Chapter 25 - Opportunities

Masquerades 101 by Emily

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Synopsis: Nicole comes out to Lexi and Vicky. Halloween presents a new opportunity for Vicky and Tyler.

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Content Warning: Chapter has Sexually Explicit Content.

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Monday morning was here and I was dragging. I didn’t get much sleep either day this weekend. I spent most of the weekend with Tyler. When we weren’t doing things together, I was working on my internship assignment. When I got to the internship, I got myself a cup of coffee and made my way to Jake to show him my branding designs. 

He was floored. “I thought you said you didn’t do digital art,” he said.

“Well my boyfriend is a computer science major and showed me the basics and I essentially played with Illustrator all weekend.”

Jake paused for a bit. “Oh you have a boyfriend.” he said, before moving on. “This is great, I’ll call another meeting.”

And just like that, we were given another meeting to review my designs. I attempted to sit down, but Jake insisted that this was my presentation now too, so I stood beside him.

The team lead started the meeting. “I understand Jake and Nicole have revised designs for the city branding project.”

“Yes, we do,” Jake said. “I’m going to turn this over to Nicole.”

I’ve stood up in front of my art classes before. I’ve never stood up in front of a group of adults in a conference room before. Needless to say I was nervous. Good thing Dad wasn’t here. He’d be laughing his ass off that his art major son is having to give a business presentation. In a skirt, no less.

“I created 5 designs” I started. “I tried to pull from landmarks of the area and incorporate those into the logo. I also looked for fun modern fonts.”

I motioned to Jake, and my logos came up on the projector. I started to explain each one.

* * *

“That was excellent work, Nicole.” my team lead said. “Usually we don’t expect the interns we get from the university to contribute right away.”

“Thank you” I said, slightly turning red from the praise.

“I am impressed.” she added, “And I’m passing that on to my supervisors too.”

As she walked away, I reflected on what really just happened here. Nick forced me into this internship, and I wound up enjoying parts of it. They might even offer me a job post-graduation. 

If only Dad could see me now. See Dad, I can get a job using my art skills.

But... if we swap back, they’re offering Nick this job. This realization muted the excitement I had.

* * *


I walked up to my old apartment, avoiding the RA, and meekly knocked on the door. Lexi opened it.

“Nick!” she said. “We haven't gotten a chance to talk in weeks. It’s good to see you.”

We gave each other a hug. 

“Well, we did see each other briefly on Friday,” I chuckled.

“What that doesn’t count” she countered.

“I missed you Lexi,” I said. “I’m sorry for kicking the shit out of your boyfriend.”

“Ex-boyfriend. You had your reasons,” she replied. “And I understood them.”

“What happened after I left?”

“I haven’t seen Brandon since Friday night.” she said.

“So he doesn’t know he’s an ex yet?” I said.

“Not yet, but the fact we haven’t even reached out to each other yet may give that away..”

“I would’ve expected him to come groveling back.”

“Me too.” she said with a little hesitation. Clearly she was worried about it. “I expected excuses or apologies.”

“Well, he got caught.” I said. “Likely he’s lying low so we don’t tell every woman at this university that he’s a predator.”

“Yeah” she replied. 

“Lexi. How are you doing? How are you taking this?”

“I’m hanging in there.” she replied. “It hurts. I was duped. I was in love and didn’t see the red flags. I trusted that creep and didn’t listen to Vicky’s warnings.” She shook her negative thoughts away and changed the subject. “But I’ll live. So what brings you here?”

“I wanted to talk to you and Vicky.” I replied. “Some important and personal things for me.”

Lexi turned to the hallway and called “Vic.”

Vicky came down the hall dressed in an oversized male t-shirt and jeans. No bra. No makeup. Much more casual than I ever dressed - even when I was chilling at home. “Hey Nick, what’s up?” she asked.

“I have two things,” I said. “First, how did your internship like our designs?”

“They loved them,” she said. “I brought them to Tyler’s and they showed me how to use Illustrator.” She pulled out her phone and showed them to me.

“Wow, Vicky.” I said, flipping through the images. “These came out great.”

“I showed those images to my lead, and she was super impressed. I heard rumors about a potential full time job after graduation. Nothing official yet though.”

“I’m happy this is working out for you,” I said. Granted I helped in creating the designs, but Vicky took it to another level with the digital renditions. I couldn’t haven’t done that.

“Remember, we did this together.” she said, smiling at me. “Teamwork. Now what was the second thing?” 

“OK. Let me just get it out.” I took a deep breath. “I have gender dysphoria. Or at least, I self-diagnosed myself as that.”

Vicky and Lexi glanced at each other then back at me.

“Is that where you’re transgender?” Lexi asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

Vicky said, “But you aren’t really a guy, you are a…” 

“A woman trapped in a man’s body?” I said finishing her sentence. “Absolutely. It doesn’t matter that I spent 21 years as a woman and magically body-swapped. I’m having a hard time pretending to be male.”

“I think on some level I knew that.” Vicky added. Lexi nodded in agreement.

