Chapter 6 - Simone’s First Day

The Boy Who Would Be Prom Queen by Emily

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Synopsis: Lance's first day of school as Simone

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Lance heard a phone ringing. He rolled away from the sound and ignored it. Seconds later there was a knock at the door.

“Lance,” Dad called through the closed door. “Lance, get up. You have a phone call.”

Lance rolled over to face the door and groaned, “A phone call?” he repeated. “Who is it?”

“It’s a girl.” Dad replied with a hint of pride in his voice.

Lance got out of bed and trudged over to the cordless phone on his dresser. “I got it,” he told his dad.

“Hello?” a groggy Lance answered.

“Lance,” a chipper Zoey replied. “Good morning!”

“What do you want? To humiliate me some more?” he asked with light sarcasm.

“Not at all,” she gushed. “I had a fun time last night. I have a feeling you did too.”

“Yeah, maybe. How did you even get my number?”

“Same way I got your address, of course! Now let’s talk about our plan.”

“Can’t this wait ‘til I’m at school?”

“No,” she reminded him. “You need to come to school as Simone.”

“Already?” he panicked, adrenalin instantly driving him fully awake.

“Yeah, well Simone is going to enroll. Lance is not.”

“Whoa, whoa, that’s not what we agreed to yesterday.”

“That was before I learned you had a twin sister. Before you spent an hour as Simone. Before you spent two hours as Miriel, blushing every time someone called you a fair maiden. You can do this.”

“I did not blush- I mean. Ugh. I dunno. Spending that time with Mack’s friends playing D&D is one thing. That was just a game. Being in school, in class, in front of teachers and other students is another matter.”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t get a thrill from last night.”

Lance was silent for a moment. “I mean, I did. But I can’t-”

“I’ll make it worth it,” she said seductively. “I’ll tell you more when we’re at school.”

“I can’t come as Simone, my dad is giving me a ride until I get enrolled and I can take the bus.”

“Hah, the bus,” Zoey scoffed. “Tomorrow you’re riding with me. For today, just throw last night’s outfit in your backpack and you can get dressed at school. And don’t forget to shave your face!”

Lance sighed. “Bye, Zoey.” He hung up, shaking his head at the situation he had gotten himself into.

He opened his closet and stared at the dress and wig he had hidden from his father. Why was he contemplating doing this? Was it Zoey’s promise of making it worth it? Was it because he was enjoying the thrill of pretending to be someone else?

He found himself opening the storage bins looking for a duffel bag, eventually finding one. He neatly folded up the dress and wig and placed them inside. Adding the bra and breast forms on top of it, he nervously shook his head. “What am I doing?”

He also searched for a backup pair of shoes since his good pair were still at Zoey’s house. He found a pair of old ratty sneakers he used for yard work.

Finally, he tossed in his trusty Game Boy. Just in case he was left alone for long periods of time again. Playing games was his substitute for interacting with real people. They usually left him alone when they saw him playing. Which was just how Lance liked it.

After showering, shaving, and getting dressed in his normal school clothes he walked out to the kitchen to meet his dad.

“How was last night?” he asked. “You made friends. I’m proud of you. And a girl called this morning.”

“It’s nothing, Dad,” he said.

“OK,” his dad smiled. “Don’t forget, I’m picking you up at 2 o’clock again.”

Lance then mumbled, “Oh, I don’t need a ride home today.”

“Oh, really? Who’s giving you a ride?”

“The girl who called.”

Lance’s dad said nothing and smiled. Inside he was shouting, “Finally! That’s my boy!!”

* * *

When he arrived at school, Lance got out of his dad’s car and looked around for Zoey. He didn’t see her.

“Have a good day, son,” his dad wished.

“Thanks, you too,” Lance replied, shutting the door and watching his dad drive away.

Lance started walking toward the school when he heard a rustle from within some bushes. He paused to listen closer.

“Psst. Lance!” the bushes called. Out popped Zoey’s head, wearing a scarf and sunglasses.

“What are you doing?” he asked. “Why are you in disguise? And hiding in the bushes?”

“We need privacy,” she said, squeezing out of the bushes as Lance assisted her. “If I hadn't done this, half the student body would be circling us right now. Asking me about prom, the latest fashion trends, or what I thought about...” She looked at Lance as she brushed leaves off herself. He had a duffel bag draped over his shoulder. “You brought it. Great.”

“I don’t know why.”

“We both know why,” she reminded him. “Last night you got a taste of thrill and adventure. You want more of it.”

