Chapter 2 - Lisa

A Suitable Crush by Emily

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During the next two weeks, Tristan continued chatting with Ava as Lisa. They had started becoming closer, sometimes sharing intimate details. Especially about Lisa’s experience with “coming out.” Sometimes Tristan made up facts, sometimes he used his own analogous experiences. There were nights they would sit and chat until the early morning hours. Occasionally Tristan would feel pangs of guilt pretending these personal events happened, but those feelings were often overshadowed by the excitement of spending so much time talking with Ava.

Tristan also made preparations for the body suit’s arrival. He started getting ads for women’s clothing. He wasn’t quite sure what to buy, so instead had the idea to help his mother with laundry. There, he could examine Kaitlyn’s clothing in detail without looking suspicious. His mom had already suggested he help with the laundry anyway.

When nobody was looking, he started stashing away some of Kaitlyn’s clothing items that had multiples. A skirt, leggings, a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a pair of blue panties and a nondescript solid color top. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice these went missing.

Two weeks later, on a Thursday, it arrived. Thankfully, Tristan was the first person home. Kaitlyn’s bus wouldn’t arrive for another thirty minutes and both parents wouldn’t be home for another hour.

The box was shaped like a cube and was covered with transit stickers denoting delivery from another country. It was heavier than expected. Tristan hauled it into the house, up the stairs, and into his bedroom.

He could barely contain his excitement and wasn’t sure what to expect. The idea that he was able to create a person out of thin air was crazy. The idea of him putting on this costume and becoming a passable girl seemed even crazier. The idea he would soon be able to go on a real date with Ava was the craziest! All of this combined to fuel his burning desire to carry out his plan.

Tristan carefully opened the box. Inside of it was a layer of packing material. When he brushed that away, he was startled to see a face with hollow eye sockets staring right up at him. 

The head of the body suit was flattened and distorted. It looked real as if this was the real skin of a girl stuffed in this box. Tristan touched it and immediately recoiled his hand. It was warm! It felt like a real person.

He lifted the head and found the body suit was attached at the neck and neatly folded underneath.

He then pulled the whole suit out of the box. It was heavier and thicker than he thought it would be. Standing up, he held the suit by its shoulders and let gravity unravel it. The arms, legs, and head of the suit dangled in front of him. Strangely, all of the creases where the suit had folded quickly disappeared. 

He held the suit up against him to see if it would fit. He was surprised it matched his exact height. It made sense, considering the seller asked for his dimensions. But he told the site Lisa was shorter by a few inches. He wasn’t quite sure how that would work.

He laid the suit on his bed and read the directions that were at the bottom of the box. 

“Thank you for choosing Skincognito!” the directions read. “Please read the entire instruction sheet before your first use. Failure to completely follow all instructions may result in injury and/or damage to the suit, and will void your warranty.”

Tristan read the entire page of instructions. Apparently he had to be naked. Something about nerve receptors within the suit. He examined the head and was amazed that it looked exactly like the AI-generated Lisa - right down to the dimples he added in a later revision. “This is too cool,” he exclaimed out loud.

Tristan put the directions down. He closed and locked his bedroom door and got undressed. He now stood there naked. The head of the suit on the bed was turned towards him. The hollow eyes looked up at him, waiting for him to try her on. He snatched up the directions to re-read them, making sure he did everything right and in order. He couldn’t afford to screw this up.

He carefully put his legs through the suit, wiggling his toes to ensure each toe found its appropriate place in the suit. He then carefully stuffed his penis into the provided urethra sleeve according to the directions. When that was done he pulled the suit up to his waist. He had to hold it up as the suit’s waist felt a size too big. This didn’t deter him.

The inside of the suit felt warm and soft like fleece, but didn’t look like it. He was expecting something tight like compression pants but instead it was very loose. 

The next step was the arms. He repeated the same steps as he had taken with the legs, making sure the fingers fit like a glove. He examined his arms and hands and noticed the suit had long fingernails that were much better manicured than his own chewed-on fingertips. 