“I hate dressing like a guy.” I added. “I hate pretending to be a guy. I’m jealous of you living my life. Sometimes it’s hard getting out of bed.”

“And the perks of being a guy?” Lexi asked.

“Sure, I can reach high shelves now. I’m not eye-fucked as I walk through campus. I don’t have to shave my legs or armpits. It felt good to kick Brandon’s ass. But I look in the mirror and I don’t see myself. None of this is me. I’m living a lie and it’s eating away at me.”

“What can we do to help, Nick?” Vicky asked.

“I know one thing.” I said, confidently.

“What? Anything?” she said.

“Stop calling me Nick. I’m Nicole. I’m a woman.”

That stunned them. Maybe at some level they knew, but hearing me say it. Hearing me put my foot down and make a firm decision. It finally got through to them.

“Of course, Nicole,” Lexi promptly replied.

“I’m sorry, Nicole,” Vicky said. “That was my idea. I’m sorry. When I suggested it, I thought it would help.”

“It just made things worse.” I said. “It made me feel more detached from my true self.” I took a deep breath and smiled. Just the both of them calling me Nicole right now, made a world of difference. 

We sat there in silence for a second.

“I told Madison too.” I added. “So she knows I prefer being referred to as Nicole.”

I saw Lexi have a smile on her face. “It’s about damn time you both started telling the truth and opening up to us.” Lexi got up and gave me a big hug. 

“What if we don’t swap back?” Vicky chimed in. “Are you going to… I mean, will you… um...”

“Transition?” I said, trying to finish her thoughts. God, I haven’t considered that. “I don’t know. Maybe.” It’s a good question. I can transition if we don’t swap back. 

Vicky’s expression gave her thoughts away. She was concerned about me transitioning - in her former body. She sat down on the couch.

I followed her. “Something’s on your mind, Vic?”

“Yes.” she said. “I feel guilty about it though. I was OK when Tyler told me they were non-binary. They gave me their pronouns. I was fine. It was cool. But just now, when you told me you’re going to possibility out yourself - Victor - as transgender. I got selfish. What about my former life? What about my family? What will they think?”

“If your parents are accepting as Hanna, then it’ll be fine.”

“I know,” he replied. “It’s just that it’s not how I imagined my future.”

I should tell him about me and Kayla, but I think that was a lot to handle for one evening. “I was going to head home now.” I said. “I’ll be at the party tomorrow.”

“Really?” Lexi said. “What are you going as?”

“Whatever’s left on the shelf at the costume store” I said, smiling.

* * *

As I approached the coffee shop, she was there in line. She saw me, smiled, and waved.

“I thought for sure you weren’t going to be here.” I said, as I approached Kayla.

“I meant it when I said I still want to be friends.” she replied. “And I figured after 3 days, we would be ready to talk about it.”

I got in line, got my coffee, and Kayla and I strolled to class together.

“Again, I’m sorry about Friday” she reiterated.

“Me too.” I said, sipping my coffee. 

“How many people have you come out to?” she asked.

“I came out to two of my closest friends last night.” I replied.

“How did they take it?”

“I think they took it well.”

“So after our… morning after, I did some reading on the topic” she said.

“You did?”

“Of course I did. I’m concerned for my friend.” she said, nudging my shoulder with her own. “So. Dish. Are you going to come out to more people? Are you seeing a therapist? Do you have a new name? Are you going to change pronouns? Are you on hormones? Are you going to medically transition?”

“Um, wow” I said. “You may have done more reading on it than I have. For now, I’ve told everyone I want to tell. Maybe in the future I may consider coming out publicly and transition. But now is too soon for any of that.”

“And you want me to call you?”

“Nicole.” I said.


“What?” I asked.

“It’s just crazy that your legal name can function as your girl name too. That’s a cool coincidence.”

“It is.” I said, while laughing on the inside.

“One again you have the same name as my former roommate.” she chuckled. “Are you attracted to guys?”

I was actually wondering that myself. I’ve dated guys in the past as Nicole. I only really connected with one guy - that was Tyler. But they weren’t necessarily a guy, were they? I was bi before the body swap, right? I haven’t felt the slightest attraction to guys, any guy, since then. But I have certainly been attracted to girls. I wonder if the body swap did something to my sexuality. If it did something to my sexuality, did it do something to Vicky’s? “I believe I’m only attracted to girls.” I finally said.

“I see.” she replied with raised eyebrows.

OK, I made a mistake last time by leading Kayla on. Let’s not make the same mistake. “Kalya, I want to stay friends. You’re great. You’re attractive. But there’s someone else.”

She smiled. “Yeah, I figured.” But I was hoping. I mean, I never dated a girl before. I’m straight. But if you wanted to continue to see each other... I... would’ve been down for it.”

I blushed at the thought of Kayla still being into me, but I really just needed her as a friend right now.

“Madison right?” she asked.


“She’s the “someone else?””

“How did you know?”

“Nicole, we’ve been friends for 2 months, you light up when talking about her. I wasn’t sure why you were dating Stephanie all that time when you were clearly in love with your friend.”

I turned red at being so transparent.

“All of your friends are girls right?”

“Yeah” I replied.