“Remember, I still haven’t agreed to your plan,” he corrected her. “You want me to walk in there, pretending to be my sister. Enroll as her, not me. And spend the next six weeks committing identity fraud. I’m risking humiliation, graduation, jail, and a sex offender list. For what?”

“I will make it worth your while.” Zoey was always the picture of confidence, but desperation was creeping into her voice.

“Yeah, you keep saying that.”

“Well, remember what you told me back at your house yesterday - how you didn’t have a car?”

“Yeah, I don’t exactly have the money to buy one right now. A lot of people our age don't.”

“Well, I do.” Her confidence started to rebound. “What if we work out a deal where you help me and I buy you a car?”

“Buy me a car? Is that what rich people do? Bribe you with transportation?”

“You need a car. I have a bet to win. And this school needs their prom queen.”

“How do I know-”

“Listen. Just hear me out, and if you’re still not convinced we can help each other, then you can walk into that school as Lance - the invisible boy - and you won’t hear from me again. Fair enough?”

Lance stood there silently considering her offer. The word “invisible” cut like a knife. He sighed. He was so conflicted, but it wouldn’t hurt to hear her out. “So, tell me about my new Ferrari. I want a red one.”

Zoey laughed, then got serious. “Look, I have some money my grandmother left me. Not enough to buy you a Ferrari - or any other new car - for that matter. But if you help me pull this off, I swear on her grave I will buy you the best used car I can afford.”

“Pull this off?” Lance mimicked her. “Like a bank robbery?

“Oh, we’ll be stealing something alright - the hearts and minds of our classmates.”

Lance scoffed at her over-the-top boasting.

“Remember how you felt last night?” she said, getting closer to him. She started whispering in his ear. “Imagine it, Simone. Imagine that feeling every day for the next six weeks. Imagine being pretty, and beautiful, and idolized by everyone. Imagine being on that stage with a tiara.”

Lance could feel goosebumps rise across his skin. “But my sister - the real Simone - wouldn’t care one way or another about being prom queen.”

“But she’s not here. You are. I’m offering you visibility. Popularity. Beauty.” She paused for a moment. “And a car.” Zoey picked up Lance’s duffel bag and pushed it to his chest. “I know a place where you can get changed.”

Lance didn't resist when Zoey took his hand. She escorted him to a landscaper’s shed behind the school that she used occasionally when she needed privacy. 

Hanging on the back wall in the shed were clippers, shears, hedgers, and chainsaws.

“Oh… my… God,” Lance said with his eyes bulging. “I’m in a horror movie.”

“Don’t worry about that stuff, I know the landscapers. They work for my parents. I’d come here after school with Ty… nevermind. Anyway, get undressed.”

“If there is a stabbing on school property I won’t be able to keep silent about your little get away spot.”

Zoey grinned and just let him rant, figuring a little humor might relieve Lance’s anxiety.

“Do you have a cool serial killer name? I know, I know, Freddy, Jason, and Mike Myers all go by their actual names. But Zoey doesn’t sound like a killer. Maybe with all of these tools you can be… The Gardener. I can see it now: ‘Just when you thought it was safe to go to school in the Garden State. Watch out for… The Jersey Gardener!’”

“Lance, we don't have time for this,” she said, arms crossed and tapping her foot.

A deflated Lance scowled, “Fine.” He took off his sneakers, T-shirt, and shorts, just like last night.

“Socks and boxers too,” she instructed, holding up a pair of panties in one hand and pantyhose in the other.

“Wait - more stuff? Why?” he moaned.

“Because you haven’t shaved your legs. It was OK yesterday for Mack’s nerdy friends. Not today. I brought you pantyhose. You can’t wear them with boy’s underwear.”

“Fiiiiiine,” he complained. “Can I get some privacy?”

“Sure,” she said, turning around.

Lance emptied his duffel bag on a workbench. Then dropped his boxers. While reaching for the panties he knocked something off the pile of clothing. It fell against Zoey’s calf and landed between her feet. 

“What’s this?” she asked, picking up a small white box.

“That’s a Game Boy,” he said. “Please give it back!”

“I know what it is, Lance.” Zoey said, rolling her eyes. “I mean, why are you bringing it to school?”

“I take it everywhere,” Lance stated. “It helps me when I’m bored.”

“Does your sister bring a Game Boy to school?” Zoey asked sarcastically, examining the game cartridge inside the hand-held device. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.

Lance timidly responded, “Umm, no, but-” He tried to reach around her to grab it from her.