The directions had mentioned a zipper string. He found it and pulled it up, zippering up the back of the suit. The zipper stopped right at the base of the neck. When he was done, he tucked the string inside the suit as directed. He felt the weight of the breasts sagging and pulling down on the suit.

Lastly was the head. He grabbed the rubbery head and pulled the mask on. It was like a halloween mask, but was made from the same material as the rest of the suit. At first it felt hot and humid from his breath, but he adjusted it so he could see out of the eye holes and he could breathe out of the nose and mouth holes.

Tristan turned to face his mirror and was suddenly disappointed. The suit, tighter in most places but looser in some, clung to and hung from his body creating a gruesome image that looked like he was actually wearing the skin of a larger girl over his own. The grotesque form made him lurch and a wave of nausea hit him. He moved away from the mirror before his stomach turned any more. 

He shook his head in anger and balled up his fists. He couldn't believe that he had wasted so much money on something that was too good to be true. He looked in the box for anything he had missed. Just a box of blue contact lenses to change his eye color. He returned to the instructions. Then he saw that the instructions continued on the back of the sheet. What else was there? He quickly read what he had missed, reached up to pinch the left earlobe, and suddenly collapsed.

Tristan laid on the floor, unable to move as he heard and felt the flowing of air inside the suit. It started to shrink and compress against him. He was amazed when it shrunk down to his size. But it didn't stop there. It kept going. He began to worry that it might actually crush him to death.

First he felt pressure in his groin. “Oww!” he yelped as his testicles popped up into his body cavity. Then his penis was flattened. Then there was pressure at his waist. He felt his insides getting crushed as the suit clamped down on him giving his midsection an hourglass figure. It felt like all the extra mass of his midsection was being pushed down into his hips and up into his chest. He felt it hard to breathe at first. Then it was his arms and legs. Then the neck compressed his Adam's apple flat. Then his face.

Finally the suit reached its intended size. The air noise stopped, and he felt a chill down his body. It felt like he was naked again and there was no suit. When he was able to catch his breath, he got up from the floor and looked back at himself in the mirror and was shocked. He was a girl! A very naked girl. Not just any girl. Lisa. The girl he created. 

Lisa’s mouth was agape as she twirled around admiring her reflection from every angle.

“I don’t believe this is real!” Lisa said with a feminine voice foreign to Tristan. She touched her neck where her Adam's apple should be. “Is this my voice?”

She tested the suit by attempting to pull it away from Tristan’s real skin underneath, but was surprised when it hurt as if she was pulling her own skin. She couldn’t help but notice her breasts. Very perky breasts with bright pink nipples standing at attention to remind her she was cold and naked.

She timidly poked one of her breasts and she was amazed she felt it as if the breast was hers and was real.

She checked the time. She didn’t have time to explore her new body as Kaitlyn would be home in a couple minutes. She pulled out the clothes Tristan hid. She quickly slid on the panties, leggings and top. She didn’t have any footwear of her own so she put on Tristan’s own socks and sneakers which were loose on her. 

She grabbed her phone and wallet and looked down at her outfit. “No pockets. I’m going to need to find a purse eventually.” She carried what she could, ran out of the house and hid behind a neighbor's bush.

Kaitlyn’s bus pulled up, let her off, and drove away.

Lisa inconspicuously watched as Kaitlyn walked inside and shut the door. 

After a few minutes Lisa made her way to the door and knocked on it. “Here’s the moment of truth,” she said to herself.

Kaitlyn opened it and curiously looked at the girl standing there. “Can I help you?”

Lisa introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m here to see Tristan.” 

“Ummm… OK,” Kaitlyn cautiously said, stepping back into the house. “Tristan, you have a guest,” she called out. She turned back towards Lisa. “So are you a study partner? Is he tutoring you?”

“Oh, no,” Lisa said with a coy smile. She wanted to get closer to Kaitlyn to test whether the body suit looked real up-close. She stepped close to Kaitlyn, then put her arm against the house. “I’m new in town. Tristan was going to take me out to dinner and show me around.”