“Why didn’t you correct me? I assumed all of your friends were guys.”

“I was playing a part,” I replied. “I was trying to be a typical guy.”

“I get it.” she replied. “So now that I’m in the know - If you need any help - anything at all - please tell me. Please ask.”

I remember all of the times I was mean to Kayla when we were roommates. Here she was going out of her way to be my friend. “Kayla, you’re too good to me. I don’t deserve this kind of friendship from you.”

“Don’t say that.” she said. “You’ve been nothing but a great friend and listener to me.”

I smiled.

“OK.” she said. “Now that we got that out of the way. I’ve been wanting to tell you since I noticed last week - and now it all makes sense…”

I raised my eyebrow in curiosity.

“Girl, I love your nails.”

I instantly blushed. I got a rush of euphoria that was missing for months. “Thank you, Kayla,” I said, then hugged her right there, trying not to spill our coffee. 

* * *

At night, I returned to my research. I sat down at my laptop. This time I focused on the “on-campus sexual assaults” window I had open for over a week.

I read a whole bunch of articles from the 90s and early 2000s of on campus assaults. They all had one thing in common. The Tau Kappa fraternity was involved. All different men. That was the fraternity I think Brandon was involved in.

Oddly enough, there were no more cases over the past 15 or so years. It’s like sexual assaults completely stopped happening. Wait - there was a recent one. Last year. 

I opened up my email program and sent an email to Courtney. “Do you remember the fraternity your assaulter was from?”

I read the article. Sure enough, a Tau Kappa guy was arrested and kicked out of the frat and school for drugging a girl at a party last year.

I googled Tau Kappa at our campus, I found some old flyers on Facebook from a few years ago. “Stop fapping and get laid! Rush TK” one image said. Gross. Lots of similar images trying to entice men to their frat for sex.

I got a reply from Courtney. “It’s been a while, but I believe he was wearing a TK shirt. They were the most notorious party fraternity at the time.”

I thanked her and I thought about that for a moment. Courtney’s story would be squarely in the middle of that blank news period. OK, new theory. If Courtney is right and there is a genie, maybe it was the entire Tau Kappa fraternity that has the genie. What if they were using the genie to get away with having their way with women? Then sometime in the past couple years, TK lost the genie. It sounded like Brandon and the fraternity still had the genie our freshman year.

What’s weird is in fiction, people use a genie for power and wealth, but these boys are using it to forcibly have sex with women. I can feel my anger rising just considering this possibility. How many women have they raped? Was it all covered up by this genie? God, I almost got raped by this frat but escaped.

Or rather I remember escaping. After hearing Vicky talk about her memories being altered I got a queasy feeling that I shouldn't trust my own memories either.

So that begs the question, if the fraternity doesn’t have the genie anymore, then who does? 

* * *


Wednesday afternoon I was pacing my apartment waiting for Nicole to come over. I glanced at the time. 5 PM. The Halloween party is going to start in 3 hours, and I wanted to make sure our costumes were perfect.

As I paced, one more time, Nicole came into the apartment while knocking. “I’m here.” she said. She was carrying a duffle bag. “I brought everything you suggested.” she said. “And a few other things like makeup”

“Great,” I said. “Let’s get started.”

“I’m so excited.” she said. “These costumes came out great.” 

“I’m excited too,” I added. “We should get ready in my room, Josh should be coming home shortly.”

“Ty, do you want makeup for your costume?” she asked.

“Not this time,” I replied. “I’m not ready to go full Taylor in public quite yet.”

“Fair enough,” she said, smiling. She then found a mirror and started applying makeup to her face. She gave herself thicker eyebrows and added darker color to her jawline to give the appearance of a 5 o’clock shadow.

I took off my shirt and jeans. I was already wearing lavender colored panties in preparation for wearing the dress I bought. I turned red, realizing I was standing in front of my girlfriend in nothing but women’s underwear. Nicole didn’t seem to notice, as she was still facing the mirror and doing her makeup. I quickly put on the tights first, then the dress. 

Nicole turned back to me and walked around me, adjusting the way the dress hung on my shoulders and chest.

“Let’s do your armor first” I said, so I didn’t have to assist her while I had bulky armor on.

Nicole was already dressed in the clothes she intended to wear under the armor. She was wearing an off-white button down shirt on top of a sports bra, with black leggings.

I helped her pull over the breastplate first. I tightened the straps to make sure they were snug. Next came the pauldron. I slipped it over her head and secured them. I handed her a belt and a foam sword to complete the look.

“Next is the wig and ears.” I said, pulling out a wig cap and a wig. “Put your hair into a low ponytail.”

Nicole grabbed a hair tie from her bag and did a ponytail. I handed her the wig cap, and she put the cap on, tucking her ponytail into it. I then handed her the short blonde wig. She put the wig on, adjusting it in the mirror.

I opened the package of latex elf ears. I applied the latex glue and fit the ears on top of hers. “OK, let that dry for a few minutes.”

She turned back to the mirror. “Wow. I don’t even look like a girl anymore” she said.