“Then you don’t either, Simone,” Zoey corrected, holding it out of his reach. “The future prom queen doesn’t play video games at school. She socializes with other people.”

“Whatever,” Lance conceded. “I already know I’m going to regret this. He continued dressing and swapped his boxers for the panties, struggling to contain his package. He didn’t want to mention his problem to Zoey, so he just left it, hoping the pantyhose and dress would hide the evidence. 

“Um - whose underwear are these?”

“Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to,” she sharply replied.

“Eww,” he moaned.

“Yes, they’re mine,” she admitted, “and they’re clean.”

“Then what are you wear-”

“Seriously, Lance? I brought an extra pair for you.”

He held up the pantyhose. “How do I put these on?” he asked.

“You never watched your sister do it?”

“Ew. Do you watch your sister get dressed?”

“That’s different. Now stop stalling,” Zoey said, sighing. “One leg at a time,” she explained. “First, wad up one leg until all you see is the toe. Then slide that leg onto your foot.”

“Wait, you’re going too fast.” Then a second later, “Go ahead.”

“Slowly pull the leg up while releasing the material. When you get up to the knee, do the same thing with the other leg,” She paused again. “Are you ready for the next step?”


“Next, slowly pull both legs up to your butt. Then finish by sliding the seat over your cheeks and smooth it all out. Just don’t pull too hard or you'll get a run. Please don’t get a run. These are the only pair I brought with me.”

He struggled rolling and pulling up the pantyhose, but when he was done he was impressed at how good his legs looked and felt. He didn’t tell Zoey that, though.

“Bra help?” he asked, holding it against his chest.

Zoey turned to see Lance standing with his back to her and clipped the band for him.

Lance continued with the breast forms, and then he picked up the dress and stepped into it. “Zip me up?”

“Sure, go ahead and put the wig on. Then I can check you out.” She zipped him up and started tugging on things. Then brushing out his ‘hair’ with her fingers.

“Did you bring me shoes too?” He immediately panicked at his own question as he thought, “What if she brought me high heels?”

“No. You wouldn’t fit in any of mine or Mack’s. We’ll have to buy you a pair either after school or over the weekend. Wear your own sneakers for now.”

Relieved, he slid his sneakers on over the pantyhose. His shoes felt loose due to the thinner material of the hose. He would have to re-tie them later. “Done.”

Zoey looked at the ratty sneakers he put on over her nice pantyhouse. She sighed and vowed to get him some more appropriate shoes as soon as possible. She looked at his overall appearance. “Not quite. OK, hold still,” advised Zoey, as she grabbed his ‘boobs’. “You’re a little lopsided.”

Lance wasn’t sure how to feel as Zoey fixed the problem. This plan was getting weirder by the moment.

Adjustments complete, Zoey turned back around and pulled a makeup compact out of her purse. “Close your eyes.”

He closed his eyes and wondered what he would see the next time he opened them.

“Eventually we’ll teach you to do this yourself. We just don't have time this morning. I'm only applying what Mack did - concealer and eyeliner - and adding some eyeshadow and some brow definer. Now, hold still.” When she was done she held out the compact mirror and smiled. “Open your eyes, Simone.”

“Wow, that’s me?” he said, not recognizing himself. “I do look almost like Simone.”

“Good. We’ll improve upon it later. And remember not to touch your face.” She took his hand. “OK, Simone, one last thing. If you’re going to be a girl, you have to walk like one. Men and women walk differently. We don’t have the time or space to practice right now, so I just need you to concentrate on the important parts for now. First, you have to pretend you’re walking on a tightrope. One foot in front of the other. Second, take smaller steps. And third, swing your hips as you walk. So, I want you to remember those three things as we walk up to the school, and then whenever you are walking. Can you remember those things?”

“Straight line, small steps, hips. I got it,” Lance repeated. “Let me know how I look.”

“You’ll do fine. Alright, Simone, let's get you enrolled.”

“Enrolled - oh, shit!” Lance abruptly froze. “I never filled out the forms for Simone. I’ve still got the packet, though. I can fill them out pretty quickly.”

“Go ahead, just try to hurry,” Zoey said, eyeing the sharp implements hanging nearby, “or else I’ll make a real girl out of you with these pruning shears.”

Lance gulped, scribbling Simone’s information onto the forms. Then he packed his boy clothes into his duffel bag, and took a deep breath to give his heart a chance to slow down. 

