and eat lunch all of the time, why is this so different?”

“The music is louder and we’re dressed…” Ryan looked at Lisa’s cleavage, ”differently.”

“But this isn’t real,” Lisa said, squeezing her breasts.

“Lisa, please!” Ryan laughed. “I’m trying to eat.”

“Sorry.” Lisa took a few bites. She noticed Ava, a few tables down, looking around. Lisa placed her fork down. “I should go be Tristan for 20 minutes.”

“OK,” Ryan said, disappointed, as she stood up to leave again so soon. 

“Hey, Ryan,” Lisa said. 

He looked up at his date.

She bent over and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re an awesome friend. I’ll be back.” Ryan just sat there too shocked to move or speak.

* * *

A short time later, Tristan walked back into the ballroom, grabbed food from the buffet and rejoined his table. Ava and Kaitlyn were too busy chatting with each other to notice. 

Tristan silently ate his food, and after twenty minutes of being ignored by Ava, he felt guilty for ignoring Ryan. He got up and walked to the door to turn back into Lisa.

On the way out, he passed Madeline and smiled.

She seemed upset, but gave him a confused look and forced a smile back. 

He realized she didn’t recognize him and got embarrassed.

As Tristan approached the exit, he noticed Addison Thomas standing there with her two friends. Since Addison didn’t know who Tristan was, he was able to walk past without them noticing. He overheard them talking.

“...and if that other bitch returns, she’s going to wish she never fucked with me,” Addison declared.

Tristan deduced that Madeline must have run into Addison on the way in. He also figured that they were waiting there for Lisa to return.

He paused to look at the girls loitering there, wishing they’d go inside or leave. If he changed back into Lisa right now and tried to enter the dance, he’d be inviting trouble.

He swallowed hard and approached the girls. “Hi, are you Addison Thomas?”

“Yeah,” she said, sizing up Tristan. “Who are you?”

“I’m Tristan, one of Jamal’s friends. I was wondering if you’ve seen him.”

Her face turned red with anger. “Jamal isn’t here.”

Tristan took a step back just in case this girl exploded. “That’s strange, I’d swear I saw him dancing with some girl a little while ago. Then they disappear-”

Before Tristan could finish, Addison pushed him out of the way and made a beeline for the dance floor, lackeys in tow.

“Time to change into Lisa,” Tristan said to himself as he jogged back to his private changing room.

* * *

When Lisa returned to the ballroom, she was smoothing out her dress and adjusting her hair. She looked around for any sign of the irate Addison. Thankfully, she was nowhere to be seen. Lisa then sat back down with Ryan. “Sorry, I’m back.” She took a bite of food and felt pain in her stomach. The bodysuit was telling her she was full. She put down the fork. 

“How was Ava?” Ryan asked.

“She kinda ignored me when I went back there.” 

That was when Madeline came by. “Hey girl, let’s dance!”

She pulled Lisa out of her seat.

As Lisa was being pulled onto the floor she looked back at a grumpy Ryan.

“Just one,” Lisa insisted. “My date is looking a little bored.”

“Is he the one that rejected you this week?” Madeline asked.

“Oh no - Ryan and I are just friends.”

“Is that other person here tonight?”

Lisa chuckled, “Yeah.”

“Do you want to make him jealous? I still owe you for getting back at Addison for me.” She then shook her butt up against Lisa’s body. 

Lisa giggled, then felt pain down below as the suit constrained the erection underneath.

“So where is he?”

“She,” Lisa corrected her, then covered her mouth in embarrassment that she let the detail slip.

Madeline cocked her head. “Oh, really?”

“Sorry, I was keeping that on the down-low.”

“Interesting,” Madeline remarked with a smirk and started to dance even closer with her. “We can still make her jealous. You know what, forget all about her. I’m your date now!” She giggled.

“What about your actual date?” Lisa asked. Madeline’s flirtatious attitude made Lisa wonder if Madeline was coming onto her. And where it might lead. It wasn’t lost on her that she couldn’t even handle two dates let alone three.

“Oh, him? He’s from D&D. He’s just a friend. And he doesn’t dance.” Madeline winked at Lisa. Or maybe she had dirt in her eye, Lisa couldn’t tell.

“Did Addison give you any trouble?” Lisa asked, changing the subject.

“A little bit. She was watching the entrance and didn't want to let me in. I saw her a few minutes ago bolt out of the ballroom. Thank God. I want to enjoy my night and not have to worry about her.”

