Chapter 26 - More Questions

Masquerades 101 by Emily

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Synopsis: Examining the aftermath of Halloween night just brings up more questions.


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How can a night be simultaneously the most magical night of my life and the worst night of my life?  I thought this while lying in bed, being held tightly by Tyler.  I could hear their soft breathing.  The room was dark and I could hear cars and people outside coming home from wherever they were tonight.

I softly cried.  I tried not to wake Tyler up.  The horror on Nicole’s face - my old face - was burned into my memory.  I betrayed her.  She betrayed me first, but two wrongs don't make a right.  I know this, but I did it anyway.  Now I feel incredibly guilty.  Guilty but not regretful.  If I had to do it all over again - I’d do it again.  Hell, I wanted to do it again.  Right now.  But Tyler was sound asleep.

It wasn’t fair.  She knew I was falling for Tyler.  She asked me not to, but I did. I couldn't help it. I started off pretending, but it felt so real. Tyler was my boyfriend now and I wanted to have sex with them.  I did.  And it was amazing.

I have never felt anything like this before with another person.  Not even with Lindsey who I considered proposing to before graduation.  I’ve never before felt so alive.  I want to take them home to my parents.  Of course, my parents wouldn’t even recognize me.  I’m certainly not taking Tyler home to Nicole’s parents.  That fact alone was enough to remind myself that this isn't a fairytale.

“Nikki” I heard a sleep whisper.  “What’s wrong?”

Shit.  I woke them.  “Nothing,” I replied.

“You’re crying.”

What do I tell them?  That I swapped places with their girlfriend?  That I had sex with them even though I’m not their girlfriend?  That she now knows we’re both having an affair?  “I… think I hurt a friend tonight” was the only thing I could think of.

“At the dance?”

“It’s complicated.”  I replied.  “I feel like I betrayed her.”

“Nicole, you are a wonderful, strong woman.  Yes, you are human, but you have never let grudges stand in your way.  That’s why all of your friends adore you.  Apologize from your heart.  Whichever friend this is, will come around.”

“Thank you.”  I replied.

“I was worried it was about me.” Tyler continued.  “We haven’t had sex for 2 months, then suddenly did.  I was worried.  I was worried I wasn’t good-”

“No.”  I said quickly.  “Not at all.  Tonight was easily the best night of my life.  You were amazing.”

They held me tightly, and I clutched their arm.  

Can you believe I never spent the night over at a girl’s house before?  I hadn’t.  Sex with Lindsey was very much inconsipicuous and rushed.  Backseats of cars, quickies, and times where we were left alone.  Tyler spending the night with me in my bed is going to be a first for me.  I was so used to running away at night, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.  My thoughts were running through my head, non-stop.  Do I get out of Tyler’s embrace and play on my phone?

I closed my eyes.  After all, this is exactly what I really wanted all those times I instead fled in the evenings.  I focused on Tyler’s breathing.  It was so calming.  I could feel their heartbeat against my back.  As minutes went by, I could feel their grip loosen and their breathing return to a normal sleeping rhythm.  That was enough for me to fall asleep in their arms too.

* * *


I had the craziest nightmare.  Vicky slept with Tyler.  I got beat up by Brandon.  At least it was all a dream.

“Nicole” I heard Lexi’s whispering voice say.  

I had a splitting headache.  I attempted to move, but felt pain in my chest. “Yeah?” I meekly replied.  I opened my eyes.

I was in my apartment.  Lying on my couch.  Lexi and Madison were kneeling over me.  I saw cops behind them.  I saw Dave and Stephanie off to the side.  Oh no.  I guess getting attacked by Brandon outside my apartment wasn’t a dream.  The emotional hurt of the evening returned to join the physical hurt I was feeling.

“Thank God you’re awake.” Madison said.  “We were worried.”

“Nic - Victor, the cops want to talk to you.” Lexi said.  “Are you OK to talk?”

“Everything hurts” I replied.  “But I can talk.”

I saw two police officers move my friends away.

A male officer asked.  “Mr. Machado, can you tell us who attacked you?”

I looked at Lexi.  “It was Brandon”, I replied.  I saw anger flash across her face.

“Brandon who?” the officer asked.

“I don’t know.”

Lexi interrupted.  “Brandon Flynn” she said.  “He was my boyfriend until last weekend.”

“Why would he attack you?” the officer asked.

“We had an... altercation last week”  I said.  I glanced back over to my friends.  “He thinks I have something of his.”

“What’s that?”