“My turn” I said. She helped me do the same things I did for her. Breastplate, pauldrons, and utility belt. I let my hair fall freely. 

I pulled on a pair of black boots, then stood up to look at myself in the mirror. Excellent. I look just like Purple Mage.

“You did such a great job,” Nicole said to me. She came over to me and whispered into my ear. “I especially love those purple panties I got a glimpse of.”

I blushed as she giggled.

* * *


I checked the mirror one last time. This is the most I’ve felt like my old self in a long time. Looking back in the mirror was a reflection that looked much more boyish. Granted, I’m shorter than I used to be, and this body’s feminine features makes me look younger, but I felt male again.

Staring at the two of us as a couple made me feel weird. Tyler in the dress and costume armor looked much more androgynous - bordering on feminine than I’m used to seeing them. In fact, standing before me was PurpleMage - the video game player I had a crush on when I was Victor. This body swap has messed with my head. I’m not even sure what thoughts in my head are real anymore. What I do know is I’m incredibly turned on by PurpleMage. I have to keep reminding myself we have somewhere to be and I can’t just make out with her right now.

Tyler put their arm around me, and I turned to face them. They leaned over and kissed me. I kissed them back. I love Tyler. I know I do. This isn’t fake. All I want to do is to just melt into her arms - their arms.

We walked out into the living room, where Batman was waiting for us. Seriously. Batman. 

“Whoa” he said. “May I be the first to say you both look scrumptious.”

“Hi Josh” I said, chuckling.

“I just want to say, I’m really happy this is working out for both of you.” he said. “You both look so happy - and you each are radiant through those costumes.”

“Well your costume is cool too” I said. “Those aren't your real abs right?”

“Girl, no this is all padding. What do you think of the overall outfit? You think this is cool? I was going for the spoiled rich playboy with a dark traumatizing past look.”

“I think you nailed it,” Tyler replied.

The three of us headed out of the apartment and to the party, which was being held at the Special Events Center on campus. Since the party was hosted by Student Government, Josh talked our ear off on what he plans to do with it next year. Of course, Tyler and I plan on graduating before then. We walked across campus hand in hand. 

“I invited your friend Victor to come” Tyler said to me when Josh finally let him get a word in.

This took me by surprise. “Really? When did you see Victor?”

“The morning after your incident at the restaurant. I wanted to thank him for standing up for you.”

“That’s sweet.” I replied. I could only imagine the look on Nicole’s face when Tyler showed up.

“You know who else I saw?” they said. “Your old roommate. Kayla.”

“Oh yeah?” I said. I know Nicole mentioned her occasionally. “They’re in each other’s class. I think they see each other every other day for coffee or something.”

“It looked like more than coffee when she ran out of his apartment at 9 am on a Saturday morning in a party dress.” Tyler chuckled.

This came as a surprise to me. I didn’t know what to say. “Wow.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.” Tyler replied, looking a little guilty. “That was very inconsiderate of me.”

Was it sex or just a sleep over? “Maybe she just spent the night.”

“I dunno.. her appearance was very disheveled and she ran out pretty quickly.”

Did Nicole really sleep with Kayla? I remember telling Nicole that she should date Kayla, but I didn’t expect this. If Nicole is having sex now - that means I can too. I clutched Tyler’s hand harder and leaned into them. I need to confirm this latest development with Nicole.

We walked through the doors, and instantly we were greeted by Halloween decorations and loud dance music.

We waited in line for the ID check. When it was my turn, I pulled my ID out of my utility belt. Tyler and I got wristbands since we were over 21, Josh did not.


“You kids have fun, now” Josh said. “I’m going to mingle.”

“If we need you, we’ll throw up the bat signal” I said, nudging him.

Josh smiled through his Batman mask. “I love it!” then walked away.

Right near the doors, we found Alexis and Madison who were waiting for us. Alexis was dressed as a sexy nurse, and Madison was dressed as Harley Quinn. They both had smiles on their faces.

“Hey, girl” Madison said first and leaned in for a hug “Vicky” she whispered into my ear.

I smiled at the recognition. I’m thrilled I can stop pretending when around Madison. It looks like she and Lexi are back on speaking terms. “Are you two good?”

“Oh yeah” Madison replied. “We can’t stay mad at each other. We talked the next morning. We also got a chance to catch up on everything I missed.” She winked at me.

“Everything?” I asked.

“Everything.” Lexi chimed in for emphasis. “Those are amazing costumes. Tyler, did you make that all by yourself?”

“I did.” Tyler said, beaming at the praise.

“I love the attention to detail,” Madison said, looking over my armor. “Tyler, you missed your calling. They have costuming classes in the art department. Who needs that computer stuff?” She and Tyler chuckled.

“This is just a hobby,” they replied. “One I’m excited to share”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Nicole, standing against the wall, wearing a black suit, black tie, and a black and pink masquerade mask. I made eye contact with Lexi, and nodded in Nicole’s direction.

Lexi got the hint and went over to retrieve Nicole. They returned, with Lexi holding onto Nicole’s arm. “Look who I found,” Lexi said, smiling.

“Victor,” Tyler said, extending their hand. “I’m glad you came.”