When the song was over, Madeline gave Lisa a long hug and whispered, “Let me know if you need to get away from your date.”

Lisa nodded then they both headed back towards Ryan sitting at their table. Lisa knew she was neglecting him, it was almost inevitable given Lisa’s predicament. But before they got to the table, Lisa stopped in her tracks and looked around. Ryan was gone.

“Is something wrong?” Madeline asked.

“My date vanished.”

“He probably went to the restroom. Let me know if you need anything.” Madeline gave Lisa a flirtatious smile and went back to her own table.

Lisa stood at her table there for a minute fidgeting while she waited for Ryan to reappear. When he didn’t, she decided to make another trip to change into Tristan.

She walked outside and quickly looked to see if Ryan was around. She didn’t see him. “Shit, shit, shit” she mumbled. While she was berating herself for neglecting Ryan she didn’t notice someone following her.

Lisa walked into the vacant ballroom and quickly changed back into Tristan. She was getting quicker at this, but the process of taking off formalwear and a bodysuit, and putting it all back on, was getting exhausting and confusing. Tristan had almost put Lisa right back on, forgetting which way the swap was going this time.

* * *

Tristan quickly exited the vacant banquet room while buttoning his shirt and bumped into Madeline. Both teens were caught by surprise.

“Madeline!” Tristan blurted out. “I didn't see you there.”

Madeline looked at Tristan inquisitively. “Do I know you?”

Tristan gasped and realized his mistake. “No. Sorry. I must’ve had you confused with someone else.”

“Someone else also named Madeline?” She crossed her arms waiting for his answer. “What’s going on here? Where’s Lisa?” Madeline asked. “I saw her leave the dance. I came to check on her.”

“She’s not here,” Tristan curtly replied.

“I saw her go in there,” Madeline replied, pointing at the door to the dark and vacant ballroom.

“She wants to be alone.” Tristan immediately realized this looked bad. Real bad.

“Bullshit. I see you buttoning your shirt. I’m her friend. Let me by or I’m calling the chaperones.” Madeline pushed past Tristan to get to the door.

Tristan knew he couldn’t let her inside. He couldn’t let her see the body suit. She’d scream and cause all kinds of unwanted attention. And she’d think he did something bad to her if he didn’t let her in. “Wait! Madeline. I’m Lisa!”

Madeline stopped before she opened the door and turned to look at Tristan. “Did you just say you’re Lisa?”

“Yes,” Tristan said, avoiding eye contact.

“That’s impossible. You don’t look anything like her. Lisa is shorter than you - even in heels. And you couldn’t change your entire appearance that fast.”

“I have a body suit. I’ve been changing back and forth all night.”

“A what? A body suit? Like you literally put on different skin?”

“Yeah. I bought it online a few weeks ago.”

Madeline considered Tristan’s explanation for a moment, then discarded it. “I don’t believe you. I want to see Lisa. Now.”

“Wait,” Tristan pleaded, hands outstretched in a calming motion. “I can show you the suit if you promise not to freak out. It’s a little unsettling seeing a body suit without anyone inside it.”

“OK,” she said cautiously. “Show me. But don’t try anything or I will kick you so hard you’ll never have kids.”

Tristan opened the door and led her into the vacant ballroom. 

“Lisa,” she called out, “it's Madeline.” There was no answer as she followed Tristan over to the coat rack in the shadows. Hanging up was the naked body suit, with Lisa’s dress hanging next to it, and her heels on the floor.

“Lisa?” she curiously said. She then noticed her lifeless form was hanging up. Her eyes were hollow. Madeline stared at it for a long moment, unable to believe what she was seeing.

“See,” Tristan said. “A body suit.” He slowly pulled the suit off the coat rack and turned it around so the zipper was visible. “See the zipper?”

“Wow. You weren’t kidding. That thing is like straight out of a manga or something.” She put her hand out, and gently touched the suit’s arm. It gave her goosebumps. “It’s warm. This can’t be real.”

“I didn’t think it was real either until I tried it on.” Tristan hung it back on the rack.

Madeline turned to Tristan. “What’s your real name?”


“Tristan. Why are you going to all of this trouble?”

“I wanted to get closer to my crush. It didn’t work. But, I also promised my best friend I’d be his date, so I’m stuck having to be two people at the same time. Madeline, please, please don’t tell anyone. If this gets out, I’ll be humiliated and hurt a lot of people, not to mention all the trouble I could get into at school.”