Kaitlyn stepped back and looked at Lisa with a raised eyebrow. “You’re… going out with my stepbrother?” she asked skeptically.

“Yeah… is there a problem? He seems really nice.”

“No. Not at all.” Kaitlyn turned back toward the house. “Tristan what the fuck? Where are you?” She turned back to Lisa. “Where did you two meet again?”

“On QuikChat. I was asking for people to show me around town.”

“Oh, right. I think I saw a message about that. You’re going to Lovelace Prep?”

“Yeah, my first day is Monday.”

“Wow, you moved here with only like four months left of the school year? That must suck.”

“You have no idea!”

“Well, I go to Lovelace too. I’m a Junior.”

“Really? I’m a Senior.”

“I have a few friends who are Seniors. If you’d like to meet them, I’m sure we can show you around town…” She turned back towards the house and yelled, “If my stepbrother doesn’t get his ass down here in five seconds…” She turned back to Lisa. “I’m so sorry. He usually gets home before I do.”

A cool breeze blew around Lisa reminding her that she went outside without a jacket. She noticed Kaitlyn’s eyes drop down to her chest. Lisa looked down to follow her gaze to see that her nipples were visible through the thin top. She instantly crossed her arms and made a mental note to steal a bra. 

“I have that same top,” Kaitlyn observed, returning her gaze back to Lisa’s eyes.

“Oh yeah?” Lisa replied. “It’s rather thin,” she chuckled. She noticed Kaitlyn was a bit flustered and was biting her lip. Likely wanting to make a comment but was trying to be nice to this stranger.

“I know, right,” Kaitlyn squeaked out. “I find I need to wear a cami when I wear it.”

“I should try that next time,” Lisa chuckled. Kaitlyn nervously joined her laugh.

Either way, it was time to change the subject. She got everything she needed from this conversation anyway, as Kaitlyn showed no signs of being suspicious that Lisa wasn’t a real girl. 

“Do you want to come in to wait for him?” Kaitlyn asked, glancing down. “It’s warmer inside.”

“Oh, thank you, but if Tristan isn’t here, I can always come back later.”

“I don’t get it,” Kaitlyn said, scratching her head. “His car is here. I’ll let him know that, um… what’s your name again? Lisa?”


“-that Lisa stopped by.”

“Thank you,” Lisa said, stepping back. “See you at school!”

Kaitlyn smiled back, “See you, too,” then closed the door.

Lisa walked away from the house and down the street. She excitedly fist-pumped in the air. “That. Was. Awesome!” Her own stepsister couldn’t tell she was really Tristan underneath a body suit. She was worried the lack of a bra would make Kaitlyn suspicious.

She then texted Ryan, “Dude, you have to check this out. Pick me up outside my house.”

Ryan replied, “Omw. 10 min.”

* * *

Ryan pulled up in front of Tristan’s house. He looked around curiously but didn’t see Tristan. Suddenly Lisa opened the passenger door and got into the car.

Ryan stared at her quizzically. “Um, hi.”

“Dude, it’s me,” she confidently said.


“Remember what we were talking about two weeks ago?”

“I… uh.. I think you’ve got the wrong car.”

“The body suit.”

“The… body suit? Wait. Hold up.” He looked Lisa up and down. “No way. This is a trick. There’s no way you’re Tristan.”

“I am Tristan. This suit is amazing!”

“OK. Where’s Tristan?” Ryan scoffed, looking around. “You got me. Nice joke. Did Tristan put you up to this?”

“Check this out,” Lisa said, pinching her earlobe.

As air started hissing, Ryan's eyes got wider, his jaw dropped, and slowly pressed himself up against the driver’s side door. “Holy shit! Th- That’s fucking nasty! You look like you just opened up a vacuum seal. You have flesh just hanging off you.”

Tristan removed the head of the suit. “Now do you believe me?”

Ryan was still stunned. “I mean. I see my best friend sitting here wearing a girl’s skin and clothes. A few seconds ago I saw a real girl. All of this to trick Ava?”

