Chapter 3 - First Day of School

A Suitable Crush by Emily

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Early Sunday morning, Tristan said goodbye to his mom and Steve as he dropped them off at the airport. Sunday night into Monday morning, Tristan didn’t get much sleep. He was too excited thinking about Lisa's first day of school. Occasionally when he would doze off, he’d have elaborate dreams, where Lisa walked into Lovelace Prep and swept Ava off her feet. Of course, he also had that one dream that involved going to class without having done any homework, which may or may not have transitioned into her being chased and having her teeth fall out for no reason. Tristan figured not all dreams could be winners.

When his alarm finally went off, he bounced out of bed to silence it. He had already sent in his excused absence form to his school, and filled out the paper forms for Lisa’s enrollment. All that was left was to go to Lisa’s new school, hand in the papers, and pretend to be Lisa Jones, a new student.

In order to change into Lisa, however, Tristan had to wait until Kaitlyn was gone. He went through his normal routine, and got changed into his usual boys-school uniform so Kaitlyn wouldn’t suspect he was doing anything else. The last thing he needed was his stepsister ratting him out to his parents or the school. And he had no doubt she would.

Tristan went downstairs and started breakfast. He reached into the cupboard and pulled out the new box of Pop Tarts, and toasted his pastries. He sat at the breakfast table silently eating, just waiting for Kaitlyn to leave. 

Neither said anything to each other, however Tristan snuck a few glances at Kaitlyn to take note of how she wore her girl’s prep uniform. How she wore the blazer, how the tie was neatly positioned. He hadn’t really paid attention before, but since he was about to put one on himself, he wanted to make sure he got all of the details correct.

When it was time, Kaitlyn got up. Tristan noted how the blouse was neatly tucked into the skirt. He kept his eyes down, but tracked her in his periphery as she walked out of the house to catch the bus.

He had to make sure he was alone, so he ran upstairs to his room, peeked out the window, and watched Kaitlyn get on the bus. As the bus pulled away, he redirected his focus on Lisa’s first day of school.

Excitedly, Tristan pulled the Lisa body suit out from under the bed, and the bag containing her new school uniforms.

He wasted no time disrobing and sliding on the body suit. As it was activated and the suit was done shrinking to Lisa’s size, she found it wasn’t as painful as it used to be. Maybe she was just getting used to it.

She pulled out the other bag of new clothes she purchased. She opened the package of panties and slid a pair up her legs, making sure they sat comfortably on her hips. Then she ripped the tag off the bra and fastened it around her chest, adjusting her boobs in the bra cups. 

The Ada Lovelace Girl’s Preparatory Academy winter uniform consisted of a gray blazer over a white button-down blouse, a navy blue and white plaid skirt, over either navy blue, black, or nude pantyhose, a blue and gold tie and a pair of penny loafers. The clothing store she bought the uniform from gave her all of the above. 

Lisa quickly got dressed into the uniform. She carefully slid the nude panty hose up her legs. During his sleepless night, Tristan had watched a video online that showed how to put on pantyhose without ripping them. Her legs were smooth to begin with, but the feel of the hose-clad legs felt amazing. Tristan never had a thing for pantyhose until now.

She put the blouse on, and was surprised the buttons were on the other side than she was used to. It took her a little bit longer than usual but she got it buttoned up. She then stepped through the skirt and pulled it up to her waist, making sure the blouse was tucked neatly into the skirt like Kaitlyn had it.

She then put the finishing touches on. The tie. The blazer. The shoes. The blue contact lenses.

When she was dressed she stood facing the mirror and adjusted the tie and buttoned the top button of the blazer. Then she looked at the other details. Her hair and her face. She ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it and fix the tangles and fly-a-ways that resulted from stuffing it in a box. She didn’t need to apply makeup as the body suit came with the makeup Tristan had designed in with the AI tools.

When she was done she stood there and admired herself. She looked just like a Lovelace student. Just like Kaitlyn. Just like Ava.