“You wouldn’t be allowed back at Lovelace, that’s for sure,” Madeline commented. “And I do owe Lisa for standing up to Addison for me. But this- this is way bigger than that.”

“Then I’d be in your debt.”

Madeline stared at the Lisa suit for another long while. It appeared she was admiring it. Tristan noticed she had a smirk on her face. “So, you’ve been pretending to be a girl for a week?”

“Four days.”

“And the whole story about you just moving here - that was a lie as well?”

“Yeah,” he admitted. “I’ve lived here my whole life. I go to the boy’s academy across town.

Madeline was about to reach out to touch the suit’s breast when Tristan cleared his throat. Even though he wasn’t wearing the suit at the moment, he felt protective of Lisa’s modesty. “We should head back,” Tristan urged.

“Sure,” Madeline agreed. “When are you going to be Lisa again?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe ten or twenty minutes. I want to make sure I’m attentive to at least one of my dates. I think one of them walked out on me.”

As they walked back into the ballroom, Madeline spoke up again. “Tristan, I’m sorry if I misjudged your actions back there - if you ever want to talk to someone about this, I can listen. I can see how a secret like this would eat you up inside.”

“Thanks, Madeline.” He wasn’t sure how he could ever talk to anyone about this, mainly because he wasn’t sure himself what this was.

The two separated, and Tristan returned to his table where Ava and Kaitlyn were still talking. Ava cut her off when she saw Tristan. “There you are! I was getting worried you ran off with someone else!” 

Tristan grinned, thinking of the irony of that statement. “I’m here!” Just as he sat down, a slow song came on. He was about to take a bite of the now-cold food on his plate when his date suddenly stood up.

“This is the song I requested,” Ava announced. “Let’s dance.”

Tristan looked up and realized Ava was talking to him. “Me?” Tristan looked confused.

“Yeah, you, silly. You are my date, remember?” She grabbed his arm and pulled him up and out onto the dance floor.

They started dancing, but it appeared that Ava was leading. 

“Thank you for taking me to the dance,” Ava said.

“You’re welcome, but since it's Sadie Hawkins, you’re technically you’re taking me. And leading.” They both laughed at that.

“Tristan,” she continued. “About what we talked about a few weeks ago.”

“About your… um, preferences?”

“Yeah. About me coming out.”

“Are you going to?”

“I think I want to. Not to the whole school. But she deserves to know how I feel about her.”

“Then do it, Ava.”

She smiled. “I think I will. Tonight.” She then looked around the ballroom. “I wonder where Lisa went. I want to tell her. She helped me with my decision.”

“Probably the restroom,” Tristan joked. 

“I don’t think I see Ryan either.”

“Maybe they went for a walk outside,” Tristan suggested. He couldn’t believe Ryan would run off like that. He figured he was likely hiding and sulking. Next time he’s Lisa, she’s going to need to find him.

“Have you met Lisa?”

“I have,” Tristan replied. “Only online, though. I was supposed to help her move but I overslept.”

“I should introduce you!” Ava excitedly announced.

“Oh, I don't think that’s a good idea.” His heart was starting to race as he was trying to avoid stepping into more lies.

“Why not? She’s a fun and beautiful girl. We have so much in common. Oh, wait - there she is!”

“What? Who?” Tristan got confused. He thought they were talking about Lisa.

“Lisa.” Ava pointed at the girl walking into the ballroom.

Tristan stopped dancing as he looked at… Lisa. She stood there smoothing out her dress, fixing her hair, and adjusting her corsage.

“Lisa!” Ava called out, waving her over.

Lisa waved and walked over to Ava and Tristan. She wasn’t wearing any shoes.

“Lisa, have you met Tristan?”

“I have not,” Lisa said, extending her hand. “So you’re the infamous Tristan. You’re a hard person to find.”

“Ava, will you excuse us?” Tristan asked.

“Um, sure,” she said, looking confused.

Tristan pulled Lisa to the side. “What’s this?”

“What? Why should you get to have all of the fun?” Lisa fumed. “You’re out here with two dates and dancing with everyone, while I sit at my table all alone waiting for my part-time date to come back.”

“I’m sorry - I was just about to go change back. Where’s the shoes?”

“I couldn’t figure out that strappy thing. I left them behind.”

“You going barefoot is going to ruin the suit!”