“I’m not tricking Ava.” Tristan put the mask back on and pinched the earlobe again. He made a mental note not to deactivate the suit while wearing clothing again. The skinny jeans felt like a vice on his legs and the top was too small for his broader shoulders.

Air hissed and Tristan groaned in pain and eventually the voice changed back to Lisa’s. She exhaled in relief now that the clothes fit again.

“Does that hurt?” Ryan asked.

“At first. It feels like it’s crushing the life out of me, but when it’s over this feels like it’s my real skin. So what do you think of Lisa?”

Ryan looked her up and down again. “Of Lisa?”

“Yeah, is she cute? Do you think anyone will know she’s really me?”

“Nobody will know it’s you, Tristan. That suit is like magic.”


“Great,” Lisa replied. “I’m going to enroll Lisa into Lovelace Prep next week and I’ll have to forge my parent’s signature to give Tristan a leave of absence for a day or two until I figure out how to be both.”

“I don’t get it. What’s your end goal here?”

“To date Ava.”

“For how long?”

“Enough time to ask her and go to the Sadie Hawkins dance. I dunno, maybe a few dates after that. There's only really four months left in the school year before summer, then we go off to college.”

“I don’t know, dude. This seems like a lot just to skirt the rules of Sadie Hawkins dance. I’m desperate to go too - but you don’t see me pretending to be a girl just so I can go.”

“My childhood crush told me she is a lesbian and would have dated me if I was a girl. What else was I supposed to do?”

“I dunno… date someone else?”

“Seriously, Ryan. Just two weeks ago you were telling me this was our last chance. We’re seniors. We’re gone after the summer. This is my last chance to date Ava.”

“Dude, she said she didn’t want to date you.  I empathize, I really do. But she is going to be pissed when she finds out you’re you.”

“She won’t find out. It’s only for a week. A few dates, then the Sadie Hawkins dance. No harm done. When I’m done, Lisa will just simply move away again. I get my date with Ava. Ava gets her date with a lesbian. Everyone wins.”

Ryan sighed. He looked straight ahead, gripped the steering wheel and avoided eye contact with Lisa.



“What are you thinking?”

“Other than you’re nuts? And you haven’t really thought this through?”


He bit his lips then turned back towards Lisa. “That you may have overdone it with the attractiveness.”

“You think I’m attractive?” Lisa felt her cheeks warming up.

“I think this fake AI-generated girl Lisa is attractive. Much too attractive to go to Lovelace Prep!

Lisa blushed. “I suppose I should take that as a compliment.”

“Have you umm…”


“Experimented with that suit yet?”

“What do you think I’m doing? I fooled you and my stepsister, too.”

“That’s not what I meant. Have you experimented with… yourself.”

“Oh,” Lisa said and turned away from Ryan. She paused for a moment. “Not yet. Kaitlyn came home just as I was finished trying it on.”

“Is… everything… real?”

“Everything I’ve seen so far. I can feel it all. It’s a strange sensation.”

Ryan nodded. “Um, uh, Lisa, could I…”

“Could you what?” Lisa smirked. 

“CouldItouchyourboobs?” Ryan blurted out like a song on fast forward, his face turning red. “They’re fake, right?”

“No!” Lisa laughed. “When I'm in this suit, I feel everything. That’d be too weird.”

The two friends were silent for several awkward seconds.

Ryan was the first to speak. “So… what now?”

“I kinda need your help getting back in my house.”

“How so? Your house is right there.”

“Kaitlyn is in there. Can you distract her as I sneak into the house from the back?”

Ryan was doubtful.

“That is, unless you want me to take the suit off here.”

“No. Please don't do that again.”

“Especially since I don’t have any other clothes with me.”

“No. I get it. Let’s just make this quick.” Ryan opened the driver's door and walked towards Tristan’s front porch as Lisa ran around to the back. 

As Lisa ran, she felt her breasts bounce up and down. It wasn’t noticeable at first, but got real uncomfortable by the time she got to the house.