“I don't know.  He didn’t say”  I lied.  I didn’t want to talk about genies to law enforcement.

The officer turned to Lexi.  “Do you know where this guy - your ex-boyfriend lives?”

“I can give you his address.”  Lexi replied.

“A recent photo?” the officer asked.

“Yes.” Lexi responded by pulling up her phone to look for a recent photo.

“And you are all witnesses?” The officer looked at everyone in my apartment.

“Just me, I saw it.” Stephanie said.  “The guy was kicking Victor in front of his door.”

Just hearing her say it made my chest hurt even more. The memories, reinforcing the physical pain.

“Ma’am is the person you saw, the person in this photo?”

Stephane looked at the photo on Lexi’s phone.  “Yes, that’s him”

“Sir,” the officer turned back to me. “Would you like to press charges?” I wish the officer would stop calling me “sir.”

“Yes.”  I replied. I wanted Brandon to stay away from me and my friends.

The officers continued to take my information and mine and Stephanie’s account of what happened. Eventually the officers had what they needed and left, promising to call me.

My friends were adamant that I go to the hospital to look at my bruises. Lexi was afraid of broken ribs and internal bleeding. Madison started to usher Stephanie and Dave home.

I overheard Stephanie say to Madison at the door, “He’s gay, you know.”

“So am I.” Madison replied, shutting the door behind Stephanie.  She turned to Dave who was hanging behind with Lexi.

“So who was this guy?” Dave asked her.  “You said your ex-boyfriend?”

“Yes.”  Lexi responded.  “Not my proudest relationship, I can assure you.”

“Yeah” he said.  “I saw that picture.  You can totally do better.” He paused for a moment. “Is there a current boyfriend?”

Lexi let out a snort.  “Sorry, I don’t date football players.”

“Oh” Dave replied. “I wasn’t suggesting… I’m not a starter if that makes a difference.”

“Listen, my best friend just got her - his ass kicked by my ex-boyfriend.  We might have to take him to the hospital.  Now’s not a good time for flirting.”

“Gotcha” Dave said, as Madison escorted him out of my apartment.

“Alright” Lexi said to me, clasping her hands.  “We need to get you to a hospital to get you checked out.”

“I’m fine”  I said, then I coughed and felt immense pain in my chest.

“I can drive.” Lexi said.

Madison came over and helped me up from the couch.  As we were walking to the door, I noticed  Lexi was staring at her phone with a concerned look on her face.  Madison must’ve noticed the same thing.

“Lexi, what’s up?”  Madison asked.

“Mads,” she said.  “Did you find Brandon attractive?”

“Umm.”  she said.  “For a guy, yeah. He was suave, and good looking.  Before he went all psycho I was kinda jealous you found someone so cool.”

“Is he attractive now?” she said, showing her the screen.

“Eww, no” she replied. “What happened?”

“What's going on?”  I asked, wanting in on this conversation.

Lexi shows me the picture on her phone of her and Brandon.  Yuck.  I hate how he has his arm wrapped around my friend.  “Yeah - it’s Brandon, so?  It’s just a picture.”

“The person I was dating was far more sexier than this.” Lexi explained.  “I mean.. This is the same person, but whatever I saw in him, isn’t in this picture.”

“That’s weird.  I saw no difference.  So he had some power over you and Mads?”  I said as we walked out of my apartment, I handed my keys to Lexi and she locked the door behind us.

“Are you suggesting Brandon used magic on us?” Madison added.  “To get us to like him?  To get you to fall in love with him.”

“I dunno what I’m thinking.” Lexi replied. “Everything about this is wrong.”

Madison sighed.  “Magic didn’t exist a week ago. Now we’re knee deep in it.”  She helped me into the passenger seat of Lexi’s car.

“How did you meet him?” I asked.

“Online.” she said, started the car, and pulled out of the parking spot.  “He claimed he was in one of my classes last semester.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time.  He was sweet and funny online and convinced me to meet him before the semester began.  So I took a chance and met up with him at a dive bar near my house.  I was instantly smitten with him.  I found him charming, confident and sexy.”

“When was that?” 

“A week before we moved back in.” she replied.

“So a week before me and Vicky swapped lives?”

Lexi was focused on the road and was silent.

Madison, from the backseat chimed in.  “So what’s the connection?”

“He asked me about magic,” Lexi whispered.  “I mean.” she said, raising her voice to a normal volume.  “I didn’t tell him about the swap.  I only joked that I think my roommate was affected by magic because she seemed like a different person.”