“Lisa!” the girl Tristan recognized as Chloe came up to them. Tristan was getting used to answering to ‘Lisa’ but realized Chloe wasn’t talking to him. “Oh my God, I love that dress.”

“Thank you,” Lisa beamed, twirling around. “Hey, would you like to dance?” she asked Chloe. She mischiefly glanced at Tristan. “My date seems to have disappeared.”

“I’d love to!” Chloe responded by skipping over to the dance floor.

Before Lisa followed Chloe she whispered into Tristan’s ear, “Hey, what’s her name?”


“K, thanks! I’m going to go enjoy myself with Chloe.” Lisa followed Chloe to the dance floor, leaving Tristan alone.

That’s when Madeline walked up to him. “Hey! If you’re Lisa, then who is that?”

“That’s Ryan, my best friend and Lisa’s date. He’s pissed. I’m fucking this up so badly, Madeline.”

“So, I shouldn’t screw with him?” she chuckled.

“Please, not right now,” Tristan advised.

Madeline shrugged and walked away.

Tristan sluggishly returned to his table, which was empty except for William Jackson, who was engrossed in his own conversation with the girls at the neighboring table. He scanned the ballroom for Ava. He found her in a dark corner.

He got up again and started walking towards Ava when he realized she wasn’t alone. She was with another figure in the shadows. She was holding their hand as they talked. They were close and seemed intimate. Was this Ava’s crush?

When he got closer he recognized the shadowy figure. 

It was Kaitlyn. 

Tristan stopped in his tracks, and took a slight step back. 

Ava took her hand and slowly caressed Kaitlyn’s arm. Kaitlyn’s eyes were closed as she was biting her lip. Ava put her hands on Kaitlyn’s waist and pulled her closer. Kaitlyn opened her eyes just long enough to see Ava lean in for a kiss. Kaitlyn didn’t resist and instead leaned in to meet Ava’s lips. Her hand looped around to hold Ava’s back.

Tristan remained frozen as he watched Ava slowly kiss Kaitlyn on the lips. 

Seeing Ava kissing Kaitlyn felt like a gut punch. All of those years pining over Ava. All of that time hating Kaitlyn. He felt like he wanted to run. To hide. Maybe put the Lisa suit back on so it could hide the hurt on his face. He couldn’t even do that. He couldn’t even vent to his best friend who was currently pissed at him. Everything he’d done for the past four weeks felt like a waste of time. It all led to him standing here by himself at the dance. Watching his crush make out with his stepsister. No date. No friend. Perhaps it was time for him to go home.

Kaitlyn’s expression was one of surprise, but she then caught a glimpse of Tristan. When she realized he was watching, her expression turned to panic as she ran out of the ballroom.

Seeing the panicked expression on his stepsister’s face caught Tristan off guard. Even though he and Kaitlyn tormented each other, he didn’t want to see her like that. He followed her out of the ballroom.

“Kaitlyn,” he whispered as he ran after her. He looked around and found her sitting down near the coat racks. Her head was buried in her hands. “Hey,” he said, sitting down next to her.

“Did you see that?” she asked, looking up, tears running down her cheeks.

“Yeah, I did.”

“I’m so sorry, Tristan,” she said. “I didn't mean to…”

“It’s OK, Kaitlyn.” He reached over to a nearby cart and grabbed a napkin so Kaitlyn could wipe her tears.

“But she’s your childhood crush,” Kaitlyn said, the despair evident in her voice.

“She clearly wants you, not me,” he forced a chuckle.

She looked down and was silent.

“How do you feel?” he asked. “About the kiss? About Ava?”

She continued her silence then shook her head and sighed. “It was everything I wanted that I knew I couldn’t have.”

“Really?” Tristan said in surprise. He had no idea his stepsister was into girls.

“Yeah, really.”

“Have you always been into Ava?”

“Yes.” She wiped a tear from her eye. “When my mother died, Ava was there for me. She would come over to my house and spend the night with me. Holding me as I cried. I was broken without my mom. But Ava encouraged me to keep moving. To keep being happy. Because that’s what Mom would want. On my 14th birthday, I pulled Ava into a closet. I thanked her for everything. I told her I loved her. I kissed her. I think she wasn’t ready for that, because she proceeded to pretend it never happened and continued to date boys. I continued to fantasize about her coming around and reciprocating my feelings for her. Then our parents met. And I met you. And found out you and Ava have history as well. I’m sorry, Tristan. I feel like I should’ve told you. I was actively sabotaging you and Ava because… I wanted Ava to myself. But I wasn’t sure she wanted me back.”