Nicole took Tyler’s hand and shook it.

Nicole was wearing a suit I hadn’t worn in years. I also noticed her mask. It was custom made. “Nice mask.” I said. “Is that from your class assignment a few weeks ago?”

“It is.” she replied. “Did you not read the flyer? The theme was Masquerade Ball. Come in costume or in elegant masks.”

I never actually saw the flyer, but it made sense.

Madison came up to me and stroked my wig. She said loud enough for Nicole to hear. “Nicole, this tomboy look is kinda cute. I like it.”

I looked over to Nicole who was blushing behind her mask. Was this code? For Nicole? Now that Madison knew that Nicole was in my former body, did that mean she was still interested in her? Even as a girl trapped in a guy’s body?

The group of us made our way to the drinks table. We showed our wristbands and got some light alcoholic punch. It was light on the alcohol, but what did I really expect for a campus sponsored event?

“Let’s dance!” Madison said, grabbing Nicole further into the party.

I saw a table set up with a banner reading “Costume Contest - Sign up here.” I turned to Tyler. “Let’s enter into the costume contest.”

“Oh I dunno.” Tyler said. “I did this for you and me, not for anyone else.”

“I’m just proud of you.” I told them, clutching their arm. “I’m proud of our costumes.”

Tyler kissed me. “And that’s all that matters to me. We’ve already won.”

I smiled at him and we kissed.. 

He paused for a moment. “Happy anniversary” he said, we resumed making out.

* * *


I protested as Madison pulled me onto the dance floor. “I wanted to talk to Vicky about what I found out about the genie and the fraternity.”

“There will be time for that later,” she replied. “We’ve all been under a lot of stress. It’s time to relax and have fun”

I reluctantly smiled for her. We both danced. I danced awkwardly because I felt like everyone's eyes were one me. I was trying not to dance too girly.

“Relax,” Mads said. “Be yourself. Tune everyone else out.”

“It’s hard,” I said. “I feel like everyone is watching me.”

“Nobody is watching you, except me. To everyone else, you’re just a guy dancing with a girl.”

I closed my eyes and tuned out the rest of the party. When I opened my eyes, it was just Madison who was into mine. She smiled, and I smiled back.

After a few minutes, I noticed my friends were dancing next to us. Lexi, Tyler, and Vicky. Before I knew it, Lexi was grinding up behind me and Madison was grinding up in front of me.

“Nicole sandwich” Lexi said under the music.

I laughed. It’s been way too long since I went dancing with my girlfriends. This was great. After a few minutes, I even forgot I was in a guy's body.

The next hour flew by. More drinks. More dancing. I was working up a nice buzz. That was until I glanced and saw Vicky and Tyler dancing together. They were both laughing and having a good time. I saw how happy they were in their costumes. Tyler was in a dress, but they were so happy. Maybe I was too harsh on them for continuing this hobby. Clearly it brings them enjoyment. Meanwhile, Vicky was hanging all over Tyler. Then I saw the way they’d look at each other. Then they started making out. In front of me! As if I wasn’t already jealous...

Suddenly Madison put her hand on my cheek and turned my head away from them. “Ignore them.” she said.

“I know. I mean, I knew they were getting close. I knew Vicky was falling for him.” I said to Madison. “I just was never around to see it.”

Madison didn’t reply and instead continued dancing and attempting to take my mind off of Vicky and Tyler.

“I need a break.” I announced. 

Madison and Lexi looked disappointed as I left the dance floor and sat down on a chair against the wall.

I stared off into the dance floor, when my gaze was broken by… Batman. 

He sat down beside me. “How are you doing? It’s been a while since we last chatted.” Wait. That’s Josh’s voice. Tyler’s roommate Josh.

“I’m fine.” I said. I ran my finger under my eye to make sure I didn’t have any tears there. I don't want to cry in front of Josh.

“You haven't been yourself, so I thought I should check in on you.”

“I’m fine, Josh” I said.

“I know you’ve been a loner for a while, but those are your friends out there. You have a friend in me too. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.”

“Thank you” I smiled at him.

He got up and walked away. How does Josh even know Victor? I suppose Josh knows everyone.

Just when I thought I’d be left alone, Vicky sits right down in the same seat Josh vacated.

“Hey” she said.

“Hey” I replied.

“I heard about Kayla.” she said.

I groaned. Oh no. Not now. “What did you hear?”

“She spent the night.”

I closed my eyes. I’m in trouble now. I didn’t say anything.

“Did you sleep with her?”

I nodded. I kept my eyes closed. “It was a mistake.”

I felt her put her hand on my shoulder. She chuckled. “I know you’re rejecting your masculinity and all, but I just wanted to say you make a better guy than I did. God I hadn’t been laid in years.”

I opened my eyes. That’s not what I expected her to say. That’s a bizarre statement coming from her. I’ve been in Victor’s body for 2 months and I’ve had Stephanie, Kayla, and that woman at the bar all over me. Part of me wonders what Victor did to repel women when he was in this body. I opened my eyes to see her stand back up. “You’re not angry?”