Lisa cleaned up the mess in her room, throwing away all of the tags, then grabbed her new backpack and jacket, and headed to school in her car.

* * *

Lisa thought about how Tristan had never actually been to Lovelace Prep. Most of the stuff she’d heard about it came from Kaitlyn or Tristan’s classmates who had girlfriends who went there. From the outside it looked like a typical high school.

She found a parking spot, packed her phone and keys into her backpack, and timidly started walking towards the entrance. Everywhere she looked were uniform-clad girls just like her. Some were running to the building. Some were conversing with their friends. Some were just loitering on their phones. None of them paid much attention to the new girl.

She spotted Ava first. She was sitting near the entrance on a bench under a tree. She wasn’t alone. Naturally she was with Kaitlyn, Abigail, and Isabella.

Lisa was about to pull out her cell phone from her backpack when a frantic girl charged right into her, knocking both girls to the ground.

“I’m so sorry,” the girl cried. She was in tears as she was collecting the books that had fallen out of her hand.

“Are you OK?” Lisa asked, standing up and dusting off her skirt.

“No,” she cried with mascara-tinted tears running down her face. She sat on the ground and didn’t bother getting up.

“Can I help?” Lisa asked. Tristan usually didn’t get involved in the affairs of other students, but Lisa felt confident enough to help this girl. And she definitely needed someone’s help right now. 

“Not unless you can make bullies go away.”

“Bullies?” Lisa repeated. “Here?” She extended her hand to the girl.

“Why not? There’s bullies everywhere,” she said, taking Lisa’s hand.

Lisa pulled the girl to her feet. “Who would bully you?” She found this girl cute, and definitely not deserving of some guy picking on her. “What did he do to you? Spill food on you? Shove you into a locker?” All things Tristan had experience with.

She looked at Lisa confused. “She spread a rumor about me that I’m a slut.” She then pointed in the direction of three girls. Even at a distance Lisa could tell they were laughing at the distraught girl.

“Oh, that’s right,” Lisa realized. This is an all-girl’s school. Why did she assume the bully was a boy? She suddenly recognized one of those girls. Addison Thomas. Miss Popular. All-around perfect model student. “Addison Thomas?”

“You know her?”

“I’ve only heard things. I thought she was a nice, upstanding girl.”

“Hell, no. That bitch will step on her grandmother to get ahead.”

“Interesting,” Lisa said. She had the urge to help this girl, and an idea just popped into her head. “Hey, do you want to get back at her?”

“Sure, but how?”

Lisa was out of her element, but she did manage to stop this girl from crying anymore. “I’m pretty sure I could get her boyfriend to dump her.”

“It has to be a public breakup.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Lisa promised.

The girl finally smiled. “That would be fun to watch.”

“Sorry, I’m new here. Hi, I’m Lisa.”

“Hi, Lisa, I’m Madeline.”

“Madeline, that’s a pretty name.”

“Wait, if you’re new here, how do you know so much?”

“Oh,” Lisa replied, realizing she nervously talked too much. “I was on QuikChat for the past two weeks getting the ‘lay of the land’.”

“Oh, OK.”

“Where were you heading?” Lisa asked, changing the topic away from her.

“I don’t know. When that bitch laughed at me, I just started running. I had no real plan.”

“I’m heading to the office to enroll.”

“Enroll? It’s your first day, too?”

“Yeah,” Lisa chuckled.

“Oh, my God, don’t let my drama keep you from your first day.” She wiped a tear from her face and looked at the mascara on her fingers.” Thank you for listening, Lisa. I need to go fix my makeup. And good luck!”

“You’re welcome,” Lisa said with a warm smile. “And thank you.”

The girls shared a quick sisterly hug then headed their separate ways.

Madeline walked back toward the school, this time giving Addison Thomas a wide berth.

Lisa had to refocus on the reason she was actually here. She finally pulled out her cellphone and nervously messaged Ava. “I’m here!”

She could see Ava look down at her phone and start typing. She replied, “Stop by. I’m sitting with my friends under the grand oak tree near the main entrance.”