Tristan was silent for a moment. That was a lot to take in. “Kaitlyn. I had no idea.” He added, “You know, I asked her out three weeks ago. She turned me down. She told me she realized she’s a lesbian. She also told me there was someone else. You’re that someone, Kaitlyn.”

A small smile formed on Kaitlyn’s face, learning that there was nothing to come between her and Ava any more. “You’re not mad?”

“Honestly, I’m disappointed. I love Ava. But I also love her enough to let her go.” He chuckled realizing his hypocrisy. He realized he should’ve let her go three weeks ago. Chasing her with this body suit was the wrong decision and he needed to stop using it before anyone else found out. Tonight was the end for Lisa. “If you both make each other happy, I should encourage it.”

“Thank you.” She leaned over and gave Tristan a hug. 

“Hey, is that why you’re a bitch to me at home?” Tristan suddenly asked. “You think I’m your rival for Ava’s affection?”

“What?” she said, confused. “Well, that, and I’m just fucking with you. Isn’t that the whole point of having siblings?”

“I suppose,” he laughed. “I never had a sibling until you.”

After the hug she looked at him. “So what’s the deal with your love triangle with Lisa and Ryan?”

“Well, it’s complicated,” he laughed. “More so than you and Ava.” He then stood back up. “Speaking of which, you should get back to her.” He held out his hand and helped her up.

“Thank you.”

Tristan and Kaitlyn walked back into the ballroom. A nervous Ava was waiting for them at their table.

Kaitlyn wasted no time, planting a kiss on the startled Ava’s lips.“I’m sorry I ran away. I was worried what my brother would think.”

“Is everything OK?’ Ava asked, looking up at Tristan.

“Everything’s great.” Tristan smiled. He then realized that was the first time Kaitlyn called him her brother, instead of “stepbrother.”

As Kaitlyn and Ava started whispering to each other and giggling, Tristan decided to give them some privacy, so he got up and wandered around the outskirts of the dance floor for several minutes. He wasn’t as depressed as ten minutes ago. It still hurt, seeing his crush and his sister together. But talking it out with Kaitlyn felt therapeutic. He realized that getting out of the way of her and Ava was the right thing to do.

Eventually Lisa came up beside him, panting from all the dancing. “Chloe is fun. Which class is she in?”

“World History,” Tristan replied.

“She’s cute too. And she’s here alone?

“Yeah,” Tristan said, sadly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ava and Kaitlyn.”

“What about them?”

“When Ava said there’s someone else - Kaitlyn is that someone else.”

“Kaitlyn, your evil stepsister? The troll? Ava’s in love with her? Her best friend?”

“Yup. Apparently Kaitlyn felt threatened by my friendship with Ava.”

“Wow, that’s crazy,” Lisa said. “Did you three work things out?”

“We did,” Tristan said confidently. “We’re all good now. I’m letting her go. I’m moving on.”

“That’s great, Tristan. So, I requested a slow song for us, but I kinda want to be the dude,” Lisa said. “My feet are killing me. Plus it feels like I’m being crushed by the suit.”

“You’re barefoot - and the suit was tailored just for me. Let’s switch,” Tristan agreed, realizing there was one last thing Lisa needed to do. Ryan deserved better. 

* * *

Lisa and Ryan walked back into the ballroom just as the slow song came on. Ryan led at first.

Lisa could tell Ryan’s mind was somewhere else. “I’m sorry, Ryan.”

He looked at her, but didn’t respond.

“I got too wrapped up in all of this. In trying to date Ava. I took advantage of our friendship. Tonight is the last time I’m going to be Lisa. No more lies.”

“It’s OK,” Ryan replied. “I suppose we’ll look back and laugh at this.”

“I do want to make it up to you, though.”

“How so?”

“You deserve to spend the rest of this dance with a real girl.” Lisa started to lead, and dance the couple towards the edge of the dance floor.

“Chloe,” Lisa called out. “I want to introduce you to my cousin, Ryan.”

Ryan looked at Lisa in shock. Then he looked at Chloe. “Um, hi, Chloe.”

“He’s an excellent dancer,” Lisa said to Chloe. “And he’s been asking about you all night.”

Ryan turned red with embarrassment. He and Chloe looked at each other for a brief second before he got the hint. “Chloe, would you like to dance?”