“No, I’m fine.” she said. “I’m having a good time. You should too.” She held out her hand.

I took her hand and she pulled me back to the dance floor. 

This time it was Vicky who was grinding up on me. I couldn’t help but crack a smile. Vicky still can’t dance, and was looking like a total fool. But our friends only smiled and cheered. Maybe I was being too harsh on myself and as long as you’re with friends, it just doesn’t matter how foolish you look. I remembered the date we had that first week of the swap. That was a good memory. Vicky has been trying to be my friend, but I keep pushing her away. 

There was a song change, and Lexi pulled the girls with her to the bathroom. I was about to follow them when I realized - that did not include me. So I stood there in the middle of the dance floor with just Tyler.

We stood there awkwardly. I’ve barely spoken a full sentence to my boyfriend in 2 months. I had so much I wanted to tell them. But I wasn’t myself, so I couldn’t.

“Sup” Tyler said, awkwardly.

Gosh, non-binary or not, sometimes Ty acts like a total guy. “Sup” I replied, playing the part.

“Hey Victor,” they said. “Do you ever want to hang out sometime? Just us guys?”

Tyler is acting more masculine around me than I’ve ever seen them - despite wearing a dress. I should tell them to drop the act, and just be themself, but rather than explain how I know they’re non-binary, I just decided to roll with it. “Sure.”

“I know what it’s like to be the only guy in a friend group of women.” they explained.

It’s funny. I guess neither of us are guys, yet here we are playing the part. Playing the part others are expecting of us. I don't know what possessed me to challenge our facades, but I asked. “Are you ever jealous? Of the girls?”

Tyler looked at me and titled their head. They were silent for a moment. I think they were trying to gauge whether they could trust me. “Often.”

“Me too,” I said.

Our eyes met. Tyler was shocked that I admitted that to them. Before they could say anything Josh came up beside them. Josh was holding hands with a tall guy dressed as Robin.

“Hey Ty” he said. “Could I have the apartment for a few hours?”

“Sure,” Tyler replied. “I can spend the rest of the evening with Nicole and her friends.”

“Sweet,” Josh replied. He winked at me and walked off. Batman and Robin, hand in hand. “You kids have fun!” he called back.

“Josh never changes,” I said to Tyler.

“No he doesn’t. But he is living his best life.”

* * *


I was having a blast dancing and was working up a sweat. Despite how awesome our costumes looked, it was hot under this armor.

Nicole was finally smiling and dancing with Madison. She looked lost in her own world. But she was smiling. It’s been a while. Maybe she’s glowing from the fact she finally got laid. Speaking of...

I leaned over to Tyler, “I’m sweating in this.” 

“I'm lucky” they chuckled. “The dress is providing me with a natural breeze.”

We both laughed at the situation. I’m happy that I’m finally not wearing a dress, yet I’m jealous of Tyler’s natural breeze. Despite feeling hot - I was actually feeling great. I was actually eager to get out of there. To flex the newfound freedom, Nicole’s “mistake” just gave me.

“Hey Ty” I said after my laughter faded. “What do you say we head out?”

“Sure.” they said. “What did you have in mind? Josh asked for privacy, so we can’t go back to my place yet.”

“Well there’s my place?” I offered.

“Yeah” he said with no hesitation.

And just like that we left the party together. We were actually walking fast. I hadn’t felt this giddy in a long time. Was it the alcohol or was it grinding up and making out with Tyler all night? Was it the green light Nicole gave me? Was it all of it?

The moment we walked through my apartment door, I stood up on my toes, grabbed PurpleMage by their pauldron and gave them a deep kiss. They wrapped their arms around me as we made out right there in the kitchen. 

We let go of our embrace for a moment, as we started shedding parts of our costumes. We did not take our eyes off each other as the armor came off. We also slowly walked to my bedroom leaving a trail of costume parts in the hallway.

Once the armor, belts and boots were off, Tyler shed their tights. I embraced them again, I put my hands under their dress and grabbed their ass. I could feel the softness of their panties. It was more erotic than i had imagined. Only in my fantasies have I ever imagined I’d be here with PurpleMage. I've had such a crush on them before I even met them. 

They started kissing my neck as I brushed their hair away and nibbled on their ear.

Soon Tyler was unbuttoning my shirt. I reached around and found their dress’s zipper and zipped it down. I helped and took my shirt off. When my shirt was off, Tyler’s dress slid onto the floor. They were standing there in nothing but those panties, which were tenting up, giving away Tyler’s excitement. 

“Wait” I said, reaching into the drawer, pulling out that red ribbon and tying around my bedroom door handle. I pulled my boyfriend into my room and shut the door. “Just in case Lexi comes home early.”

I slid off my leggings and socks too, so we were both standing there in underwear. I pulled off my sports bra and my breasts jiggled free. Pulling off the sports bra dislodged the wig, so I just pulled it and the wig cap off and tossed them to the floor..

Tyler slowly walked up to me, putting their hands on my hips. I put my hands on their shoulders.

“I love you.” they said to me.

“I love you too” I replied, and they embraced me for another kiss. 