“Nicole, you’re suggesting Brandon sought out Lexi?” Madison asked.  “But even if Brandon did seek out Lexi,” Madison said.  “That means Brandon believes someone in our group has the genie. And he believed that before the swap even happened.”

“And the fact the swap did happen,” I started.  “Means we do have the genie, right?”

“But you and Vicky did a thorough sweep of our place the first night of the swap.” Lexi said. “You’d think you would’ve found a genie, right? Or in the two months since?”

“Well it has to be somewhere.”  Madison said. “We can tear apart each other’s looking for it.”

I chuckled.  “Welcome to my world 2 months ago, Mads.”

We rode the rest of the way in silence.  Lexi or Mads would attempt to bring up the Halloween Dance and talk about how fun it was, but I wasn’t in a talking mood anymore.

* * *


I woke up to birds singing outside and the sun peeking in through the closed blinds. Tyler’s arm was still draped around me.  Both of us were still naked under my comforter.  I could feel their morning wood pressing up against the back of my leg.  The thought made me giggle.  I hadn’t had to experience morning wood in 2 months and I certainly didn’t miss it.

For a moment all was right with the world. I remembered having sex last night and it was wonderful.  Top moment of my life. 

Then I remembered the look on Nicole’s face and my heart sunk again.  Why can’t my guilt just take a break so I can enjoy this for longer than a few minutes?

I reached to my dresser and found my phone and saw a missed text message from Lexi.  “Hey I know you’re sleeping and your phone is likely on silent.  I just got home at 4am and tried not to wake you.  Brandon ran into Nicole last night.  She’s OK, but she has minor injuries.  Thought you should know.”


I moved out from under Tyler’s arm and put on a fresh pair of panties, and found some leggings and a t-shirt to put on and walked into the living room.  Lexi’s door was closed, as I’d expect from someone who just came home a few hours ago.

I texted Nicole.  “I heard what happened.  Let me know if you need anything.  I’m sorry about last night”

Just then, Tyler came out, wearing their dress.  “Hey um.” they said looking embarrassed.  “I didn’t plan to spend the night properly.  Do you have any unisex clothes I could borrow?”

“Yes,”  I said, getting up from the couch.  Back in my room I pulled out some of my old Victor clothes I had on hand for casual stay at home days.  “These might fit you.”

They took off the dress, pulled back on their panties from the last night, then my jeans and my high school’s long sleeve t-shirt I had.

“They fit” they said. 

I’m glad Tyler didn’t ask why I had baggy guy clothes just laying around.  Too complicated to explain at this moment.

They kissed me on the lips.  “I have to run.  My Thursday morning class starts in a half hour.”

I smiled, and kissed him back passionately.

Tyler smiled.  “Hey now, kisses like that might encourage me to stay.  But I really need to get going.”

“I just wanted another memory to get us through the day.” I flirted back.

As they backed away, I noticed the outline of their dick under the jeans.  I wanted to pounce back on him and take those jeans off of him.

Tyler could see the hunger in my eyes and replied.  “Behave.  We’ll see each other after class?”

“Yes.”  I replied.  “Absolutely.”

I watched Tyler walk down the hall. I jumped back into my bed.  I heard the front door of the apartment shut.  I was flustered.  My hand drifted under my leggings and panties and to my clit. When was my first class again?

I heard Lexi’s door open and I quickly removed my hand from my leggings.  I sat up in time to see a tired-looking Lexi peek into my room.

“I got your text.”  I said to her.  “Rough night?”

“You could say that.” she said, rubbing her eyes.  “I heard you wake up, then I was waiting for Tyler to leave.”

“What happened?”  I asked.

“Brandon jumped Nicole outside of your old apartment.  She was beat up pretty badly.  No broken bones, but she had bruises on her chest where he kicked her multiple times.”

I closed my eyes.  This is a nightmare.  “I should go see her” I finally said, opening my eyes.

“Yeah, I wouldn't,” she replied.  “Nicole doesn’t want to see you right now.”

“Oh.” I said.  

“She told me and Madison about your night when we were sitting in the waiting room.” she said.

“Oh.”  I said.  “Do you hate me?”

“No I don’t hate you Vic.” she said.  “You both are in an impossible situation.  You don’t get a free pass, because you had an agreement.  But she doesn’t get a free pass either for making that request of you in the first place.”

I was silent.

“Did you tell Tyler yet?” she asked.

“No”  I said meekly.  “I can’t, Lexi.  I’m in love with them.  If I told Tyler now, I think it would ruin our relationship.”

“And lying to them?  Pretending to be someone you’re not? Isn’t that ruining your relationship too?”