“I’d love to,” Chloe said with a big smile. 

Ryan led Chloe to the dance floor as Lisa smiled on.

Lisa returned to her table and grabbed her clutch. She decided to look for someone to socialize with. She scanned the ballroom but didn’t find Madeline. Lisa then walked towards Ava and Kaitlyn’s table. The girls were still sitting there holding hands and giddy with conversation.

“Lisa!” Ava called, seeing her approach. “Join us.”

Lisa sat down in the empty seat next to Ava. She was exhausted. Being two people at once was hard work. The lies and secrets weren’t the worst part. The worst part was disappointing Ava and Ryan. Thankfully both seemed to have found someone else to spend their time with.

Ava leaned over and whispered. “I finally did it. I told her how I felt.”

“And?” Lisa asked, pretending to be anxious for the answer.

“She was surprised. But she feels the same way.” Ava turned back to Kaitlyn and they both smiled broadly.

Lisa looked at the happy couple with a smile of her own. “Congrats, you two.”

“I’m just beside myself,” Kaitlyn confessed. “I don't think I ever expected this to happen. I need to talk to Tristan. Do you know where he is?”

“I don’t know,” Lisa replied. Pretending to look around, she caught a glimpse of Madeline who smiled brightly at her. With Ryan and Ava having new dates, Lisa was now free to spend more time with Madeline. Lisa was about to get up and go to her, under the guise of finding Tristan.

“I’ll call him,” Kaitlyn said, pulling her phone out of her clutch.

Lisa watched in slow motion as Kaitlyn played with her phone then put it up to her ear. Suddenly she realized- “Wait - no!”

At that moment “The Imperial March” played loudly from Lisa’s clutch.

Lisa quickly dug inside and silenced her phone, hoping nobody realized.

Except Kaitlyn did, of course. Lisa and Kaitlyn looked at each other for a moment as Kaitlyn canceled the phone call and laid her phone down.

Ava looked at the two of them confused.

Kaitlyn’s eyebrows furrowed. “Lisa, why do you have my brother’s phone?

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Hi, I'm Emily and I'm writing Gender Transformation Fiction! This site is a place for me to keep all of my stories in one place. I'm also a software developer in the daytime, so this site will also be a proving ground of cool new features that pop into my head. Feel free to message me on Twitter or at my Discord Server! You can also find me on and

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So close! Always silence your phone when pretending to be someone else!

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i know, right!

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Everyone should know that right after never get involved in a land war in Asia!

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There are questions about the erotic nuances of the mechanics of interaction between the suit and wearer.
In the second chapter you wrote:
"She then laid down on her bed naked. A small smile formed on her face. Tristan had never been intimate with a girl before, and all that posing had made her increasingly curious. She spent the next hour testing out all of the body suit's advertised features. And a couple that were not advertised."
I realized that the costume is very realistic and is integrated into the wearer’s sensations, completely replacing the sensations of his real body, so that the breasts and vagina quite reliably look and feel to the wearer as part of a new female body. Lisa can play with her nipples and stick her fingers deep into her pussy, feeling everything that a girl should feel when masturbating.
But in chapter five you write:
"Lisa giggled, then felt pain down below as the suit constrained the erection underneath."
So, does the wearer feel their own body under a layer of artificial flesh?

I was very amused by how Lisa began to periodically catch herself having thoughts and reactions more typical of a real girl.
Does this costume have some kind of system that helps the wearer adapt to the image?
How diverse and how much can a costume influence the wearer’s perception of his desires?
I hope this is not the level of complete brainwashing, but just a spice for suit buyers so that they can enjoy the pleasures of the flesh without inhibitions.
Thank you!

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Yes, the wearer feels their own body under the suit. They are aware of the erection. Essentially the suit contorts the real body so it can receive the fake biofeedback of the suit from the erogenous areas. When Lisa was actively trying to get off, it was a welcome experience. But that other time she got an unwanted erection, it was uncomfortable. I certainly played with the idea of brainwashing - but there is none. Even if it seems like it. Tristan is becoming accustomed to being Lisa on his own. The body suit has given him permission to explore his own gender - whether he realizes it or not.

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Wow, just, amazing chapter. Kinda surprised Ryan took a turn at playing Lisa. (or should I say wearing?) I am honestly surprised how nice the night has been overall. But next chapter is looking to be extremely chaotic!

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Ryan getting in on the action was fun! But he did it out of boredom and neglect. We'll see how all of this goes down, in the finale!