Before I knew it, I was being picked up and placed into my bed. I’ve never been picked up before by a lover. Tyler laid beside me and we continued kissing, while our hands explored each other’s bodies. I feel their dick pushing against my leg.

This is the first time my sexual partner has had a penis, so I wasn’t entirely sure what I should do. I myself haven’t had sex since high school, so I’m not even sure what I would like done to me. So I put my hand down there and started stroking it through their panties.

Tyler moved from kissing my lips to kissing my neck, my shoulder and then started kissing my breasts. The feel of their lips on my nipples sent pleasure through me. Then they started suckling on my nipples. I never knew this could feel so good. I was in ecstasy.

Then they continued their kissing tour, heading south. I was sad when the lips left my breasts, but the promise of something new kept me excited. They sat up so I could no longer play with their dick. When their kisses passed my tummy and got to the waistband of my panties, they grabbed them and gently slid them down.

The anticipation alone was making me wet. I felt their fingers open up my labia. I’ve done enough self-love these past two months to understand what was going on down there now.

Then I felt their warm tongue caress my folders. I flinched involuntarily. That didn’t stop them from running their tongue up and down. He paused for a moment, shifted his finger, and found my clit.

As they started flicking their tongue on it, I grabbed onto their head. “Holy shit’ I said.

“Do you want me to stop?” Tyler asked with a devilish grin.

“Fuck no.” I said. “More!”

He then buried his face back into my pussy and I cried out in joy. It occurred me that this wasn’t Tyler’s first time with this body, and they knew all of the buttons to push. They had me at a severe disadvantage. 

I let go of their head and clutched the bedsheets underneath me. “I’m cumming” I cried.. I could feel the muscles spasm and wave after wave of sexual euphoria rocked me. Unlike when I masturbate, Tyler kept going. Suddenly I felt it again. “Shit, I’m coming again!”

As great as this felt, I didn’t want Tyler doing all of the work, so I got him to stop. We then switched who was on top and who was on bottom. I straddled them. I wanted them to feel the same pleasure they gave me. I started by kissing their nipples, and they instantly stood erect for me. I suckled on them like I would a woman. Tyler closed their eyes and had a large smile on their face. I started stroking their panty-wrapped dick. 

I moved down and pulled the panties off. Their dick sprung straight up. Tyler was completely shaved down there. In fact, their entire body was hairless except for their head. I stared at the tip of their dick for a moment. My past life as a straight guy was telling me that this is forbidden territory. But then I reminded myself - this is my boyfriend and I’m deeply in love with them. I was already emotionally intimate with them and now wanted to be physically intimate with them too. That made it easy to start licking the tip.

When I heard Tyler let out a moan, I wanted to do more. I started stroking it when sucking on the tip. As I gained more confidence, I took more in my mouth.

A few minutes later I could taste the salty pre-cum. 

I was keenly aware that my own body was yearning for this too, so I sat up and right in front of their dick. I leaned over and kissed Tyler in the lips while I could feel their dick poking into my abdomen.

Tyler reached over to the dresser next to my bed and opened the top drawer. Clearly they knew what they were looking for as they hand came back with a condom. I watched them rip the wrapper and expertly roll the rubber down their penis.

When they were done I took a deep breath. I think I was ready for this as I grabbed the shaft and directed the tip to my vagina. I slowly guided it in. This was an interesting sensation. I hadn’t put anything aside my fingers up there during my self-love episodes, so this was a surreal sensation. I think I was still tight. Was I not wet enough?

Tyler noticed my grimace and held on to my hips and gently pulled me then and slid me back in again. This time, their dick went farther and I let out a moan. We slowly kept this rhythm. Tyler clearly knows this body better than I do. I closed my eyes. This felt great. I could feel their girth pushing into me. I could feel their warmth. I felt so full.

Slowly I started to take the lead, and he moved his hands up to my breasts. I rocked back and forth on top of Tyler. The dick was getting deeper and deeper now. I leaned forwards and suddenly felt a shock of pleasure as I found the right angle. I was on the verge of coming again. 

“Yes.” I moaned. I continued rocking back and forth at that angle. “Oh god, I’m cumming again”

“Keep going,” Tyler moaned. “I want to cum with you”

So I kept going. Tyler held on tighter and I could feel their dick get harder. I could feel another orgasm coming for me. I rocked faster and harder “Cum for me, love” I whispered through my own moans. As I orgasmed again, I could feel Tyler’s dick spasm with me. I leaned down and we both kissed as we rode the waves down.

* * *


I lost track of time. Madison became bolder with her dancing. Her hands were on my ass and our bodies were so close together. I could feel her breath on my neck.

I wanted to kiss her. But I didn’t want to do it here. Not while I’m a guy. 

I looked around. Lexi was dancing right next to us, giving us space. I’m surprised she’s not dancing with Vicky and Tyler. 

Wait, where is Vicky and Tyler? I looked around the party. I didn’t see them.

“Where did Vicky go?” I asked both Lexi and Mads.

“I dunno,” Mads said while continuing to dance with me.