“What if Tyler never finds out?”  I suggested.

“Vicky.” she said.  “What does Tyler call you?”


“You’re living a lie, and you know it.  One day the truth will come out.  The longer you wait, the worse it will be.”  She got up.

“Where are you going?  Class?”

“No.  I didn’t get any sleep.  I’m skipping this morning's classes.  Think about what I said.”  She walked into her room and gently closed the door.

* * *


In the morning, I was standing in line for coffee with Kayla.  She offered to pay.  I told her it wasn’t necessary, but she insisted after I told her what I went through last night and earlier this morning.

“And they haven’t caught him yet?”  Kayla said, handing me my coffee.

“No.”  I replied.

“What are you going to do?” she said.  “I know I’d be looking over my shoulder.”

“I am.” I replied, sipping my coffee.  Damn, that’s hot today.  “I feel like I’m being watched.”  I looked around, but all I saw were other students going to class like us.

“Does it still hurt?” she asked

“Yes.”  I replied.  “Especially when I take a deep breath or laugh.”  I pulled up my button down shirt to show her my chest.

“Jesus, Nick - Nicole.” she said.  “You’re all black and blue there.  That is scary as fuck.  What did your attacker want?”

I didn’t want to tell Kayla the truth.  Body swaps and genies are a lot to swallow.  “I don’t know.”

“Did he mug you?  Take money? Credit cards? Your keys?”

“Nothing.”  I said.  “My neighbors came outside before he could do anything more.”

“Thank God, they were there.” she said. “Injuries aside, how are you doing?”

“I am so tired.  I didn’t get home til 4.  Thankfully I napped in the waiting room and in my friend’s car a little bit.”

“Girl, I should’ve got you a double espresso instead.”

My phone rang.  The caller ID said the local police.  I answered.  “Hello?”

“Mr. Machado?” the person on the other line said.  “This is detective Messik.”  

If I told them I was trans, would that get them to stop calling me Mister? I pushed the thought out of my mind. I imagine that information would detail their investigation.  This wasn’t a hate crime.  This was something else.

“Any news?”  I asked with baited breath.

“We have not found Mr. Flynn.  We’re still looking though.  Any more information you have would be helpful.”

“I don’t have any more information,” I replied.

I heard the familiar tone of call-waiting.  I looked to see who's calling.  Dad?  Victor’s dad?  Why was he calling?

“If you can think of anything,” Detective Messik said, “Please call me back.  You have my card.”

“Thank you, bye”  I said and switched to the other line.  “Hello?”

“Hey Victor” he said.  “I got your letter.”

My letter?

“Of course I have room for you in our internship program,” he continued.  “Or rather I’ll make room for my son”

Internship program?  What’s he talking about?

“I’m going to have my secretary email all of the details for you,” he added.  “We can work around your classes.”

Wait, I’m going to have an internship with Victor’s dad? I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t ask for this. 

He didn't wait for my response.  “I am so excited to have you come work for us.”

I needed to say something.  “Thanks, Dad,”  I said.

“Bye son, have a good day at school.” Then the line went silent.

I feel like someone is playing a cruel joke on me.  I could feel my breathing increasing and an anxiety attack coming on.

“That sounded interesting,”  Kayla said.

“Well, the police haven’t apprehended my attacker.” I said.  “The second call was my dad. Apparently I have an internship with his company.” 

“Well, congrats on the internship” she said.  

“Well, that’s more people that don’t know I’m transgender.  More people to misgender me.  And my Dad,  how do I even bring that up?”  I need to get control of my breath.  I stopped walking.

Kayla stopped with me and was silent.  “I don’t know.  I have no clue.  Maybe you can reach out to a support group for answers.”

“I’m sorry, Kayla”  I said.  “I didn’t mean to dump that on you.  The detective and my dad both misgendered me over the course of 60 seconds and… and…” I was stumbling for words.

Kayla hugged me.  “It’s going to be OK, Nicole.”

“Thank you”  I held onto Kayla while my breathing returned to normal.

“So what are you going to do about your attacker?” she asked.

“I don’t know.”  I said.  I have way too many things going on in my head at the moment.  I can’t tell the police about the genie.  That means if I want answers, I’m going to need to do my own detective work.  And I need to figure out why Vicky’s dad offered me an internship.



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I wonder if that means Tyler made off with the genie unknowingly and had it with him when he wished Nicole to be different. Great chapter as always!

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It certainly appears that way now

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My guess is that perhaps Tyler's roommate has it.

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I love the guesses!

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