Lisa was slightly disappointed. She wanted to meet Ava one-on-one. Not with other people around. Especially Kaitlyn. Now she had to deal with a situation she didn’t think would happen. She’d be meeting her own stepsister again!

Lisa walked over to the girls sitting on the bench under the tree.

Once she got closer, Ava, who was actively scanning the schoolyard saw her. She jumped to her feet. “Lisa?” she squealed.

“Ava?” Lisa timidly replied.

Ava walked over, grabbed Lisa’s hand and escorted her to the rest of her friends. “Everyone, this is Lisa, she’s new here.”

Lisa recited what she had rehearsed, “I’m Lisa, but you can call me LJ if you want. That’s what I went by at my old school.”

Isabella and Abigail nodded, smiled, and introduced themselves.

“I’m Izzy.”

“I’m Abby. Hey, I love those pink highlights! I wish my mom would let me color my hair like that.”

The compliment caught Lisa off guard. Guys never commented on each other’s hair. She wondered what else would be different between the genders. “Thanks,” Lisa shyly answered. “I wanted a look that was a little…edgy, I guess.” Lastly, she got to Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn smiled and cocked her head. “We’ve met - briefly. I’m Kaitlyn.”

“You two met?” Ava asked, curiously.

“She was looking for my stepbrother,” Kaitlyn replied.

A knot formed in Lisa’s stomach. She was in trouble. Surely these girls would find out her truth. She racked her brain for a logical lie. Why was she in town last week? Why was she looking for Tristan?

“You know Tristan?” Ava asked Lisa.

“Oh, yeah,” Lisa replied, settling on the lie she was going to tell. “I was in town briefly last week. We had to make two trips for all of our stuff. I met Tristan on QuikChat. He offered to help.”

“Oh, that was sweet of him,” Ava commented and flashed a confused look. Perhaps jealousy?

“Well, my wonderful stepbrother stood her up,” Kaitlyn revealed to her friends.

“That’s not like Tristan,” Ava responded.

“He apologized,” Lisa interjected before Kaitlyn could bad-mouth Tristan anymore. “He said he wasn’t feeling well and passed out in his bedroom.” She smiled and glanced at Kaitlyn, whose judgemental eyes drifted towards Lisa’s chest to confirm she was wearing a bra today. 

Lisa suddenly felt self-conscious and pulled her jacket closed around herself. She needed to get out of this awkward situation. She smiled through her teeth. “I need to get going. I have this paperwork to turn in so I can get my schedule.”

“Good luck,” Ava said, her sunny disposition returning. “Do you know where to go?”

“I think so,” Lisa responded. “I downloaded a map of the school.” A moment later Lisa kicked herself internally, realizing Ava was probably offering to walk her to the office.

“Good thinking. DM me to let me know how you made out. Maybe we have the same classes. Or maybe we can meet up later in the day.”

“Will do,” Lisa replied and smiled.

“It was nice to see you again,” Kaitlyn said.

“Bye,” the other girls said in unison as Lisa waved goodbye and headed towards the building.

* * *

Lisa had done her research, finding the necessary forms to enroll, create a fake identity, and even fake transcripts. 

“We still need the interview with you and your parents,” the receptionist said, looking over the forms.

“Do I need to do that before I can attend classes?” Lisa asked, worried that this was as far as she was going to get.

“No, but we’ll need to do it before next Monday. Please have your parents make an appointment with the dean.”

“My parents are back at my previous home this week. They’re still in the middle of moving.  I came ahead so I don't miss any school.”

“When are they coming back?”


“Then please have them make an appointment for next week. And please remind them tuition for this month and the next is due at the end of the month.”

“OK,” Lisa smiled. It appeared this was a minor speed bump and wouldn’t derail her plans. She also realized the end of the month was Thursday - the day of the dance and hoped she can delay having to pay until afterwards.