“I think I saw her and Tyler leave.” she said. I saw Madison look at Lexi shaking her head. Lexi had a guilty look on her face.

I stopped dancing with Madison and took a step away from both of them.

“No, Nicole.” Lexi said. “I know what you’re thinking. Don’t follow them.”

“Please stay with us,” Madison pleaded. “Stay with me.”

I didn’t listen as I darted out of the party.

* * *

I arrived at the outside of my former apartment building. I couldn’t get in. I paced for a few minutes for someone to come out. I was worried about what I would find. I tried to put my worries out of my head.

A few students, dressed in costumes came around the corner and swiped their student ID to get into the building. I waited a few seconds and walked in behind the closing door.

I ran up the stairs and walked into my former apartment. It was silent. I saw pieces of Tyler’s and Vicky’s costumes on the floor in the kitchen. I walked to my room. More articles of clothing. A shirt, Tyler’s dress.

The door was open, yet the red ribbon was tied around the door handle.

I heard Vicky’s voice coming from the room. “Hey babe, when you get back, grab us some beers from the fridge.”

I noticed the bathroom door was closed and the light was on from the threshold. 

I peeked in through the open door into my bedroom. There sitting in my bed up against the wall was a very naked Vicky. She was breathing hard and I could see the glisten of sweat on her face.

Our eyes met. The look of fear flashed in her face. Both of us were silent. She noticed my tears. I started backing away. The look of sorrow filled her face. 

“Wait.” she whispered. “I’m sorry.”

I heard the toilet flush and I ran out of the apartment so as to not be seen by Tyler.

* * *

I walked back home as quickly as I could. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I knew it would come to this one day. But Vicky sleeping with my boyfriend sent me a message loud and clear. 

That was her life now. Not mine.

I reached into my pocket to get my keys and suddenly I was thrown into the door. I heard the thud of my body hit the door as I fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

I looked up in a daze to see Brandon standing over me.

“So you must be Nicole,” he said.

He knew.

He grabbed my suit jacket and picked me up and threw my back against the door. “Where’s the genie?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I said. I could taste blood in my mouth. Something was bleeding, but I didn’t know what.

“Don’t play coy with me, bitch.” he said. “I know you’re Nicole, and I know the girl is Victor. I know you swapped lives. I know you have him.”

“We don’t have it.” I said. “This was an accident. We don’t know how...”

Brandon punched me in the gut and I slid back to the ground. He kicked my gut again.

I was coughing and couldn’t catch my breath. 

“I want the genie. If you don’t tell me, I’ll take it out on each of your friends. The lesbian, that bitch Victor, your gay boyfriend. I may keep Lexi around. She was actually a good lay.”

I wanted to get up and fight back, but I couldn’t get off the ground. “You wouldn’t.” I grunted.

That earned another kick, this time to my rib cage.

I was having a hard time catching my breath. My vision was a blur. I heard another voice say something, then I heard Brandon’s footsteps run away.

“Oh my God, Victor, are you OK?” I heard a female voice say.

I looked up, and in my blurry vision I saw an angel. No wait. That’s Stephanie dressed like an angel.

I felt a large man’s arm pick me up. It was Dave. “I gotcha.” he said. “Dude, who was that?”

I couldn’t talk, but Dave led me into my apartment.

After Dave gently sat me down on my couch. I stared at the carpet. I could hear him and Stephanie talking about calling the cops. I was still having a hard time breathing. Must keep my eyes open.

“Bro, do you want us to call anyone?” Dave asked.

“Alexis. Madison. Not Vicky.” I managed to get out before I closed my eyes and passed out.


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Oh no! Things were going well for once.

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Nicole just couldn't let it be.

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I suppose that was the reaction I was looking for ;)

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One of the most shocking cliffhangers I've ever read.

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Oh man, looks like things are really about to kick off. So many different names for each character, haha. Now in addition to Victor and Nick, Nichole can mean both of the main characters. Going to be a big cluster to untangle when everything comes out in the open to Tyler. Josh is an awesome character, but I keep getting the feeling that he’s more pivotal than we think. Always friendly to everyone and seemed more clued into the swap at first. I’m wondering if Josh is tied in to everything now. So far we haven’t actually seen the genie, not even when Tyler made the wish. The way Brandon references a genie and not just a magic beer lamp I think there is going to be a genie character, maybe even pretending to be someone we already know. Maybe josh?

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Yeah - the genie was only an idea until Brandon confirmed that IS what's really going on. That Josh is certainly a character. I should go into how he and Tyler met one chapter.

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I suppose speechless is a good thing?

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Love the story, but it's very hard to believe that Kayla would not connect Roommate Nicole with Nicole-as-Victor through Mads (and probably talking about Lexi). Kayla would have to have been pretty oblivious not to have known of Madison when she was rooming with Nicole previously, even if they were not close.

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Hmm.. Chapter 25... where are we. Oh ok. so I believe Kayla is aware. She knows something's up with Nicole-as-Victor. She already knows both Nicole's travel in similar friend groups. But her first guess is not "my former roommate magically swapped bodies" So i'd like to describe Kayla as cautiously suspicious.

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