Ryan knocked on the front door as Lisa snuck in the back door.

As she tiptoed through the kitchen she could hear a very annoyed Kaitlyn at the front door.

“I have no idea where he is, Ryan!” Kaitlyn whined. 

Lisa quickly ran up the stairs and dashed into her room, carefully closing the door so as to not make a sound. She got undressed, and pinched her earlobe to deactivate the suit. When it was done, Tristan carefully removed the suit and put his own clothes back on.

His phone buzzed. It was a text from Ryan. “You owe me!”

Tristan then lifted up his shirt to examine his chest. It still hurt as if the body suit was constricting it as he ran. He looked in the mirror and noticed he had faint red marks around his pecs. He considered maybe the suit was telling him to wear a bra.

He re-read the directions and found a section on “biofeedback.” Sure enough, to avoid damage, the suit will use biofeedback to transfer signals to the wearer’s pain receptors.

When Tristan was fully clothed he folded the body suit neatly back into the box and slid it under his bed. He casually walked downstairs into the living room.

The TV was on to the local news and Kaitlyn was sitting on the couch playing with her phone when she looked at him with disdain. “Where the hell have you been? You had visitors. I had to turn them away.”

“I was taking a nap,” he replied with a fake yawn. “I had a long day. I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

Kaitlyn shook her head and returned to playing on her phone.

He got a smirk on his face. “Who was it?”

“Your loser friend Ryan,” she snidely replied.

“That’s it? You said visitors, plural.”

She huffed impatiently. “Some girl you met online. I think her name is Laura - or Laney, or Lisa, or whatever.”

“Oh, yeah, Lisa. She said she might stop by.”

“Yo, it’s creepy to give our address out to creepy strangers online,” Kaitlyn admonished. ”What if ‘Lisa’ turned out to be some creepy guy serial killer?”

“Was Lisa creepy? What did she look like? Am I being catfished?”

“Surprisingly, no. She is actually rather attractive. I’m not sure how you managed to not scare her away.”

Tristan smiled to himself. That was all he needed. His test was a success. Even his own stepsister didn’t recognize him. It was time to go upstairs and plan how he was going to introduce Lisa Jones to Ada Lovelace Prep, and specifically, Ava. 

“Are you OK, Tris?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I just insulted you and you’re standing there with this awkward grin.”

“Oh, I’m just preoccupied with something.” He walked back to the privacy of his room, pulled out his phone and called Ryan. 

“What’s up?” Ryan answered. “I’m still driving.”

“Hey, can I call in another favor?”

Ryan could be heard sighing on the other end. “What is it?”

“Can you take Lisa shopping this weekend?”

“You want me to do what?”

“Lisa needs more clothes than just her uniform if she’s going to exist outside of school.”

“Why do I have to go with you? You have a car.”

“Please. I don’t want to do this alone. Plus, I trust your opinion. I know nothing about women’s fashion.”

“Like I do? Ask your stepsister.”

“Ha-ha. Very funny. Besides, you already think Lisa is attractive. All you need to do is give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.”

“OK, but you’re going to owe me big time!”

“Thanks, dude. All right, gotta go. Talk later.”

Tristan hung up and walked out of his room. He noticed a laundry basket sitting on a bench in the hallway. He looked around to make sure Kaitlyn couldn’t see him, and dug through the contents. He found what he was looking for. One of Kaitlyn’s bras. He stuffed it under his shirt and ran back to his room.

* * *

With a renewed sense of excitement, Tristan spent the next few days using his AI program to create identity documents for Lisa so she could enroll on Monday. Lovelace Prep required tuition and an interview within a week of enrollment. Tristan was confident he could push that off so that he could totally avoid it.

Meanwhile, Tristan’s mom and stepfather being away on their honeymoon next week made Tristan’s unexplained absence easier to deal with. He’d call out sick from school and make sure he intercepted the school’s automated absence email from his mom’s email account.