The school still needed to make an ID badge for the new student. Lisa actually enjoyed posing in front of the camera and beamed a wide smile as her official student picture was taken. Before long, Lisa was in possession of a locker combination, class schedule, and a parking pass. School was already in session by the time she was done. She quickly ran to her car to hang up the parking tag then walked back to the school for her first class.

The first class on her schedule was Calculus. “Calculus?” Lisa said in a panic when she saw it. She knew Lovelace Prep was primarily a school for girls who excelled in Mathematics, but she really didn’t consider the ramifications of that. Tristan was no expert when it came to higher mathematics.

Lisa found the classroom and knocked on the closed door to get the teacher’s attention. The teacher paused the lesson and waved her in. She walked into the classroom with that new-student dread as the teacher looked at her. Lisa held the new student form out, and the teacher took it from her and examined it.

“Class, we have a new student,” the teacher announced. “Lisa Jones. Lisa, there’s a seat back there,” the teacher said, pointing to the right side of the room.

Lisa took her seat, not knowing to smooth her skirt under her as she sat on the cold surface, as the teacher resumed teaching. The sensation traveled through the body suit and it gave Lisa the chills. She nonchalantly lifted her butt up and repositioned her skirt.

Most of the content went way over Lisa’s head. “What the hell is an integral?” she thought. She was grateful she wouldn’t have to attend Lovelace any longer than it took to win over Ava. Learning Calculus wasn’t integral to her plan.

After class, Lisa was able to find her locker and offload some of the things she didn’t need to carry around.

As the school day went on and Lisa went from class to class and introduced herself, she felt more and more like a real girl, instead of a boy in a girl costume. She started to get used to being addressed as Lisa. She also started to get used to sitting down in a skirt.

The most awkward time of the day was gym class. After Lisa was assigned gym clothes, she found herself in the locker room filled with a bunch of girls taking their tops and bras off and exchanging them for sports bras and the gym uniform. Lisa’s gym uniform was similar to Tristan’s gym uniform, but with shorter sleeves and shorter shorts.

Since Lisa wasn’t sure if the body suit seams were visible on her back, she found an unoccupied corner where she got changed. 

Gym class itself was just as boring and underwhelming as a girl as it was as a boy. The class was playing floor hockey.  As a boy, she was OK at it, but in this body suit, she found she wasn't as fast or nimble.  

After gym class was English Lit. She shared that class with the girl who ran into her earlier, Madeline. Madeline actually sat right behind her. 

When Madeline saw Lisa, she smiled and waved at her.

Lisa returned the gesture and took her seat.

Between one of the classes, Lisa finally got the opportunity to DM Ava. “When is your lunch?”

“3rd period,” Ava replied.

Lisa realized it was already 4th period. “Oh, mine is 5th period.”

“Meet me outside after school, by the grand oak tree,” Ava responded.

At lunchtime, with no one to hang out with, Lisa got her food then scanned the crowded cafeteria. There was only one open spot.

Lisa walked to that open spot and just as she put her tray down she heard a girl abruptly protest.

“Um, excuse me,” the girl said sharply. Her loud statement seemed to quiet the cafeteria crowd and they all turned to see what was happening. Lisa realized she was now the center of some much unwanted attention.

Lisa looked up and saw Addison Thomas standing up with her hands on her hips.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Addison asked. “This is our table.”

Lisa looked around again. “There was nowhere else to sit.”

“Then go sit in the bathroom,” Addison replied with a condescending laugh and her lackeys joining in. “This is our table, and you were not invited.”

“Sorry, I’m kinda new here,” Lisa replied. “I didn’t know there was assigned seating in the cafeteria.” She was unsure whether she should stand up to Addison or just walk away, worried about her plan. “Do you think you could make an exception, just for today? I-I’d like to get to know you and your friends.”

Addison briefly looked at her minions to make sure they were watching her display her alpha status. “No exceptions, new girl. You can’t sit here.”

Lisa decided to back down, shrugged, and walked away. It’s only Monday, and she figured she could deal with Addison Thomas some other time.

“Bye, New Girl,” Addison taunted.