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Hoo boy, Tristan sure has found himself in yet another predicament! If I had to guess what happens next, he'll either continue lying about the connection between him and Lisa or come clean to Kaitlyn and the others about his activities. Given how both Ava and Kaitlyn have come out to him, I think it's more likely that he does the latter, but given how many twists and turns have already occurred in this story, I wouldn't be surprised if something completely different happens! I guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out and I'll admit, this latest chapter has made me even more curious about how things will turn out for Tristan/Lisa!

On a related note, I've got a few questions related to this story, so here they are:
1- In the second chapter, you mentioned that Tristan planned on intercepting the absence email from his school before his mom could read it. However, I haven't seen any mention of it in the following chapters and I wonder if Tristan forgot about it, what with everything else that's been going on in his life. Will it become more important as the story progresses? I'm thinking the same for the Lovelace Prep admission interview...

2- I noticed that Tristan appears to be getting more comfortable with the bodysuit the more he wears it and I was wondering if by any chance, the suit has started having effects on his physical form. Also, is there any chance that the suit might become permanent for Tristan/Lisa? Like if he wears it for more than 24 hours,  kisses someone or if the suit gets wet, etc.

3- How long do you think this story will be? We're only 5 chapters in so far and we've already reached the dance itself and the end of Lisa's intended duration. (though I'm pretty sure this is far from the last that we'll see of Lisa) I've noticed that some of your other stories were around 20+ chapters long, yet I'm not sure if that'll be the case for this one, especially since Tristan's mom and stepdad should be back from their honeymoon within the next few chapters. Though I do wonder when or if they'll find out about the whole Lisa thing...

That's about all that I've got to say for now; I eagerly anticipate the next chapter and I'm starting to wonder if Madeline will play a larger role in it...

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Thanks for reading! (I love your Mitsuha pfp!) Let's get to your questions. 1 - It was his plan to intercept any absence emails. I don't go into details - mostly because I was unsure whether i wanted that to play a larger roll in the story, but alas I didn't, so we can assume he did what he said he would. The Lovelace Prep admission interview is still the following week. If he decides to remain Lisa, that will be important. 2 - I left the suit having an effect on the wearer vague and up to interpretation. Is it changing the Tristan? Or is Tristan changing himself and unlocking his feminine side? The answer to the malfunction part will be covered by the next answer... 3 - Sadly, Chapter 6 is the last chapter! Albeit a long 9k word chapter. I had planned this as a short 4-chapter story to see if people would read a body suit story by me. I have no idea how it got to 6 LONG chapters. But in the spirit of other body suit stories (like Bodysuit 23) I'm treating this story as a setup for a larger adventure for Tristan/Lisa. This story is about introducing Lisa and the Sadie Hawkins dance. I hope this installment provides a good balance of closure/intrigue for more. Could the body suit malfunction in the future? That's certainly a good idea for a future installment.

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Haha, thanks! Your Name was actually my first exposure to body swap/gender transformation and I'm pretty sure it awakened something in me, though it took me several years to realize what that was. Regarding this story, I had no idea it was almost over, though I should've guessed it by how quickly we reached the climax! I had never heard of the bodysuit transformation concept until I read it, but it led to some really interesting plot points, particularly with Tristan/Lisa's double life! I'm not sure if you've planned any future installments in this series yet, but I eagerly await them if so, as Tristan's life sure has become very interesting!
Edited on

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I love Your Name! Every time I watch it, it gives me major feels! I have a few ideas where to go with Tristan after this story ends. We'll see!

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You're one of my favorite writers, and now this is one of my favorite stories. Thank you so much for writing it.

I hope that Tristan becomes Lisa permanently, honestly. Ryan briefly pretending to be Lisa caused me psychic pain!

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Psychic pain? I'm not sure whether that's a good or bad thing. Thank you for reading!

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Haha, it's kind of a bad thing! I was sort of exaggerating of course, but I feel like only Tristan should be Lisa so it felt HORRIBLY WRONG to me when Ryan was. I really really really loved "Second Chances," by the way! I even started listening to Tears For Fears songs because of it...

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Sorry about the pain! I don't think Ryan will use the suit again. He didn't like it and complained it hurt wearing it. Thanks for reading Second Chances!! My first story (and my personal fav)!

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Don't be sorry, it means you're a great writer and I care way too much about these characters! :)

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Oh jesus. This is a Rollercoaster

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