On Saturday morning, Tristan packed the body suit and his only feminine outfit into a duffel bag. “Sheesh, this is heavy,” he cried as he slung the strap over his shoulder. 

He walked downstairs as the rest of the family was going about their business.

His mother noticed the bulky duffel bag. “Honey, are you going somewhere?”

Before Tristan could answer, Steve joked, “Looks like you’re running off to join the Navy. Where are you headed, sailor?”

“I’m going to hang out with Ryan for most of the afternoon,” Tristan replied.

“What’s in the bag?” his mother asked.

“Yeah, looks like you have a body in there,” Kaitlyn laughed.

Tristan turned red, realizing he picked the wrong moment to stroll through the house with the body suit. “I um… Just some comic books I wanted to loan him.” He hoped his family wouldn’t interrogate him any further.

“Have fun!” his mom cheerfully said.

“Hey, sport,” Steve said, stopping Tristan before he reached the door.

He hated being called ‘sport’. “It’s just Tristan, Steve.”

“Sure. Hey, Tristan, do you want to shoot some hoops? It’s a nice day out there.”

Nobody had shot a basketball at the basketball hoop in the driveway in years. Not since Tristan’s father was around. “Nah, I’m good.”

“Aw, come on, with you going off to college in the fall, we’re running out of time for some male bonding. C’mon, just us bros.”

Tristan didn’t want to hurt Steve’s feelings. “Maybe another day.”

“We’re leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow morning.”

“Then when you come back. I promise.”

Steve nodded in disappointment.

Tristan pushed by him and walked out of the house before anyone else could stop him. He exhaled in relief and walked out to the curb just in time to see Ryan pull up. 

As Tristan got into the car, Ryan complained, “I can’t believe we’re doing this. I hate clothes shopping! I fight with my mom every time we go - and that’s when shopping for my own clothes!”

“You’re an awesome friend, Ry.”

* * *

When they arrived at the town center, Tristan took his duffel bag and quickly walked into the closest public restroom. He was lucky there was a family restroom available next to the gendered ones.

He locked the door behind him and started the process of putting the suit on. 

When the suit was activated, Lisa admired her naked reflection. This time she took a few minutes to experiment with how real the suit was. She caressed her breasts, then pinched her nipples, and was amazed she could feel everything. Then she touched her groin. The sensation was unreal.

Lisa looked at the bra she snatched from Kaitlyn and attempted to put it on. However, the band was too short to reach all the way around. She looked at the tag. It was a 32B. She knew from the order form she was a 36D. She doubted her boobs would even fit in the cups. She sighed and stuffed Kaitlyn’s bra back into the duffel bag. Now she would have to add bras to her shopping list. Then Lisa chuckled at the realization she had larger breasts than Kaitlyn. She resumed putting on the same outfit she wore the other day and headed out.

When she came out of the restroom, Ryan awkwardly smiled. “You look good.” He was doing everything possible not to look at Lisa’s unrestrained chest - or at least not get caught looking.

“Thank you,” Lisa replied. “So where to?”

“I thought you had a plan,” Ryan countered. 

“My plan was to just come here and browse.”

“Then let’s browse… quickly. What about this one?” Ryan said, pointing at the women’s clothing store in front of them.

“Sure,” Lisa shrugged, “I guess.”

The teens walked into the store and started looking around. 

Lisa was overwhelmed by the selection of clothes. “There's so much to choose from!”

”Well, let’s take it one step at a time. Girls at Lovelace wear uniforms, right?”


“Then we don’t need to worry about school clothes.”

“I’ll still need to buy the uniform. Aside from that, I need underwear. I only have one pair of everything.”

Ryan closed his eyes and shook his head. “Do I even want to know where you got those?”

“I borrowed them.”

“I don’t need to know,” Ryan said, trying to shut down that topic. Ryan then silently led Lisa to the underwear section. Both teens turned red in the face from embarrassment at the selection of bras and panties. Ryan was admiring the pictures of the models on the displays. He turned to Lisa only to realize she looked cuter than the models, making him blush even more. “I brought you here. Now, it’s your turn.”