Lisa found an isolated corner in the cafeteria and sat down on the floor, this time smoothing out her skirt, then placing the tray on her lap. 

She may not have been sure if she was going to help Madeline take down Addison before now, but the cafeteria incident cemented her resolve. Tristan may not have gotten involved in the social politics of high school, but Lisa was more confident and willing to risk it. After all, Lisa wasn’t a real person and would disappear in a week. Plus, Addison needed to be taken down a few pegs. Not just for her sake, but for other girls, like Madeline.

Lisa had just begun to pick at the green stuff on her tray when someone approached her. Lisa looked up. Way up. A tall girl with long red hair extended her hand and said, “Hi. I’m Chloe. You must be new here. We made room for you at our table. Why don’t you come sit with us?”

Lisa shifted the tray into one hand, took the girl’s hand with the other and stood up. She gave Addison a small grin as she passed by with Chloe. She thought she heard the word ‘skank’ in return. Chloe’s table was crowded, but the girls all had welcoming smiles and motioned for Lisa to sit. Lisa sat and the girls began introducing themselves. Some of them looked familiar, and must have been in her other classes. 

Lisa told the table her name and that she just moved here from out of state. The girls quickly began to fill Lisa in on everything she needed to know about Lovelace Prep. Like not to eat the green stuff, which restrooms to avoid and where the social circles tend to congregate. 

The second-from-last class of the day was World History. Lisa arrived to find Addison and a couple of her friends already seated and gossiping. As soon as Addison saw Lisa she spoke up, “Hey, New Girl, why don’t you go sit on the floor over in the corner.” Addison’s friends began to snicker, and the rest of the students, unaware of the lunch encounter, simply ignored it.

Lisa was done being pushed around by Addison, plan or no plan. She glanced around at the empty seats before staring right into Addison’s eyes and loudly responding, “No thanks, I’ll just sit here.” She then proceeded to sit in a lady-like manner, smoothing out her skirt, and waiting for the teacher to arrive. Addison and the other girls went back to their gossip, no doubt focusing on Lisa, but she didn’t care.  Addison Thomas would soon be getting an overdue dose of karma.

If Calculus was Lisa’s worst subject, World History was her best. Years of playing video games based on actual foreign wars had given Tristan insight into world politics, demographics, and cultures. Lisa quickly picked up on the topics, and was soon answering questions that left the other students in the dust - including Addison. Addison would constantly glare at Lisa when bested, and Lisa would simply respond with a winning smile that she had quickly perfected in the body suit.

* * *

At the end of the school day, Ava was waiting for Lisa at the grand oak tree. “Finally!” Lisa thought.

“Hi, Lisa, how was your first day?” Ava eagerly asked.

“It was fine,” Lisa said, choosing not to dwell on the Addison Thomas encounters. “Some of the math may have gone over my head. I enjoyed World History, though.”

“I’m sure you’ll get it,” Ava consoled her. “Calculus is fun. If you need a tutor, let me know.”

Lisa smiled. “I will.”

“Do you want to go hiking after school tomorrow?”

“Sure, I’d love to!” Lisa gushed, until she realized she didn’t have any athletic clothes. “Darn, I don’t have my hiking gear with me.”

“Oh, we could always go another time,” Ava suggested.

“Nah, don’t be silly, I’ll just buy new stuff. I need new hiking shoes anyway.

“OK, then,” Ava replied. “See you tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow!”

With that the girls parted ways, and Lisa walked to her car. She realized she needed to buy hiking gear now. So on her way home she made a stop at Dick’s Sporting Goods. She came for hiking sneakers, but found a number of cute hiking outfits she simply had to buy for her date. She realized this week was becoming very expensive very quickly, and wondered what she was going to do with all of these womens’ clothes when the week was over.

* * *

Later that evening, Tristan had just gotten home and was poking around the kitchen looking for a snack. He was lucky the sports store had a family restroom so he could change back into Tristan before coming home. Kaitlyn didn't seem to care that he got home late. She was in the living room playing on her phone with the TV on in the background.