“Um, Lance, you don’t have a locker yet,” Zoey explained. “Why don’t you just let me put your duffel bag in my car and you can have it back after school?”

“Yeah, you did such a fine job of managing my clothes last night,” Lance replied with light sarcasm. “I’m not sure if I should let these out of my sight.”

“Suit yourself,” Zoey shrugged, calling his bluff. “Carry it all day if you want.”

Lance pictured himself carrying a duffel bag while wearing a dress and wig. He grunted and handed her the bag. “I want these back after school.”

As the pair left the shed, Zoey removed her scarf and sunglasses and placed them into her purse, and placed Lance’s confiscated Game Boy in this duffel bag, looping it over her shoulder.

Lance looked around to see if anyone was reacting to him, but everyone was just going about their business.

“OK,” Zoey coached. “You’re doing pretty good, but remember to stand up straight. Too much sway. No slouching. And stick your chest out a bit. You’ll look more confident in your femininity.”

“Wow, I never imagined walking like a girl would have so many rules. Does all this come in an instruction manual?”

“No, but watch other girls, and try to imitate them. You should also get into your Simone voice,” Zoey encouraged. “You sounded really good last night playing D&D. Rehearse what you’re going to say when you hand in your forms.”

“Hi, my name is Simone-”

“Higher. Hey - eyes up here.”

“I wasn’t looking at your-”

“You were looking down at my feet. Eye contact, Simone! Try it again.” 

He looked directly at Zoey’s face. “Hi, my name-”

“Higher, Simone. And smile. You’re happy to be talking to me.”

He forced a smile. “Hi, I’m Simone Biggs, I have my enrollment forms all filled out.”


As the pair walked towards the school entrance, Lance took note of how all this female clothing felt, and how different his walk was. The nylon on his legs felt confining, yet liberating and smooth. He also liked the swish of the different materials as they rubbed together. Even his ‘boobs’ bobbed up and down as he walked. He looked down at his new figure and began to feel excited ‘down there’. All these new sensations were so exhilarating. Combined with the big deception he was pulling off, he was feeling more alive than ever. For this single moment, at least, he never wanted this to end.

Zoey noticed Lance’s walk and posture. He seemed more confident than last night. “You’re doing amazing. You’re really getting into this, aren’t you?”

Lance turned to face Zoey. “I’m just doing what you told me.” His face was red, and she hadn’t applied any blush. “I guess it's getting easier. This isn’t so bad.” He tried to downplay the intensity of his feelings about being dressed up.

If Zoey saw deeper than what Lance was telling her, she didn’t let on. She let him ride his wave of euphoria all the way to the school steps. 

Before they could get to the school doors, however, Zoey saw Deanna and Peggy walking towards them. “Hey, my friends are coming over. Stay in character. Tell them ‘It’s nice to meet you’.”

Both Deanna and Peggy had shocked expressions on their faces. Zoey had completely transformed that guy on the bench into an almost passable girl, albeit with poor footwear. This gave Zoey a confident smile. She was going to pull this off.

“Zoey, who is your new friend?” Deanna slyly asked once she got over her initial shock.

“This is Simone,” Zoey said proudly. She nudged Lance. 

“Hi,” he introduced himself, his voice cracking a little, “I’m Simone. I’m new here.”

“I’m Deanna,” she returned his greeting, daintily shaking Lance’s hand.

“Peggy,” she greeted him as well.

“It’s nice to meet you both,” Lance said with a nod and a bit of a smile.

“We need to get going,” Zoey said before Deanna or Peggy could interrogate either of them. She knew Lance was not ready for that kind of pressure yet. She grabbed Lance’s hand and led him into the school.

“Is that who you made the bet with?” Lance asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “You did good. The look on their faces was priceless.”

They both walked into the office and up to the receptionist Lance saw yesterday.

“Zoey Sellers,” the receptionist said as they walked through the door. “Just the girl we were looking for. The principal would like to see you.”

Zoey whispered into Lance’s ear, “I’ll be nearby if you need me.”

Lance nodded as she walked towards the principal’s office. He turned his attention to the receptionist. “Hi, I’m Simone Biggs,” he announced as he rehearsed, “I have my enrollment forms here.”

The receptionist looked at him, smiled, and took the forms. She started reviewing them, occasionally glancing up at Lance. He considered making a run for the exit.

This was the moment of truth. He was sure he’d be caught, but the receptionist never noticed that the girl standing in front of her was really a boy in disguise. He told himself to not be nervous. “I’m just a normal girl standing here,” he repeated to himself, feeling his heart pound within the confines of his stuffed bra. 