“So many options,” Lisa mused, looking around.

“Do you know your size?”

“Yeah, when I designed the suit I made it 36D.”

“What does that even mean?”

“I don’t know. I looked up my favorite actress’s bra size and used that.”

“Yeah, well that isn’t creepy,” Ryan sarcastically commented. He scanned the shelf of bras and pointed at a stack of pale pink bras. “That’s your size. 36D.”

Lisa slowly reached out and grabbed one. “I feel like people are watching me.”

“They’re not watching you. They’re watching me. Wondering what a dude is doing standing in the women’s underwear section.”

“Should I try this on?”

“If you want. Maybe you should. My mom complains that all brands are sized differently.”

“I don’t want to know why you discuss bras with your mom, but that does seem like a good idea.” Lisa took the bra to the changing room where she took her shirt off and put the bra on. The bra fit perfectly and supported her breasts nicely. At least in her limited experience. She took it off and put her shirt back on and returned to Ryan. “It fits. I’ll get one for each day of the week.” 

“I thought you said you were only doing this for a week.”

Lisa didn’t answer and instead looked at the price tag. “Yikes! On second thought, maybe just two. And a sports bra for gym class.”

Panties were next, and like bras, Lisa had to sort through a myriad of cuts, styles, and colors. She finally settled on a package of simple cotton panties matching the waist size she knew the body suit to be.

She looked over to Ryan who looked to be lost in his own world while examining a thong in his hand. “Earth to Ryan.”

Ryan was startled and put the thong back on the display. “What?”

“Oh, that’s a good idea for the dance,” she scanned for a thong her size, and threw it in the cart. “I’m moving on to the next thing.”


Lisa was starting to get more comfortable and began pulling items off the rack and placing them in the cart. Tops, jeans, leggings, skirts, and various footwear. She even grabbed a fleece jacket. After all, it was only February, and she didn’t have a jacket of her own.

Ryan looked on silently as his friend got the hang of it.

Lisa then took a handful of items into the dressing room while Ryan leaned against a nearby column.

Lisa would change into a different outfit and model it for Ryan. Ryan blushed each time giving her a thumbs up. 

The next time she was wearing a skirt and heels. She walked awkwardly out of the dressing room and the heels caused her to nearly fall - if it weren’t for Ryan catching her.

Once, when Lisa ran back into the changing room, an older woman went up to Ryan and said, “Your girlfriend is so beautiful and radiant.”

Ryan blushed again “Oh - um. She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my um… cousin.”

“Oh, well, your cousin is beautiful and looks like she’s having the time of her life!” She smiled and kept walking.

Lisa finally came out of the dressing room wearing the clothes she originally came in with. “Some of these I’m going to get now. Some I’ll get another time.”

“Another time?” Ryan repeated. “I thought this was a one-time favor?”

“I can’t afford all of this right now. Besides, I can always come back on my own now that I know what I’m doing.”

Ryan nodded in relief.

Lisa paid for her new clothes and the two of them left the store. The next store they went to was the clothing store that sold the local school uniforms. Lisa only wanted one uniform, but at the behest of the sales person, she purchased two. After that, they were done and didn’t need to go to any other stores. Lisa changed back into Tristan and they went home.

* * *

That night as everyone slept, Tristan quietly put the body suit on. 

Lisa tried on all of the outfits she bought. She couldn’t get over how attractive she was and seeing her reflection never got old. She narrowed down her favorite outfits and placed them neatly under the bed.

She then laid down on her bed naked. A small smile formed on her face. Tristan had never been intimate with a girl before, and all that posing had made her increasingly curious. She spent the next hour testing out all of the body suit’s advertised features. And a couple that were not advertised.



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The step sister was biting her lip, huh? Wonder if that means she is attracted to girls as well
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Maybe? Crazier things have happened in my stories right?

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I'm loving this new story! The whole skinsuit tech is giving me heavy PAA universe vibes.

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Thank you so much for reading! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

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