“So, I met your friend Lisa again today,” Kaitlyn said to Tristan.

“Oh?” Tristan replied, curious what his stepsister thought of his alter-ego.

“Did you know she is going to my school?”

“Oh yeah, she told me over chat,” he replied.

Nothing else was said. Tristan was hoping Kaitlyn would talk more about her impressions of Lisa, but he didn’t want to seem too eager for that information.

Tristan grabbed a bag of chips and settled down on the couch. He considered playing a video game, but didn’t quite feel like it, and instead mindlessly scrolled through his phone while reminiscing about today’s events. He couldn’t help but be excited for tomorrow as well. Sure lunch time was a low-point, but overall being Lisa was exciting and new and he couldn’t wait to put the body suit back on again.

Eventually, Tristan received a message from Ryan. “How was your first day of school as Lisa?”

“It went well,” Tristan replied. “I think I made some friends. How was school? Did I miss anything?” Tristan neglected to mention Lisa may have made one enemy to go with her new friends.

“Same old shit,” Ryan replied. “I’m also running out of time to get a girl to ask me to the dance.”

“Sorry, dude.”

“Hey, since you’re making all sorts of new friends over at the girls' school, do you think you could hook me up?”

Tristan chuckled, which got a rise out of Kaitlyn. He got up and left the room so Kaitlyn couldn’t hear and replied, “No promises. I’ve still got my own date to ask out.”

“How is that going?”

“Well, I have a hiking date with her after school tomorrow.”

“Cool, good luck with that.”

“Hey, um, I need a favor,” Tristan reluctantly said.

“Another one?” an exasperated Ryan asked.

“I need someone to tell Lamar Benjamin that his girlfriend is cheating on him.”

“Really?” Ryan curiously asked. “Addison Thomas is cheating on Lamar?”

“With William Jackson.”

“William Jackson is gay.”

“I mean Jackson WIlliams.”

“Shit, man. Addison Thomas is cheating on Lamar with that guy? He’s a total clown.”

“Yup. I saw them sucking face at the town center a few weeks ago.”

“So just tell him?”

“I need Lamar to break up with Addison very publicly.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“That’s the favor.”

“Why do you care?” Ryan replied with his unique brand of skepticism that usually keeps Tristan grounded.

“I don’t. But Lisa does. Apparently Addison Thomas is a bitch and a bully.”

“You don’t say,” Ryan seemed disinterested.

“And she spread a nasty rumor about Madeline, and treated Lisa like shit.”

“Who’s Madeline?”

“A classmate I met today.”

“Tristan, what’s gotten into you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You used to not care about this type of drama. I think you’re taking this Lisa thing too far.”

“I’m just trying to get through the week, ask Ava out, and go to the Sadie Hawkins dance. After the dance, Lisa can be stuffed back into the closet.”

Ryan sighed on the other end of the line. “I see Lamar at gym class. And Jackson is in another class, but still at the gym at the same time.”

“Awesome, Ry. This is going to work.”

“We’ll see. Those two aren’t really in the same social circle and are rarely at the same place at the same time.”

Tristan smiled as the gears were set in motion.

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He doesn't think his step sister will recognize the car Lisa drives?

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While it's not stated, she does avoid people - especially Kaitlyn, Ava and their friends - seeing her car.

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Ah ok. I thought she parked in the student lot where every one could see

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She did. But in my head Tristan has a nondescript car (as high schooler's tend to have). Unless someone gets a good look at the license place, they should make the connection. However next chapter, Lisa avoids using her car in one scene for this very reason.

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"Lisa can be stuffed back into the closet.” lol
Oh gosh, so much drama and it's only the first day. I can't even imagine how things will turn out after the dance. One thing I can imagine is the "closet" not being able to contain Lisa.

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that closet is getting smaller and smaller. The door may not shut.

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"Learning Calculus wasn’t integral to her plan."

That pun was pretty derivative, I'm about at my limit here.

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Haha :) I'm glad someone appreciated that pun.

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Oh boy. Dramaaaaaaa

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