The receptionist walked away to leave Lance standing there fidgeting. 

Zoey walked into the principal’s office. As student body president she always had his ear, but this was the first time he summoned her. “Good morning, Mr. Silver. You wanted to see me?”

“Good Morning, Miss Sellers,” the principal said. “What’s this I hear about prom court?” 

“There’s a petition to bring it back,” she explained.

“And you signed it.”

“I thought it was a good way to foster school pride.”

“You know this school hasn’t had a prom court in… maybe a decade. Not since…”

“Yeah, I heard about that. It was explosive, sir.”

“And you still think we should bring it back?”

“As long as we keep everyone away from open flames.”

He nodded. “Fair enough. Consider it done.”

“I do have one request,” Zoey asked.

“What’s that?”

“I’d like us to be a more progressive and inclusive school by allowing anyone to run for any position.”

He stared at her blankly. “I don’t follow you.”

Zoey tried to think back to what Mack had suggested to her. “Gender neutral.”

“Oh,” he said, thinking for a moment what that entailed, “you mean like a girl running for king or a boy running for queen?”


The look of disgust on his face gave away his true feelings. “Don’t you think that would open those students up for ridicule?”

“What if one of our students is… um… transgender?”

He stared blankly at her again as if the possibility never crossed his mind. “Are you aware of any transgender students at our school?”

“No,” she said, subconsciously glancing back at the open door. She turned back to the administrator. “But what if someone is, and this could be their chance… to um…”

“No,” he said firmly, “we can’t have boys running around in prom dresses. This is a high school, not a circus. What would the parents say?”

“He’s so beautiful,” she suggested with a positive smile.

He had a disgusted look on his face. “The answer is ‘no’, Miss Sellers.”

Zoey nodded. “Thank you Mr. Silver, I should be heading to class now.”

Back in the main office, the receptionist finally returned to Lance with a packet of papers. To him it felt like an eternity had passed. “Miss Biggs, here is your class schedule, locker combination, and student handbook.”

Lance blushed at being called “Miss.” He took the packet, thanked her, and was about to leave when she spoke up.

“We have a welcome committee for new students,” she said. “I just called one of the members to give you a tour of school.”

“Thanks,” he replied. Then he remembered, the real Simone would be more polite. “That’s so nice of you.”

Zoey returned from her meeting and glanced at Lance to see if the plan was working. He smiled back and nodded.

Just then, Olivia walked into the office. Lance recognized her from yesterday. But unlike yesterday, she noticed him, too. 

Zoey backed away and pretended to look at the bulletin board full of flyers, hoping to not be seen by the boyfriend-stealing head cheerleader.

Olivia looked Lance up and down and gave him a confused smile. “You must be the new girl,” she said. 

“If she only knew how true that statement was,” Lance thought. “Yeah, hi. I’m Simone,” he said with some trepidation in his Simone voice. Neither he or Zoey had expected any one-on-one time this soon after enrolling. 

“Hi, Simone, I’m Olivia,” she introduced herself. “I’m part of the welcome committee.”

They shook hands. The feminine handshake was becoming more natural to Lance after shaking hands with Deanna and Peggy earlier. Though, he still worried Olivia would feel how sweaty and shaky his hands were.

Then he remembered the fun and relaxing time he’d had last night with Mack and her friends. And the walk up from the shed. It also helped him if he channeled his sister’s confidence. “Thank you, um, Olivia, for taking the time to show me around. I’m really nervous. This school looks so big, and I don’t know anyone. I-I’m hoping I can make some new friends before graduation.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, Simone, everyone here is so friendly you’ll feel like family before you know it!” Olivia beamed a bright and disarming smile right at Lance.

“So welcome to High School North! Home of the Fighting Bullfrogs! Croak! Croak!” She gave an enthusiastic greeting. Let’s get started with the tour!

Lance couldn’t hold back a chuckle before falling in line behind Olivia. “What’s with this school?” he thought to himself.

Zoey watched them leave together, jealous it was Olivia giving Lance the tour. But regardless, the plan was working. Lance even seemed to be enjoying Olivia’s company. She would have to keep an eye on that.

As she left the office to take Lance’s duffel bag to her car, Zoey replayed her conversation with Principal Silver in her head. She had a growing dread that this plan was going to be more complicated than she had originally thought. There were going to be people, like the principal, that she needed to make sure Lance avoided.

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I have to say the scene in the shed is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Great job!

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